AWD #058: Last Kiss Goodbye?
Last Kiss Goodbye?
Summary: A bit of talking in the shower ending in what might be the true end between Luc and Maia.
Date: 05/Mar/2013 (OOC Date)
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The Head is the area on the Battlestar to find showers and bathrooms and this is one of many throughout the ship. Male and female crew members share the area equally as space is at a premium on fleet ships. There are half a dozen shower stalls and enclosed toilets as well as urinals along the wall. The room, an L shape dogleg, has the entrance open into the sink area. There are four sinks on the left and four on the right sitting back to back in the middle of the room.
AWD #58

Having been to the pool in the early morning Luc had moved to take a shower in the head. Which is quite silent at the moment as most has been moving to the mass hall. Singing, perhaps not the best, as he finishes up his shower. The water hitting the flesh of Crater as well as the floor, echoing through the head.

A little later on hitting the head, Maia had skipped breakfast yet again and had gone straight for the fitness center to wake herself up. Now that she's here with her shower kit, her towel and more clothes, much more prepared than the last time, she strides in and opens a locker, already kicking off her shoes, bending over and picking them up before tossing them in the locker with twin thunks as they hit the bottom of it. Hearing the singing that echoes as it does in all bathrooms with awesome acoustics, her head swivels in that direction and a smile plays on her lips a moment before she's back to preparing for her shower. Ridding herself of her shirt, her sweats and socks, everything is deposited in the locker haphazardly. Next are the very serviceable underthings and she wraps her towel around her before walking to the empty stall next to the singing voice. Removing her towel and tossing it over the top, it hangs there while she steps inside with her kit, turning on the water. "I'd recognize that voice and song anywhere Crater, you ever change anything up?" Having heard it five years ago too, in a much different shower.

Closed eyes and singing loud enough to not hear the arrival of Maia until the things are put away into the locker. Although still not sure about who it is he can only hear the water as it is turned on next to his stall. The shampoo running down his body. Smiling as he hear the voice. "I do try and change once in awhile. I suppose I was feeling nostalgic." He offers with a grin.

After getting her body and hair wet, Maia has opened her berry smelling shampoo and conditioner in one and is washing her hair. "Sounds legitimate," she teases, about nostalgic feelings. "How have you been doing lately? Not seen you a whole lot."

"I think I am not the only one keeping with old routine." Luc offers as he can smell the shampoo. Grinning a bit at that. "I have been alright. Hoped that I would see you more." He offers before shrugging. "I suppose our schedules just haven't matched. I hope you have been alright?" Taking a moment to let her reply. Letting the water fill the silence between her words and his. "Actually, there was one thing I thought of asking."

Maia chuckles at the mention of old routines as the suds wash down the drain and she begins soaping herself up into a lather. "Still prefer the same shampoo and soap, keeps my skin soft and makes me smell good." Wrinkling her nose a little in amusement. "Yeah I guess they haven't matched much. I try and fly as much as I can. Those foundations and street we found really threw me." Shaking her head as if she could shake off thinking about it, she goes along with his conversation. "Oh sure, I've been good. How about you?" Bending over now, she washes her feet and toes, up her calves. "Sure, what do you need?"

Luc there is a teaseful chuckle as he listens to her words about preferring the same shampoo and soap. "Yeah. Last time I flew on a mission we found a family of farmers." He shakes his head a bit, just happy that things went well that time. "You know that I am always here if you need to talk." Getting rid of the last of the shampoo and soap from his body as he listens. "Just fine, been training mostly." Turning off the water and standing still for a moment. "There is still a couple of days, two weeks to be precise, until we were to meet with the chaplain again. I thought that perhaps I could offer to bring you to celebrate Colonial day with me? Since that is the weekend before that." He suggests.

"A family of farmers." Maia considers that. A family. What they had once thought they were going to have and lost. Only sometimes does she let it bother her. Today, it's brief before she pushes the thoughts to the back of her mind again. "Sure, you too, Gabe, anytime you need to talk. We've never had any trouble in the friendship department." Now that she's all soaped, she lets the water wash over her, the bubbles dancing merrily down the drain and as she hears his next words, she freezes. Two weeks. Gods, marriage had always been her safety net to keep people at bay. Bracing a hand against the back wall, she just lets the water continue to cascade over her already rinsed body. To still the mild panic, she takes a few deep breaths and it's then she registers the last question. "Colonial Day." The words softly spoken. Turning off the water, she drags the towel around her, shoving all her things in her kit before stepping out and opening his to meet his eyes. "I've.. already been asked. I said yes."

"Yeah." Is all Luc offer in return to that. Smiling a bit at her words though letting it dawn more for him as she mentions friends. "It's up to you." He reminds her as she is quiet for some time. His own water already turned off and he is leaning against the wall. Noticing her moving to meet his eyes. Looking in return and a brief clenching of his jaws. Not of anger but just understanding. "I understand." Having figured that she wasn't going to accept anyhow. Moving to leave as well. If she allows he will place one last kiss to her lips. "Have fun." He tells her and does seem to mean it. Bringing his things with him as he head to the locker with his things in it.

Maia stands rooted to the spot for a moment and doesn't put up any resistance when he kisses her. She'd hurt him. That hadn't been intentional. When he moves off, her eyes follow him briefly wanting to say something but unable to find any suitable words. What do you say when it's over? Probably nothing at all. Walking back over, she opens her locker with more force than necessary and the door bangs on the one beside it. With quick and precise motions, she stores her kit and dresses, trying to just maintain. Once she's dressed, slams the locker then plants a fist in it. "Frak. Frak Gabriel. I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to hurt you." Leaning her head against the door of the locker now, she sighs. "It was never that. I.. it's been four years now. I'm not who I was, I can't go back."

Letting the kiss linger for a moment and breaking it soon enough. Taking care of his own things calmer, not really how he would be dealing with it four years ago. Hearing her slamming the locker. Looking over to her with a shake of his head. Getting dressed and at her words he does move to her. Standing next to her and smiling softly. "It's fine. I understand." He let out a deep breath. "It's over I suppose, and that is all. I think perhaps I thought a break would be good for us." He explains before shrugging. Reaching to gather his things he does hear her last words, "Neither am I. You can never go back since that would mean that one of us never aged, never changed." He shrugs again and does smile at her. "Be happy."

Turning to face him now, Maia is still stiff of posture. Angry with herself, with time, with distance, but not Luc. "You deserve so much better, Gabe. You deserve everything." When he manages a smile, she echoes with one of her own, though it cost her. "You too, Gabe. Be happy." Reaching out a hand, she touches that so handsome face and wonders again was she making a huge mistake? Too late now, she'd already made it if it were. "See you around." And with that, she turns, walking towards the door to depart the head.

Luc smiles and feels her hand. Touching her face in return, a gentle touch. "When am I not happy?" He asks, though his voice perhaps betraying him slightly. "As I said, it is your decision, and there is two weeks left." Not that he thinks anything will be different then. Watching her leave and he just sighs before taking his own leave.

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