AAR: LtJG Watkins Stabbing Investigation


August 18th, 2005

FR: Sgt Lleufer Ynyr, Marine MP
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: MAJ Atalanta R. Franklin
RE: LtJG Watkins Stabbing Opening Investigation


At approximately 19:29 hours on August 4th, 2005, on board Captain St. Clair's Raptor, an altercation broke out between Pallas Evacuation rescuees, on ship medical personal, and Raptor crew. Three minutes after taking off with 12 Pallas survivors, Lt Doctor Nasreen was attempting to access the medical condition of a Sagittaron woman who was badly injured and in great pain. Her husband became agitated with the Doctor offering his wife treatment. As his and the other passengers agitation rose, Captain St. Clair requested the Doctor to sedate the individuals in the interests of safety of passengers and crew. (Reference Captain St. Clair's After Action Report here: AAR: Pallas Evacuation.)

When Lieutenant Nasreen prepared the sedative, the male Sagittaron, (insert NPC name here), attacked Doctor Nasreen. He pulled a knife no one had seen and slashed Doctor Nasreen across the chest. Not subdued, the Sagittaron then lunged towards the Captain and her ECO's stations. Captain St. Clair ordered LtJG Watkins to draw his sidearm. Before 'Pitbull' Watkins could fire, he was stabbed in the heart.

With his back to her, Lt Nasreen was then able to sedate the agitated Pallas Evacuee. Captain St. Clair ordered the passenger to be restrained while she initiated her landing sequence with the Orion. LTJG Watkins was pronounced dead on arrival by medical. (see autopsy report for LtJG Watkins, attached.)

Pallas Evacuees have since been under armed security surveillance in the sickbay, and those who are deemed to pose the most threat are restrained. Once cleared by medical they are being sent down to Piraeus and kept under strict observation while receiving continued treatment and re-assimilation. (Medical reports and psychological evaluations attached for Pallas survivors as per Doctor Nasreen, including for her own injury report.)

Mr (insert NPC Sagittaron's name here) and his wife remain in the Orion's sickbay, himself under restraint. Orders are to take the man to detainment pending charges and further investigation.

It should be noted that Marines loading evacuees did remove obvious weapons. As I was personally involved in that event, another should be assigned to investigate that aspect of the matter. Neglect in finding and removing the knife on our part directly impacted the death of LtJG Watkins. (See AAR: Pallas Evacuation: Marines (OOC: Not yet posted).)

Lieutenant Nasreen's bloodied clothes, as well as the Sagittaron's knife, have been collected as evidence and sent for forensics labwork. (See attached lab report.)

Transcripts are attached with both Lieutenant Mahasti Nasreen's and Captain St. Clair's statements. AWD #211: Investigation and AWD #223: Bennett's Statement.

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  • NPC LtJG 'Pitbull' Watkins, Airwing
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