MD #211: Laying the Groundwork
MD #211: Laying the Groundwork
Summary: Petra introduces Robin to Atticus, and the Admiral brings Miri along to keep things interesting.
Date: Sun 05/Nov/2017 (OOC Date)
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Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Each cell has had their bars specifically reinforced to prevent a Line member from being able to gain access or escape. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.
Wed 23/May/2049 (IC Date)

Today is the day. All involved parties, save for Atticus, were instructed to meet in Robin's stateroom prior where she briefed them on what was to happen, including the muscle Medical staff who are just now being read in. Ynyr will, no doubt, be reading in the affected MPs today as well in a separate briefing. It was a little cramped in the CO's quarters, but coffee, eggs, and toast were served with optional substandard jam. Petra's been the victim of Robin-trying-to-get-rid-of-that-jam-politely-for-months now. Robin got a few unsuspecting victims to help her in her jam-vanishing quest.
When they enter the security hub, they are escorted by MPs to the appropriate interview room. The observers are taken into an adjacent room that is entered from an opposite corridor that Atticus was brought in from his cell. The observation area provides a one way glass into the interview room. Medical staff have brought along a stretcher with heavy duty restraints and park it out in the hall before standing by. Extra MPs are also standing by in case something go wrong.
Robin turns, in her blues for this occasion, and nods to Miri and some others. "Alright Commander. You ready to introduce me?" she asks before opening the door for Petra. She's always had an odd sense of propriety, even if she is the senior officer.

Petra murmurs softly under his breath, "Well, this is going to be interesting, I suspect." A smirk touches his face for just a moment, checking with the other faces and the MPs, making sure there isn't someone not quite ready to get a move-on, but when he sees no hesitation, uses his shoulder to force the hatch open and ducks his head enough to step in ahead of the Admiral and everyone else. He lingers there for a moment, waiting until at least Robin steps through after him, before turning to face Atticus, "Hello again. Sorry for the sudden moving around here, but after our last talk, we rearranged some demands for time here and…Sir Atticus, this is Admiral Robin Io. Admiral…the knight I've been mentioning for the last few days." Important to note is that Petra DOESNT sit down, instead gesturing for Robin to at least come up as far as he is, to address the man.

Miri loves jam. She ate a breakfast of toast, loaded with jam. When questioned about it, she narrowed her oversized, unnaturally green eyes and began speaking at length about free radicals and antioxidants until the questioner regretted their decision. She then enjoyed her jam in piece. Oh. Right. Sir Atticus. She sits quietly in her chair, letting the brass introduce her as they see fit.

Having found out yesterday that he's been granted limited access to the ship's library, Atticus had been expecting the MPs who came to take him from his cell to be escorting him there. Ending up in an interview room leaves him feeling a touch disappointed, but mostly wary. Taking the time to glance round the room and take it in he makes no moves other than those instructed by the MPs, but he's clearly more on edge than usual. As the hatch goes he flicks his head round to see who's entering, then seems to relax when the first face he sees is Petra's. "Commander Marcus," he greets, then as introductions are given he looks to Robin. He doesn't say anything for a moment, but does flick his eyes back to Petra a couple of times as if trying to work out of he's serious. Failing to see any indication that he isn't, but still not looking like he entirely believes this isn't some elaborate ply he inclines his head slight and offers a quiet, "Admiral," before he once again looks back to Petra with a questioning expression. Half 'what’s going on?' half 'why is a woman your boss?'. Everything is clearly very strange.

Robin steps inside after Petra and the hatch is closed behind them. "Thank you Commander." Robin shifts her attention back to Atticus. "I apologize for not having come to meet you sooner." Kings have emissaries, right? Maybe this Admiral operates in the same fashion, maybe not. There's a lot that is unclear, and Robin's tendency towards even expressions doesn't exactly shed any light on…well anything. She doesn't outwardly register any acknowledgement of Atticus' confusion. Instead, she just sits down across from Atticus. "And this is one of our Medical staff. She is adept with grooming procedures. I thought maybe you might want a shave and a haircut at some point. This should have been offered earlier to you, but I believe unforeseen circumstances of battle have kept us all very occupied." Robin clears her throat a little. "I regret that there are some things which have gone by the wayside. You are in our care for the moment, and as such, you should be afforded all of the care one of our citizens would be provided. One of these is medical attention. It is customary that we provide all people with an accurate report of their medical health on this ship. I would be remiss if I were not to ask you if you would be willing to submit yourself to a passive scanning technique designed to give you that assessment, so that you may be able to make your own medical decisions. It is non-invasive and does not cause any changes in the patient. I understand if you have questions." Apparently, this was important enough to the Admiral that she discuss this in person with Atticus.

For the moment at least, Petra seems quite happy to link his hands behind his back and watch Atticus as Robin speaks to him and tells him what is supposed to be going on. He does sidestep a bit to make more room for Miri without blocking the view of anyone in the observer's area, though after Robin has finished describing, the scarred man feels the need to add on, "This is purely voluntary, and they will attempt to answer any questions you might have, as clearly as possible, since we know you are not familiar with some of the technology we have available." Yeah, that helped.

Atticus has had access to shaving gear, as required, for the last few days, but he does have to give a faint nod and the mention of a haircut, that certainly wouldn't go amiss. And, well, if Miri is adept at shaving, then he has no objections to her going over what he's managed with the electric razor, Lleu made available to him. He's still clearly wanting to default to talking to Petra, but since Robin has sat down he does make an effort to speak with her, rather than the Commander, it just feels extremely weird. "We've met before," he offers with a nod towards Miri, although his tone is conversational to fill Robin in, rather than as if it were meant as a correction. As talk turns to medical procedures he looks faintly confused as several questions spring to mind at once. "Passive scanning technique?" being the first and obvious one, he has a vague idea what the term 'scan' means, but clearly isn't following it in the context given. "I have no complaints about the treatment I've received from your medical team, were such tests not done while I was in their care? They took readings of sorts regularly, and blood."

Miri gives a wicked fade. Atticus' new look is going to be sick. She's playing a part right now, the little girl barber. There's no way that she's some sort of psychic super-weapon. She's just a freckled woman with rad facial scars and a buzz cut. Oh, frak. Maybe she doesn't look so non-intimidating. More reason to keep quiet and let the bosses explain. When he starts questioning things, she gives Robin a slight nod and starts getting her shave and haircut supplies ready.

"You are correct. They did take tests that allow them to see part of your health, but not all of it." Robin is clearly patient. She turns to one of the MPs and says, "Will you please see about bringing us some coffee please? Atticus. Is there anything you enjoy? Tea? I am not sure how much you have been able to try while here." The part of Atticus correcting the facts of the matter are glossed over politely. "A scan is something like this. You have a book. When you read it, you are scanning it. You are not changing the book. You are observing it. It helps you understand the book's contents. In this case, we would be looking to see if anyone has tried to change the book without changing it ourselves. Passive and non-intrusive simply mean we don't have to change or invade your body in any way. You will not be harmed or altered. Just a different way to say the same thing."

<FS3> Atticus rolls Mind: Success.

Petra offers with a soft clearing of his throat, "Because these scans are not absolutely necessary to keep you alive or without pain, we tend to stick to the guideline that non-critical medical procedures should be given only with consent. Even a prisoner has rights, even if they do not have complete freedom." He pauses there and adds, "I wish I could give a recommendation of how good she is with haircuts, but, well…" One hand is lifted to rub over that scarred and inked yet, and the Commander smirks again for just a moment.

Atticus seems perhaps a little surprised that Miri has her gear on her now, and that that wasn't an offer for a later time, but he apparently trusts her enough to let her get on with things, with only a quiet "thank you again for the music by the way," as she gears up. The book analogy clearly helps, he gets the drift of it, but there's something nagging in the back of his head, that doesn't come out until Petra mentions consent. That triggers memories of a conversation he had with Lleufer and his reply is cautious and slow, hoping to make his opinions clear. "If you have a machine, or such, that can do these scans of which you speak, then fine, but as I have said to Sergeant Ynyr, I do not consent to any contact with any of your Clerics. My mind is my own, and while you have shown me no ill will to date, I know that there are those amongst you who wish I was more like my father, and I will not risk being remoulded into his image." From his tone he's clearly not sure if that's what’s being discussed or not, but has recognised that it might be.

When Atticus thanks her, she makes eye contact for a moment, giving a small nod of acknowledgement. She picks up a barber's cape and places it over his clothing, adjusting it carefully around his neck. She leaves one hand on his shoulder, her forefinger casually resting on the side of his neck as she looks for something on the table. After about forty seconds, she's in, and with the delicate precision of a surgeon-artist, she coaxes neurotransmitters into receptors, causing a huge rush of serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin. Atticus will feel a sudden rush of unequalled bliss and euphoria, before passing out into a peaceful slumber. "Sorry," she whispers.

"Very well then." This doesn't require contact with Clerics, so Robin threads the needle on this one. "We'll arrange it. In the meantime, please, we'll have drinks and discuss what you want done with your hair. I am not familiar with your culture enough to know if you have special requirements for how it is cared for." They can use the viper factory to fake an MRI machine right? The thought passes Robin's mind. "You will need to be sedated for the actual procedure so that you can remain still enough for the machine to work, but I promise, no Clerics will come near you.-I'll be back. I'm going to see about our tea and coffee actually. It's taking too long." Robin rises and slips out to ready the medical personnel with the sedatives, allowing Miri to fully concentrate on her ruse.

Petra mmms softly when Atticus refuses, and really does stifle the smirk when Robin clearly dodges the issue with her comment. Instead the man purses his lips and nods. His hands go back to linking behind his back and for now, he stays quiet, watching and remaining close by Robin, which is probably a purely symbolic thing, but then, if something happens to her, its falling on him, so yeah, maybe he's staying just close enough to insert himself between her and the prisoner. Just in case.

Atticus lets Miri get on with what she needs, she may be a flesh eating elf-deamon, but he's not particularly worried about being eaten right now, not with their previous interactions, and with Petra being present. He does look unimpressed at the idea of being sedated though, and he draws back a little in his seat, expression going deadly serious. "No," he says simply, but firmly "I can hold still as required, but I do not consent to being scanned when I can't see what's going on." As Miri gains access to his surface thoughts she can clearly tell that he doesn't entirely understand the explanations given to him and as such is intent of keeping what control of the situation he can. There's no suspicion in his head regarding her or that prolonged contact though, nor intent to do anything stupid. Likely though, she can tell that the idea of having a Cleric in his head scares him deeply, to the point where he would put up whatever kind of resistance he could.

Robin stops before fully leaving the room, and before Atticus fully loses consciousness. "Very well. We will try the scan without sedation. Hopefully it will be successful. I am not a doctor though, but you have my word that you will not be sedated when we take you the MRI machine. That is-" but Atticus wouldn't hear anymore than that. Robin, realizing he's out, signals to the people behind the glass that they require the sedatives, and the medical personnel step in through the hatch. Robin nods to the MP on guard, "Thank you." One of the burly medical people, Stan, stands in the corner of the room while the other steps up to administer the shot, being as gentle as possible. Atticus might wake up with some very minor soreness at the injection site, but it should fade quickly.

With Atticus fully sedated, Miri closes her eyes and pushes farther into his mind. She tries her best to avoid specific memories and invading his privacy, looking instead for the tell-tale signs of tampering. There are some memories that pelt her like dodgeballs, unwanted and unavoidable, implanting themselves forever in her own memory.

Petra murmurs softly to Robin when she gives the signal, arching one brow and shooting a look at the Admiral, "Well, if this doesn't work, I might have to shovel a little to smooth things over, but…options are kinda threadbare at this point." He doesn't go into detail, not with Atticus in the room, even if he IS unconscious, but the look on Petra's face is not hopeful or very bright with the possibilities. He glances at Miri, perhaps to make sure the woman is fine, but doesn't seem inclined to just leave her alone in the room.

There are certainly little hints here and there in Atticus' head that suggest that his thought processes have been interfered with, but at first glance it just looks to be small nudges and suggestions here and there, rather than any major interventions. As she digs though there's a sense that something is off, something old, something that has been in place a long time, long enough for the strands of his mind to have grown around it, integrated it as natural. Normal. Without looking for specific memories it's hard to pinpoint, but with a concerted effort it can be slowly identified. It's not a single block, or a single cut, but a whole series done at the same time, and with the same purpose. The majority of his childhood memories have been hidden from him, the blanks filled by newer threads over the years. In a small number of cases it looks like the threads themselves have been twisted, turning something into something it was not, but most of his early years is simply locked away in a prison he has no way of seeing. There are other blocks and cut threats dotted around, but they're small, akin to the nudges and suggestions, and only one seems to be of any significance at all, a barrier that seems to destroy any threads that try to breach it.

"With him or? I spoke to JAG. We're within the law." Robin also doesn't go into specific details, or very much at all really, not knowing what might be absorbed passively by the prisoner. There's a reason Petra and Robin are living to be old farts, so to speak. A small dose of paranoia can be healthy when living in the end of civilization as you know it. "Now we wait. Where is that damn coffee?" Apparently, she was serious. She gives the mirrored glass a 'look'. Within a three minutes, a little service cart is stripped of everything that could be used as a weapon and hauled into the interview room to sit in the corner. Robin makes herself busy with that while she keeps an eye on Atticus and Miri.

Having seen the extent of the tampering, Miri releases her contact and takes a sharp breath. She'd forgotten to breathe. Sweat beading on her brow, she opens her unnaturally green eyes, fixing her dilated gaze on Robin. "His work is deep and will require more energy and time than I have right now. I need to prepare for this. I might even ask for Private Flynn to assist me. It's deep and delicate. His whole personality has grown around it."

Petra winces a little as he listens to Miri's assessment, and lets a slow, deep sigh go. He doesn’t offer anything more, eyeing the coffee, then finally caving in to make a cup for himself. He looks at Miri, then to Robin and purses his lips, before offering, "Thank you, Miri. We should probably review before going ahead with anything else, but its going to be the Admiral's call…this is a little higher in the rarefied air than I should be making a call on, anyway."

"You were able to get what you need to report to Doctor Paz?" Robin turns more fully as she blows on her coffee. Doctor Paz is the ship's psychiatrist of course, whom Robin had Miri consult before this scan to determine what information would be necessary to declare Atticus mentally unfit to provide consent to treatment. "Thank you," she adds to the PAC. She nods to Petra, "We need to do that bit legally first before doing more anyways, so it's just as well, but it shouldn't take long. If you need assistance, please, by all means, recruit who you need to help this man while I get things in order with the JAG and Paz. I'm sure she let you know that you will need to provide a statement. As of right now, consider yourself on standby for an order to proceed." She begins to prepare a cup of tea for Atticus, but not knowing how he takes it, she simply provides him with some minimal fixings for when he wakes up. At which point Stan informs her that, "He probably won't be waking up for awhile." Robin nods. "Let's have his tea moved to his cell. I want him to get his shave and his haircut, something similar to what he had when we picked him up. Let's wrap this up. I want to make sure someone is around when he wakes up to have some sort of explanation ready. Thank you everyone. Commander," she offers a nod before stepping out of the interview room. As Petra mentioned, this will require review, possibly scotch.

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