AWD #315: Lucky Strikes Briefing
Lucky Strikes Briefing
Summary: Newly appointed Squadron Leader 'Hobo' hosts a briefing for members of Lucky Strikes.
Date: 02/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress.
Thu Nov 17 16:43:33 2005

Alejandro has arrived a little early to prep for his squadron briefing. He's actually combed his hair, if not shaved, and changed into his duty blues. They aren't even wrinkled. He's brought his datapad but doesn't bother to link it up with the screen for some fancy power point presentation. The Jandro simply leans his hands on the podium and stares at the empty seats that are not yet filled by a single body. Lords of Kobal, how the hell did he get here?

This is a room that Zoe likely avoids as much as possible, in general she tends to stick to certain areas, but she wanders into the ready room despite that. Possibly reason? Probably any number of things. When she spots Alejandro she grins, "Hey."

"Hey there, you're early. Have a seat." Hobo paces a few steps and then back to the podium, likely going over in his mind all that he wants to cover tonight. Then he stops and looks at Zoe, "Actually, it's a good thing you did. We have a FNG, and I mean really FNG with less than 200 total hours airtime in both training and combat. Fresh up from Picon, no OCS. You strike me as being level headed so far. So I'm going to ask you a little favor." Alejandro leans on the podium again as he watches Zoe, "I want you to seek him out. His name is Niko Janik. Just … get to know him. Feel him out. Talk to him. Maybe do a little sims time with him as you are able. And let me know your impressions. It'll be good for him to get to know us, and us to know him so he can settle in with us and not … you know. Get lost in the shuffle."

Zoe grins as she moves over to a seat, flopping herself down in it, legs stretching out. Then she shifts, rolling herself to the side, then the other before she finds the most comfortable spot to sag in, nodding a bit to what Alejandro's saying. "Sure, I'd be more than happy to do that. I'll make sure that no one gets lost in the shuffle." Considering her own general fear of being left out in the cold, she's likely to become his new BFF for a while.

"Good. I appreciate it." Alejandro folds his arms but continues to lean his weight against the podium, dressed in his blues and his unruly dark hair has even been combed, though he didn't bother to shave. Piff. "So, how are you settling in yourself? Getting any practice making landings here on the Orion?"

"I'm great, but not a lot of practice yet. Yet…but I'm always ready for as much practice as I can get myself." Zoe replies with her grin flashing wider, leaning her head back against her chair, "I've only gotten grouched at by two Deckies, but one said he'd give me a tattoo if I had a really good reason. So I think that's a bonus, right? Not that I have any reason to, but some day I might! How many simulations are we going to be able to run as a squad?"

Niko, a very young looking guy carrying a clipboard and dressed in the off-duty casual undershirt and tank, ducks into the Ready Room and looks around. His searching gaze hits on Alejandro, and there's relief on the kid's face to see he's in the right place, and not late. Then there's a matter of figuring out where to sit. He decides to try and ease into the back row. Maybe no one will notice.

"A tat? If the deckie in question was Tauran, consider it an honor. They don't make that offer to many." Alejandro eyes her as if wondering what she did to impress somebody if that's the case, but he moves on. "I have no idea how many simulatons we'll get in. I'm not yet privy to our mission schedule with Command so I know about as much as you do on how much time we have to get anything done. But we'll get as prepared as we can in the time we have."

Lifting a hand, Ale rubs his stubbly chin and glances at the new arrival, "Ensign Niko Janik, come on up here and meet your squad mate, Lieutenant JG Zoe 'Raven' Illyria." You can bet your ass that Alejandro just mangled Zoe's last name with his Scorpia-Canceron accent that has no grace with Leonis names.

Zoe twists around to glance at Niko, offering him a quick grin, "Hi!" She then reaches over to pat the seat next to her, "Totally have room up here. You can keep me company." She then glances back at Alejandro, nodding, "I think he was…but it was weird. He grouched at me before I even said anything, then left on that note. I think it was that I didn't want him painting my bird that did it." Yes, Zoe. That's what did it. "Are we going to be able to set up some runs for the sim that we can get in individual time, too."

Spotted. Niko flashes a rueful grin and nods to Alejandro. "Sir." Walking down to where the two pilots are, the rookie glances at the seat Zoe offers. "Hey," he says to Raven, then hesitates, trying to figure out how to address her. He settles for, "Lieutenant." Niko quietly settles into the open chair and listens as the other two officers talk.

"Of course. In fact, that leads into what my briefing is going to touch on." Alejandro checks his chronometer for the time, "I suppose we can get on with that. Others are flying CAP so I'll catch them as I can."

Hobo looks to the two who are here, "We've begun the offensive on Aerilon. Every time we come in from a mission, our gun cam footage is extracted from our vipers and sent onto both Command and intel. But it's still on us to make /sure/ they get it right away. As soon as it's in the system you can and should review your own footage after /every/ mission as soon as you can make the time to do so. There will be things we missed noticing in the heat of battle. Like for example, where someone was last seen in your footage and what they were doing before they were killed, or went missing. That should be tagged and passed onto me so I can be sure it's not overlooked by those who need to know. Redundancy in this case is important. I'll be reviewing your footage as well."

Salazar pauses, "You, Niko, should go over gun footage for our last mission yourself to familiarize yourself with where we are right now. You two can in fact review it together and discuss it." ("

Alejandro adds after a glance at his notes, "We lost 12 pilots in the start of this offensive. /12/ good men and women, gone. At least half of those were killed in action and the other half are MIA. If they made it to the surface alive, we will try to find and extract them."

Niko perks up once the briefing starts, grabbing his pencil and making notes on his clipboard. 'Review gun cam.' At least he got that much. And when he hears his name, the rookie looks up and gives the CO a quick nod. "Yes sir." The kid's expression hardens at the mention of the lost pilots, but otherwise there's little reaction. It's war. People die. Any of them could have been those pilots.

"The good news is we kicked canner butt and destroyed /2/ basestars!" They will probably send more. Hobo glances at his notes, "This brings me to what to do if you get stuck on the surface and separated from our forces. Review Fleet policy." He looks back to each of them, "Having been a prisoner of war myself, I can tell you that Cylons on Picon were keenly interested in seeking out our officers. Officers were taken away and shipped off. If we ever saw them again, they returned jacked. Wired, if you will, part machines. I don't know if they are doing that on Aerilon, but a low profile would be highly prudent. Intel concering the practice would obviously be valuable."

One again he pauses for emphasis, then goes on, "Back to current assignments. I want each of you to look up gun footage from our previous mission to Aerilon, dated January 2005. Review it, get a sense of what our people were up against, and something of the flavour of Aerlion landscape." (OOC note, read this log: and any others related to it you can find)

"Yes, sir." Zoe replies when Alejandro gives them the assignment, glancing over at Niko to flash him a grin, then a quick thumbs up. "It'll be fun…we can get a whole pot of coffee and watch every second of it."

"All right. One last thing - simulators. I have a sim for Lucky Strikes tomorrow evening. Be here if you can make it and aren't flying CAP. Pair up with others in our squad, as well as members of Gentleman Ghosts, to do sims in pairs or groups. I am also available to do sims with you individually or in groups when my duties do not otherwise require my attention. DO practice landings on the sims but also, if CAP is slow, ask permission to take turns practicing live landings. I want you to be good at them because sometimes, we have to come in hot and fast, or damaged and you may not get a second chance. Especially if the Orion /has/ to make a jump right away. You -will- be left behind if necessary." Alejandro lets that sink in as well, "Do either of you have any questions?"

Niko gives Zoe a cautious smile for her enthusiasm. "Uhh, sure." The assignment from Hobo is then duly noted on his clipboard. It takes the rookie a moment to digest the news about hot landings and being left behind, but then he just nods his understanding. "Do I just ask the people on duty to use the Sims, or what? Sir."

"Usually off duty." Zoe replies, then tilts her head towards Alejandro, "Unless it's an organized one, then technically like…it's on duty, even if it's not CAP." She then reaches over to give Niko a quick pat on the shoulder before she bounces to her feet, "Don't worry though, you can run sims with me. It'll be fun." Everything, clearly, is fun.

Alejandro directs his attention to Niko, "As you aren't flying CAP yet, hit the sims whenever you can spare the time from your duties. Sim time is always logged and I'll check those logs daily. I know Squire will be taking you through sims herself as well." Zoes enthusiasm makes Hobo smile, "It /can/ be fun but also, please do take it seriously. Our lives could depend on it."

Zoe gets another doubtful look from Niko, as if he's not sure if she's putting him on or not. "Fun? Says the pilot who actually gets to fly." Then he turns to listen to Alejandro's instructions. "Yes sir. I'll do my time." Somehow he makes it sound like prison, rather than simulated combat.

"That's all I have for you tonight. If you have any problems or questions, I'm always approachable. Dismissed." Alejandro turns off his datapad with his notes and waits to see if they have anything else either of them wishes to add before he wanders off to do other things.

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