leonis.png Leonis
Ancient Name: Leo
Population: 2.6 billion (Pre)
Patron God: Artemis
Capitol: Luminere
Major Cities:
Luminere, Hedon
Royal Palace of Leonis, Hedon Grand Casino
Pyramid Teams:
Leonis Wildcats, Hedon Suns

Current Status

Much of the population was either killed outright during the massive invasion or disappeared during the war. However, tens of thousands of them returned as APF and are still rooted around the planet. After the war ended, they quietly went about inserting themselves into leadership positions. Today, most of two (of of seven) entire provinces are considered to be APF territory by Colonial Intelligence Services. The problem is not finding out who within those areas are APF, but who is not. The provincial borders have become militarized, but very subtly. The locals know not to approach due to sniper fire and the occasional landmine. The Marines have made sport of sending teams in there for targeted abductions and actions, usually very low impact but sometimes quite violent. At 3.2 million square miles, there's a lot of places for the APF to hide — as well as for the Marines conducting recon and actions.

The rest of the colony is fairly quiet. The cities have been largely left abandoned and the prison walls erected around them are still standing. Very few people attempt to head inside those walls. The largest population of mammals within the walls are packs of feral dogs that have no problem stalking and killing people. Most of the planet's human population has moved away from the borders with the provincial problem-children and have largely attempted to return their pre-war way of life. There is a lot of fine foods, wines, and wares coming off the planet and Leonis is once again establishing the reputation of being a source of quality items.

There is, perhaps understandably, a large military presence on the planet but its kept low-key. There are several Marine bases on Leonis with support from three Colonial Fleet Air Bases that have been kept open: Spangdahlem, Buchel, and Volkel. All are considered major strike bases where heavy training is done. Spangdahlem, in particular, is home for what the Raptors have established as their own version of 'Top Gun' where they go to learn advanced combat tactics and compete for class ranking upon graduation. Everything from bombing to door gunnery to CASEVAC. The Vipers have their own school at Buchel, 400 miles away, and their pilots hone their skills fighting not just against 'aggressor' Lines flying Heavy Raiders, but also against Arpay Hirroicanes — of which a full squadron is permanently shifted there for just this task. Having orders cut to go to Leonis for training and especially reassignment, for anyone, is a huge deal in the military.

Pre-Leap Status

Leonis was mainly targeted with air-burst neutron bombs, leaving most of the cities intact but killing large numbers of the population, likely. However, some of the cities were not touched. The current status of enemy activity on the ground is unknown. It is unknown how many people actually are alive on the planet, but there are definitely survivors. There are two basestars in attendance. Resistance commander is Captain Anthony Wells, CMC Logistics.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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