AWD #393: Liaison Liaising
Liaison Liaising
Summary: Niamh bounces between Toby and Kapali, this time she's talking to Toby
Date: 19/07/2016
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Toby Niamh 
Library - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
AWD #393

Finding himself off duty and with no particular plans for the evening, Toby has sloped off to the library to brush up on his chemistry. To be specific, he's checking he remembers correctly how certain chemical powders react with fire, and thus which ones will work well in his new project. He's currently sat at a table with two distinct piles of books in front of him. Pile number one look to be very much academic chemistry, and are pushed further away, while pile two is manuals and more practical tomes. This second pile seems to be the one he's taking notes from, quite extensive notes it seems.

It took some doing and traversal of half the ship, or so it seems, but Niamh finally tracks down Toby, in the library of all places. She bounces into the quiet place looking quite pleased with herself, humming under her breath in that horribly off-key manner of hers. This draws an annoyed 'Ssshh' from the Crewman manning the desk, and it abruptly cuts off. With some effort, she even manages to slow her pace in order to focus on not bumping into anything as she moves down the aisle toward Toby's desk. Of course, all good things come to an end and as she sits down at the table, she whacks her knee against a table leg with a loud thunk and a soft curse.

Toby glances up at the movement nearby, wincing faintly in sympathy as the thunk. «Hey Callaghn,» he greets, leaning up to sit back in his chair, «you any good with chemicals by any chance? I'm having to cut straight to the practical applications as the theory goes straight over my head. Guess that's what the Caprican pricks would call a 'lack of formal education'.»

Niamh gives a quiet laugh and shakes her head, looking over the stacks of books. «Nope, not a thing. I know what equipment to use when. That's all.» She shifts and pulls out her notebook, then carefully checks over her pockets, to make sure they're all fastened securely. «I only scraped a high school graduation myself.» One shoulder lifts in a shrug and she flips open her notebook. «So I found someone who knows things, last night. She's a bit scary, I think she thinks I'm a bit strange, but she did have some good ideas, just needs a list of the chemicals you want to use. She talked about using chalk and um…» She glances down at her notes, «Some kind of lacquer. Like, the housing for the chemicals would help with the whole fire going out thing… if that makes sense to you?» Because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to her.

Toby pushes the books back and nods once to Niamh, «that's more than I managed, congratulations, you're now the brains of this outfit.» Folding his arms across his chest he listens to the report back from the marines and frowns faintly, «she thinking of chalk for the suppressant or the casing? I was going to go with an ABC suppressor like monoammonium phosphate for that. It's the same stuff we use in our fry powder extinguishers, so we have supplies.»

Niamh blinks at Toby and looks vaguely confused. «Uh… erm.. I don't know. I guess as part of the casing? And a suppressant?» She plays with the corner of her notebook, fanning the pages as she looks around the library, a small frown on her face. «She uh… didn't say. She sort of talked about materials that wouldn't lose shape, or go bad while in storage, hence, I guess, the lacquer and chalk.» There's a vaguely panicked look about her eyes at being considered the 'brains of the outfit' and she shakes her head quickly, «Nope. No brains here. Just the go-between.»

«Well,» Toby starts, thinking things over in his head, «we won't need it as a suppressant, but if it works as one as well then it's an added bonus. If she's talking about holding shape though then yeah, I guess she means casing. I'll knock up some numbers for ideal trigger temperature and so on, so we can see what she thinks of this lacquer idea with some hard data in her hands.»

«Mmm… okay, well uh. If you want, you could just drop that list in my locker and I'll go find her when I've got it.» Niamh shifts and then tucks her notebook away, triple checking her pockets again and glancing around the library. Her hands automatically straighten the stack of unused books, lining up the edges, shifting to stack them in order of size as she thinks. «Guess I should leave you to it then.» With a nod she pushes her chair back from the table and stands.

«Will do,» Toby replies, «I'll add any other specifications I come up with too. You know like, won't react with chemical inside' and so on, simple stuff, but best to get everythign written down so there's no assumptions.» As she stands he leans forward again and starts to reach for the manual he'd been reading when she arrived, «catch you later Callaghn.»

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