WD: Last Rites
Last Rites
Summary: Iphigenia gives Last Rites to Daniel Aios, Ceres accepts a commitment, and it's all too much for Cassandra.
Date: 05/01/2013
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Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
War Day

Drugged up slightly, in the recovery room, her hand in a protective bag to help with the burns, Ceres gazes upward at the ceiling listlessly, humming some wierd tune, haunting, especially with other wounded surrounding her. Its like something out of a nightmare, but then any war usually is. That's what this is, a war and her inner dialogue with herself is like hell as her dark eyes flit to the other beds in the reovery ward. The pilots shifts, sighing as she turns her head, that braid of hair wound up above her head is coming undone, making her rather discheveled.

Iphigenia has been in and out of medical as needed. Sometimes just for a few assuring words. Sometimes for prayer. Sometimes for final rites. But now, her musician's ear alerts her to the humming as she moves through the recovery room, and it draws her inevitably to, "Ceres?" Iphigenia's expression becomes sharply alert as she makes her way to the woman's bed. "You're safe." But disengaged, and Iphigenia looks around the room a moment, trying to determine why someone else isn't also present.

Augie looks like hell. He's not wounded, he's just been fighting fires at every corner today and performing SAR as needed. Making his way along the rows of wounded, he pauses as he comes up on Ceres' bed and glances to Geni. "Hey, sister." he greets quietly, and looks up at her with those blue eyes of his. "Been a hell of a day. Mind if I grab a chair?" he glances towards Ceres in concern.

Cassandra is always present in the Med Bay unless the hanger bay needs her to supervise new wounded. Right now she is busying herself around with a couple of the other wounded as Ceres comes back to the world of the living. She's also making sure that the Sick Bay is kept at a state of readiness for when the marines come back. That's the one she's expecting fun from. With pilots, they get shot, as a general rule, they're in a vacuum and don't make it back to get fixed up. So, Ceres was lucky!

Moving over to Ceres bed, the red headed Doctor checks the IVs and ensures that the things are alright. "Can you move your hand? I need you to keep trying to move your joints as much as you can. I understand if it hurts, but the more you move them the less likely it is that they'll stiffen up and the more functionality you'll have in your hand," Cassandra explains to her pilot patient while she straightens odd things around the bed. She looks up when she hears Iphigenia and Augie walk in. "She's fine," she tells the both of them. She'll let the pilot tell them anymore than that. The Doc totally has Ceres' back. Totally just a fleshwound.

Bodies. Voices. They draw her back from her thoughts which are hardly inviting at this moment. Ceres focuses first on Cassandra and watches her before her gaze drifts to the sister. A nod of her head, "Yes…unlike some." Some. A breath is drawn then as the larger frame of Augie is made out in the process of flexing her hand, lifting it to show she can move it some but with no slight amount of discomfort. "Can move it.." She says and motions them over with her good hand. "Aye, please stay. Seeing people whole is a blessing."

"Shall I let Lieutenant Aios know you're alright?" asks Iphigenia solicitously. "He's worried about you, I'm sure, and if he's out of debriefing, I can go find him."

"Aios is dead, Geni." Augie says quietly as he settles next to Ceres. He almost reaches for her hand, and instead, opens his guitar case that he had carried down. He looks down towards Ceres, and starts to play quietly. Those same chords she was humming, but now.. it has a full song.


Cassandra just stays quiet. Nothing to see here but a Doctor going about her work and making sure her patient is alright. So that Cassandra can send her back to war, so that she can get hurt again and come back. Cassandra shakes her head a little. Thinking of that little loop is a good way to get oneself depressed really fast like. Instead she tealls Ceres, "That's good, as long as you can still move it then the damage won't be too bad and you'll be right as rain with time."

If her mouth could go even more dry when Geni says what she does, it would and Ceres can not manage to speak so Augie does it for her. Dark eyes find the man, his guitar and there is a tension that rushes up through her, one that causes her brow to furrow. "He was ripped apart…" She whispers faintly, barely hearing what Cassandra has to say but nodding her head vaguely, obviously trying to focus on the instruction.

For a moment it looks like someone hit Iphigenia on the back of the head with a two by four. Or shivved her in the gut. Her fists clench, turning the knuckles white. Her skin is pale enough so the tensing of her jaw is visible under it as she fights the emotions washing over her, and in a bizarre mix of stilted restraint and deep empathy and enough emotional impact that it is clear this is not just another warrior's death to her, she says simply, "I'm sorry."

Augie finishes the song on the guitar and sets it aside. His hands reach and take Ceres' good one in his. He can't find any other way to be comforting or to ease any of the hurt or tension, so he just sits there as a silent guardian.

And that is when Cassandra gets a beep on the com and CIC informs her that there are more wounded. The Doctor replies that she is on her way, before the sick bay rushes into action once more.

Cassandra leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

The song's end is noted but Geni's expression reflects what Ceres feels and just is too numb to show at this point. "I am too.." She says. But that warmth of the DCO's hand causes her attention to draw to him and for a brief moment she meets his gaze and then swallows past the sudden pain in her throat. Her voice strains. "He…he was supposed to see his son…he was supposed to have a GOOD life."

"He was going to get a dog." says Iphigenia in a raw voice. She considers Ceres. For a wild, raw moment, she's jealous. She'll only ever have what might have been, but Ceres had so much more, and may yet have had an abundance. But the feeling dies and after a moment, she takes the bag she's been carrying around her forearm, and with solemn dignity reaches into it, pulling out a coin. It rests in her hand and she stares at it, before murmuring softly, meant for only the three of them, "Father Zeus, receive this man to the Fields of Elysium…" and thus quietly begins the Last Rites.

Augie meets Ceres' gaze, and holds onto her hand, though his fingers continues to strum on her skin. Those same damnable chords.

"A dog?" Ceres had not heard that one yet and considers the Chaplain, her lips press into a thin line as her sore hand flexes. Keep it moving said the Doctor. It also helps her forget if only for a second. "Gods….of everyone out there…it should have been me." She grits her teeth a moment, starting to push herself up, her good han flexing and tightening in Augies. The urge to get up is clear, like she might stalk back to the hangar, rearm and try to damn the things that took him. But she stops, slows when Geni pulls out that coin an dbegins to pray. The praying is what does it. Tears spring to her eyes and she says rather abruptly. "There were no Gods there today, Sir…NONE! There was no mercy for anyone…why would they listen now?!"

Iphigenia stops mid-prayer, her hand clenching the coin. "It shouldn't have been anyone." she says. "Not you, not him. And your death would not be any sort of balancing of scales. Her hand slowly unclences and she says softly, "Would you leave him without coin for the ferryman, Ceres? Please." There is an edge of pleading in the chaplain's tone.

Augie removes his hand just to pull Ceres against him, wound and all and hug her tightly to him. He remains quiet for the most part.

Augie's embrace is enough to help end her tirade in addition to Geni's imploring words. "Yes…give him is coin.." She whispers, squeezing her eyes shut. "We could nto give him anything else, so pay his fee." Fee. That man always paid a fee. She shudders and for once in her life, Redux lets loose, she breaks down and sobs. Its a heavy sound, something that catches in her throat and she tries to piece herself back together.

"Father Zeus, receive this man to the Fields of Elysium," Gen begins again, for she can let Ceres' weeping serve as her own, at least now, in front of others. Assuming she is not interrupted, she goes through the rite and ends with the final, soft, "So say we all."

Augustus holds Ceres though her cry, reaching up to brush his hand through her hair, trying to comfort her in her time of need. He looks up towards Geni as she prays, but his eyes fall back to Ceres, the concern there from the large DCO obvious. And probably something else, something that he doesn't consider easily.

She might punch something later, but now? Now she is weak, tired, injured and there is praying. She swallows heavily, leaning into Augie as she is pressed there by his arms. "So say we all…" Its a whisper, her eyes going distant as what little crying she does is through, back to a shivering numbness, a raw ache that rides along her nerves. There, something in her eyes settles, a fierce determination that will only grow with time. But she blinks, manages to look at Geni and hold her agaze.

"So say we all." Augie echoes quietly.

By the time the prayer is over, Iphigenia's expression is smoothed over, the air of calm about her restored. As Ceres makes a study of her, she too makes a study of Ceres, and then up turning her palm, she extends it, a palm out, the coin laying flat in its middle. It's not for her to give. It's for Ceres to make the choice to take.

Oh gods, that coin. As Iphigenia offers it to her, Ceres is hesitant to claim it. Wetting her lips, the pilot looks it over and then up at the Chaplain. Fingers reach out for it, taking the weight in her hand. "I…sir….I don't deserve to carry this for him." But her fingers tighten around it, feeling it wrapped up in her one good hand. She lets out a breath and unfurls her fingers again and then draws it to her. "But I will attempt to earn the right."

Madeline is just gonna lay here and recover, her chest fully bandaged up from surgery to repair her collapsed lung and stitch her up but good. The redheaded songstress seems to be almost deathly quiet, her pale skin even more so as she takes in a blood transfusion.

Bridget hovers near Madeline, concerned. She watches the room, but keeps an eye on Madeline the whole time. She gently holds the other redhead's hand.

Augie lets Ceres take that coin. He doesn't look away. He doesn't get upset. Someone has to handle the toll. And Ceres seems to have made that choice. He lets her go slowly, as she finally starts to calm down and settles back down next to the pilot.

Do you know who makes the worst patients? That'd be medical personnel. Specifically, combat trained medical personnel. "I'm fine." Andromeda growls as she's ushered into the recovery ward, her chest wound re-stitched and bandaged a little neater than she managed in the field. "There's more seriously wounded. Let them have my cot. I'll recover better with my boys and girls."

Cassandra comes in to the recovery ward looking, in a word, drained. The Lieutenant has ran herself ragged taking care of marines and pilots, and corpsman who don't know how to stay out of the line of fire. Running a hand through her hair, and hanging up her now bloodied lab coat, Cassandra pops a squat. "I am off duty. The Enlisted can hold the fort down," she says, before she moves over to one of the cabinets and rummages around before coming out with a bottle of whiskey. "And, I need a drink," she mutters before tossing back a swig of her stockpiled booze, and then offers the bottle to the non-wounded and growls at Andromeda, "You'll frakking stay where the gods damned doctor tells you to stay until the frakking doctor tells you otherwise. Sound like a plan, Petty Officer?" Yes, she's reaching the end of the rope for patients who think they know their medical care better.

Bridget looks over at Andromeda, opening her mouth to speak before looking to the booze. "Can I have a sip of that, doc?"

Iphigenia's eyes briefly drift to Augie. She gives him a small nod, and then says, "Ceres. I hope you'll regard it as my faith in you when I say that I believe you do. And that I have equal faith that one day you shall believe it to." There's a pause as others come into the recovery ward. "I think Augie has your care well in hand. I'll come back to see you tomorrow, if I can."

Andromeda takes a deep breath, prepared to bellow right back at the doctor, but an expression of intense pain flashes across the usually cast iron Corpsman's face, her eyes full of both helplessness and utter frustration. She spits out an oath in what has to be Aerilion and turns from the doctor, making her way towards a cot. For now. Hmph.

The coin is oddly heavy, heavier than she expected. "Thank you, Geni." Its the first time she's said the woman's name. Dark eyes meet the other woman's and she draws a breath, a nod of her head offered. "There will be many that need you. But know that you need people too." Its an awfully empathetic insight for the pilot - well at least one she voices. She rests back finally in her bed since the moment Augi egathered her and she only stops Iphi from leaving to add, "Visit soon..and often."

Andromeda pauses, and adds to Bridget. "No alcohol. Blood thinner. You're wounded."

Augustus gives the sister a quiet nod. He feels awkward and out of place, but all he can do is remain quiet and steadfast by Ceres as he watches the goings on.

Bridget groans, nodding at Andromeda. "I know, but…" she eyes the booze longingly. "I had to try." Then she's sitting back and cradling her lover's hand in her own, face drawn and pale.

Cassandra takes another drink of her whiskey bottle, before she passes it towards Bridget and says, "Duty first, right?" She shakes her head before she look at Andromeda, and says in a slightly gentler voice, "I understand that you don't want to be away from your squad. But you need to heal or you're just going to be a liability. We have no idea how long a lull in battle is going to be." When Andromeda speaks up, she puts the bottle back towards her and says, "Well, she has a point."

"Stow that shit." Augie finally says as he notices the Doctor with the whiskey. "We're at condition 2." he fairly snaps. "There is no frakkin' off duty. If ya don't stow it now, I will put your ass in the sling and you're only doctoring will be putting band-aids on scrapped knees. DO I make myself five by five?" The DCO fairly snaps, suddenly angry. Pehaps all of the Talkshow talk. Or Ariston giving him hell. Or his confusion with Ceres. Or maybe it's just Augie being.. Augie.

Cassandra stands up and caps the bottle, before it goes back to its little hidey hole. "Well, I'm going to go make sure folks are still doing alright from earlier in the day," the Doctor notes, before she moves along the beds.

Cassandra stands up and caps the bottle, before it goes back to its little hidey hole. "I'm putting it away. Been a long day and I needed a bit of a pick me up," she tells the other Lieutenant, before she checks a couple charts and how a few patients are doing.

"Wanna pick me up?" Now Augie is angry, and he even starts to rise from his seat. "Look the frak around you, you dumb bitch! Pick anyone in here. They need more of a pick me up than you do!" his anger just continues to rise at the doctor, fists forming quickly. "Go tell that gal over there in the bed that you need a pick me up!" he points to Madeline. "Tell Ceres that you need a pick me up. Tell Talkshow you need a frakking pick me up! You want a pick me up, pull your frakking head out of your ass, THAT WILL BE A GREAT PICK ME UP."

"I will be reporting it to the CMO." Andromeda says quietly, "Not only that you were drinking on duty, but that you were attempting to give alcohol to a patient as well."

Madeline is blissfully unaware of her surroundings. She's still and quiet, the machines attached to her helping her breath, pumping blood into her, monitoring her, and she is just so blissfully unaware of the situation around her.

Bridget remains seated, watching the situation unfold, eyes dark. She is silent.

Iphigenia just looks incredulously at Cassandra for a moment. There's a brief flash of something in those brown eyes, but then she turns her head without actually looking at the large man, and says tightly, "Garrido. This is the recovery room." Her voice is quite soft.

Going still, Ceres stares up at Augie and the coin is forgotten for a moment before she is reaching out. "Augie!" She doesn't yell, but her voice is definitely more forceful than the Chaplains. Glancing to the others, she clears her throat. "Augustus!" Her voice is a whip and she tries to scoot closer to thes ide of the bed, tangling in her iv cords she she curses softly and goes still so she doesn't ruin the setup.

Cassandra looks over at Augie and replies in a calm and cool manner, "I've been up to my elbows in blood since this morning. I lost two patients on the operating table. I am sorry for your loss. But, I am on my four hours of rest and having a sip or two before I decide to go hit my bunk is not going to impact my readiness for when shit hits the fan once more." Her attention falls on Andromeda, before she just shakes her head a little and doesn't even comment on it. "Now, I am going to go try and sleep and pray that I don't dream about Mr. James Drayo who died on my table today. Or Lieutenant Junior-Grade Marcus Antoly who also died on my table this morning," she states, before she notes the tangling of IV cords and swoops in to make sure her patient isn't getting into trouble while adding, "I am sorry for everything that has happened today, but I've done my best to make sure as many people as I could didn't die." She shrugs her shoulders and after she finishes making sure that Ceres' IV cords are fine, she heads towards the door intending to rack out.

Iphigenia's words have an effect on Augie, as he fights down that ball of bile and disgust in his gut. "Aphrodite's cum stained sheets." he rumbles in a curse. It's Ceres yelling at him and grabbing his arm that causes him to still and he drops into his seat with a snort, a flare in his eyes as he grumbles out a half-hearted apology, mainly aimed to the patients and visitors. "Sorry." He wants to yell at the smart mouthed doctor some more, but fights to find decorum. "Maybe you shouldn't have been a frakkin doctor then, if ya can't hack it without the booze." And with that, he falls quiet again, shoulders rolling as he tries to shake off the tension that's formed.

Bridget nibbles at a hangnail on her right hand, watching the room with wide eyes. She is tired, overwrought, and sitting next to the lover she almost lost today. Not to mention, you know, everything. So she stays silent and holds Madeline's hand and struggles to keep tears of frustration and pain at bay.

Iphigenia lets Andromeda deal with her co-worker at this point, and instead moves over to Bridget. "Petty Officer." she says gently, "It looks like she's going to be fine." Moving to stand next to her, she adds, "And so will you."

Shaking her head, Ceres stares at the DCO for a long moment before murmuring her thanks to Cassandra. There is a glance to the woman and she settles back and silently, without words turns that coin around in her good hand, clenching it in her fist. Her left hand sounds as the bag crinkles, trying to move her fingers and winces, gritting her teeth. "Augie…" Its said witha faint sigh.

Augie reaches down to retake Ceres' hand if that's what she wants. "Yeah, Ceres?" he asks, looking down at her with a look that's still flamingly angry in those steel blue eyes of his.

"I will be making a report to the CMO." Andromeda tells the entire room, getting to her feet with a wince and a hand to her chest, making her way to the hidey-hole of the booze and retrieving it. "Until then, I'm going to take the whiskey and hand it over to MP." She winces again and makes her way towards the intercom to buzz for MP. "She risks the lives of the men and women I took Cylon fire to the chest to defend. And I will be damned if I let her get away with it." That last is delivered in a fierce growl.

Bridget looks up at the Chaplain with a tired smile. She's trembling, tears in her eyes. "Thank you, sir. I'm just… so tired, so tired. And I saw her… go down." She looks away, at Madeline's quiet form. "We just… started, you know, going out. I've been crushing on her for years," she adds in a soft voice, laughing softly at herself. "I never thought…" Her voice trails off, quiet. Then she looks at Andromeda, to Augie, and just stays quiet. "Today frakking sucks," she declares finally.

"Stay with her a little." Gen encourages gently. "But then you need to get rack time. Because the best thing you can do for her is be as fresh and ready as you can be while we're at Condition 2. The best thing you can do for her is be ready and able to do your job. Can you do that, Petty Officer?" There's a gentle but firm hand placed on Bridget's shoulder.

Bridget bites her lip, watching the Chaplain for a long moment as she processes a lot. "Yeah," she murmurs. "Yes, sir," she clarifies an instant later. "I can, and will. 15 more minutes, and the rack." She smiles. "Thank you, sir. Don't forget that you need some rack time, too, please. We all do."

"You did well, Bridget." Andromeda adds to the Chaplain's words, even as she finishes with the intercom, setting the bottle of whiskey out on an open spot where everyone can see it. "MP is on the way to take the contraband. Until then, it's sitting where everyone can see it."

"Does she have a patron Lord? We could pray, if you like." offers Iphigenia. "Or offer it to the Lords all, if you're not sure."

"What is bothering you?" Ceres focuses on him, studies his face as that hand with the coin is caught in his, the edge of it nipping her flesh. Her lips form a thin line, looking exhausted and tired as she settles back into the pillow.

"If the reports are right, we're gonna need all the docs we can get our hands on." Augie says quietly to Andromeda. "I doubt my point got across clear, but she sure as shit stowed the drink." he comments and then looks down as he looks down at Ceres and just leans over to kiss her forehead. "Nothin' fer ya to fret over, darlin'. Get some rest and heal. I'll be here when ya want me to be. Trust me."

Bridget looks to Andromeda with a smile and a small nod of thanks, eyes warm. Then she looks up at Gen. "Aphrodite," she murmurs, before turning doe eyes on Madeline. "Her Patron is Aphrodite. I would love to pray with you, Chaplain. I thank you."

The praying begins again, elsewhere and amongst others and its only because it was Daniel that she accepted the prayer. That coin grows hot pressed in her hand as Augies keeps his hold on her. That kiss however brings a wan smile before her gaze lifts to him, "Don't go getting into trouble. I am going to be here for a little bit." The bag crinkles in her hand.

"I will not have the safety of the people I swore to defend compromised." Andromeda says starkly, "I swore an oath to Asclepius to see to the well-being of my people, and that includes more than tending to my needlepoint."

Color returns to pale cheeks as Andromeda draws on her anger to give her strength as willpower begins to run short. "I will offer prayer as well." She adds to Bridget and Geni.

"So I was told." Augie says quietly. "You know, I was down in this same bed myself not too long ago. Before you had to go off telling me you were pregnant." He tries to warm her smile. It's been a hard day. "I don't think hand wounds make you preggers either." he comments, and loosens his hand if she wants to let go.

Iphigenia rests one hand on Madeline's prone one gently, and smiles over at Ceres before she offers the other to Bridget. Bowing her head, she closes her eyes and offers the prayer in Colonial Standard. "Lords of Kobol, hear our prayer. Aphrodite, look upon your daughter with favor. Grant her your love and your protection, look over her that her love in turn may be offered in your name. Asclepius, we humbly beseech you to grant this woman health and healing, given and granted in your name. So say we all."

Bridget murmurs softly. "So say we all." Her eyes are filled with tears, and she lets a few spill while her hands are occupied with the important sensation of after-trauma-touch. She looks up at the Chaplain, eyes streaming. "Why?" she murmurs. "I don't—why?" she demands in that quiet insistent tone.

"Stay, at least until I sleep…" Because Ceres will sleep soon, its like a weighty hand along the outter edge of her thoughts. Shifting in the bed, getting more comfortable, that coin is kept in her hand as she tries to still Augie from going. "You don't have to stay long.." she whispers, promising him.

"I'm not going anywhere." Augie's free hand brushes the hair from Ceres' face and gives her a light kiss on the lips. "I promise you that."

"I don't know." Iphigenia answers honestly. "But I will tell you what I believe; which is that all of this has happened before, and all of this has happened again. Which means the human race has survived a great deal, and will continue to do so." She pats Bridget's hand gently. "Have faith, not just in the Lords, but in your fellow soldiers, and in yourself. Faith is hardest in such dark times, but that makes its value so much stronger."

Bridget nods, smiling up at the sister with tears in her eyes. "Will… you pray with me, for me, please? I need some reassurance for myself, too," she murmurs. "My Patron is Asclepius, please."

"I'll pray with you." Andromeda says quietly, settling down on her cot near Bridget. "He's my Patron too."

Bridget smiles to Andromeda. "I don't think I caught your name," she murmurs. "I'm Petty Officer Samuels. Bridget," she adds. If she hand a hand free she'd offer it to her fellow Corpsman.

"Andromeda Jones, PO2." Andro replies, voice starting to get a little… vague as exhaustion and pain ease in. She refused pain-killers. For now.

There can never be too many prayers as far as Iphigenia is concerned, and she moves to link hands with the doctor and the PO, and begins again, "Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer…" She calls upon Ascelpius' grace on behalf of Bridget, ending it with the traditional, "So say we all."

"So say we all." Andromeda murmurs, and leans back, closing her eyes. And before she realizes it, she's out.

Augie was planning on leaving when Ceres fell asleep. Instead, the exhaustion of the day has caused him to fall asleep next to her, the two of them still holding hands.

Bridget smiles and murmurs, "So say we all," before sighing. "I should rack out," she murmurs, reluctantly letting go of hands. "Chaplain, is there any way someone can let me know when she wakes? I mean, if I'm not here?" She looks up at Geni pleadingly.

"I can't make you a promise, in all honesty." Iphigenia says honestly. "Condition 2 means that everyone has to be ready. But I always make a morning round in the recovery ward, and I'll try to get a message to you if you can't check in tomorrow morning."

Bridget smiles warmly at the Chaplain, nodding. "Thank you, sir." She stands up slowly, and offers a small salute. "I am going, very reluctantly, to rack out. Please, Lords, don't take her yet. She's got so much to offer," she murmurs over Madeline briefly. "So say we all." And then she turns to go.

Iphigenia murmurs in reply, "So say we all." She herself has a big day tomorrow, and elects to slip out.

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