Lieutenant Jeremy "Crash" Maddox
Maddox1.jpg Maddox, Jeremy
LT AirWing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
39 M
Hair Eyes
Dark brown Dark Hazel


The son of a former Raptor Pilot and former School Teacher, now proud owners of a Carpentry shop. Took a heavy interest for flying, got into the Academy and then to the Viper Pipeline. Escalated through ranks normally until he hit LT, and stayed there. Forced to retire after being passed over for promotion more than a few times. Adopted a Civilian life, managed to fly again….and then the Cylons went ahead and frakked everything up.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Notes Status
James Maddox Father Former Raptor Pilot/Carpenter Deceased
Rose Maddox Mother Teacher/Manager Deceased

Service Jacket & Work History

Year Rank Station Notes
1983-1987 Candidate CFA Picon Business Management
1987-1989 MIDN CFAB Nike Viper Pipeline
1989-1991 ENS Battlestar Solaria VFA-220 "Armored Guardians"
1991-1993 LTJG Battlestar Solaria VFA-220 "Armored Guardians"
1993-1995 LT Battlestar Chimaera VF-12 "Renegades"
1995-1999 LT Battlestar Valkyrie VF-382 "Fallen Angels"
1999-Feb 2005 Inactive - See Personnel and Civilian tabs
Feb 2005-Sep 2005 LT ANVIL Command Pilot (Picon Resistance)
Sep 2005-(ongoing) LT Battlestar Orion VF-777 "Lucky Strikes"

Physical Features

Jeremy Maddox is a man that stands a little over 6 feet. He has dark brown hair, a little longer at the top but shorter on the sides, having a somewhat spiky look, a crooked spiky look. His eyes are dark honey coloured with hints of green here and there. He has thin eyebrows and sports a small car over one of them, probably due to an accident at some point in his past. He has a thin nose that also sports a small scar right over the bridge. Clean shaven and well groomed. He seems to be a guy who enjoys staying in shape while not going overboard with muscle mass; most people would define him as athletic.

On the Grid

Known Associates

File Image Name Notes

Extra Info

  • Picon Resistance: Maddox joined the Resistance about a month after the Colonies were attacked. Fought side by side?
  • Carpentry: Need anything made?

Logs and Memories

AWD #284: Ships Passing- >Pilots on various duties on Picon refuel, regroup, and jaw about the war and what might come of it.
(alejandro awd bennett logs maddox phin social warren zhen)

AWD #264: Picon Invasion - Vipers- >While the Marines hit the ground, the Vipers play distraction in the air over Picon…
(agrippa atalanta awd event holtz logs maddox phin taylor warren)

AWD #263: Air Wing Commendation Ceremony- >Holtz, Phin, Maia, Ygraine, Kale, and Kelsey receive commendations in a ceremony before the crew of the Orion for making a strike in Caprica City to take out the planetary puppet government.
(agrippa amos atalanta awd bennett brina devlin hekate holtz jason kale kelsey knox kostas logs maddox mahasti maia phin social warren ygraine)

Total (posted) log count: 3.

Total (posted) memoir count: 1.

Visual Reference

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