This page is a basic fun page for stuff said on Orion. I am going to put up and OOC and IC section so people can paste it accordingly!

OOC Shenanigans

Orion Potterverse

<OOC> Kalum coughs
<OOC> Kalum says, "Soemone is wear wizards robes?"
<OOC> Tavin says, "STFU AFTON. :("
<OOC> Afton laughs.
<OOC> Kalum says, "You went with the Weasly?"
<OOC> Afton says, "You have no idea how much I giggled while I made your icon."
<OOC> Tavin casts Silencio on Afton.
<OOC> Kalum isn't sure I could in good concience rescue you if ya went down.
<OOC> Afton notes this is not helping your case.
<OOC> Tavin says, "…true."
<OOC> Kalum crackles over the Radio, "Where's your portkey now!" ;)
<OOC> Tavin will just sacrifice Whiplash again.
<OOC> Afton says, "LMFAO"
<OOC> Tavin says, "She apparently respawns."
<OOC> Afton says, "Priceless…making a LOLpage for the wiki and pasting it up there."

Skinjob Hijinks

<OOC> Naomi headbutts Knox affectionately. LOVE ME LOVE ME - OOH RED LASER PEN LIGHT!
<OOC> Naomi says, "Hordes of naked Naomis, sitting in front of a Raider watching its light go back and forth."
<OOC> Knox says, "Oooooooooooooooooooooooo"
<OOC> Knox says, "Every so often a Naomi paws at it."
<OOC> Petra says, "We're doomed :)"

IC LOLWhoops

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