Petty Officer Third Class Ian Leightner
Leightface.jpg Leightner,Ian
PO3 Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Corpsman
Age Sex
24 M
Hair Eyes
brown green


Leightner is a new face on the Ship. Navy Medical Corpsman. A front line warrior, who responds to the first name of "MEDIC!" Known for a heavy Virgonese accent that can be identified as Northern Virgonese, specificly. Has noticibly quick hands.

  • You live for the fight when that's all that you got -Bon Jovi

Recent Events

  • AWD: #270 Present at Crandall Infiltration Incident
  • AWD: #273: Took part in the Anadyr Island Assault.
  • AWD: #286 Took part in 'Hold the Line' Defensive action on Picon. Wounded.
  • AWD: 300-309 Took part in operation to Minos, rescuing large population of Tauran civilians, providing Medical service to the populace.

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