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08 Apr 2017 17:59

Mission Day

MP #322: Calumet Tank Depot- > The Marines have been tasked with sneaking up-to or into a Skath tank laager and setting charges. Those who want to be here early can help figure out just how to go about it.

MD #329: Talk like a Marine- >Palermo & Adeliza get together for a drink, some serious talk and dancing.

MD #326: And briefly pie- >Lt. Wynn & co. meet with Gen. Frazier & co. Pie is had. An understanding is reached.

MD #297: Calumet Comms Tower- >A team of Colonial Marines are dropped on Calumet to take out a Skath Comms Tower. The Orion must prove to the local Resistance that we are sincere in our offer of aid.

MD #294: Marine Op Planning Calumet- >A few select Marines gather in the map room with Adeliza to go over plans for an upcoming mission. Lleufer leads the way to outline their mission and discuss options of approach and gear. Palermo and Maxwell have input.

MD #279: Comm Station Recon- >A lone raptor completes a long series of jumps to quietly do recon of the Comm station near Arpay.

MD #276: I Miss Riding- >Rowan and Atticus meet and talk of joint joys.

MD #271: Zahav's Wisdom- >Atticus talks to Miri about the Lords and Ladies of Kobol.

MD #269: Checking In and Checking Up- >Petra calls in Emily and Atticus to check if they're okay, and to see if they have any ideas to help those rescued from Picon more recently.

MD #268: A Drink Before Bed- >The Master At Arms is plying recruits with booze

MD #264: Calumet Reconnect- >A small team is landed to make contact with the Calumet resistance.

MD #263: Chapel Guidance- >Yari takes time out of her devotions to explain a few things to Atticus

MD #261: Belated Birthday Present- >Emily gets Atticus a new blade.

MD #260: Guilt, Faith, and Other Mental Errors- >Atticus continues to attempt to find a new faith and ends up asking two of entirely the wrong people

MD #258: Shore Leave Chat- >Two deckies, a corpsman, and and officer chat on various topics.

MD #258: Of Gods and Horses- >Lleu comes to visit Atticus in medical.

MD #258: A meeting of minds- >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the log repository page.

MD #257: Copper Basin - Marines- >The Marines head down to Picon to rescue colonial citizens.

MD #257: Bonds of Brotherhood- >In the hours before the marines head to Picon, Palermo talks with Emily and Atticus about what it is to be marines

MD #256: No Jitters on Deck- >Fox walks in on Mac and Toby having a friendly bicker

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22 Jun 2015 07:00

After Warday

LEAP: You Might Very Well Think That- >Shortly before Orion comes out of refit Amos gives Penta a not so subtle heads up about things to come.

LEAP: Unlikely Subjects- >Long after the war, Elias Gray finds himself meeting with the Cylons one last time.

Leap: The Challenge- >Fencer talks to Robin about what is coming.

LEAP: Taurans Reunited- >Toby seeks out Pratt

Leap: Sims - The Next Generation- >New faces with familiar names show up in the Sims to meet familiar names with familiar faces.

LEAP: Crandall Families' Day 2026- >Diaz and Amos are reunited for the first time in twenty years.

LEAP: An Unlikely Reunion- >Elias Gray seeks out Toby Shackleton to discuss the age oold questions of religion and faith. Interesting offers are made.




22 Jun 2015 07:00

After Warday

Season Three Summation- Season Three starts with our heros attempting to find out just what One is up to on Libran. Turns out he's researching old texts, but his actions upon discovering their presense mean only partial clues can be recovered. Then a group is sent quietly to the Rally Point to see what can be found there, and when they come back far ealier than expected, with pointy ears and wierd eyes, while bringing along some new friends who look like Space Elves.. Well, things get interesting. The Arpay, are a race that has dedicated themselves to saving humanity from the machines, and offer various types of aid, as well as a long term evacuation plan for the colonies. Work continues on clearing the APF from areas they hold, although it increasingly seems to be driving them underground, and into terrorist-like activities.

AWD #649: Awkward Apologies- >Penta tries visiting Miri in the Recovery Ward. It does not go well.

AWD #646: Shit hits the fan- >Colonial Marines come to Aerilon to oversee the departure of Cylon forces. They think they are ready for the APF, but they aren't ready for this shit when it hits the fan.

AWD #646: Medical Aftermath- >Marines return to the Orion and pile into Medical with their wounded and dead after an Aerilon mission went South.

AWD #645: A Visitor- >Lleufer Ynyr hears Doctor Nadir has returned to the Orion. He comes by the Recovery Ward to work on paperwork and sit by her bed like a protective older brother.

AWD #643: Different- >"How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on… when in your heart you begin to understand… there is no going back?"

AWD #637: Wahptor vs Wee-con- >Toby bumps into Kelsey's sprog down on Piraeus, so naturally he starts to teach her to speak Tauran.

AWD #636: Toasters Can Fly- >Colonial Marines oversee the handing over of APF assets and Depots on Aerilon in the Ceasefire. Some get a bang out of it. Who knew Toasters could fly?

AWD #634: Times Up- >Toby reports back to Elias with his decision

AWD #634: Exit Interview- >Jameson wants a word or two with Toby

AWD #634: A Little Bull Between Friends- >Toby looks for Kelsey to say goodbye, finds Pratt instead.

AWD #633: Twenty Four Hours- >Elias gives Toby a choice, and twenty fours hours in which to make it.

AWD #633: Release- >Lleufer releases Toby back to duty while discussions ar ehad regarding charges. They talk, bridges aren't exactly remade, but perhaps there's a start.

AWD #633: I'll Miss You- >Toby breaks news of his decision to Niamh

AWD #632: Giving them Ammunition- >Penta speaks to Toby in the brig. There's at least one big miscommunication, but overall things don't go too terribly.

AWD #631: Situation Report 20060929- >The TACCO Announces an impending cease fire with the Cylons.

AWD #631: Its Taken Everything Now- >Toby makes some hard confessions to Kelsey.

AWD #630: Kindred Spirits- >Pratt and Toby meet, find they've got similar feelings on certain.. issues.

AWD #629: Viper and Predator Arpay Upgrades- >The Arpay reveal the new upgraded Viper and Predator models in the Orion's Hangar Bays.

AWD #629: A Spirited Debate- >Never let a marine and a Tauran start talking politics

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22 Jun 2015 07:00

After Warday

Season Two Summation- Season Two opened with Picon having been retaken after the capture of CFAB Crandall knocking the Cylons back. They seemed to cede control which left the Fleet and Resistance forces in control of a foothold on the Colonies but in a precarious position due to the proximity of Caprica – the Cylon stronghold and symbol of their occupation. With the primary ground war raging on Aerilon, the fleet focused its efforts there in order to try to secure the ‘breadbasket of the colonies.’ Meanwhile back at Piraeus a new force emerged. The ruins of an ancient civilization, later to be known as ‘The Abbey’, were discovered near the abandoned Raptor of disgraced CAG Zachary Sheperd. It was discovered that the location had been the site of a massive assault and upon interior investigation seemed to awaken the appearance and presence of seemingly conscious beings that claimed to be the guardians of Piraeus. Are they ghosts? Are they holograms? This is still unknown, but they claim to have died more than 3000 years prior. Their commander, Captain Kha’lila al Yamoha, who claims to have once been a Model Five, speaks for them. Over time these ‘beings’ began to earn the trust of some of the crew but they have unexplained abilities. Depending upon who you ask, they are either close allies or something dangerous because we do not understand them.

AWD #613: Raptor Evolved- >Alastair debriefs with Command on the Arpay Raptor upgrades.

AWD #553: Once a marine- >Once a marine, always a marine.

AWD #552: Not An Even Trade- >Brandon and Gloria are given an anti-AA mission in the sims.

AWD #548: Heavy Weapons vs Sniper- >Amos talks to Mallas about future training specalisations.

AWD #547: Frak Me They're Hard- >Missile talk in the Mess

AWD #546: I Must Respectfully Decline- >Angelis comes to talk to Amos

AWD #545 : There's No Sitting Down On The Deck- >After the celebrations on Leonis, Kelsey bothers Toby at work

AWD #544: Overwhelmingly Underwhelmed- >Amos has newsfor Gray and Angelis, their reactions are not as expected.

AWD #543: Marine Housekeeping- >Angelis has a request of Amos, then the Major and SSgt do some housekeeping. Both of them it turns out, are thinking along similar lines.

AWD #541: Intel and philosophy- >Kapali and Gray share intel & philosophy.

AWD #540: Not a Happy Camper- >In which Gray confronts a very unpleasant moral dilemma with the draft of an AAR

AWD #539: Commodore Seven- >A fleet of Cylon vessels jumps into Leonis space, but not to attack the Colonial Fleet.

AWD #539: Group Hang- >Some Marines are awake in the Recovery Ward after the Leonis mission.

AWD #538: No more nuking planets for you- >Kelsey and Gloria catch up after their first combat mission together.

AWD #538: Laundry Accident- >Randy and Toby plot a laundry incident

AWD #536: Second Deaths and Second Chances- >A funeral is held on Picon to honor the fallen Piraen soldiers. A rush mission immediately follows the ceremony.

AWD #536: Not the Best of Starts- >Kelsey takes Gloria into the sims. All does not go entirely to plan.

AWD #535: Dead Before You Screw Up- >One Ensign assesses anothers chances. Everything is cheerful.

AWD# 533: What's in the Box?- >Lance Corporal Anderson and Lieutenant Wescott report on the data they found in the Piraen black box.

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The Lingering Night


22 Jun 2015 07:00

After Warday

AWD #475: Ship of Shame- >A morning of regret and misunderstandings.

AWD #299: Successful Rescue- >A hastily thrown together SAR mission turns successful as the Colonials get their man.

AWD #298: Working Things Out- >Working out in the Fitness Center gathers Marines and a couple of Doctors. Various things are discussed and Knox gets punched in the face. More than once!

AWD #297: Lay it Out- >Lleufer asks Samtara to lay it out for him - what's it going to take for him to return to even light duties? Others show up and Lleu throws his cane at Mallas for disrespect.

AWD #297: It's Not About You- >Kostas sets Jena straight about the Marines at the House on the Hill.

AWD #297: Are You Ready?- >Kostas seeks out Lleufer to ask him - Are You Ready? Lleufer's answer has to be no but he'll try to get ready. Ynyr has some self doubts and uncertainties of his condition.

AWD #296: Old Friends- >Ensign Kostas and Cpl Cassidy run into one another again

AWD #296: House on the Hill- >PJs and Marines go to retrive missing Marines. It pays to have overwatch!

AWD #296: Going to the Dogs- >Lleufer and Brina arrange to visit the few dogs on Piraeus and choose a young male to begin MP training as a military working dog.

AWD #296: Asterion- >Bennett, Zhen, and Holtz return to Minos to return the body of the radio operator from Helios Alpha Second Recon. Afterwards, they make contact with the moon's survivors, and Holtz makes a decision Bennett doesn't like.

AWD #295: Welcome Back Doctor- >Doctor Naomi Tamsin, Orion's resident Eleven, returns from a mission to Picon.

AWD #294: Words of Wisdom- >Elias seeks out Admiral Jameson to discuss the fate of Ensign Pertwii.

AWD #293: Grin and Bear It- >Piraeus fishing trip gone wrong - in so many ways. A comedy of errors.

AWD #290: She Returns- >Dr. Naomi Tamsin, a Cylon model Eleven skinjob, returns to the Orion after an absence of weeks.

AWD #290: Questions- >Some of Lleufer's fellow Marines come to him with questions after seeing Naomi's return to the Orion.

AWD #289: You Will Not Regret This. Ever.- >Ensign Pertwii has bounced back from her earlier trauma and comes calling on Elias.

AWD #289: Medical Release- >Dr. Samtara Nadir seeks out Sergeant Ynyr to talk to Lleufer. He is informed that he is being released from medical with strict orders to go down to Piraeus for a while but … absolutely NO DRINKING.

AWD #288: Freshening Up- >The battlestar's Head after the post-Picon return to Condition 3. Showers are indulged in. Wounds are cleaned. Terrible facial hair decisions are unmade.

AWD #286: Lady Almaeda- >The Virgon Connection is made in the Obs deck.

AWD #286: A Rainy Picon Evening- >Raining artillery, that is. The Marines hold the line, the Cylons push. Just another night.

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The Darkness Descends




WD: Event - Fire Over Caprica- >A recon raptor is sent to confirm the data and rumors brought by survivors.

WD: Event - Little Red Blip- >Those in CIC are the first to experience what is to come.

WD Event: Battle of Avery Hall- >The Marines arrive at Avery Hall to rescue the President and/or her successor.

WD Event: Into the Fire...- >The first battle between Orion's air wings and the Cylon fleet.

WD Event: So it Begins...- >The crew of Orion learns that the Cylon attack has begun.

WD Event: We're All Fine Here- >The Air Wing lands after action, having seen the devastation on several colonies. And they're missing a pilot.

WD: Gathering Storm Clouds- CIC rumbles into life as the news carried by the refugee raptor sinks in. Jameson opens the Letter of Intent and the Nuke Keys are unlimbered.

WD: Last Rites- >Iphigenia gives Last Rites to Daniel Aios, Ceres accepts a commitment, and it's all too much for Cassandra.

WD: Pyramid- >Tiptoft and Ward discuss Pyramid, Virgon and where things go after War Day.

WD: You're Buying Lunch- >When she thinks about it later, this is one lunch Emilia really does not mind having to buy. At ALL.

The Lengthening Shadow



22 Jun 2015 07:00

Since Warday

PWD #01: Comparing Scars- >The DI meets the DCO.

PWD #01: Fans and Shredders- >Wake confronts Knox about The Letters.

PWD #01: Keeping Busy- >Phin runs into Holtz in between CAP shifts. The two discuss life, love, and getting punched in the face.

PWD #01: Silence is Golden- >Ceres and Augustus have a discussion - without exchanging a single word.

PWD #01: The Glass is Half Full (or half naked)- >Gathering of crew air out their dirty laundry and wash it, too.

PWD #01: The Parent Trap- >Three Marines discuss current events until one of them pretends to be his twin brother around Madeline

PWD #02: If Only This Novel Were Trashier- >Lola & Hadi. In the library. With the trash novels.

PWD #02: Of Maprooms and Delegations- >Lt Garrido goes to discuss current event with Major Petra.

PWD #02: Shared Experiences- >Late night at the Head, Sera and Simon discuss recent events and learn that they may have had the same dream.

PWD #02: We Need To Talk About Ari- >Duke has a meeting with Iphigenia concerning Aristides Cole, and learns something about himself in the process.

PWD #02: Weird Twin Things- >In which the brothers McBride discuss their joint creepy experience.

PWD #03: Driftwood- >In the aftermath of his troubles with Ceres and Augie, Daniel turns to Iphigenia to air his grievances.

PWD #03: On the Topic of Gift Horses- >Noble finds Sera crying in her bunk. The Hook, Sera, and Noble showdown finally happens.

PWD #03: Return to Duty- >Augustus visits medical to get cleared for duty and asks Afton a favor.

PWD #03: Round Two- >The questions never end. Wake finds Afton again.

PWD #03: Shooting to Camp- >Ceres and Augie have a friendly wager.

PWD #03: To Forgive Not Forget- >The rocky road between Talkshow and Redux is given a little paving.

PWD #04: Bunkies!- >Madeline and Ella become best bunkmates!

PWD #04: Chicken Scratch- >An Intel officer checks in with a PJ.

PWD #04: Civil War- >Jess gets caught in the middle of a Noble and Hook showdown concerning Sera

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Alternate Post-AWD 300 Timeline

AAR: Massacre at Belgravia- A few pilots set off for a routine patrol over Picon, and discover something horrific.

ALT #302: Rumor Has It, Zombies- >Phin interrogates (in his way) Bennett about her trip to Minos and what was left there. Alas, the stories of zombies were greatly exaggerated.

ALT #317: Cylons were made by man- >Samtara briefs Leightner on the state of Cylon Intelligence because he lets her.

ALT #340: Bouncing Things Up The Chain- >Toby attempts to skip several layersof beurocracy and paperwork by enlisting Holtz's aid

ALT #417: The Situation is Complicated- >Song and Toby discuss the upcomng trip to Troy, and the skinjobs.

ALT #421: Return to Helios Gamma- >The Air Wing returns to the Helios Gamma system for another recon pass. They find more than they expected.

ALT #300: Assume the Position- >Reed hold fire arms training for Samtara

ALT #301: Marines Meet- >Ensign Kostas calls for a quick meeting of Dog Platoon and any other Marines that are available

ALT #301: Plans and Goggles- >Things get started with the Medics on Minos.

ALT #302: No Butts About It- >New arrivals to the Enlisted Marine Berthings find the regulars horsing around, including a mooning and practical jokes. Who said Marines and PJ's don't have a sense of humor?

ALT #302: So Many Questions- >Samtara meets with the Wests to discuss research possibilities to better organize efforts and knowledge of Cylons and their activities.

ALT #303: Easy Run- >Docs, medics, pilots and marines take on a humanitarian mission that goes all wrong.

ALT #305: Dead Moons, Dead Raiders, and Other Business- >Assignments are given concerning the upcoming mission back to Minos and a project to search for spare Raider parts.

ALT #308: Asterion Avenged - Air Wing- >The air wing flies cover for the ships evacuating the civilians off Minos, but the Cylons, as usual, try to crash the party.

ALT #308: Preparations- >The hanger bay is busy with preparations for the latest Minos mission.

ALT #308: Supply Run- >Just another easy supply run when things turn a bit nasty.

ALT #310: Passing the Time in Medical- >Collection of comings and goings in sickbay.

ALT #311: What Do You Look For In A Junior Officer?- >Kelsey comes asking questions of Amos

ALT #312: Into the Lion's Den- >Elias briefs Amos on an upcoming mission. Things remain intensely polite when differences of opinion come to the fore.

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