libran.png Libran
Ancient Name: Libra
Population: 2.1 million (Pre)
Patron God: Athena
Capitol: N/A
Major Cities:
Supreme Hall of Justice, Themis Arena
Pyramid Teams:

Current Status

Libran was once the shining light of education, history, and law on the Colonies. But with a post-war population underneath two hundred thousand, and with the local infrastructure completely decimated and the population reduced to a semblance of medieval living, it was decided to evacuate Libran and land the population on Aerilon. However, due to the issue of the APF and the Cylons being unable to take all of them with them, the planet was decided to be used as penal colony for them. After the war, the Cylons turned over the names and Colonial Security Numbers of all APF and brainwashed individuals. Many, many of them melded back into Colonial society and the confusion after the war, but those who surrendered after the war or who have been identified are all sent to Libran with an explicitly enforced ban on space or air travel capabilities being re-developed.

Twenty-two years after the war, the APF have set up a mostly agrarian feudal state with their own Lords and Ladies. It is known that they have some guns but they are wise enough to refrain from showing them to the Colonials or allowing them to be seen at all. Mostly the APF on the planet work with blades for protection. Crossbows and compound bows are also incredibly popular. However, the planet's population is understandably hostile towards the Colonials and views them as a menace that will get them all killed. However, without a real medical field, the APF are forced to trade with the Colonials for things like medicine and sanitary gear. The running gag is that they'll shake their dirt-covered fist at you with one hand while clamoring for their cloud-soft toilet tissue with the other.

Today the military keeps the planet under very tight security. One company has the exclusive contracts to deliver and ship supplies from Libran. The military otherwise enforces a total ban on travel to and from the colonies except by deployment. CFAS Rockport was re-opened on the other side of the planet from the primary APF settlements. It is used as a forward deployment base in case something happens. Special Warfare and several squadrons use the base for training. However, the whole place is has landmines deployed in every direction surrounding it for one mile with nothing but open terrain. Anyone found outside the base and within the field is shot without warning. The only road access to and from the base is defended by pre-sighted artillery and two platoons of main battle tanks. The air wing at the base and those based in the skies above conduct regular low altitude recons of the colony, keeping a careful eye on the population. Pilots are advised, tongue in cheek, that if they must declare an emergency and eject, that they need to do it away from population centers if they want to come home.

Pre-Leap Status

Very, very little is known about the status of Libran. There is a single basestar parked over the northern pole of the planet.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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