PWD #17: Lawn Darts
Lawn Darts
Summary: Hipshot and Bumper have a one on one meeting.
Date: 19/Dec/2012 (OOC Date)
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Duke Eric 
Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
December 19, 2004 (PWD #17)

The Orion holds a pretty large Wing, which means that, Duke is going to meet with a lot of people. It definitely is a change, from being focused only on the Lucky Strikes to focus on the entire group. But, things must be done and so they shall. Right at this particular moment, the man took hold of the Ready Room and he can be found sitting in one of the chairs at the front row. As usual, he is looking at several gun camera feeds, all of them footage from the same Viper, in this case, Eric's. He already called the Captain so he is waiting for him to arrive and while he waits, he browses through a few documents in front of him, possibly Eric's sheet and data.

Eric, strange to say, cleans up nice. At least, he isn't one of those guys who _always_ looks like he just rolled out of bed fully dressed. That's just his off-duty uniform. Whatever the case might be, the Aquarian shows up fairly close to the appointed time - near enough that the assumption could probably be made he has long since familiarized himself with the idea that, when someone says the meeting is at x hour, the proper time to show up is x-10 minutes. Decked out in the dark blue duty uniform and, for the moment, cleanly shaven - though given the genetics of his homeworld that's likely to change sometime in the next hour or two - he snaps to a quick halt just within conversational range, falling into a salute and a deep-voiced "Sir.", held even as the bright blue eyes flicker over the gun-feeds. He's a passable shot, though he tends to generally ignore the instrument guidances more often than not - relying more, it might seem, on the maneuverability of his craft and an almost preternatural sort of reflex to get him into position. It works, mostly.

Duke looks up when Eric approaches and the man stands up, offering a firm salute in return "Captain Haldor" Now, he lowers his hand and adds "As you were." And he does relax a little after saying that, as if following his own words. "Please, have a seat, Captain" says Richard Duke, offering the seat next to his. He of course, takes a seat as well and lifts the control, pausing the footage that is being shown on all screens. Duke is also, showing a clean shaven look…very different from what it was a few weeks back where he was sporting a very grown beard. Overall, he looks cleaner, sharper and more alert than a few weeks back. "Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice, Captain" says Duke, offering a faint smile and a nod. "I wanted to meet up with you to see how is everything going? How are you adapting to the Orion? I know it can be a bit of a shock after the 'real' info is provided by Command" He clears his throat and then leans back against his seat, waiting for Eric's reply.

"Not a problem, sir." Dropping the salute as he strides over to the indicated seat, Eric slips into it with an easy sort of familiarity, shoulders squaring and spine shifting to more or less upright as, with a final glance to the screens, he flicks his attention back to you. "Ready for changes in the situation at the drop of a hat, right? I'm settling in - it's all been rather unfamiliarly familiar after spending the last two years on orbital patrol." Rolling his head fractionally to one side then the other with a faint crackling of vertebrae, he follows along with. "Truth be told I rather prefer it - even if they keep the thermo up too high around here." There's a hint of amusement to the rough-edged baritone there; coupled with an easy, if slight, upturn at the corner of his lips for a moment. "As far as the 'real' story - part of me is thankful; if I wanted to spend the next couple of years babysittin' research stations, I'd have stayed on Aquaria."

A faint smile draws on Duke's features, perfectly understanding what Eric is talking about. "I can relate." says Duke, nodding his head afterwards "Before joining the Orion, I spent four years at the Hermes Airbase in Picon, training future Viper Pilots…or trying to" Or breaking them in…one never knows. "But yes, our line of work demands that we are always ready for a quick change, to face whatever is thrown at us." He looks down at Eric's file again and then looks up at the gun camera "You have pretty good scores, Captain. How would you feel about putting some more hours for training?" He sets his pend on top of the folder and then shakes his head "This is actually something that the entire Wing will do. The way I see it, I need all pilots to be sharp, myself included." As for the real story? Duke nods his head once again "Admittedly, at some point I felt the need to get away from the Colonies so, this opportunity was the best available option and hey, with a higher pay, how can anyone complain right?"

"Exactly; though between you, me and the fencepost I was just as happy it got my feet off the ground too." There's another slight shift of his posture, a gradual relaxation that seems to begin at the shoulders and spread out into a quiet lean back into the chair. Not entirely a slouch, but no longer the rigid-backed posture of previous. "Training, hmn? Well, sure; I wouldn't mind giving nuggets some pointers as to how to not shoot themselves in their own tailpipes but, sir, are you sure you want a new generation of Me's running around the deck?" Oh yes, he knows what people say about him - and true to form, he seems somewhat proud of it. Go figure. "In seriousness, though; I've always been a supporter of cross-training. Y'never know what kind of hell you'll be called on to scrape up next; I was just telling a few of the groundpounders, the other day, about the time we had to go EVA back home because there was a fish stuck in the landing strut."

"I agree with the concept of cross-training and also with the idea of cross-department training" says Duke, nodding his head. He clears his throat, covering his mouth with the back of his right hand and adds "However, the training I'm considering next is for the entire Wing, just put everyone through a series of exercises that are to test how everyone is doing in their own area." Now, he nods at the monitors and says "As I mentioned before, your scores are quite high and this is of course, so I'm sure you will score just as high" He considers a few things and adds "We are going to do simulator work, some low-atmo flights, combat tactics….pretty much the entire set. I want this wing to be at the best possible shape." The man takes a deep breath, finally adding "We might even touch base with the Predators, measure each Pilot with them, see how they handle. Have you flown Predators before?"

"Not yet, no; mostly I've been involved in air superiority or interception roles. Triple-A was part of the normal training, sure; but it was largely hit and run. That said, I have looked over the stats on the things and got a glimpse of the guts of it when they had one open in the hangar the other day. Really, only one thing comes to mind." A slight roll of one shoulder follows along there - vague, almost offhanded. "Lawn Dart." He's not dismissive, of course; but the tone is most certainly less than impressed. Then again given how much he seems to rely in the touch-sensitive manoeuvrability of his craft, it's probably a simple enough leap of logic to figure out why the bomber type craft aren't his style. "Beyond that, though; yeah - I'm all for the drills, and I know well enough that I might end up being plopped into the happy seat of one of those things, so might as well get used to it right?"

Duke can't help but to throw a quick laugh, nodding his head afterwards "Lawn Dart" he seems to agree with this "Yes, that's..that's pretty accurate really." He runs his fingers over his closed eyes and then looks at the other pilot again. "Very fast, faster than Vipers but absolutely no handling whatsoever" He just shakes his head at this and adds "But, they do fit a purpose of course and we need every pilot to become familiar with them, just in case really" Which means that yes, he will probably be put in the happy seat at some point. "Good, good" says Richard Duke afterwards, pleased on how the meeting is going. "Ok, what about questions. Do you have any questions in particular you'd want to throw my way?" asks the older Pilot. The way he sees it, it's always a good thing to have an open line of communication with the entire group.

"Mn. I'd imagine the avionics goes way out of whack between them being fully loaded and after they've dropped, too. Weight and balance differentials, especially in atmo." Hey, look - he's actually got a brain in there. Go figure. "Though, I guess that's something you just have to get used to - things'll need one hell of a gyro to keep themselves from going arse over head at the first hint of windshear, though; but that's probably why they don't turn so well." Forget brain, he might well seem to have gone off on a tangent completly. "I wonder if they split the stabilization fore and aft, they might get some better control in a fly by wire sort of mechanic - releasing the tension rather than increasing to let the craft move in a controlled veer… though that might be a devil to synchronize, too. Enh." There, dismissive; he follows through with a sharp shake of his head and flick of his gaze back to you. "Sorry. Heh. But no, nothing yet; I'm still getting settled into the place, meeting up with folks and figuring out patrol wings here. I'm sure there'll be plenty once we get things moving, though."

Duke goes completely silent as he listens to what Eric is saying, and he actually remains that way until the man says the last words. He takes a deep breath and shows a faint smile "If I'm to be honest with you, I think the entire thing is a mess. It's nice that they can reach higher speeds than a Viper, specially to play with while in low-atmo. But, as you said, the bird changes considerably in handling when the load factor changes." Now, he offers a faint smile and just shakes his head "Look, no need to be sorry. I was born in a farm around a cropduster and a aerobatic aircraft, I drilled my old man for information /every, single, day/ It's a wonder he didn't ask me to stop" The smiles carries easily and adds "Very well, if you don't have questions, I'll let you go. I'm going to make the call in the next following days to start working on different drills, get some blood pumping"

"I agree. It's a concept; but I think it's too damn specialized - it's good at one thing and pretty much useless as anything else. Unless, of course, somehow all our radio connections get jammed and we need to send messages really fast from point A to point B. I think the design has some workability, but I'm waiting to see it do anything better than a Raptor with a good fighter escort can do; I mean, what do they expect - it not to have an escort? It'll certainly out run anything else it'd have to fly with, and it's no good in a furball by itself." Shaking that off a moment or two later, however, the Aquarian rolls to his heels then snaps upright again. "Sir. Sounds like a plan. I'll catch up to you on the flight deck."

"I would even dare to call it, 'infiltration aircraft', but come to think of it, I do believe that extended testing of the frame should be done. This is of course something to work with the CMC and Command, find potential bombing spots…if of course, we get green light to use live ordnance. We'll see" Now, the man stands up and offers a firm salute to Eric, nodding his head afterwards "Keep up the good work Captain, clear eyes and steady hands" A nod is offered and then he adds "We'll cause some hell, maybe give people a scare" Because wicked fast low altitude craft? WIN.

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