Augie One: Letter to PsyCo
Letter to PsyCo
Summary: After turning down a transfer, Augie explains his motiviations
Date: 19/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Orion's Officers Quarters
December 11, 2004

Sitting alone in his office, Augie took a long draw off of his cigar, and let the sweet smelling smoke linger in his mouth before releasing it slowly into the air. He had been sitting at the desk for over three hours, alternating between playing the guitar, playing Triad solitaire, and looking at the blank sheet of paper on the desk. Finally, he decided to take a pen to the paper and started to write.

So apparently, if you turn down a promotion and a transfer, you get a visit from PsyCo and an assignment to write down your feelings on why you don't want to leave your station to become a desk jockey at CMF Scorpia and train new firefighters. I guess saying I ain't much of a teacher dion't work. I guess most people would jump at the chance to go home. If Scorpia was my home, I'd feel the same way. But Scorpia ain't that place - I may have been born there, but it never was home. Scorpia was just that paradise of junk that helped mold me. But from the day I saw the shipyards, I wanted to get the Hades off that planet. I dreamed of sneaking on some damn ship and going to anywhere that would take me away from there. I guess in a way, Orion takes me as frakking far away as I can get.

There's another part to it. One I don't want to admit to. You know what a firefighter behind a desk is? Useless. I've seen too many good officers take that damn desk and ride it right off into obscurity. The desk means you no longer have a point or purpose. It means the fleet feels you're too old to do the shit you do best. Frak that. I'll stay down here as long as I need to. Aphrodite's tits, I never thought that I'd call a damnable ship home. Not since Examplia.

Finally, the Orion is heading someplace noone's been before. I remember reading as a kid about those colonists that went out and explored the worlds. Orion's heading to the new frontier. It's dangerous. It's free of idiots (except for the ones on board). Yeah, we may be taking on a load of greenhorns that can't tell the stick in the cockpit from the stick in their pants, but they can be molded. The folks at a station? Set in their ways. Frak that. I'd rather head off into that dark night and get as far away from this madness as possible than any type of security that a desk offers.

You can keep the desk. You can keep the promotion. You can keep my career. I'll keep my life.

He read over the letter a couple of times, considered it, and then crumpled it up and threw it in the trashcan.

"I don't need to explain myself," Augie decided. "If they can't figure it out, then maybe I should be the shrink."

He laughed at that, and took another long draw off of his cigar, and leaned back, blowing a few smoke rings into the air.

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