PWD #14: Little Boots and Capes
Little Boots and Capes
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 21/December/2012 (OOC Date)
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Duke Kelsey 
Rec Room
December 21, 2004 (PWD #14)

Saturnalia, being what it is, means that there are a lot of gifts flying around. Duke was here just a few minutes ago but he left to get himself ready for the day of work, however, knowing that he has a lot of presents to hand out, he made his way towards the Rec Room once again, this time, with the hope of finding Kelsey. He is wearing his officer blues at the moment, so he might be on-duty right now, or, heading that way…who knows. Regardless, the man looks around the place for a moment, holding a small box in his hand. He takes a deep breath and steps inside, nodding to a few familiar faces here and there.

Even though its getting towards second shift and the afternoon, the young lady with auburn hair walks into this Rec Room looking freshly showered and still waking up. The smell of peaches and a hint of strawberry trails behind her. Her hair is still a little damp and its up in a ponytail for the moment, too. She doesn't even see Duke, but she's wearing her orange coveralls (clean) with boots (shined) and rank (properly affixed). Professional Deckie, except for the backpack. Kelsey heads straight for the coffee at the back. Yep, nearly noon and she just woke up.

A faint smile draws on the man's lips as she makes her appearance and he follows her with his gaze to see what she is going to do. Coffee it is. He makes his way to where she is and now that he is a little closer, the man says "Petty Officer, good day." His clothes look perfectly pressed and clean, not a single spot, nothing out of the ordinary. He could potentially get himself a coffee right now, so he takes a cup and goes for the strongest type. Yes, coffee is something he enjoys quite a lot to be honest.

Kelsey takes up a mug and stares at the machines as if the instructions and labels were printed in a foreign, ancient language. Not a big coffee drinker, probably. She barely registers the greeting for a moment before glancing up and jumping a bit with a spreading smile. "Hi, sir!" Suddenly a little more awake. "I was going to come find you on my first lunch, but this is perfect." She sets the mug down and goes for the zipper on her backpack as its swung around her side.

Duke's smile grows a little now and then he arches one eyebrow "Oh?" was she looking for him. Now, he looks at her backpack, trying to define what she is going to pull from there. However, he takes this moment to lift his fingers and dig them into his jacket pocket, digging for that small box. "I was actually looking for you as well, Petty Officer" See? All professional and stuff like that. He pulls the box out of his pocket but waits for her to finish doing what she is doing there, definitely curious to see what's next. Also, definitely curious to see her reaction to her gift.

"If you're looking me, well sorry Major, but you can hold your buns and bites until I'm done." Yep, an E-3 just told an O-5 to hold his horses. She just smiles allthe same and digs in her bag. There's all the books visible in there and some metallic clanking. "I'm terrible at wrapping and finding boxes was going to be impossible." She finally produces a wireframe statue about 8" high. Its mounted on an engine gear sprocket under its feet. It all welded together and the figure looks to be made out of fuel and hydraulic piping that's beyond repair. Junk scrap, all of it. But she took a lot of care. The arms are stretched out and in each of the 'hands' is a very tiny representation of a Viper. Its posed like the figure is showing lesson in dogfighting with models. But on his back, tied around his neck, is a hero's cape. She managed to stitch together the Major's insignia into the center. "I made you a You!" she presents happily. "Annnnd, I have three more capes. I started it before you were promoted. So, I have a Captain's cape and a Lieutenant Colonel's cape, too. Plus Colonel." She digs again and pulls out all three extras. "Cuz I believe in you, too, sir. I wanted to make sure you were covered on your climb up." She smiles brilliantly.

Duke was about to stay something of course but he chuckles and nodes his head when she tells him to 'shut it'. "Alright" simply says the man, nodding his head as he holds the small box in his hand. When she presents the gift and explains, he just stares at it, he just stares, blinks, stares a little more, blinks, looks at her and finally extends his hands, taking the statue. "I…" says Duke, finding the need to clear his throat as he looks at what she made for him. He swallows and then takes a deep breath, allowing himself a moment to explore every single detail "This…this is…" He is at a loss for words, which is actually hard when it comes to Duke. He licks his lips now, looking at her, and back to the statue. The man chuckles at the hero capes and can't help but to smile "Nobody has ever given me something like this, this…." he shakes his head, not being able to find the proper words "Thank you, thank you, Kelsey…" dropping the ranks "I mean it, this…"

Kelsey just beams happily at the reaction. She'd said she has no money and everything she's making here is going to someone else, somehow. Its probably not a surprise that she made something. But she's pleased as can be with seeing that gift given. "You don't have to say anything, sir," she whispers. "You've changed my life in ways I can't begin to explain. You've shown me that people up high do care about more than lipservice and that maybe I'm not just working with minimums. What that does to me inside, Major? That's hero's work. Anyone can give verbal encouragement. Investing time and effort is a service to a soul, even if its just an opportunity to learn. Thank /you/ for everything, Major Duke." She says it all quietly. Just for them. But her smile is as warm and sincere as it could ever be.

Duke does listen to every word she says to him and to be honest, it does warm his heart. A faint smile draws on his lips right after and he nods to what she says "I should be thanking you…" says the man now "I've told you this but the drive you've shown me, it's…it's rare" He looks at the statue again, smiling as he explores it a little more, finding new details at every turn. "I, I have something for you" says Duke who is now hesitating because it's definitely not as awesome. The man hands Kelsey the little box and says "I'm, not the most expert crafter but…I hope you'll like them" Now, inside the box she'll find the following. There's a pair of earrings, the hooks are made with materials found in any regular Viper and are thin enough to fit in properly. However, what's hanging from them is the initial part. Each earring sports a small baby boot, carved in wood, perfectly detailed to be honest. Under each boot she'll read 'Melissa' carved with beautiful calligraphy. In truth, all those little details are there, which means he probably took some time to make these. Also, she will find a necklace, made with the same wiring but following an intricate design that requires seven different cables. And hanging from it? 'Melissa' also carved in wood, same style of calligraphy.

Kelsey will hear none of his comments about her drive. She dismisses it in favor of making sure he own words stuck. "Hush, sir. Just take your 'Duke-stue' and smile. It made it all worth it." She waits for the box, though and opens it slowly. She immediately recognizes the wires and grins. Plane parts are win! and then she melts at seeing the attachments…and she melts. "Awwwwwwwwwww!!" she sighs, picking up the earrings and then the necklace. "Awwwwwsir," she sighs again before stamping her boot to the ground and looking back up to him. "They're beautiful. Thank you." She sets the box aside and in a busy Rec Room, she leaps up and gives him a big hug and a kiss to the cheek. "You're the best, sir!"

Duke chuckles and then nods his head "Of course, of course I'll take the….the…Duke-stue" and he actually does smile, quite a bit. When she sees her present, his smile grows even more and regardless of who's around, he does hug her back in the Recreation Room. The kiss on his cheek is accepted with a smile and then he just nods his head "I'm glad you like them, Kelsey" says the man, smiling still. He loosens the hug on his part and stands a little more straight. "Happy Saturnalia" says Duke now, nodding to her.

"Happy Saturnalia to you, too, sir." Kelsey is all grins and happiness. She says it to him and looks back down to the box and looks them over another bit. Then the cap goes back on. "Mom told me that its impolite to inspect a gift when its given. I don't buy it, but its a neurotic tic I have thanks to her," she laughs. "That's too perfect sir. Thank you." She sighs happily. "So, I wanted to mention something else. I talked to that nice, nameless Major in CIC. Blonde guy? Lovely angles to his face? Kinda tall? Super nice guy?" Petra. "Well I came to him last night because I hadto get his permissions for something with the jets. Deck supervisor last night told me it had to come from him since it involved a change in readiness." She nods a few times as she speaks.

Duke presses his lips a little bit when she mentions what her mother says about inspecting gifts…which is kinda what he did, sort of. Still, he shakes that thought away and listens to everything else she says. Now, when she mentions Petra, he tilts his head and offers "Yeah, I know him. What are you trying to do?" Because if it requires permission by Petra…well…it's gotta be important. "Did you get permission to do it?" He nods his head after saying this words, waiting for her to say something else that might shed some light into this whole deal. For the time being, he just waits to see what she has to say.

"Well, most of our Predators are kept in zippered baggies. We store them in plastic because they don't get used much and the layer prevents dust and paint and other residue from getting in and gummin up the works." Kelsey takes a breath and steadily seems to find her focus. Planes. Flying. "I pulled a Predator yesterday for its 6-month start up and systems analysis and check. It had a couple problems. Breakdown over time. This stuff happens. Well," she says, the drifting focus seems to have zero'd in. "-I started looking at the last work-ups for the Predators from six months ago. Its not my job, but I figured I might as well. Glad I did. Found some problems with them that prevents them from really kicking up out of the box without a maintenance spin-up period. Heard yesterday from a little bird that we might be looking at a higher training tempo, too." She lifts her hands, weighing them closer and closer together to indicate she was assembling clues. "So I put in a request last night to have Deck spin-up a full squadron of them. It might be overkill, but I'm working all night and all weekend and most of the week. I ended up volunteering my personal day on accident to cover a shift. But the point is that we're trying to get these things up. We've got two cleared right now, I think, and there should be eight more by the new year." Pause. "Sir." Pause. "Barring large problems."

Duke definitely focuses on what she is saying and crosses his arms over his chest, paying attention in full. "I see…" says the man, nodding his head now, taking a deep breath as he considers what could have happened if this was not done. A faint smile draws on his lips and he offers "Full of surprises it seems." Obviously pleased with this, he nods and asks "Two cleared with eight more before new year?" Yes, this is definitely good news, definitely good news. Of course, there's the need to ask "A little bird told you?" he tilts his head at this and presses his lips a little, wondering who this little bird is. When she mentions that she gave her free day to the cause, he nods and already understands that he needs to make it up to her, someway. "You are, truly amazing…did you know that?" says Richard Duke, just, really, really meaning what he says to her.

"Yessir." She zips up her backpack and slings it back over her shoulders, looking very much the college girl. "The two we spun up were ordered. Standard. I did nothing special there. But the other eight was just a suspicion. I should know more tomorrow. It may be unnecessary. I'm working second, swing, and then tomorrow morning." And not attending the party tonight. Probably to cover shifts for people. "I'll give a quick start to all eight and see what simmers." She doesn't answer about the little bird, though. Nor does she really reply to the comment about her being anything,including amazing. She just shrugs. "Anyhow, just wanted to let you know, sir. I got a long day ahead, though. Anything else, Major?" Kelsey asks cheerfully.

Duke just nods his head at her, and makes absolutely no comments about anything she says to him right now. He just says the following "When do you have time off?" Yeah, that's pretty much it. While he waits for his answer, he looks at the statue again, smiling as he examines it. It really is pretty awesome, he really does like it a lot. He looks up "Tonight? Tomorrow morning?" He tilts his head and waits, waits to see what she says but makes no other comments on what he is thinking about.

Kelsey looks squinty and away while she thinks this over. "I've got four hours between swing and morning, but I should sleep. I work tomorrow morning, then I'm off the first half of second. Then I work through to the four-hour break. Work the morning agaiiiiin." She makes a face. "I think I have time off in like 3 days? Maybe 4?" Working herself to the bone. That's about four hours sleep per day. "I'm not sure. I've got it written down in my bunk. Its pretty funny. My daily planner is like giant blocks of wooooork," she laughs.

The fact that she is working a little too much is not something that pleases him but he won't make comments on that, after all, most of that schedule is designed for the Deck Chief. "In three or four days" repeats the man, nodding to that "Alright, block a couple hours from your rest time, you are coming with me to the Simulators, we are taking one of the Predators out…simulated but, still. I believe it'll be a nice experience for you" He smiles at this, happy that he can do this for her and more than willing to do so.

Kelsey stares back at him. "/Seriously?/" she blurts. "I- if I can get time, you'll put me in a pit??" Sim. Real. Whatever. Kelsey's life was never destined to go in any direction that wasn't difficult so this is blowing her away. "Okay!" Hurr. "Uh, I mean, yessir!" She snaps him a salute. "Thank you, sir! I'll try and find time in the next, like, day or two." Wow. "Do I- I mean, what do I wear? Just come in my greens? Wear my coveralls? I've never even seen a sim, before!" GLEEEE!!!

Duke smiles and nods his head "Seriously, I would say you more than earned it." Now that she snaps that salute, he returns one as well, firm and perfect of course. "Do let me know, I'll block one of the pods and we'll be able to take it outside." Now, he tilts his head and smiles a little more "How would you feel about flying over Picon?" A simulated Picon of course but still, nothing like home…or…a virtual one. "You can wear your greens for the simulator, that's not going to be a problem." Eventually, when they get the real deal, she'll have to wear something more…proper.

Flying over Picon. "Sir, if we fly over Picon, I have to buzz my virtual house. Super fast. Super loud. And we have to bomb my ex boyfriend's place. Could be tough since he's right down the street, but still!" Squeeee!! She hops up and down once, the backpack bouncing with her. "Excellent! I'll let you know when I can get down there! Er, up there! Ohmigosh! Mom's gonna -flip-! Gramma too!" She does a little dance and skitters off, it not even registering that she needs to be dismissed. When people get excited like that? Its tough to break them out.

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