Log Icons

Roleplay Log Icons

This page is for storage of the RP Log icons. Upload icon files to this page using the 'files' link at the bottom. Important Notes:

  • Icon files must be named Character_icon.jpg (where 'character' needs to be the same name as the character's wiki page)
  • Icon files must be in .png format
  • Icon names are case-sensitive so make sure you capitalize them the same as the character's wiki page (for example: Joe_icon.jpg not joe_icon.jpg)
  • Icon files should be 125x125 pixels
  • There is an 'Icon_Template.xcf' file attached to this page. It is the multi-layered template to use to make an icon. Font used is called 'Boston Traffic.'

If you need an icon, you can either make it yourself or submit a +request with the link to the photo of choice. This photo will be fitting into a 100x80 px area of the template so if it isn't that size it will be cropped and scaled. Those without log icons will be known as 'Unknown Soldiers.'

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