Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr
ArpayLleu.jpg Ynyr, Lleufer
Gunnery Sergeant, Master at Arms Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Military Police
Age Sex
53 Male
Hair Eyes
sandy blonde Arpay silvery grey


Originally from Aerilon, Lleufer Ynyr has been around on the Orion a very long time since project NOMAD. Assigned to the Orion as an MP Sergeant, early on he befriended a fellow Marine named Knox who turned out to be a skinjob Model Six. Lleu also got pretty torn up by direwolves down on Piraeus. His life was saved by a model eleven named Doctor Naomi Tamsin. Lleu later became Naomi's lover and shot her in the head so she could download and turn her line against the Cylons at the invasion of Picon. Karma is nasty and got him back at Santos Ridge where Ynyr was shot in the head himself. It messed him up /bad/ and left him unfit to return to duty for a long, long time. Eventually Lleu back on deployments after retraining but he never was quite on top of his game again.

It wasn't until the daring leap of the Erol to find the Rally Point, and their running into the Arpay, that saved Lleufer. He'd had a bad run of horrible missions and even tried to commit suicide. The Arpay said they could fix him. Make him better than ever, repair his brain damage, his old past wounds, and even offered modifications to him and others that would make them able to see and hear better, and use projection. It was a long, tense period until the Fleet agreed to the procedures and allowed a few volunteers to put Arpay medical to the test. Lleu, Miri and Bennett were the first to receive the Arpay modifications. Just in time for the war to end.

Lleufer married Major Bennett St. Clair and the two of them settled on Piraeus in the 20+ years of peace that ensued. Between them they built a cabin and ran a ranch with cattle and horses much as Lleu's family had done back on Aerilon. Knox and Angelis got married and built a cabin next door, raising their children together. Lleu and Bennett had three children: Sean, Shay (twins), and Llewellyn. Sean became a Viper pilot assigned to Picon and after the Machines (Skath) invaded, their eldest son is presumed KIA. Shay became a Raptor pilot and assigned to the Norton, while their youngest boy was saved by the Pirean ghosts. Llewellyn signed on to join the Marine Corps.

These days Lleufer is a Gunnery Sergeant come out of retirement on Fleet recall and resumed his duties as the ship's Master-at-Arms in charge of ship's security. Lleu has also increasingly become a Mithran, a follower of the God Mithras since around the end of the Second Cylon War. He has a tattoo on his upper left arm of a sun within a circle, much like Toby Shackleton's tat. But with mountain peaks from Piraeus and a hint of fading stars from a noted Pirean summer constellation. Miri did the tat - and a similar one is on his upper right arm with the CMC's symbol with '3rd Battalion 8th Marines' lettered around it.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
Late 1998 Enlisted Marine Corps Picon, CMF Eos 9 week CMC boot camp plus 21 days Rifleman training.
1999 Private Caprica, CMF Kobol MP basic training, 50 days.
1999 Private Assault Landing Ship Collins Peak 20 weeks field combat MP exercises, orbit at Tauron.
2000 PFC Seventh Fleet Anchorage Marine MP, investigations.
2001 LCPL Heavy Cruiser King's Bay Marine MP, investigations.
2002 Corporal Light Cruiser Graffington MP, Search and Rescue training stints on Gemenon.
2003 Sergeant Scorpia, CMF Klemens Jungle training, jump wings, shipyards MP assignments
Late 2004 Sergeant Battlestar Orion Project 'NOMAD', Marine MP
2005 Sergeant Battlestar Orion Missions: Pallas Evac, Adar Assassination, SABER site, Officer Candidate School (5 weeks in left uncompleted due to Picon Invasion), taking of Crandall, Santos Ridge. Medical leave.
2006 Sergeant Battlestar Orion Extended 6 month recovery, return to duty. Rally Point Mission, Arpay Surgeries. Promoted to Staff Sergeant and Master at Arms. End of Second Cylon War.
2007 Staff Sergeant CFAB Crandell Picon, Marine Drill Instructor.
2009 Staff Sergeant Sheridan, Piraeus Marine Drill Instructor.
2010 Gunnery Sergeant Sheridan, Piraeus Retired, became a civilian rancher.
2028 Gunnery Sergeant Battlestar Orion Recalled to Service, Master At Arms.
2049 Gunnery Sergeant Battlestar Orion Pesky 20 year leaps, Master-at-Arms


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