AWD #265: Live Another Day
Live Another Day
Summary: Jason and Phin cross paths in the corridors, and exchange a few words about living and blowing up Cylons, and the perils of thinking too much.
Date: 28/09/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: The invasion of Picon is discussed, as is Jason's recent exploding of Cylons.
Jason Phin 
Aft Corridor - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
AWD #265

Phin comes striding down the corridor, coming from the direction of the Air Wing berths, and headed toward the stairwell. He's dressed in his flight suit, albeit presently with the sleeves pulled down and tied around his midsection. Given how very underway the assault on Picon is, perhaps he doesn't want to be too long out of it in case they're called to scramble.

Stepping out from the head, it would seem Jason's just taken a shower or something. Looking around briefly, he offers a nod and a half-grin as he sees Phin. "About to head out there?" he asks, after a few brief moments now.

"Supes. Hey." Phin slows and pauses his stride when he spots Jason. "Yeah. Is it crowded? I spent ages waiting for a free shower stall after the sortie last night."

"That's what happens when everyone wants to go there at the same time, I guess. Wasn't too crowded now." Jason replies, offering a momentary grin. "How was your side of things out there yesterday?" Sounding a bit curious now.

"Quick, dirty, frak-ton of Raiders," is Phin's synopsis of the Strikes side of yesterday's mission. "The capital ships took care of some of the basestars, but that's still more toasters than I think I've seen before. Outside Cylon territory, at least. And it was weird flying without the Ghosts. Not that the Raptors covering us didn't do their job but…" Phin shrugs. He has his preferences. "Flying without you guys directly, that is. How'd things go further down in atmo?"

Jason nods a little as he hears that. "Yes, there were quite a bit of them in Cylon territory, for some reason," he remarks, a bit lightly. Shrugging a bit at that last part, "Busy. Was lots of things to do. Blowing things up, ferrying Marines…" He shakes his head a little bit, "You know, the usual stuff, I guess."

"It's the job," Phin says, if a little tiredly. It was a long fight, and the planet's still far from retaken. "Speaking of the Cylon side. Meant to tell you. That was some seriously tight shooting you did over that fuel installation. The last one that took it out. I thought you were gone there for a minute." He adds, "Real glad that wasn't the case."

"For a long while there I thought I was gone too," Jason replies after a few moments, before he adds, "I'm not really sure why I decided to head in like that, though. Maybe I just felt that if it could take out the entire installation, it would be worth it no matter what, since if I'd been gone but managed to take it down, it would have given the rest of you better odds here. I don't know." A brief pause, before he offers a grin, "But all in all, I'm glad I'm still around to fight another day."

Phin returns the grin with a faint half-smile. "And live another day." He shrugs. "You did what you were supposed to do, ultimately. They don't like to talk about it, but that's why they put a picture of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger up in the ready room. So we'll remember what's expected of us." He says this with a sort of ambivalence.

Jason nods a little bit. "Live another day too." A brief pause, as he hears the rest, as he nods a little bit. "I guess I should have listened to the order, though. But hopefully, me managing what I did will make the powers that be a bit more happy, right?"

"Yeah, I mean, I get why Teatime and Butch pulled us out," Phin says. "That thing was going to blow, and it wasn't worth losing a good portion of the wing to stick around and blow that tank. It was just your Raptor, though. And you got it done. That was, like, serious hero stuff." Though he adds quickly, "I mean, don't make a habit of it. It's not always worth it. And I, at least, would miss you."

"Thanks," Jason replies a bit quietly, before he chuckles at the part about hero stuff. "You've heard that old saying? A hero is someone stupid enough to not know the danger." It's said with a grin, before he adds, "I'd miss you too, if the roles end up the other way."

That makes Phin's smile widen. "Thanks. Believe it or not, I'm not too keen on leaving the whole mortal coil thing. My life's not perfect, but I like it pretty well. Most days."

Jason grins, "Goes in cycles for me, I guess. Some days I like it, others I hate it. But I've decided that if I'll throw it away, it'll be to give the rest of you guys beter odds at making it through, I suppose." Another brief pause, before he adds, "If that even makes sense."

"Some days are harder than others," Phin admits. "I figure, though, bad as it gets, anything's better than just…turning it all off. I mean, after the attacks, I never would've figured we'd have a chance of retaking the colonies. But we might actually pull off getting Picon back from the toasters. Don't know what it'll be after that but…makes a better tomorrow than yesterday, y'know?"

"Unfortunately not all of them…" Jason is unable to hold back the words, as he lets out a bit of a sigh, before he seems to realize what he said. "Sorry. Not trying to… I don't know. It's just that knowing I can never see home again, that's," a brief pause. "It drives me insane sometimes."

"I can't even imagine what's that like," Phin admits. "Not that Scorpia's in great shape but…there are still people alive back there. And maybe some day the Fleet'll be able to get around to trying to bail it out. There are still people like you left, at least. Virgons who remember it. Maybe can preserve parts of it, so people don't forget." He shrugs. "If nothing else, you can make the toasters pay for what they did to it."

Jason nods a little as he hears that. "I guess making them pay is one of the reasons why I'm still here. Aside from the main reason of sheer luck, of course." The last said with a grin, before he adds, "I guess my biggest problem at times is that I think too much…"

That gets a laugh out of Phin. "Yeah. People say the same thing to me. I don't know, though. I feel like it's only when I stop thinking too much that I get myself into trouble."

Jason smiles as he hears that. "Ah, both can be bad, I suppose." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I started wondering. What if we actually pull this off, liberating the colonies. What then?"

"I try not to think too far ahead. With how much the Cylons control most of the worlds that're left, Picon's like the easy part. I figure I'll be doing the war thing for most of my life, long as it lasts." Again, Phin sounds highly ambivalent about that. "I figure, if that's what I'm supposed to do with myself, I could do a lot worse."

"Then you know what my problem about thinking too much is," Jason replies, after a few moments of pause, before he grins, "But, doing the war thing for most of what remains of our lives sounds like a good idea. I mean, after this, who knows if we could ever adjust to peacetime life again."

"I'm not even sure what I'd do with myself in peace-time. But, not going to have to worry about it for awhile. Anyway, man, I should get going. That was a hell of a shot on that refueling depot." With that, Phin heads for the head.

Jason nods a little as he hears that. "See you later," he offers, with a smile. "And thanks." Another few moments of pause, before he heads back towards the Air Wing corridors.

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