AAR: Linten Codes


03 Jun 2006

FR: PO2 Swick, Jaxon - Tactical
TO: MAJ Gray, Elias - TACCO
CC: LTC Io, Robin - CAG
CPT Omanney - Marines
RE: Linten Codes


Late on the evening of 02 June 2006, I was finally able to make a breakthrough on the communications that the Linten intercepted several months back. Below is a brief of the information I was able to glean from the computer code I was able to figure out.

Information I have included is recent, as there are several pieces of data that are now out of date.

  • Aerilon - There are four main Allied Planetary Force bases on Aerilon, currently under Cylon support. They are using the names of the cities they are near, and for ease of this report, I will do the same.
    • Cirlik - This is the main training base for new recruits and also where the Cylons and APF are working to refurbish Colonial fighters and bombers. At their current rate, they are far outpacing even Crandall in the number of craft they are able to push out in a month.
    • Buchel - Viper Air Base.
    • Volkel - Viper Air Base.
    • Spangdahlem - Predator Base.
    • Each of these bases also have a Raptor support element, which means they could be ready to do their own jumps and attacks if they learn the position of fleet assets.
  • Cylon Refueling Stations - There are at least two tylium refueling stations in deep Cylon space. In the reports, these are referred to as Romeo One and Romeo Two. There are reports of tankers that have been sent from the Cylon homeworld to resupply these stations, but their exact locations are currently undetermined.
  • Leonis Transports - The transports from Leonis are carrying at least 4000 prisoners per day to two dozen locations on the Cylon Homeworld. Depending on what colonies they visit outside of Leonis, this estimate rises to near 7000 per day. The Cylons have taken to calling these prisoners 'citizens'. I was unable to determine if they are being used in brainwashing as the APF may be, or as human shields against attack.

I am still filtering through what information may be relevant, this project will continue on for perhaps several weeks.

I will update as necessary.

PO2 Swick
Fleet Intelligence



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