AAR: Library of Libran



FR: Major J. Amos Ommanney
TO: RADM Jameson, CMDR Faulkner
CC: MAJ Gray
RE: Library of Libran


Insertion to the mine site when to plan, with the destruction of the resurrection facility on Libran being completed within operational time limits. There was hostile fire on the run in, and one heavy raider was badly hit, resulting in the deaths of several marines. Initial reports indicate approximately one quarter of the satellite grid orbiting the planet has now been destroyed.

Upon hitting the Landing Zone the camp above ground was already burning, with Ones organising a defense and Tens being handed weapons. There was no trace of any Fives here, or anywhere else in the complex. A brief dialogue was held with the Tens, who recognised the name Ys'ral and requested asylum in the colonies. At this point the Ones opened fire on the Tens, and colonial forces moved in to save as many as we could. Once the Ones on the surface were neutralised, the survivors of the damaged raider were left to tend to the wounded Tens and save what could be retrieved from the tent fires, while the 3/8th pushed on into the mountain.

A short way into the mine shaft was a flight of stairs spiraling down to a form of entrance chamber which appeared to have been set up as defensible point. With no defenders present at this point, despite several Ones having made it inside during the fighting above a decision was made to pick up the pace. The tunnels entered beyond this point were clearly old, and very precisely cut, although detailed examination was impossible at the time. Footage was recorded and handed over for further analysis.

Soon the pointman smelt burning and footsteps were heard racing towards the detachment. A single armed Ten appeared who proved to be non-hostile and indicated that there was another Ten further down and several Ones. Leaving her to make her exit the detachment continued on until a large chamber was reached. Five Ones were beating a Ten at the far end, with a sixth on guard with a rifle. The Ones were quickly neutralised and the Ten rescued and brought back to the fleet. It is the hope of the detachment that she will be able to provide insight into what else was found in that chamber.

The walls were lined with bookshelves and display type cases, all of which seemed full of scrolls and other papers, and all of which had been set alight. Chemical accelerants had also been used, and despite the best efforts of the troops involved, nothing could be saved before heat and fumes forced a retreat. Once back on the surface it became apparent that some hostile heavy raiders were jumping away, but no information could be gathered on who or what was on board.

Several Tens will have downloaded into the ressurrection facility in orbit, and unless they had a private facility somewhere, then so will a dozen or so Ones. Accessing the download information for them may be of significant tactical advantage, as would a thorough debrief of the Tens.




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