AWD #186: Let Me Look Into This
Let Me Look Into This
Summary: Toby takes the issues regarding the incomplete recons to he JAG's office.
Date: 11/Jul/2013
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Rhonwen Toby 
Let Me Look Into This
Except when the gun batteries are firing, the offices aboard the Orion tend to be a quiet area where clerks can get their work done as needed. However, there are several closed-door offices, with small windows, lining the walls in addition to unclaimed cubicles that run down the center of the long room. However, this is not just a place for clerks. Anyone who has paperwork that they need to do and would prefer to do it someplace quiet can come here at all hours of the day or night to accomplish what they require space and peace to complete.
AWD #186

This part of the office is quiet and the hum of the recycled air can be heard. Rhonwen is seated at her desk her silver head is bowed and she working on paper work. She yawns a little and she looks like she has not slept in a while as there are dark circles underneath her eyes.

Dressed in his greens, Toby has seemingly managed to navigate successfully to through the unfamiliar territory of Deck 1. Glancing up at the office name tags as he passes he eventually finds the right one and after pausing for a moment outside, raises his black gloved hands and knocks a couple of times. Waiting for a response before entering.

"Enter!" Rhonwen calls as she turns to look to see who is at the door. Her silver hair has been bound up and she is dressed in Duty Blues. In one hand she holds a PDA. A smile graces her tired lips.

Toby might know Rhonwen reasonably well socially, but this is the first time he's actually sought her out professionally and as such he's faintly wary as he enters, giving her a brief nod after he closes the door behind himself. "Captain," he starts, to indicate this is business rather than pleasure, "do you have a few minutes?"

"My door is always open, please come on in." Rhonwen says to him as she smiles. She motions for him to take a seat if he chooses. "What can I do for you?" She asks him.

Toby is actually genuinely unsure for a moment as to if he should sit or not and he ends up dithering for a moment before figuring that if she's sitting then he can do. Crossing to the seat indicated he takes a moment to settle before leaning forward a little. "I was just wanting to talking something through with you, see what can be done in line with regs."

"All right, let us start from the beginning and then we will go from there." Rhonwen says to him. "Would this happen to pertain to Cylons or other regulations?" She asks him in a patient manner. She then looking at him and waiting for his response.

"Doesn't everything pertain to Cylons these days?" Toby replies, raising an eyebrow ever so slightly before shaking his head once, "No though, this isn't about the skinjobs. It's about some of the Minos, and those ships around Zeus, and maybe other places we haven't found yet." Still not entirely certain if he wants to be leaning forward or sitting back in his seat he shifts once more then adds, "I know that the former CAG, Shepard, is said to be the one who failed to ensure correct recons and as such, but he's gone AWOL and I guess I want to make sure that he gets nailed for what he did. That, and that anyone one else who was negligent, who left those people to die, doesn't just blame him because he's not around to defend himself."

"Explain everything from the beginning. I only know bits and pieces about what happen. I also will need to pull files and talk to a few people. But, for now let's start there." Rhonwen studies him as she says this and from her demeanour she is all business.

Toby takes a deep breath and nods slowly. "As I understand it, Colonel Shepherd was in charge of overseeing the recon of the colonies and other bodies. There was some initial runs done, then instead of following up on them he turned them into voluntary missions for the Air Wing." His expression shows exactly what he thinks of that but moving on. "After he went AWOL, the new DCAG ordered the recons restarted. Turns out there was a convoy of ships near Zeus that could have been saved but are now cold as space, and all the survivors on Minos have since perished." Noting he's starting to get riled even just thinking about that he takes a moment to calm himself once more before explaining the latter a bit. "Minos was nuked, but not heavily, there were thousands of people there, alive, after War Day. Now it's dead and lifeless because no one came to help them."

"I will look into the files for this, but there may be other options. To start let us start with what you saw and what you learned?" Rhonwen pauses. "How much did you learn and how that drew you to this conclusion?"

Toby considers her questions carefully, then starts "and the current state of the convoy and Minos were obtained on a recent run of which there is footage. I don't know where it's kept but I'm sure Major Franklin and Major Holtz would know, that and provide their own first hand accounts as they flew the mission." What was and wasn't reconed previously is presumably recorded in the same place, but he figures that likely doesn't need saying. "The exact wording of the order Shepard gave to the Air Wing I'm not sure of, nor the exact orders he was given from on high,hence what I said about wanting to make sure that no one gets away with their part in this by dumping everything solely on him."

"Let me look into this, also are you certain they died because of a lack of action on our part and not something else?" Rhonwen asks him after having been silent for a long time. Her fingers brush against the keys on her PDA. "What can you tell me of the footage and who else was it shown to?" She asks him.

Toby nods solemnly at that, taking a moment to rephrase the first answer that came into his head into one that's more suited to talking to an officer and a lawyer. "We might not have been able to save all on Minos, there were thousands, but we could have saved some but we left them. I.. I haven't heard the part of the recording in question, but there's talk of a distress message asking for aid from anyone, human or cylon. That says how desperate they were." He actually clenches his fist at that, then once again pauses briefly to get things under control before continuing. "The convoy we didn't find at all until it was too late, although if a proper recon had been done they could have been brought here months ago." As for the footage he can only shrug, "it's just in-flight footage from the Majors' Vipers. I know some of it got shown to the Air Wing, and I guess Intel has been pouring all over it. Beyond that?" another shrug, "I don't know."

"Do any of your superior officers know that you have come here to see me today?" Rhonwen asks him her tone is gentle. She makes more notes on her PDA.

Toby seems vaguely surprised by that question, but answers readily enough, "Chief Petty Officer Rutlii. Maybe not today exactly, but she knew I was planning to talk to you about this. She," he pauses there, looking across to Rhonwen directly, as if trying to decide if he wants to finish that sentence or not before taking a deep breath and going for it anyway. "She reckoned I should, but isn't convinced anything will come of it. With Shepard AWOL he's not only at fault but also a perfect scapegoat for any one trying to hide any failings of their own."

"Let us do this, let me look into this and see what I can find. It may take me a week perhaps two." Rhonwen voice remains gentle but there is steel in those light green eyes of hers. "I will get back to you, is there anything more you wish to share with me?" She asks him.

"Take as much time as is needed to make sure it's thorough," Toby assures with a brief nod or two. "I brought this to you because it can never happen again, and the only way we can make sure of that is to ensure we know exactly what did happen in the first place." He can't think of anything else immediately, so shakes his head, although he does offer, "but if I think of, or come across anything then you'll be the first to know." Sensing that things are drawing to an end he starts to push himself to his feet again. "Nail them for it," he starts as he's part way up, "not for me, but for those countless thousands. They deserve their rest."

"I will see what I can do, but even I may be blocked." Rhonwen tells him. "But if I do not do something now, and if I survive this push we are going to do, I will nail them later." She tells him in that same soft manner. There is a thoughtful look on her face but her words hold nothing but promise in them.

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