ALT #314: Legend of the Corner Rapist
The Legend of the Corner Rapist
Summary: Kapali, the new Marine Engineer, gets settled in
Date: Wed Nov 16 17:29:28 2005 (Sat Nov 16 17:29:28 2013)
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Marine Enlisted Berthings
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
AWD: #314

"Aye," Kapali confirms, "all paperwork. Even managed not to ditch any of it in transit," a generous measure of humor implied in her tone of voice as she follows the corpsman through the ship. "Official paperwork is good for a handful of things; kindling, paper airplanes or intel relaying. THEN kindling and paper airplane's go back to being options."

Leightner leads into the Berthings, looking at Kapalis paperwork, "Alright, ye can pick any empty one." He hands her her papers back, moving down the rows, "Ye can see tha claimed ones." He sits in 6B, himself. "Whotscher story corporal Kapali? Everone has one." New blood!

Sitting on the edge of his bunk, Fischer seems to just be relaxing for the moment. Pausing a bit as he sees the dup entering, studying them a bit quietly for the moment. No words offered so far, it would seem.

Pausing just inside but to the side of the door, Kapali sweeps another long look around the room, the space looking, sounding, and smelling like every marine barracks she's ever been in. Home sweet home. She takes the paperwork back once the corpsman is done looking over it. She ambles along the bunks before spotting one near the back rows and tosses her backpack up on the top bunk of 12 before replying: "Caprican. Construction background. Did two years at university before deciding to enlist. Nothing special, nothing fancy. Long walks on the beach," eye roll inserted, humor on display again.

Leightner nods, "Engineer, eh? Explosives an demolition so a construction background." He smiles, "Aye, I can see it. Be good workin witcha, Kapali." He is unlacing the paracord on his boots.

Watching her move to claim a bunk, and letting out a brief breath, Fischer listens to what's being said at now. "Don't get yourself blown up," he offers a bit darkly to the new arrival, with a bit of a shrug. Glancing to the bunk beneath his own for a few moments, expression a bit distant.

"Comes in handy from time to time," Kapali acknowledges as she shrugs out of the heavier jacket that she was wearing and instead of climbing up simply sits on the edge of the unclaimed bunk below and goes through the multitude of small pockets in her jacket to extracts bits and pieces of useful odds and ends. Small spool of wire, a coin sized packet of putty, ultra miniature tool kit (tiny screw drivers), multi-tool, etc. She rolls up the cuffs of her under shirt, tucking the sleeves up toward her elbows and, in the process, revealing the mottled shiny scars that run up her right arm. "I'll try to avoid that," she remarks with a look and a nod aimed at … she angles a look to the side and notes rank . . the corporal seated on his own bunk.

Leightner bends around, pulling a boot off and nods, "Alri Fish." He says in greeting as he is pulling off his boots, and nodding slightly as he looks into them, pulling out the inserts before getting into his pack, pulling out new inserts as he starts trimming them down. The thrilling life of the Enlisted Marine Berthings! Looking over to where Kapali managed to claim he nods, "Ye gonna be goin through tha paperwork an all, but ye got 24 fer physical in Sickbay. Recommend ye go after 1400, Nurse Icehands is off then." He nods.

Fischer nods a little as he hears that, with a brief shrug, looking out into the distance for now. "That's good…" Another brief pause, before he adds, "Welcome aboard, then?"

The odds and ends extracted from her jacket are tucked into the pockets that her khaki's are festooned with before she opens the locker that matches the bunk she claimed and tucks the jacket inside before snagging her backpack and starting to square away what she'd carried with. Remarkably . . not a lot. Spare uniform, check. Spare boots, check. A single photo that she tacks up on the door, check. Deck of cards, a handful of rocks (yes, that's right, rocks) arranged on the inside edge of the locker along the wall to keep em safe, and that's the lot. "Don't I look healthy enough to you, Corpsman?" is asked while she's squaring away her gear. "You can't just stamp the paperwork and consider it good?" one of those half grins aimed at the corpsman as she speaks, knowing full well that no one has ever snuck past a transfer check in. "Thanks," she aims at Fischer.

Leightner chuckles, "Nooo, I cannot. Regs require a level one physical upon transfer an thas whot needs ta happen. Point is they make a regular nurse do yer physical an I won't be on duty fer a bit. Got some downtime comin." He rubs his face, "But welcome aboard."

Kapali laughs as well before remarking: "I swear, on my honor, that I am healthy and not currently trying to die of any exotic diseases. I only drink to excess when the situation calls for it. I never mix explosives and booze and I take my vitamins like everyone else. I prefer the gummy kind," she's wearing a grin now as she speaks. "Think that'll squeak me through without fuss?"

"If they can't just do that for me…" Fischer begins. Looking over, spotting the rocks. "Why would you put rocks in there?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Leightner grins, "Well, mebbe, ye'll haveta ask tha nurse yerself." And once you're in Sickbay, you NEVER LEAAAAAVE. But he looks at Fish then back, "Caprica?" He asks, about the rocks.

"Souvenirs," Kapali explains with a shrug, "some people collect post cards, I like rocks. Pick 'em up from where ever I'm stationed or deployed." At Leightner's question she simply nods, "From before," brought a piece of Home with her.

Fischer frowns at the mention of Caprica, before he simply shrugs a little bit now. "I guess it just proves the old saying that people are strange…" A brief nod now, before he adds, "I don't think we'll hold it against you."

Leightner nods, then again, nodding, "Good." He says to her ascertaion that at least one of the rocks is from Caprica, "Wish I thought o tha." But then, his Virgonese accent fills in the blanks. He looks at Fish, and grins, "Absolutely." He looks back "Welcome ta Dog platoon."

Kapali aims another of those half grins at Fischer, "What ever your deal is, I won't hold it against you either," as she works the muscles of her right arm for a moment, hand flexing as she wonders: "Any missions on the board, or more training exercises? And thanks. Anything I ought to know about the platoon before I run smack into it, full tilt?"

"That's so kind of you," Fischer replies, with a bit of a shrug, before he glances between the others again now. "Especially since you don't know what it is, I mean…"

Leightner smirks at Kapali and Fish, then to Kapali, "Just missed a MOUT, pisses me off I missed it too. but rumor is thars a mission in tha pipe. gonna drop inta a brief later sometime. no details. Not yet at least." He shrugs, "Waitin fer now." He fits the new inserts into his boots, making sure they're snug. not commenting on other peoples quirks.

"You're a marine," obvious statement to Fischer, "a volunteer just like the rest of us. What ever you deal is, as long it doesn't affect my job and doesn't get me killed, then enjoy," she shrugs and looks back at Leightner. "The kill house training run with the technicians? That was actually a good run, and we could've used you on it or any friends you have with similar skills. There's a Sergeant, ynyr I believe, who had the joy of being carried out, another Lance Corporal and someone else, I didn't get enough names to faces to identify all of 'em."

Fischer shrugs again, just shaking his head a little bit as he looks around again. Frowning a little at the mention of the training thing, but doesn't say anything more at the moment.

Leightner nods, "Frak, I missed all tha good stuff. Been workin with tha refugees, lookin forward ta gettin back inta it. Been off in a mine lately." He shrugs, putting the boots back on and standing taking a few steps here and there.

"A mine?" Kapali returns the statement but with a question mark at the end. "Well, as long as you were whistling while you worked," she suggests before doing another scan of the room and back to Leightner and Fischer. "Remind me to avoid missions that end up getting stuck in a mine. Unless there's precious metals or gems it's really not my idea of fun."

"Too big rocks?" Seems Fischer couldn't hold back a comment there, before he shrugs at Leightner. "The good stuff?"

Leightner grins, "Rarer resource. People, survivors." He spreads his hands "Worth it in tha long run. Jus a lotta work goin on gettin em settled." He looks to Fischer, "Playmates fer yer wee miss." He offers tot he man and smiles, "Aye, MOUTs can be a hoot, jus gotta remember check the corners." He grows serious, "Always check the corners fer corner rapists." He nods, seriously.

"I like rocks," Kapali reminds Fischer, taking his remark in stride, "most pulverize down to a fine sand, as well. It's all about pressure, isn't it. With the right kind of charges I can blow a hole through any kind of rock," brief baring of her teeth in a grin before she aims a nod at Leightner. "That's where the application of elbow to nose, another to the throat and sharp pointy objects, chiefly knives, are useful in discouraging unwanted attention."

Fischer just shrugs a little as he listens. "I'm sure she'll enjoy the company," he replies to Leightner, the hint of a smile there for a few moments now. It's gone almost as soon as it arrives, though.

Leightner shakes his head, "Nah a corner rapist is a dirty bastard who's placed in tha corner o a Killhouse, hidin, an he has an SMG, an if ye don't gettim, he'll wait till yer whole squad is in tha room an let loose with a full auto spray of paintballs made o rape. Can end an entire mission right thar, an end up wit tha chewin o a lifetime. Nono." He shakes his head, "Always check yer corners fer a corner rapist, an when ye find one, ye shoot im. An ye shoot im a lot cause he's a dirty frakkin smug little corner rapist!" He was traumatized by a corner rapist as a Specialist, during his Marine boot. Back in the day. Dirty corner rapist. He clears his throat, "Trus me. It's worth it." He looks at Fish and smiles, nodding. IT was a long time ago.

"Not sweeping the corners of every room and clearing as you go kind of gives you what you deserve though," Kapali remarks in return, hooking her hands into her front pockets as she speaks. "Clear or get killed, it's a simple scenario. Trying to rush the job leads to sloppy work, sloppy work leads to missing things - like people or canners lurking and waiting - and that leads to the getting shot or getting dead, not always in that order."

Leightner nods to Kapali, "Aye, an when I were learnin it they used tha corner rapist ta teach me." He chuckles, grinning at the memory, sitting back down at his bunk, chuckling as he pulls off his slung medikit. This is placed on the rack beside him. "Had a wee doll wit a wee VMS-7 in his hand would get put in random corners o racks, in tha Head, tha kinda thing. Close tha stall an thar he be, lookin atcha on tha loo." He shakes his head, and grins, "Never stop lookin fer tha corner rapist. Tha were tha lesson." He chuckles, scratching his head, remembering.

"The hard way is the only way we learn, when we learn, if we learn, or so the saying goes," Kapali suggests in return and takes out a single sheet map of the schematic of the ship. "Ok. Mess hall. Then sick bay. That's really the only logical way to handle it,' she decides and with a nod heads out.

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