AWD #297: Lay it Out
Lay it Out
Summary: Lleufer asks Samtara to lay it out for him - what's it going to take for him to return to even light duties? Others show up and Lleu throws his cane at Mallas for disrespect.
Date: 30/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Marine Encampment Barracks, Piraeus
The barracks for the Marines on Piraeus are modular structures designed to be disassembled and moved when the permanent base is established south of the town. At three stories tall, they are the tallest structures in the compound barring the reactor plant that takes up most of the northern third. The main room at the entrance has a small desk for visitors and beyond it is a large rec area for the Marines to relax in. The back half of the first floor of the buildings are dedicated to officers and the second and third levels are all enlisted bunkhouses divided up by platoons. The overflow is generally housed in tents or on the ALS Jolie Point north of the town.
Ocotber 30th, 2005

Lleufer has asked Dr Nadir to speak with him, either down here on Piraeus or for him to come up to the Orion. When he hears back a time and place, Ynyr tries to be patient for her arrival. He can't help but pace, walking back and forth slowly at the bunkhouse he's been assigned for his stay down here. For the moment he does so without the cane as it's left leaning against his bunk. Lleu's left the door open, out in the hall outside of his particular pod. He's dressed as she saw him last in his greens, the cooler weather here necessitating his wearing a long sleeved shirt over his tanks even indoors. Inside on his bunk the Sergeant's electronic tablet and a few books are laid out as he had been reading. Yet more reviewing of military regs, MP proceedures, as well as AAR's of recent events.

Wearing a inclimate weather parka, complete with gloves, scarf and a cap snugged down to cover the tips of her ears, Nadir makes her way through the usual gauntlet of check points to get from the first aid/clinic tent to where Ynyr is quartered. It's only when she arrives that she gives the building in general a long look, then each step of the way she's eyeing the walls, doors, door knobs, surfaces, everything that germs are likely climbing, crawling, oozing, breeding all over. She raps the knuckles of her left hand politely on the door frame before she steps through, eyes Ynyr pacing back and forth and adjusts her mental-chart of his progress accordingly. "Sergeant, may I come in?" ever polite.

He stops the moment he hears her and turns to look. "Pl-eaze do, Cap-tain." Lleufer turns himself accordingly to give her his full attention, hooking his thumbs loosely in his belt. "There is cof-fee." He gives a nod to indicate the pot shared by the bunkhouse with single serving choices of tea or coffee with cups. Yes, they even look like clean cups. Contrary to what she might think, /most/ Marines like and require their personals to be kept tidy and in good order. Inspections, you know. "Apre-ci-ate your com-ing, Doc-tor." Yyr's still taking care with speaking but he's much clearer.

Nadir unwinds the scarf, tucks the cap into one of the pockets of her parka, gloves into another, then taps her boots off again (though she'd done that several times en route before actually getting this far) and strides inside. "Coffee would be most welcome," crossing the room now to study the choices available, selects a cup and helps herself to the coffee before curling both hands around the cup and starts the process of thawing her hands out. "Your speech sounds clearer, and you appear to have your equilibrium more intact than even a week ago. What brings us here today, Sergeant?"

Lleufer takes a seat and pats his left leg, "Leg's bet-ter. Still take time to con-di-tion it. Work out. Well a-ware I'm nnot there, yet." He watches her and waits for Samtara to get her cup and get reasonably comfortable. The coffee isn't very good. It's the synthetic instant stuff they make on board ship like most of their food but it has caffiene. Ynyr draws a slow breath to lay it out and well, see what comes of it. "I want to re-turn to du-ties, Doc. What-ev-er you'll clear me ffor. Ba-by stepz if I have to." Lleu tries not to grimace, "I … do nnot a-bide be-ing idle ffor long."

Nadir exhales a slow breath across the surface of the coffee that's contained in the mug she's holding, giving herself as much time to consider her reply as it is to help cool off the coffee. "You'll need to pass your return to duty physical but also your weapons proficiency. Are you ready to try either," she asks, putting the question quite frankly, bluntly in fact. "Once you pass both you'll need to be cleared by your CO to return to duty in stages. Not just understanding the job that you're doing, not just the regs and rules, the check lists and guidelines. You marines are the bravest men and women I've ever known. Pilots are amazingly brave too, I don't dispute that, but Marines are . . well, you're all remarkable. Are you ready?"

"I .. don't … No. Nnot yet." Ynyr admits, though he doens't like it. "But I nneed to know what will be re-quir-ed so I can work to-wardz it." No, he can't even pass the PT yet. Lleu draws a breath, arranging his thoughts, "I nneed to be clear-ed to use the ran-ge, to prac-tice. Rub-ber roundz. Will you auth-or-ize that, if my C-O a-greez? I will st-ep up my ex-er-cizes as I am fit to do so." He wants to be ready, to try to get there.

Nadir takes a cautious sip of the coffee, finds it not entirely disagreeable, it's caffeine - it's liquid, it's hot, it's caffeine - and takes her time, again, considering her response. When she speaks it's with that same measured care, that same somber tone of voice. "Yes." Assent to his request followed by: "conditionally. I need to spend more time at the range myself, and frankly - and I'd appreciate if you don't tell this to anyone - I don't like guns. Weapons of any kind. And firing one still makes my nerves a bit jagged. So it's not 'conditionally' so much as a request. Will you help me work on my own weapons proficiency so that I"m less liable to shoot myself in the foot?"

He watches her. Like a man half afraid to get back on the line, and even more afraid of being a useless, unwhole, who's not good for much anymore. A little brittleness there as Lleu waits. And when she gives her answer, Ynyr has to look away, not wanting Dr. Nadir to see his eyes water. Worry, relief? Hell if he even knows. A couple of breathes, pull himself together before he shifts his jaw and looks back to her. A firm nod, "Aye, Cap-tain. Be my plea-sure. Have … some trouble re-mem-ber-ing thingz, some-times. But most-ly re-mem-ber skillz. Thingz I've done. Un-less … it'z Ssan-tos. Lot of that I … es-capez me."

"You may not regain those memory segments, Sergeant," Nadir says gently, "you may need to accept that your body can repair a great deal of damage. However, there's only so much the body can do, even under ideal circumstances. Some of the memory issues can be addressed by beginning memory exercises. Repetition will help, creating a series of key words that help your memory cascade, as it were, to significant sequences. Whether it sounds crazy or not," she doesn't argue this specific point, "but it can help. Muscle memory will bring you part of the way, in fact it'll kick in when all other distractions are making crazy noise in the background. You know more than I how true that statement is. Please try to avoid focusing on Santos, Sergeant. It is one event in your memory, one event in your life, it's not all of your life."

He listens, watching her. Lleu gets himself up and walks over to the coffee maker to pour himself a cup, reusing a cup he'd had this morning and rinsed out. He puts a hand out to steady himself if he needs it but his leg really is coming along better. Ynyr takes it black and leans against his bunk frame instead of retaking his seat, hands wrapped around his cup as Sam's are on her own. "Yeah. Read … how me-mory im-med-i-ately be-fore trau-ma is of-ten lost." Apparently he's been studying a little more than just military regs. "I'll do what-ever you sug-gest, Doc. I want to get back, ev-ven if it'z on-ly do-ing pa-per-work. Just tell me hhow." Llue lifts his chin slightly, "Do I have per-mis-sion to come 'n go to the Or-ri-on?"

"Aye, you do," Nadir confirms with a single but firm nod. "Still no alcohol or anything else that'll affect your body chemistry," rather sternly said. "What I suggest is that you set goals that you will have to work for but that won't prove detrimental to your mental and physical health. Setting impossible goals will only hurt more than it'll help," she warns. "I wonder if your CO will allow you to begin something basic, sentry duty paired with another marine, buddy system more or less. It'll allow you to be more active but not rely upon you exclusively at any check point."

"Work to-ward my PT." That's a reasonable goal, right? Assuming he's not pushing for 7 minute miles, three at a time by next week of course. That will take time, weeks at least. Lleufer considers that, "Might." Then again, might not. He frowns, "Prob-a-bly nnot. Un-til I pass PT 'n can carr-y a sside-arm, Doc. Might let me sit desk 'n work on low le-vel pa-per-work. Re-qui-si-tions, in-ven-tory, et-cec-tra." Boring shit, but Lleufer smiles anyway because he thinks he could do that and not frak it up, probably. A small success along hte road if he can.

Lleufer adds, "Go-ing to star-t train-ing O'Con-nel to train her dog. Don't nneed to carr-y a sside-arm to do that, Doc."

"The military runs on paperwork, Sergeant, in fact, it breeds exclusively on paperwork. Without paperwork nothing moves, nothing happens in fact without paperwork. I say this knowing that I spend a portion of every bloody day doing paperwork until my eyes bleed. And I broke my blasted reading glasses on Picon, so now it's more of a bleeding headache than it was before," Nadir replies, sounding a bit grumpy about the paperwork and eye-glasses issue. She pauses, mid-grump, and narrows her eyes at Ynyr: "What dog?"

Lleufer might can help there. He half grins, "Liq-uid ad-just-able lenz-ez, Doc. Simp-le tech. Bet Cap-tain West could make you a pair. Don't ev-ven need an eye test - self ad-just as workz best for ye." Why is she narrowing her eyes at him? Ynyr cocks his head slightly, "M-P K-9. Young dog, star-t train-ing. Bas-ic com-mandz for now. Ssear-sh 'n res-cue, may-be ex-plo-sive snif-fer, la-ter."

Nadir is distracted, briefly, to say: "Liquid adjustable lenses? Hmm. I'll speak with Captain West but I'll also see about getting just a regular pair again. Requisitions are behind on a lot of things, eye wear being one of those things." Back again to the pertinent matter: "And where is this Dog going to be quartered? No, kenneled. Where, precisely?"

The Marine thinks about that, "Mar-ine berth-ings with O'Con-nell. Move crate up by her bunk. Work down here as of-ten as we can. I have or-ders we do this, Doc. Or see she doez, un-til I re-turn to du-ties. MP'z us-ual-ly have a few dogz on board but they were mov-ed down here." Lleu sips his coffee, careful as it's still hot. He raises his right brow at Samtara, uncertain why she should be concerned about this. "Take him 'round on sship pa-trols. Nnot in-to Ssick-bay."

"MMmhmmm," Nadir makes this sound, sounding a bit mollified by this data but not pleased all the same. "As long as the dog is not in my sickbay. I draw the line, Sergeant, I draw the line at wounded animals in my sickbay. There has to be a line, Sergeant," and she sounds adamant that this IS the line. "Mmmhmm," is grumbled again, fairly twitching with the notion that there will be dog fur, dog danger, dog slobber, dog smell, ticks, fleas etc that will find it's way into her sickbay. Somehow.

Mallas arrives from the Marine Encampment.

That brow is lifted again at the doctor, "He'll need blood bank-ed reg-u-larly. Mil-i-tar-y work-ing dog, mem-ber of the Corps 'n crew, Doc." Lleu smiles though with that half of his face that lets him, "We'll ssee if there is a vet a-vail-able." Ynyr drinks more of his coffee has he leans against his bunk. "You are nnot af-raid of dogz, are you, Cap-tain?"

If Nadir had hackles to raise, they'd raise. "That would be illogical. To be afraid of a dog is ridiculous," she counters immediately. "And there most certainly has to be veterinarian's that came in with some of the surviving groups of civilians we've settled here on planet. A call out to locate one will be fulfilled, statistically speaking it'd be abnormal to not have one in the crowd." She finishes the cup of coffee, drains it in fact to the dregs before eyeing Ynyr again, "I'm to keep canine blood on file, as well, along with . . " again that grumble of sound.

Brina arrives from the Marine Encampment.

Mallas enters the barracks, duffle bag hanging over one shoulder. Looks like even a Private can score some leave on Piraeus. Mallas starts to hunt around for an unclaimed bunk, then spots the Sergeant and the Doctor talking. Lleufer he knows and expects to see, but the CMO from Orion? What's she doing here. Mallas blinks and eyes the Doctor warily, then slinks aside to search for a rack.

Lleufer shakes his head, "Nnot if we can ffind a vet to do it, Doc. Pro-ba-bly set some-thing up in the labz." Ynyr shrugs, doens't know. "I'm told I owe you my life. I'm nnot a-bout to put u-pon you if I don't have to, Cap-tain." He's still got to talk carefully because the left side of his face doesn't work right, mostly slack. Lleu's healed but has a fresh scar at his right temple at his hairline where the bullet struck him in the head. He's standing leaning against his bunk frame drinking coffee and speaking low with Samtara who also has a cup. Ynyr's attention shifts to the new arrival and for several seconds there is … no recognition, trying to place the man's face. It's that … 'I know you, right?' look but unable to place his fellow Marine's name. So the Sergeant stares, trying hard to recall it.

Brina has been gone all day, spending time with the puppy who has been named Odysseus and playing with him so they could start forming a bond with each other. It is the same puppy who is with her now as she walks in, the dog played out enough to not be a hyper ball of too much energy. Eventually reaching her bunk, she gives the canine his cue to sit and then lay down which he does. "Hi, all."

Mallas eyes Sergeant Ynyr, not sure how to take that. He saw how messed up Lleufer was after Santos Ridge, but it's been a while. "You serious, Sarge? Man, I knew you were messed up, but …" He shrugs. "Yeah, you know me. Mallas. Dog One." Then he smirks at the Sergeant. "And don't tell me you forgot about the fifty cubits you owe me, either." Brina's arrival gets a quick glance from Mallas, and he's about to say something to her when he spots the dog. "Frak. Where'd you get that O'Connell?"

Lovely. So great for his self esteem to have a fellow Marine tell him to his face that he's still frak'n messed up bad. Lleu blinks uneasy, glances to Samtara and thins his mouth, then back. "Mal-las." Ynyr notes the other man's rank too, trying to re-commit these details to his memory, along with Mallas's face. Nope, not going to say anything else. Clam up, pass a look to Brina coming in and take a seat on his bunk. Put a hand out to keep from knocking his cane over.

"No more or less than I owe you, Sergeant," Nadir replies, having turned toward the coffee machine to pour a refill into the now-empty mug that she's holding. "That's why we're crew, Sergeant, we're a team. I couldn't do the work that I do without you guys keeping the rest of us safe. You couldn't do the work that you do if medical wasn't there when you have need of some patching up and good meds. It's a trade that works out over the long run," she is saying, quite reasonably, when first Mallas enters the main room and then Brina along with … "Dog," is her single worded remark as she eyes the dog, from afar, hazel eyes subtly narrowed.

Odysseus, formerly Little Zeus, is still not quite a full fledged adult but is almost fully grown. His paws are still huge, a little too big for his body as are his ears, but it's easy to tell he's going to be big once he is no longer a puppy. The dog is one of the Shepherd breeds and is mostly a tannish-brown with black to be found as a'saddle' across his back, down along the upper span of his tail, his face in the shape of a 'mask' and his ears.

Lleufer is given a smile as is Mallas but she then catches the look from the doctor and her smile fades a bit. "How are you guys," she asks lamely while Odysseus just looks around, well-behaved.

Mallas actually looks crest-fallen and sorry when he fails to get a rise out of the Sergeant, and he too goes quiet, tossing his bag down on an empty bunk and laying claim. "On mother-frakkin'-leave," Mallas answers Brina. It's a good thing. And instead of flopping down, the Private takes a knee beside his bunk and calls out to Brina's dog, his voice pitched to that very specific, high-and-friendly tone you must use when calling an animal. "Here Frakker! Come here boy!" It sounds like he's got his own name for the dog, and an assumed gender as well. Mallas adds a little whistle just to make sure.

Lleufer picks up his cane and throws it at Mallas - the thing clattering over the floor, "Don't call him that." It is said carefully but firmly, with a hard look. "O-dys-seus iz hiz name. Mar-ine M-P K-9." Yeah, somebody just touched off a Lleu hot point. Ynyr gets himself to his feet, the Sergeant's mouth set, "Nnot a pet. Work-ing mil-i-tary dog. Ours." Lleufer looks like he's ready to punch any son of a bitch in the face that doesn't respect that.

"Language," Nadir replies, speaking almost on the heels of Ynyr's remarks, frowning at Mallas. Again. "It's one thing to employ the use of inventive invective, Private Mallas, even colorful invective or obscenities when the cause justifies the usage of. But this si neither inventive NOR justifiable cause for the use of." She pauses after saying this, favoring the Private with a long look, one eyebrow arched as she waits for the Private to come around to something resembling a marine-style apology.

The dog angles its head before getting onto its feet, tail wagging at a million miles per hour. No, its proper name wasn't used but he can tell he's being addressed and looks like he just might jump over to the Private for some playtime. Brina's on top of it though and gives him the command to sit. Both pooch and Lance Corporal jump slightly at Lleufer's tone and his rising to his feet and Samtara's response as well, it getting them both to forget what it was they're supposed to be doing, meaning Odysseus winds up just standing there.

Reed arrives from the Marine Encampment.

The cane clatters into Mallas and the Private shoots 'what was that for?' look at LLeufer. But he can see the Sergeant is pissed even before he gets the explanation, and the news causes him to peer at the dog, disappointed. "No shit? Poor bastard," he says, just in time to be reprimanded by Sam. Mallas doesn't manage to look apologetic, despite the lecture from the Captain. In fact he looks a little confused about what an 'inventive invective' might be. "Uhhhh … you ordering a Marine not to cuss, sir? 'Cause they teach us that in basic."

OK, now that /is/ frak'n funny. Even Lleu can't hold a straight face for long before he glances to Dr Nadir and Brina, then starts to laugh!

Reed has just arrived planet side, carrying a few things, like his battle dress that's in a large duffle and the helmet hangs on the outside of it. Just in time, it seems to see the Sargent's cane clattering on the floor. That familiar smirk rests on him as he leans against the door jamb, satisfied it would seem to just be a witness for now. Those gathered get a once over, even the dog that is present. A stalk of grass is hanging from the corner of his mouth, a hand goes and moves it to the other side as he watches and listens.

Mallas flashes a grin at Lleufer when the Sergeant busts up, then picks up the cane and stands up, walking over to where Lleu and Samtara are standing. He offers the cane back to the Sergeant while speaking to the Doctor. "Aye, sir. Sorry, sir. Permission to be dismissed, sir?" It's all regulation, but the Private doesn't seem to be taking it very seriously.

The dog gives a bark which snaps Brina out of her head and she reaches down to pet him on the ears a moment. "Down, Odysseus." The pooch obeys and lays back down, his golden eyes held to his handler. "Good boy. Why don't you get a nap, huh?" Brina sounds suddenly tired. Or maybe worried? Whatever happened got to her and she finds herself lost, not sure just what happened.

Nadir's expression is a bit impassive as Mallas voices the apology, tracking his progress through the room before he takes his leave. THEN she turns her attention back to Leu, Brina, the newly arrived Reed and don't forget . . the Dog.

Apparently Mallas got his leave to go then. Ynyr accepted the cane back and is pleased enough, one might presume. Lleu smiles a little, "I'm go-ing to take a walk." He turns and steps over to his locker to fetch his warm coat, gloves and the like, "Then I'm com-ing back to pack my gear to re-turn to sship." He closes his locker and looks back to Brina, "Rest, O'Con-nell. We can grab some sup-per be-fore I go up." Ynyr looks then to Samtara, "Th-ank you, Doc-tor. I'll do what we dis-cuss-ed."

The dog gives a bark which snaps Brina out of her head and she reaches down to pet him on the ears a moment. "Down, Odysseus." The pooch obeys and lays back down, his golden eyes held to his handler. "Good boy. Why don't you get a nap, huh?" Brina sounds suddenly tired. Or maybe worried? Whatever happened got to her and she finds herself lost, not sure just what happened.

Cassidy is watched and given a smile while her new friend merely looks at him before he puts his muzzle on his outstretched forepaws to take a nap. "How is it going," she asks before she looks over to Sam, still a little puzzled. "What's wrong, Doc?" Pausing, then, she gives Lleufer a nod and a smile. "Sounds good Sarge. Going to be heading back up with the dog sometime tomorrow but would be nice to be able to have dinner. Let me know when, alright?" As for Mallas? He's just allowed to go about whatever it is he is going to be doing, now.

Spotted. Reed gives a wave "Hey, Brina," he says after listening for some time. Long enough to catch Samtara's educational speech. A slight roll of his eyes as he steps aside to let Lleufer to pass by "Sargent," he says in greeting as he moves on it, his gear tossed onto an unused bunk. "Sir," he says in greeting to the Doc as well.

Nadir shakes her head subtly, "Nothing's amiss, Corporal, thank you for inquiring. I simply refuse to believe that the lowest common denominator is the standard by which any marine is satisfied to be measured against," said rather quietly but with absolute belief that this is not typically the case.

Lleufer goes to the door with his cane in hand after he shrugs on his coat. He pauses to look to Reed, "Cor-por-al." And to Samtara he adds low, "Mal-las… I could nnot re-mem-ber his name to link to hiz face but I re-mem-ber him. Nev-er a shin-ing ex-am-ple of the Corps, but he'z a good en-ough sold-ier." With his gloves in hand, Lleu lets himself out to take that walk. Push further, longer, every day to build up his endurance.

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