AWD #247: Lleu's Big Surprise
Lleu's Big Surprise
Summary: People drift through the Recovery Ward to check on Phin. Among them is the MP, Lleufer. Only while he pauses on his duty patrol, Captain Ommanney arrives to give him a surprise!
Date: 10/09/2013 (OOC Date)
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Recovery Ward, Battlestar Orion, Deck 3
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
September 10th, 2005

An MP arrives. Sergent Ynyr is in uniform so presumably he's on duty and making a patrol round. Another Marine is with him as they walk, talking low. Lleu looks around and makes his way through slowly, looking to see if there are any pilots laid up in here. He stops near by when he sees Mahasti speaking with Phin, "There's one of them now. Came by to congratulate our daring airwing for a dangerous job well done."

Mahasti and candies! Brought Phin candies. "Want coffee or anything before I go? I know most of us are horribly caffiene addicted and it can make everything feel worse." she offers, pulling her pants up again, tightening the strings. "If you need anything, ask the nurses to write it down and leave it on my desk and I'll take care of it in the morning." she smiles warmly, stretching her shoulder "Also I brought you some dvds Luc suggested. Wireless headphones are on the left side hanging off the bed rail, okay?" Lleufer is given a wave. Although she's just being social - she's in sweats instead of scrubs.

"I'm OK," Phin says, on the subject of coffee. He's still somewhat doped, which masks the need for most anything else. "The nurses seem really good about taking care of stuff. But thanks. Will do. Luc can have his headphones back, if you borrowed them? I've got some from my player. The vids'll be good for passing the time, though." He turns - as best he can - toward Lleufer. Too much upper body movement seems to be something he's avoiding. He grins at the Marine, though the expression is a little muted. "Thanks. I don't remember much of it, to be honest, but I'm told we completed the mission. I can't even imagine being on the ground down there. It must've been a nightmare, when you guys went to take out Adar."

"It had its bad parts but it also had its entertaining moments. Shooting out the engine blocks of pursuing police cruisers was a lot of fun." Lleufer smiles, though like Phin's it is brief and muted considering that a member of his team was killed on that mission. He gives Mahasti a looking over, "How are you doing, Doc?" Lleu flexes his left arm for her, "Bullet hole's closed up nicely. Started very light weights on this arm."

Mahasti shakes her head "They are hooked up to the tv already so nobody trips over them." she offers, "No, I wouldn't borrow Luc's headphones, he wouldn't be able to listen to his porn quietly and all of you would get to know when he's slapping the sausage. Nobody wants that much information." she reassures Phin, waving a hand politely. She watches Phin and Lleufer, backing off. "I'm alright. Nothing I care to comment on infront of my direct coworkers." he offers, she considers the two, scooting to get herself some coffee, holding it with both hands, daintily.

"Sucks about Corporal Baca, in case I haven't said it before," Phin says to Lleufer. "I can't say I knew her well, but she seemed to be damn good at what she did. She saved the life of one of our guys - Lieutenant Agrippa - when he was taken hostage by that whacked out One-model skinjob." He nods to Mahasti about the headphones. Making no comment about Luc or anyone else's porn habits. And, if he's curious about the rest, he doesn't ask.

Lleufer lifts a brow at Mahasti describing Luc's habits with more detail than expected. Rather than commenting upon it, he gives her a nod, "All right." and looks back to Phin. The Marine frowns, "Thanks. She is sorely missed. Drew off a lot of heat so Jast and I could get out, but we'd have strongly have prefer to have had her with us." Lleu's mouth is a thin, hard line for a moment, "Didn't know about her helping Agrippa. He's that fella who got his knee jacked at the Games, wasn't he? Is he doing all right?"

Mahasti eyes Lleufer "Agrippa is doing well, to my knowledge." she offers, starting off, left hand going into her hair to toy with her frizzed locks, absent mindedly humming an old song she remembers from somewhere. "Remember he needs his rest, Sergeant." she offers, formally. She still seems a little more zoned out than normal, "provided you don't need me for something I'll let you do whatever it is you need?" she asks towards Lleufer, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Yeah, he's fine," Phin says, of Agrippa. "Back on the flight line, and if an injury to his leg had been a big thing, he'd still be off. The g-forces in a Viper really jam your knees." He starts in on his soup. Not that he's particularly voracious. He's still recovering, and has partaken in the Sickbay food, mediocre cafeteria though it may be. But the change seems welcome. "I heard you guys took out the SABER on Picon? How'd that go? We had to fly over it a couple times. That thing does not frakking play." He inclines his head to Mahasti. He's good.

"That SABER site doesn't play anymore. Blew that sucker to hell." Lleufer skims his stubbly jaw with one hand as he watches Mahasti for a moment before he looks back to Phin. "It was rough. Lance Corporal O'Connell and I almost bought it. Especially her, she was trying to cover my ass while I was planting demolitions charges as fast as I could. Bunches of sixes and Centurions, as well as an armoured control center was giving us serious heat until the rest of our team got in close enough. LC Jast's anti-tank gun was very helpful, led by Captain Ommanney." The MP glances to check on his patrol buddy but the Corporal is standing just outside of the hatch so he could light up a quick cigarette.

Lleufer adds to the Doctor, "Nope, don't require anything of you, Mahasti. Wanted to know how you were doing."

He's not the only one. Jax's just finished a precious smoke, by the aura of burnt tobacco and satiety that hangs around him, as he ducks in through the hatch. Snipers are supposed to be unobtrusive, but he's taken it to an absurd extreme of late - too much time training down on the ground, too little time hobnobbing in the fleet. Coming over to check on the wounded.

Mahasti is quiet, then, taking Phin's chart to write neatly on it somewhere. Some little comment coming to mind. She looks him up and down for a moment before tucking the chart back away properly before shrinking off to duck out for a brief second before returning with her lunch plate, sitting on a stool not too far off, dipping what appears to be chicken into what looks like honey mustard - oh cafeteria food. Mahasti's face goes sheet white as she stands and move to a rubbish recepticle, tossing the food straight in, taking a napkin to daintily put a bite of whatever she had tried to eat into it and throw that out too. She doens't look too pleased with the food quality.

"Thank gods it's gone," Phin says, fervently, of the SABER. He's laid up in one of the recovery beds. Chest and right arm bandaged, and a little dopey, from the only semi-alert look in his blue eyes. But he's awake and talkative enough, and he's eating a cup of soup. "Uh, hey." That to Jax, as the man enters. He gets an open-palmed wave of Phin's left, able, hand. Mahasti's action with the food get a sideways look. "Is…something wrong, Doc?"

She looks like she's about to faint….and Jax all but trips over the hatch lip in his hurry to get there. Lest she swoon ungracefully to the deck, or something. "He's right. YOu okay, Doc?" he asks, in that Caprican bark. A glance at Phin, who's presumably the actual wounded, but….

"Aye, -that- SABER site is gone but there are plenty more. Hopefully they won't have time to move another in before you Airwing types can get in there, and us to hit Crandall." The Marine Sergeant twists his mouth, thinking about that mission to come. Lleufer's pale eyes track to a new arrival at the hatch and while he doesn't really know Jax, the MP picks out the rank tabs, "Staff Sergeant." Mahasti's actions and Phin's question tugs the Aerilon's attention from his fellow Jarhead to the doctor. Lleu frowns, "You still not eating, Doc?" Yeah, he's not looking pleased.

Mahasti fussily makes a face ".. frakking Hades all mighty guarding Styx." she shudders considerably "Fish. FISH nuggets with honey mustard. Why?" thats all she say. She sort of eyes Jax "I'm spiritually offended by the mess hall's latest abomination!" she chirps back at Jax. At being fussed on she reaches up to poke Jax riiiight on the nose "Just disgusted, not going to faint. A fainting is a two days off duty deal. Can't have that." she blinks "No, I thought I was eatting chicken, not disgusting processed fish." she eyes Lleufer "I never stopped eatting, I just had a couple days I couldn't keep it down, okay?" she mumbles, looking agitated at being scolded about her diet.

She poked a Marine in the nose. Wait, what? Jax is momentarily subdued by this - they can all but see him trying to process where it fits in the spectrum of appropriate interaction. And then, being Jax, he asks the most tactful and discreet question he can, focussing those gray eyes on her. "You pregnant?" he asks, dark brows going up.

"Do you want the second serving of this?" Phin offers, of his soup. "I'm not going to be able to finish it, and I don't mind the cafeteria stuff, at all. Like, three squares a day was a good part of why I joined the Fleet." He looks confused at the kerfluffle over the nuggets, but just shrugs. Jax's question definitely draws a blink.

Ah. Sergeant Ynyr nods to what Mahasti says, "Ah, good. Shouldn't waste the fish though. Piraeus's fish is pretty good most of the time." Lleu smiles, "You remember when we went hunting and got that dickie? Should take a day to go fishing, soon. Those mountain trout things fresh caught and tossed into a skillet with a pat of butter, some fresh citrus and a touch of salt with pepper? Out standing." Did she just poke the Leatherneck Staff Sergeant in the nose? Ynyr looks amused.

The third Marine waiting on Lleu to continue their patrol peeks in. Did somebody mention the Doctor is preggers? New rumor!

Mahasti blinks "No. I am not pregnant. That would require regular sexual intercourse without use of contraceptives." she offers to Jax, face getting a bit hot red. She looks like she might slap him for the suggestion. "You shouldn't make accusations like that around where I work, I have to deal with the rumors you breed. Also I quite think Siska would be sore with me if I got pregnant and didn't tell him first. Then Sam would curse me out. Then I'd have to go take a pregnancy test infront of the frakking Captain Gray, you realize?" she offers, sighing at Jax before taking her knuckles to press into the side of Jax's head and apply a firm pressure that way. "Yes I would love to go fishing - Perhaps with Winston, Brandy, Sam and Brina?" she offers "Phin you would be welcome as well." she offers, smiling brightly "I gave Brandy two pelts from those little deer, so she could quit being envious of her friend's fur collection and have something No one else on ship has." she offers, smiling.

The Marine who'd been waiting outside of the hatch has wandered off.

"That wasn't an accusation. Was a question," Jax remains unfazed and unashamed. He's faced Marine Drill Instructors. One peevish medico doesn't even register. She's not screaming in his face, after all. "And hell, not like we don't need all the babies we can get." MAHASTI, ARE YOU DOING YOU PART TO REPOPULATE HUMANITY? NO! He ducks his head to the side, away from the knuckle of vengeance, and heaves a theatrical sigh. "You navy folks. Always wantin' to abuse Marines," he accuses.

Lleufer folds his arms over his chest, looking doubtful about the pregnant question. Yeah, he didn't think so. "Yeah, decidely could use a lot more babies but, we also need capable doctors on staff." He looks to Phin, "So, when you are up for it, you are invited on a cookout down dirtside."

"The river by the settlement's a fine place for it," Phin says, of fish. "It's been too long since I took some leave for that. Should see if I can get some days before summer's over, and before we're all on Picon more than not." He does not say anything else about pregnancy, or comment on that at all. His lips purse, but he manages to keep a straight face at Jax's continued comments. "Thanks, that'd be awesome," he says, to Lleufer. "The doc says I can probably get out of here in a couple days, though I won't be back on duty right away."

Amos arrives from the Sickbay.

Mahasti eyes Jax, grinning lopsidedly "Now now, The only Marine I abuse on a regular basis is Winston, because its fun." she offers. She makes a sour face at Jax "I'm not allowed to help people I love if I'm knocked up." she offers to him. Without warning, her arms shoot out to hug Jax, "Or are you offering to be a donor after my service ends?" she's trying to turn it back on him. It isn't very successfull on her end due to turning tomato red. "Yeah we go out a couple hours and fish. If you can get an afternoon while on light duty or still under my supervision I'll take you out as part of your recovery therapy. Sunlight is fabulous for healing." she offers to Phin. Offering him a chance to go outside and do something while healing up.

Bennett arrives from the Sickbay.

This is closer contact with an actual pair of breasts attached to an actual living woman than Jax has had in *months*. A hug is not a threat, it's a prize - don't you throw me in that Briar Patch, Br'er Fox. He obediently puts his arms around her, hugs her back. "Well, we could practice before the big game, as it were," he offers. "Padding on so no one gets hurt." Never proposition a Marine, even as a joke, Doctor.

Lleufer is standing over by Phin's bed with his arms crossed over his chest. He's in MP uniform with sidearm and likely on duty, stopping by on his patrol rounds. Another Marine is somewhere out in the hall waiting on Lleu. Jax is over by Mahasti, getting hugged by the doctor who's turned bright red with embarassment. "Sounds like an outting. Soon as you two can arrange it, I'll come as my OCS classe schedule permits." Sergeant Ynyr looks over at Jax hugging her back, "Love birds. Captain Siska will be livid."

"Depends on how my leave time lines up. Light duty's still duty. But thanks, Doc," Phin says to Mahasti. He finishes off his first cup of soup, but puts the rest aside. He's still laid up in the recovery ward - chest and right arm bandaged - but he looks better than when he was carted in. He's awake and only semi-doped looking. He's not quite as successful at masking a grin at Lleufer's comment about Mahasti and Jax.

Dressed, as he apparently habitually is, in his greens, Amos ducks through the hatch from the sickbay with a look on his face that suggests he's looking for someone, or something specific. There's a brief pause as he spots Mahasti and Jax embracing, but then he just blinks it off, apparently having found what it was he was seeking. Turning first to Phin he offersthe pilot a short, businesslike nod before saying simply, "excuse me Lieutenant, but I need the Sergeant briefly. You can have him back in a moment." The implication being that he's refering to Lleufer, rather than Jax, who sems to have his hands full already.

Mahasti annnnd Jax is rewarded with ribs. She is not the right woman to hug for breast contact. Jax's obedience is rewarded with two sharp spindly yet somehow strong fingers pinching his shoulder though. She seems to have learned something. "Bah Siska knows I hug people." she considers, releasing Jax a bit "Oh, I wasn't using him, sir." she offers softly. She ponders "Darling Staff Sergeant, could I talk you- since you did just embarass me and nurses are a gossipy lot - into getting me something that is not fish nuggets to replace my dinner?" she asks, curiously watching Amos. "If any of you suggest that again, I'm going to glue your toes together." she offers, giving Jax a slight smile, she isn't mad, just a little worried it seems. She smiles to Phin "My schedule is flexible, I'll work mine out with Dr. Nadir and make sure you can go okay?"

In the hustle and bustle of the medbay at this hour, it's not difficult to miss the arrival of another blues-clad pilot. Long hair pulled back into a sleek braid, top button on her jacket undone, Bennett appears to be bearing gifts of some variety— that, or paperwork for one of the ward's intrepid patients, bound in an overstuffed folder. She hangs back for a time while she tries to spot her target in the tangle of comings and goings.

Jax comes to an approximation of attention as the officer appears. Nevermind the attempts at fraternization that were just going on. But he seems game enough to Mahasti's requests. "Like what? THose fake chicken soy cube things?"

The Staff Sergeant and the Lieutenant are being very amusing. Lleufer watches until he hears Amos's voice, then turns his head. He drops his folded arms and gives the Captain a curt nod, "Of course, sir." No saluting indoors without his cover on. At least not unless it sounds like some official orders. Lleu steps around Phin's bed to go over, "What do you need, Captain?" Apparently the MP Sergeant isn't concerned about any fraternization going on between the Staff Sergeant and the Lieutenant. Lleufer stops by Amos, his pale eyes distracted by another Captain as Bennett walks in. "Good evening, Captain."

Mahasti eyes Jax "Midrat and a pudding pack?" she asks, smiling a little "Maybe an almond milk pack, and .. Just go stack a plate high and we'll see about collectively making it disappear - also you owe me if Siska gets mad at me. A lot. You owe me like two packs of smokes and a porno mag a lot. You understand?" its a mild scolding

Phin blinks up at Amos. "We were just talking. Thanks for coming by, Sergeant. Give the groundpounders my best, huh?" He nods vaguely to Mahasti, but mainly leaves her to deal with the Marines. With his attention wandering, he does notice Bennett. Who gets a slight smile. "Butch. Hey."

"What would you do with a porno mag?" JAx scoffs. "And why would he get mad at you? He doesn't like you copping a feel on the enlisted?" Yeah, he's teasing her. "But I'll go recce you some pudding."

"As you w.." Amos starts to Jax, then, smiling faintly, thinks better of it and tries again, "at ease." Bennett is given a quick nod of acknowledgement but it's fair to say that most of his attention is on Lleufer and it doesn't look like he's in mind to be distracted from that. The order of 'front and centre' seems to be largely redundant so he skips it and goes straight to "Sergeant Ynyr, 'tten-sion." Then, giving the Aerilian time to do just that, he notes to Phin, "oh you can have him back in a moment, don't worry."

Bennett finally peels herself out of the doorway and weaves her way toward Phin's little corner of the recovery ward. "Good evening, Sergeant," is pitched lightly in Lleufer's direction, along with a smile. Jax and Mahasti merely garner a bemused look; the doctor, if she glances over, gets a smile as well. But it's the chair by Phin's bed that she plunks herself down into, package held atop her lap for the time being. "Busy in here tonight," she murmurs. "How do you feel?"

Mahasti watches Jax leaning to whisper. "I use porno mags to get things I do want.." she offers, grinning a bit. She pauses "Captain Saint Clair, I have something for you, later if you'll have it." she offers. She pats Jax's shoulder "Thank you. No fish nuggets or I'll cry." she offers "Do you want us to clear out, sir?" she asks towards Bennett softly, eying AMos to confirm that they don't want her to fuck off, even though she's the only qualified medical staff in there and still in sweats.

Uh oh. Something offical? Sergeant Ynyr snaps to at the Captain's tone, curiousity in Lleu's eyes as he studies Amos. He stands erect, eyes forward, at attention as he replies, "Sir! Yes, Sir!" Lleufer's baritone barks out, loud and clear. Is he in trouble? Going to be assigned to scrubbing the /entire/ head with a toothbrush? Ordered to do 10,000 pushups over the next few days? Or something far less dire? You know those Jarheads and well, he did get a bit drunk a few nights ago down on Piraeus. His brows furrow slightly, looking like he's wondering what he might have done but doesn't remember.

Phin can't help but eye the exchange between Amos and Lleufer. Because. It's an interesting thing to watch, in the generally uninteresting recovery ward. "I really don't think the nuggets are that bad," he mutters, but it's mostly to himself. A slight chuckle to Bennett. "Busy? Yeah, kind of is, I guess. I don't know. I'm still on…stuff." He doesn't try to list all of it, but it's obviously much less than he was on post-surgery. "But I'm doing better. The doc said I could probably tuck into my own bunk in another couple days." He sounds eager for that.

That is when Jax invokes the shipboard version of his key skillset…..and does his very best to fade into the bulkhead. No more banter with Mahasti - he's getting out of range before the officer can finish with the sergeant and turn the Eye of Sauron upon him.

Amos is focused entirely on the marine infront of him, so misses Mahasti's silent question entirely. Seemingly satisfied with the response he takes a deep breath, the kind that indicates there a load of words with no easy break in them, then starts, reaching into his pocket for a small box as he does so. "Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr, you are hereby awarded the Silver Cluster for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in connection with military operations against the enemy while serving with the 3rd Battalion 8th Regiment in support of operations on Caprica to free the colonial government from the influence of those who would threaten the safety and security of the colonies." As he speaks he opens the box and takes out said medal, stepping forward to attach it to LLeufer's Uniform. Tucking that box away again he then pulls out another and repeats the process with another medal. "Also the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medals for operating on the ground behind enemy lines." That done he steps back again and raises his arm in salute, then drops it again and, somewhat less formally, offers his hand to shake, "congratualtions Sergeant."

Bennett glances up when Mahasti addresses her, expression curious. And then faintly cautious. "Sure thing, doctor," she concedes after a moment. The woman's next words, however, cause her to blink slowly. "Not unless you know something I do not." Blue eyes flicker Lleufer's way for a beat, then back to Phin. She tries to mind her own business, really she does. "Well, I brought you.. some reading material.." She digs what's evidently a pornographic magazine out of the official-looking folder, and passes it over. "..and some tea." She passes that over, too. It smells like jasmine, which he may recognise from a pot she made once.

Mahasti eyes Lleu and Amos Lleufer barking has her looking slightly agitated, looking like she's going to shush them both. That agitation already turning into worry. She sits back down though, eying Jax, mumbling under her voice "And there goes my dinner fetcher. Yes, Captain, I did say that, provided his body agrees." she offers to Bennett, Lleufer is given a soft polite clap, a few nurses likely joining in. "Now not to scold a hero, but Ynyr, if you raise your voice in here again, by protocol, you will be kicked out for twelve hours." she warns, giving an apologetic smile. She watches Phin and Bennett, smiling a bit "I told him to let me know if he needed /anything/." her tone gives away he could ask her for silly things.

The look on Lleu's face … surprise would be an understatement. He looks a bit shocked, blinks several times but stays stock still at attention. Brows furrowing anew, he studies the Captain as Amos speaks. He is quietly surprised again at the second medal being pinned to his uniform. Not a word. Sergeant Ynyr returns the Captain's salute with a crisp one right back, "Thank you, sir." It's not loud this time. No big, silly official ceremony, no fuss. Thank goodness. Lleu draws a slow breath and gladly accepts Amos's hand, "I .. don't know what to say, sir. Quite unexpected." He turns his head at Mahasti's scolding and nods, "Yes, Lieutenant. Won't happen again." Now he's really kept his voice down. A flicker of his gaze to Bennett, then back to Amos.

"Uh…whoa…" Phin's eyes widen at the magazine. Which he quickly tucks under his pillow. "I'll…uh, save that for later, I think. I know some guys don't mind doing anything in places like the berths but…" He shrugs. He likes to respect his dirty magazines, and give them the privacy they deserve. He takes the tea eagerly to be had in front of people, though. Sipping it. But when Amos speaks, he gives the Marines his full attention. He tries to sit up straight, in some approximation of attention, but that just prompts a pained grunt. So he simply says, "Well-deserved, Sergeant."

Amos seems pleased enough with proceedings and after the hand shaking is done he slips his hands behind his back to keep them out of the way. "I think Sergeant, that this is bit where we thank you." Adding quietly, more to Lleufer himself than the rest of the room, "enjoy it, play your cards right and I suspect you won't need to pay for your drinks tonight." Apparently done he turns to Phin once more and offers a brief, "thank you Lieutenant, he's all your's again." He starts to make a move for the hatch, then remembers something else and turns back to Lleufer, "the paperwork for all that is in HQ, drop by for it when you've the time. I felt it prudent not to risk incident in draggingit half way across the ship."

Bennett is beaming when Lleufer looks over at her. "Congratulations, Sergeant," she tells him softly, distracted for a moment by the ceremony taking place not feet away from her. Finally, her attention is dragged back to Phin, and she laughs when he quickly stuffs the magazine away. "Sorry, sorry. Ought I have hidden it in something more suitable for public consumption?" Her gaze wanders back to Amos and Lleufer briefly.

Mahasti eyes Phin, "Er don't do that, use the bed controls, please?" her eyes instantly are on Phin, eyes squinting sharply to watch for blood, when it doesn't come she visibly relaxes. She does however quietly move to sit down beside Phin, legs folding neatly, breath washing in and out "Phin, when you feel pain in your chest, grip your left hand, okay? Not your right." she offers, suggesting it more than ordering.

Zeus's penis, wouldn't his father be proud?! Ynyr stands very quiet, thinking of his folks back on Aerilon before he registers Amos's words. Lleufer grins, "Yes, sir. Friends know I like Scotch or decent whiskey." Peaty scotch of any variety being hard to come by out here. "Thanks, Amos." He lifts his chin slightly at the paperwork add on comment and nods, "I'll swing by and pick it up. I won't forget." Lleu gives all of the others a smile, looking a bit self conscious and maybe slightly embarassed, "Thanks." He clears his throat, "I eh, should get going. Been keeping the Corporal standing out in the hall, waiting to finish our Patrol before shift end." His gaze rests a moment on Bennett before turns to step out. Maybe too many eyes on him there for a minute.

Jax leaves, heading toward the Sickbay [SB].

"I'm OK, Doc, really. Just moved too fast," Phin says to Mahasti. To Bennett, he chuckles. "No worries. I'll…uh…save that for later. So, how's life in Raptor country?" His eyes half drift back to the Marines, still kind of watching what remains of the informal 'ceremony'.

"It'll be waiting for you," Amos replies in acknowledgement to Lleufer, then the Captain turns and makes for the hatch himself. His work here is done.

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