AWD #405: Libran Revelations Pt 2
Libran Revelations Pt 2
Summary: Marines make a desperate escape from Libran and take down a Raider with rifles. Note: Clara is with them.
Date: 31/07/2016
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Run like hell. The two Resistance shooters were gone before Randy and Kapali could even make the treeline. They hadn't been seen or heard from again after making that shot that probably saved Kapali's life. Grabbing gear, they had to move fast. It wa only a matter of time before someone found the Five's body or the model downloaded and alerted everyone. Getting off a decently steep mountain in the middle of the night isn't exactly easy, either. It's difficult during the day. Night? No fun. The only way to ensure safety and the ability to stay highly mobile was to haul ass down the dirt road. The alternative was the backside of the mountain with unknowns at the bottom and the high likelihood that someone would break an ankle or leg on the way down. It was a alculated risk but one worth taking. There were two Heavy Raiders landing at the mine within 90 minutes. It was enough time to get off the mountain and down to the river. The Raiders landed then took off an began sweeping the backside and front of the mountain but never wandered much closer to the town.

The next morning the whole camp must have emptied out because every single pickup truck came speeding off the mountain with the skinjobs in the cabs and bed of the trucks all armed and wearing bodyarmor. Someone must have spotted the Marines at some point because they ended up moving into an area the Marines had stopped to rest only an hour before. It's getting close as hell. The pick-up from Knox is supposed to be in one hour and the skinjobs have spread out, running through the woods in all directions, looking for the Marine recon element haunting their planet.

Currently they are working their way back to where they were originally dropped off. It's going to be real close. The terrain is familiar but the going is slow at times because they hve to stop to watch for ambushes and detour around small breaks in the trees. The forest, otherwise, keeps them hidden from above and the sounds of Heavy Raiders looking for them.

If there's one thing that Kapali likes less than hauling her gear up the side of the mountain it's trying to run down that same mountain, wearing the same gear, but being chased like a fox in front of a bunch of mechanical hounds. The pace that is set is as ground devouring as possible, and if any marine ever complains - in her hearing - about cross country exercises in enemy terrain situations, she might be up on charges of assault for boxing said complainer in the face.

With Mallas on point the rest of the marines are moving quickly behind him, talk is light given the circumstances, and rest has happened in small bursts rather than a full eight hours. Tired, sore, and abotu ready for a steak and a beer Amos isn't even looking at the scenery any more, just focusing on making sure his troops get to their extraction point without any lose or injury. "ETA Sergeant?" he asks of Dreyer as they pause for water for two minutes in one particularly dense patch of trees, "can we make it while it's still dark?"

It's back to the map and compass in one hand and rifle balanced on its sling in the other. Dreyer hasn't been too happy about this turn of events… But then, who is happy when they know they may be facing some rather difficult odds? He grunts, initially, in answer to Amos as he downs some water. "Since the comm is a relay, sir, all I can do is send the message. So we're relying on Fleet checking it often enough and being able to deploy fast enough. Unfortunately-" he gestures sort of skywards. "They know we're here. They probably know there's gonna be a pick-up. Egress might be dicey as frak. So all we can do is get to the extract point and hope they make it in."

With Mallas on point the rest of the marines are moving quickly behind him, talk is light given the circumstances, and rest has happened in small bursts rather than a full eight hours. Tired, sore, and abotu ready for a steak and a beer Amos isn't even looking at the scenery any more, just focusing on making sure his troops get to their extraction point without any lose or injury. "ETA Sergeant?" he asks of Dreyer as they pause for water for two minutes in one particularly dense patch of trees, "can we make it while it's still dark?"

It's been a relatively quiet trek from Randy. She's managed to keep up well enough. She's in the rear, peeking back over their shoulders…/because/ her life depends on it. She's good enough on the terrain, for being so tired that is. She reaches up to swipe at the sweat running down her brow. "Should have brought my headband…" she mumbles aloud absently. Of all the things that are relevant right now, that's what pops out.

<FS3> Amos rolls Body+body: Success.
<FS3> Dreyer rolls Body+Body: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Body+Body: Failure.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Body+body: Good Success.

Amos nods his understanding to Dreyer and gets the squad moving off again. "What's that you say Sergeant, hot extraction from a hostile environment, must be why they gave the job to us." He gives the man a cheery smile, shifts his rifle into the crook of his shoulder again, and heads off in the direction of the landing zone. "And to think, I gave up a high paying, prestigious career to do this, but then, if I hadn't, I might be one of those jacks, or brainwashed returnees by now. Assuming I wasn't dead. I reckon I can take a blister or two and a night with no sleep for that."

As much as Randy doesn't like to pretend she doesn't have the limitations of other Marines, her stature catches up with her at times. She's starting to fall further behind as long-term fatigue starts to set in for the gods-know-how-manyth time and her gait gets heavier. "Kapali," she growls and grits somewhere behind the other woman. "Frak. Carrying too much shite." She starts to maneuver her kit down from its makeshift sling and unclips it.

Keeping pace with Randy and, as the bulk of the team begins to slightly outpace them, Kapali casts a sidelong glance at the sergeant then does her best blank-cop-face before making a fuss with her own gear. "I'm carrying to much crap as well, over packed," saying this in a low voice. "Remember having to figure out how to cram everything you wanted to take on vacation into just one suitcase and have it be under the weight limit to avoid having to pay extra?" she chuckles and wipes the canteen clean of her fingerprints, like that matters, before concealing it under a pile of dirt and leaves. She then helps herself to the engineering kit from the gear that Randy has and secures it with her stuff before shouldering her gear again. "We can do this," she adds in a quiet voice and shoulder slugs, LIGHTLY, the Sarge, "marine up, woman," in a slightly winded voice, moving out again as soon as Randy does.

"Face it, sir. You'd have been bored." There's a grin in answer and Dreyer checks the map before pointing Mallas in the appropriate direction to lead them on. It might be a bit slow going since he's avoiding open areas and trying to keep them to trees and below ridge lines. "I'd say keep an eye out for our ride, but one Heavy Raider looks like any other."

"Bored, but rich," Amos replies with a smile, "shame we don't have time to stop in and introduce you all to my family, we could have had cake, and sherry." Assuming they're alive of course, but then he's not going to be thinking otherwise unless told specifically that's the case. "Mind, my sister would have had a shit fit if we got any mud on the carpet, so perhaps some other time eh?"

It doesn't get any easier, unfortunately. Coming down to the wire on time, they're forced to bypass some of the detours and crossing a small river means they don't have time to look for the bridge - they hust have to wade through it and keep on running in the cold night air. This is assuming that the Raider is even there. Or that Knox will wait. …He'd wait. Right? In the distance they can hear a Raider circle the LZ and land. Spotlights turn on and point into the sky as if unafraid of anyone seeing it. Hiding in plain sight or something, right? It's still going to take time to get there and they can hear the engines still running from this far out.
Mallas arrives from the Tinyplot Room Nexus.
Mallas has arrived.

Amos drops as he sees the raider land, waiting a few moments to see if centurians are going to disembark and start combing the area. After ten seconds or so when it seems quiet he rises to his feet again and signals everyone forward, "that's our lift home people, double time!" Becuase running even faster is exactly what everyone needs right now, right?

"You could introduce me to your sister any time, sir." Oh, that's a damn cocky grin. But banter lightens the mood enough to make the run for the LZ a bit easier to stomach. It at least takes Dreyer's mind off of what might be coming down or around the mountain after them. The Raider has landed in the right place and even if it is a trap, well… they're frakked either way. So he doesn't protest, in the least, when Amos gives the call to roll out. The map is tucked away, rifle up to shoulder, and Dreyer heads out- keeping just behind Mallas as he has.

"Nothing like a little dip to wake you up," Randy jests. Having Kapali pack-mule her kit helped a lot, but it doesn't make up for the hours of sleep they've lost and doesn't make up for her frame. She keeps hustling, 'marining-up' so to speak. But it comes in tiny renewed bursts. "That him?" She asks from the rear. She mumbles prayers to Hermes under her breath, to guide their footsteps, to confuse the cylons' path. "We aren't late are we? Gods-" she pleads from the shivering. Her questions are answered soon enough as Amos says the dreaded words. She bursts her last reserve of energy, hoping it will last after the wet and the cold and the-Randy never thought she'd be so happy to see a Raider.

Double time! At least Mallas is in condition; all that extra PT and labor detail he gets assigned unexpectedly paying off. He joins the others in a dash for what he hopes is their ride out of this place. Up front, rifle up, selector on full auto. If something other than a Six is waiting for them, one of them is going to regret it. Briefly.

Hunkering down for a moment as the raider circles to land, Kapali takes the time to uncap the canteen she's carrying, the one that still has some water left in it, and takes a drink before capping it again and returning it to her side. She is breathing as hard as everyone else is, but she tries to her feet again and moves out once more, pacing alongside Randy and trying to divide her attention between the terrain beneath her boots as much as the surrounding terrain.

They just get to the edge of the field and they can see the Heavy Raider waiting for them. The ramp is down and facing the woods. They can look right up into the interior and see that it's empty except for someone wearing a colonial flight suit sitting in the command chair. He's rapidly tapping something into a keyboard while red lights blink above a comm console. Somethign about it says 'Hurry'. But before they can move, something puts a little wrench in the works. A Raider streaks in low across the terrain and begins a slow, lazy circle towards their ride. It heads for the field but isn't firing. Maybe it was called out to investigate. It's coming in at the Heavy Raider's 2 o'clock, just crossing 300m out.

Amos is very happy to see a colonial flight suit, and very unhappy to see the second raider. "Lets make this quick," he notes quietly to the marines, "I'd like to make this a withdrawl in good order but frankly, we can't afford to leave our ride sitting on the ground. Take a breath or two, keep low, and get yourselves up that ramp before our guest has a chance to swing round." He glances to either side to make sure eveyrone has understood, then gives the order, "go" as he drives himself forward.

Amos is very happy to see a colonial flight suit, and very unhappy to see the second raider. "Lets make this quick," he notes quietly to the marines, "keep down. Lets see what this fighter does. We can't afford to get our lift hit or we aren't going home. Hopefully it'll just fly righton by though. So get ready to move as soon as we have clear air space. We might not have much time if it decides to swing round for another pass." That said, he readies his rifle, just incase.

The sound of a Raider on approach draws Dreyer's attention sharply upward. The man swears a bit under his breath. As Amos gives the order, he glances down, to the others, and just gives a sharp nod. He shifts a few steps back into the trees and hunkers down by one; rifle to shoulder and eyes to the sky. "If anyone's afraid of not being able to make the run, now's the time to resituate or drop gear."

"Frak," is Mallas' contribution for the Cylon Raider overhead. He turns to hear Amos' instruction, eyes the open ground, then his understanding. The Private begins a muttered prayer as he watches the red-eyed fighter craft circle. "Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer. We call upon Hermes, the traveller. Guide us past our enemies so that we can get out of this mother frakking planet…" His rifle remains trained on the Raider, for all the good it is likely to do against an armored space craft.

"So say we all," comes from behind Mallas from the smallest of the lot. Randy doesn't bother to train her rifle on the Raider. She keeps herself sideways so she can see anyone approaching from the rear. "Keeping an eye on our tail," she reports back up to Amos, "But I'm ready. Kapali, do you need me to take back the kit now?"

It would be nice if Raiders had to keep flying to remain airborne. They don't. The Raider continues the approach and only slows down. Coming up on 30m, it stops at a hover and hangs there in the air, watching the Heavy Raider. Knox, seeing it slow, had scrambled out of the pilot seat in an effort to hide his face. No telling what the capabilities are, right? He holds onto the sidearm and stalks to the rear of the craft and stops at the ramp, looking outside and side to side as if looking for the Marines. He has worry on his face. …And apparently he can't see them. It might be the lights from the ship and cockpit that have given him just a spot of night blindness. Meanwhile the Raider hovers there, slowly moving around the side as if watching. Or waiting.

Kapali drops down into the grass or scrub or what ever it is that's at the edge of the tree line, her heart racing and breath rasping in shallow puffs of breath while her attention is as much focused upward as it is on the surrounding terrain. The lights on the LZ make her squint and, immediately, she turns away from the lights to not ruin her night vision and scans the trees behind them, the ones they just ran through. The weight of the mountain looms in the darkness, making the young marine shudder briefly. She doesn't pray, she just studies the shadows, straining to hear all the sounds in the night around them. "I'll carry it, it's not slowing me down," she answers, shaking her head but not surrendering the weight of the kit.

Amos watches the progress of the raider as it starts to circle, flicking his eyes briefly to the Six and back. "If it doesn't move off soon," he mutters, "we may need to take it down. If so, it'll need to be a short and sharp attack so get ready to fire on my mark." Hopefully though, it'll fuck off, yeah, lets keep thinking like that.

Tracking the progress of the Raider, Dreyer shifts forward slightly, settling to one knee. It makes it easier to balance his rifle and reach into a pocket. A small mirror is produced. They're just going for all the non-tech options this mission, aren't they? Maps. Compasses. Hand signals. The laser comm unit in his pack would sulk if it had feelings. The man draws a slow breath and waits. Waits. There's a nod for Amos' instructions and Anton adjusts his grips to be ready to fire if need be, but also waiting for the right opening to flash the mirror in Knox's direction. The MP will wait and try to find the best moment; when the Raider is as far out of 'sight' as it may get for them and Knox may be looking their way.

"Should have brought the godsdamned El-Em-Gee," Mallas mutters to himself when he hears Amos' orders. Where the hell do you even shoot one of these things? In the eye, he guesses. Mallas takes careful aim at the sweeping red sensor on the front of the Raider, continuing to mutter something under his breath as he waits for the order to open fire.

Randy glances up at the Raider and then back to the trees. As Amos tells them to ready up, Randy breaks free from watching the back. She knows these are precision strikes. She checks her mag, a little ritual she needs to perform even if she checked it when they arrived at the treeline. No more prayers are uttered. Just calm breaths as she focuses down on possible strike, eyes tracing the Raider's movements.

Kapali readies the rifle that she's holding, though for now she continues to pan the darkness behind them instead of facing forward. Paranoia being a healthy mindset, she keeps watch on their six.

The Raider continues its slow circle and Knox peeks the corner to check the position. The sidearm is kept low. With a 5-7, he might as well be pissing on it. But a rifle might have much better luck. The flash from the weedline catches his eye, though. He doubletakes and edges back inside the Raider. Sidearm holstered. Hands cup around his mouth and he shouts as loud as he can over the engines of both craft. It sounds like he's fifty miles away but they can make it out. "Kill it! There's a dozen inbound! ETA three minutes!"

As Knox's words drift over the sound of the engines Amos needs no furter incentive. "Bring it down!" he calls as he squeezes the trigger of his rifle, "and get ready to move. We can't stick around and andmore the view any longer."

"Frak you, you frakking piece of meat in a frakking tin can," Mallas curses at the Raider as he steadies down, ready to open fire as soon as the word is given. As soon as he hears Amos' call his finger squeezes the trigger, and his rifle starts spitting armor piercing rounds at the Raider. Maybe his earlier prayer will help — they could use a like a miracle right about now.

Well, that's that. But at least their ride knows they're here! Dreyer drops the mirror rather than fuss over getting it put away. Newp. Mirror dropped, rifle up, and he's even moving towards the edge of the tree line. "Mercier, you should run first chance you get. Get to the ramp." Best to get the medic away to safety, right? And even as he's shouting, he's opening fire on the Raider.

Turning away from her study of the tree line and the darkness behind them, Kapali brings her rifle up then angles back even more, tracking the path of the Raider as she opens fire as well. Now or never is sometimes the only rule to work with. Even if their rounds miss, they could just by random hit a cylon lurking in the trees on the other side of the clearing; lets hear it for gravity!

When the order comes to bring down the Raider, Randy squeezes the trigger. He said to take it down right? She's aiming in the general 'eye' direction of the raider. "Frak you you frakking frak." What Randy mutters makes little sense, a string of expletives that are quite nasty on Aquaria don't hold the same punch as 'Frak,' but it's what comes out.

<COMBAT> Mallas fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Right Wing (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Right Wing stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Dreyer fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Dreyer attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Dreyer attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Body stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Dreyer attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Right Wing (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Dreyer attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> Dreyer attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Engine (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Dreyer attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Dreyer attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Body stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Dreyer attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Body stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Randy fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Randy attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Randy attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> Randy attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kapali fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Weapon.
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Amos fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Bandit1 - Serious wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Body stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Bandit1 with Rifle AP - Critical wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Bandit1 - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Bandit1 - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Bandit1 - Light wound to Right Foot.
<COMBAT> Bandit1 passes.

<COMBAT> Raider-0654t has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Bandit1 has been KO'd!

Knox can see the number of rifles turn as one and point skyward. "Oh shhhhh-" and he turns, bolting back to the cockpit. He jumps into the seat and begins powering up the engines a little. The skids get light just as the Marines open fire. The first few hits make it wobble in the air and slowly turn. But as the incoming fire hammers it, the rounds start penetrating and blowing holes right through it. An engine puffs out a black cloud and then the whole left wing explodes. It sends the rest of the craft into a right-hand roll and hits the ground at the treeline about 20m from them and explodes. Fuel and shrapnel go everywhere and 30mm rounds start cooking off. Knox starts maneuvering the Heavy Raider along the ground and further away from the crashsite, lest a stray 30mm kicks off in his direction.

Amos watches with a sense of grim satisfaction as the raider meets it's end, then grabs the nearest marine to him and hauls them down into the undergrowth as he realises just where it's coming down. "COVER!" he yells as his hits the dirt, waiting only for the immediate sound of impact to end before he's hauling himself up again, "MOVE OUT!"

Pride goeth before the fall, right? Or what goes up must come down? Whatever one's preferred idiom may be. Dreyer initially stares as the Raider comes down. Partially in surprise; partially in awe. How often does a marine get to say they helped bring down a Raider? Without use of SAM or similar? It's Amos' shout that stirs him and Dreyer does drop long enough to allow some of the shrapnel fly by. A few shards do get him, but not enough to stop him from getting to his feet and taking off at a run towards the ramp. He'll haul someone alongside him if need be.

Randy also yells when she notices the trajectory, "TUCK HEAD!" the word your is lost to the sound of the Raider and gunfire. She dives for cover, lifting her hands to cover her head out of reflex, even if she's wearing her helmet. "I'm hit, but-" She grunts to push herself up onto her feet, though she reaches out to a nearby marine to make it. Her arm flashes out in the confusion after the blast. It's hard to tell where the damage is in the dark, and there's not any time. She starts to run as fast as she can with the limp she's just acquired.

As soon as he registers the Raider flipping over and falling in their direction, Mallas stops shooting and flops down, trying to will his entire body up under his helmet. Stunned by the blast, it takes him a few seconds to register the fact he's still alive, and bit longer before he start struggling to his feet. This would be easier if it he wasn't on fire in a few places, having been splattered with drops of burnin fuel across his right arm and shoulder. If he's had time to notice, he doesn't care. Mallas' only thought is to get across the clearing and into the Heavy Raider before he ends up stuck on Libran.

Kapali hits the dirt like it's the best thing since .. well since hitting the dirt and praying not to take a round in the face while aiming for the ground. The hail of flaming, literally, shrapnel pelts the marine team like being on the wrong end of a skeet shoot. Her own shrapnel damage is more annoying than anything else, as usual,and she rises to her feet as soon as the captain bellows again to Move Out. Once regaining her feet, she paces herself with the rest of the team, running flat out while the part of her mind that shrieks about LOOK BEHIND YOU has hysterics in a tiny voice.

Cooper looks over his shoulder as the Marines rush aboard. He just counts them off by number as they climb on. Nobody short, nobody extra. Good! Clara is in there somewhere, to be sure. As the last boot hits the ramp, he hits the button to start to close it. He isn't waiting. "Don't bother strapping in!" He plugs more numbers into the Heavy Raider's nav consoles as the DRADIS lights up. An angry growl fills the air, the sound of a missile lock on the ship. In the distance they can ook out the front window and see four missiles coming at them, black dots with minor illumination around them from the exhaust. "Hold onto your butts." Knox stabs a red button on the dash and suddenly they jump. Never even left the ground. They're suddenly staring at space - and Picon. Little bits of grass and dirt float by the cockpit, but otherwise all suddenly seems quiet. "Crandall ATC, this is Charlie Heavy on one-two-one point eight, request clearance and vectors for slope re-entry. I pass 'Klondike', over." He finally takes a moment to breathe and he slumps back in the chair. "Godsdamn. That was closer than I was hoping…"

Amos had also been keeping count as marines boarded, ensuring he, as the officer in charge, was last aboard. That's not to say he dallied after number five mind. Nope, he was right ontheir tail. Grabbing whatever he can for the jump he doesn't really start to breathe again until he hears the radio chatter. "You and me both Sergeant," he replies briefly to Knox, then eyes the rest of his team. "Anyone take anything worse than cuts and scrapes?"

There's a couple points of smoke coming off of Dreyer's armor and fabric torn in other places. A thin cut down one cheek that could have been shrapnel or maybe a stone when he hit the dirt. Overall, however, he is uninjured in the chest and abdomen, so the guy seems to be pretty alright once aboard and just grabbing hold of a strap. The jump does make him stagger a bit and he laughs, suddenly. It's a bit humor and a lot the ebb of adrenaline. "I wonder how much of Libran we brought with us." His pack is dropped as he starts checking himself over. "Nothing a good drink and meal won't cure."

"I think my leg has shrapnel in it," Randy says, right from the place she slumped into, not having bothered to try and strap herself in anyways. "It's…" she angles her head to look at the obviously bleeding leg as it starts to saturate parts of her fatigue pants. "I don't know what else… Probably nothing major." She checks her arms and the lighter evidence of the explosion, but she's not doing a very thorough job and simply quits at some point. Some blood coming from something is starting to trickle down the side of her face. She leans back and laughs, "Or a good shower or a night's rest?…no, you're right, drink and meal."

Once he's aboard the heavy raider and his brain starts to work again, Mallas realizes he's got burning fuel on himself. "Frak!" He hurriedly slaps out the fire, whatever incidental burns he gets in the process registering little at this stage. He calms down after a few anxious seconds of checking for more, then lets out a breath he was holding. "Frak that," is the Private's contribution to what he needs to recover. "I'm ready to muster out."

Kapali tugs her helmet off after the jump is complete, having had one hand resting on the inside of the hatch during the transit and is watching the plume of dust, bits of debris, floating grass and a single leaf that is briefly plastered against the port before she eyes her helmet itself. A piece of flying and warped metal is embedded in her helmet, deep enough to have punctured the helmet but not enough to have made it into her scalp. "Yeah.. nothing I can't walk off," as she does silent inventory on the newest addition of cuts, scrapes, bruises and a melted bit of uniform stuck to her shoulder. No big.

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