AWD #594: Lleufer Ynyr Arpay Interview
Lleufer Ynyr Arpay Interview
Summary: Ensign Penta is sent by Major Ommanney to interview the Marines who have volunteered for the Arpay surgeries. This is his interview with Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr, MP and CMC Rifleman.
Date: 05/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Penta Lleufer 
Battalion HQ, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
Wed Aug 23 13:15:14 2006

It's about 1400, so early afternoon on the Orion. Penta is in his tiny cubbyhole of an office, working on some paperwork as he awaits for Sgt Ynyr to arrive; he'd asked the Sergeant to stop by to talk about what he'd seen while with the Arpay, just to confirm the data Penta had.

The MP arrives in his duty uniform and had been giving instruction to Doctor Nadir at the firing range. Lleu raps his knuckles lightly on the hatch frame and then steps through and stands at attention, "Sergent Ynyr reporting, sir." The scarred veteran's baritone is kept low and he remains patiently standing until told to do otherwise.

Penta nods. "Thanks for coming by, Sergeant. At ease. Close the hatch and have a seat, please," he asks, standing as the Sergeant comes in, then sitting down again behind his desk.

"Yes, sir." Lleu moves to do so, not letting the hatch bang and sealing it. Then he moves to take the indicated seat. The Aerilon MP is relaxed, "I understand you have some questions about the Arpay?"

Penta nods. "Yup. Mind if I record this, just to make my note taking easier? This is all informal, but I want to make sure I get everything anyway."

"Go ahead, sir. Fire away with your questions. I'm aware you are doing this to aid the Major in making his decision. I am also aware we are coming up hard and fast on running out of time." Lleufer says low, "Doctor Nadir is due to depart in only two weeks."

Penta nods. "I know. I only got the assignment to do data gathering a few days ago, something I'm *still* annoyed at the Major for. Anyway." He turns on a recording device and speaks into it. "AWD #594, 1400. Debrief of Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr regarding the Arpay." Pause. "Sergeant, tell me about your experiences with the Arpay in your own words, to start off with."

"All right." Ynyr shifts his position in his chair to get more comfortable since this may take a while. "As you are already aware, the Erol made the extremely risky jump of 30,000 light years. Frankly, we all expected it to fail and we were going to die on a suicide mission. I'm sure every one of us prayed we's somehow come out on the other side. We did. But there was nothing there. For the next three weeks we searched as long and as hard as our limited resources would allow, using the Raptors on long range. We had plenty of food and water, but not fuel or power for life support. We knew our time was running out and the Erol was in bad shape. She wasn't going to make it home without repairs we couldn't give her."

Lleu draws a slow breath. Despite the left side of his face looking like a stroke victim's, remaining somewhat slack after the bullet wound to his right temple, his words are barely slurred and pretty clear. "That is when, finally, we got lucky and picked up radio waves. Fragments of voices, speaking in a language we did not comprehend. Major St. Clair ordered a course adjustment and we began to close in with the source of the signals. And that is when we began to come close enough to pick up visual and DRADIS on the Rally Point. That is also when their scans detected us and send fighters to investigate."

Penta nods. "Eventually you met the Arpay, got decontaminated, and so on. You spent a while among them, in relative terms, Sergeant. A few months, if I recall?"

"Not months, no sir. Four weeks." Ynyr thinks about it, "At first they were bristling, ready for a fight and not too trusting of us, and yet at the same time eager to know who we were. They'd met other colonists like us before, returning to the Rally Point. As they found out more about us, they invited us to participate in their PT, their combat training, and to invite us to check out their gear, weapons, and fighting craft. I admit, we were mostly eager to do so. I especially wanted to learn everything I could about them. So I lept in. At first, hands on, and then once I knew how to handle their combat kits and weapons, I was taken along in their VR training along side their own troops. For a month we were fully embedded in their training, and their welcome as we gained their trust became warmer, friendly. Apparently the CMC's way of doing things, how we perceive honor, faith, loyalty, duty, courage and so forth that makes our Marines what we are, is very close to their own ideals. So we meshed surprisingly well. And yet, they did not really ask us to teach them anything about our ways in so far as how we do combat. They were not accustomed to taking a great deal of offensive against the Machines, but rather to focus their missions on evasion and evacuation. The Machines, according to their VR scenarios, are … a lot tougher and harder to fight than our Cylons. But I have to admit that I only encountered this enemy in the Arpay's virtual reality exercises and not in person, sir."

Lleufer adds low, "That said, they were extremely impressed to learn we did actively resist and even take back worlds from the Cylons. And that then began to spark their interest in our tactics, and in meeting our Command."

Penta nods. "OK. Did you have any contact with their civilian society? Their government?" Beat. "Do they even *have* a civilian government?"

Ynyr thinks about that, "A little bit, but for my own part I didn't mix with the civies much down world. I was mostly interested in their military, their tech, and their fighting styles. Their government for Rally Point is military based, strongly. But I have the sense that each of the worlds have their own local, civilian governments. Much like our own setup overall, but more survival focused because they have been fighting their Machine enemies much longer than we have been combating the Cylons, sir."

Penta nods. "OK. Answers that question. Now onto the meaty stuff. The surgeries I keep hearing rumors about, the genetic modifications that nearly had me choking on my coffee first time I heard about em. I've talked to Dr. Nadir, but what do you know?"

"I know that /Major Ommanney/ should speak with Doctor Jimenez, and really he should have been on top of that already. Her and Doctor Nadir. I respect that the Major needs data to make an informed decision but a lot of time has already been wasted. He should go directly to the source, as well as interviewing us." Lleu sits up in his seat and there's a little challenge in his eye for the Ensign to make any argument to his statement. "If he does choose to turn this down, he's going to have some Marines really pissed off with him."

Ynyr waves a hand, "I know, the eyes and ear modifications are serious stuff, it needs to be researched. But that's only going to happen if some of us opt to test it and it gets approved. We are in a bad position and we -need- the advantages if we are going to have a hope to continuing this fight, let alone ever winning. For myself, there's also more at stake. The Arpay can fix me." Lleu lifts his left hand to show Penta how the last two fingers, and especially his pinkie, doesn't work right, "Besides being shot in the head and that having frak'd me up, I was mauled by Dire wolves down on Piraeus some time ago. A model Eleven saved my life. But I lost a big chunk of muscle in my left leg, and I have nerve damage in his arm and my leg. They have thoroughly convinced Doctor Nadir that they /can/ repair my damage. And I am not the only one. They could do this for others of our people because Doctor Jimenez is -teaching- our CMO /how/ do to it. But if we refuse these surgeries, Doctor Jimenez has made it clear that their policy is to respect our wishes and they would therefor withdraw their tech and we'd only have own own medical to continue treating our problems."

Another slow, deep breath, "The Arpay -are- humans, though time and genetic drift has, very unsurprisingly, altered some of the population over time to evolve into something different from ourselves. Or we did, hard to say which, or probably some of both. This can help us build a link, a bridge, back to them. To help us fight our enemy better, and to learn a great deal more of what is going on in the universe as a whole, not just our little neck of the woods, sir. It is NOT a bridge we can afford to burn out of over caution. Worst case scenario, it won't work and if it goes bad somehow, myself and a couple of other personnel may have to be sacrificed. I'm prepared to take that risk based on what we hope to learn, so much we could gain. Not just with the ears and eyes, but the -ability- to then use Arpay tech to fight our war. Just like we got some tech from the Pireans who came from yet another branch of Rally Point colonizing long ago."

Penta nods. "Look, I'm not going to say my opinion re the Major's course of action. For better or worse, the decisions are made in that regard, and I do what I'm told, y'know?" Pause. "So far as the surgeries and the like. OK…Here's the thing I'm thinking of. This is not, repeat not policy, but it's what's going through my head as you speak. What I'm thinking of recommending to the Major is that surgeries aimed at repairing injuries and restoring function? Don't need our signoff at all. That's not modification, that's just good medicine and the wonders of medical technology. If there are *slight*, incidental enhancements as a result, OK! But when you talk about outright enhancements, particularly modifications to the genome, then I think we owe it to everybody to have a Marine's command structure signing off and making damn sure that Marine knows *everything* we know *before* we approve the surgery. I understand entirely why you want those enhancements, Sergeant. Believe me I do. But when we're talking modifying the human genome, that's a huge step."

"Understood, sir." Ynyr relaxes back into his seat and listens without interrupting. A slow nod, "I agree entirely. But also remember that we are sterile at this point. All military personnel, male and female alike, are on contraceptives injections that work, applied by our own medical. As long as we are in combat positions, none of us can produce off spring anyway. Should Command later decide, after they have had time to study and observe us, they could opt to sterilize us in a permanent fashion so that we can never reproduce. We could bank sperm and ova before any such alternations are approved. So it's not like I couldn't still have children via artificial insemination if Command deems it necessary to … take that step. Tying tubes for men and women, if need be until more is known, or out right removeal of reproductive organs if it should later be decided to be too damaging. I for one could sign a paper agreeing to that if necessary." Not that military really needs his permission if there is a real threat to humanity.

Penta nods. "Fair points. What I'm *really* concerned about is not so much now…But 20-40 years down the line. I'm worried, as S2, about inadvertently creating a caste system or, just as bad, creating a means for the Arpay to suborn our troops. We know so little about them…Argh." A look of visible frustration on his face for a second. "I like uncertainty, but not having the means to do my own research on the Arpay, uninfluenced by them, is driving me nuts." Pause. "OK, Sergeant. So if what I laid out were to become policy, that we'd allow repairs without signoffs, but enhancements would need signoffs with a bias toward approval - basically so nobody gets pressured into it - that would be OK with you?"

Lleufer nods, "I do understand that concern. But, that also means we could buy years in which Command, and our science, can study such situations. But," Ynyr holds up a finger, "We aren't currently -in- a position where we have years to even survive in our current position. We have far more immediate and pressing need to survive at all, first. This could help us with that. Whatever 'genetic' fall out the Major is concerned about is more for Admiral Jameson, our scientists, our medical, and our Intelligence officers to delve into, not Major Ommanney, sir. No offense, but he's not qualified to deal with that issue. His only concern should be whether or not he thinks this can help Marines in this war, right here, right now. And this will."

The MP sighs, "We also don't have TIME to be bogged down with that hesitation at this moment. You can't make that kind of decision without a lot more data and time to observe. And we /need/ test subjects to observe. Like me." Lleu nods, "We are already there. All of us who volunteered have not been pressured, we have had full disclosure from Arpay medical and we have signed off pending Major Ommanney's signature. Doctor Nadir has already spoken with each of us to recap full disclosure from her side. That's all already been done so there's no point in foot draggigg to do it all over again a third time. Admiral Jameson has already given permission for Doctor Samtara to LEAVE US in just two more weeks to go and embed behind enemy lines with the Arpay. There is no more time. If the surgeries don't get approval at once, we are frakked. I don't think Doctor Jimenez is going to make this offer again. That isn't how they do things."

Trying to be patient, the Lleufer Ynyr leans forward, "Just do me and all of us a favor, Ensign. Stop pussy footing around and just get it done. -Everyone- else has signed off on it and is waiting on Amos."

Penta nods. "I hear you." A touch of his finger, and the recording device goes off. "I'm going to recommend we approve it all expeditiously. On a test basis. Basically, you just signed up to be a lab rat, more than anything else. If they have new procedures they want to try, we'll argue those then, but for genetic and biologically-based procedures, my recommendation will be approval."

"Thank you. I assure you that, and the others know full well we are offering ourselves to be lab rats. To be studied. Because we /do/ need a lot more information. But what we do NOT have is time to piss around. The Cylons could attack in full force any time, or worse, the Machines may show up. And they will sooner or later. We have no intelligent choice but to pull out all the stops. Here and now, Ensign. It's our last stand, or we run like hell and hope any of us survive to escape. I don't see we have any other choice."

Lleufer tries to not get tense. Chill, calm, disciplined. So he pauses a moment to slow his heart and respiration, "I appreciate your taking the time to interview us. Time is critical. You only need to ask Admiral Jameson. He knows. Major Elias Gray knows. We are facing the wall here and the Arpay have offered a way to help. Helping us also helps them in the long term, to survive, to fight the Machines. Please make sure Major Ommanney sees that clearly. I think he knows damn well by now that I'll put my own gun to my own head and blow my brains out if I think I might do damage to the CMC. The Marines are my life, it's my family, and I am prepared fully to take the risks and accept the consequences should Command have to shut this down at a later time."

Penta nods. "I'll do one better. I'll write up a paper brief, but if I can arrange it, I want *you* to brief the Major in person on my conclusions."

"I can speak with the Major if that's what you want, sir." The MP Sergeant may sound a little uncertain about going with Penta as Lleufer adds with almost a laugh, low, "I never imagined myself trying to be a perssuative man. But it's important, and I am willing to dare the Major's scowl."

Penta nods. "Persuasion is not usually a born ability, Sergeant. Take it from someone who crashed and burned his first few attempts at briefings. It's a learned skill for me. But you've convinced me. Not necessarily that these are *great* options or to be all overjoyed at them, but that they're worth exploring."

Lleufer mulls it over a few more moments, "I think, for … clarity and keeping things concise, it is your job to present your report. I admit, I am biased. Major Ommanney and I used to get along really well. But then I got shot in the head at Santos Ridge, and … Major Ommanney and I haven't been … too cordial since. To keep things clean, it may be prudent for you to go and give your report without taking me along, sir. I just ask that you aren't wishy washy in your findings, and encourage him to listen to your tapes. Right away. Ultimately, it's the Major's decision. If he says no, you can be damned sure I'll be showing up at his office wanting to have a chat."

Penta raises his eyebrows. "Thanks for stopping by Sergeant."

The MP Sergeant moves to stand, "I shouldn't be telling /you/ what to do, Ensign. It is your job. I know I'm an opinionated bastard and I'm not afraid to tell it. I also thank you for hearing me out." Ynyr doesn't salute as they are indoors. Instead he gives the Ensign a curt nod as Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr is dismissed, and removes himself to head back to his own duties.

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