MD #182: Last Chance
MD #182: Last Chance
Summary: An intel boffin has spotted wheat looks like a Colonial flag made out of crops in a remote part of Picon. The CMC is sent to investigate.
Date: Sat 08/Oct/2017 (OOC Date)
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Adeliza Lleufer Miri Palermo 
Fischer Randy Clara Emily Atticus 
Deepest, darkest Picon
Tue 24/Apr/2049 (IC Date)

The jump into Picon space is tense, but ultimately uneventful. Diving through the atmosphere on the dark side of the planet there's not much for anyone to see out of the windows, but there's no cries of approaching DRADIS contacts, or lock-ons from the ECOs, and the pilots seem to be happy about their courses. Chatter between the two birds is minimal, but both manage to touchdown at the designated LZ about a mile from the farmstead of interest. There's a small copse they park themselves the other side of, giving themselves cover, and the marines a spot to watch from for a while before they hike across should they so desire.
It's dark outside, and what moonlight there is is diffused through a thin layer of cloud giving a dull but constant source of natural illumination. There's a hint of rain in the air, but it's dry for now, with only a gentle breeze rustling through the crop fields. The target itself? A small two story house with a couple of small outbuildings, most notably a barn. Traces of dim light can be seen around the shutters on the lower level of the main building, but otherwise there's no signs of life.

Formal attire is the absolute pinnacle of compromise for concealed carry. Peasant garb, on the other hand, actually allows for a bit more leeway in the way of where weapons can be concealed, and so what if the marine women end up looking sort of bulky? This isn't an episode of Peasant Bachelorette: Reluctant Bride. The toughest thing was the shoes, but skirts long enough to literally hit the mud more or less does the job, plus, it's night. Weighed down with the body armor and gear, Palermo was initially seated alongside Liza who is similarly garbed and armed but also (for the duration of the jump) had a clipboard and pen out. Once the Raptor touches down Palermo is one of the first marines to emerge from the Raptor into the dark, rifle held ready in both hands, moving a few meters ahead and taking a knee, studying the immediate surrounding while the rest of the team disembarks.

Miri rustles her skirts on the Raptor ride. Whoever had put her getup together gave her entirely too many petticoats… and she kind of likes it. Her dark curls are wrapped up in scarves, her rifle and medical kit concealed under a cloak, and she swishes out of the Raptor, taking cover behind a nearby tree stump.

Even though she's in charge for the peace like part of the mission, Adeliza does not follow Palermo off the raptor. she sits in her seat, tucking her clipboard and pen away while the marines do their work of making sure they are still clear. She has a scarf of blue wrapped around her head, and her gloved hands tucked into the sleeves of the cloak she wears over the standard armour and sidearm.

The first thing Ynyr says as they touch down is to give the order to secure a perimeter around their LZ and make sure the copse of trees is clear. Soon as that is done, he waves Adeliza out and they can move into those trees to let the Raptors get back into the air. As for himself, Lleufer isn't in any peasant garb. He's bulked down enough with his combat kit and camies without adding things to snag and rustle. He has taken the usual precautions to cover his ears and pop in contact lenses to conceal his Arpay eyes. In his ruck are some clothes he could pull on loosely over his kit if he decides it's needed. For those who rustle and make noise, Ynyr frowns and makes a silent hand gesture for them to settle down and be silent. Once people are, he speaks low so they can pass it on, "Study the house, barn, and lay of the land. Let's see if there are any drainage ditches or gullies that lead up that way we could use for cover, or fenceline, anything." As for himself, he settles his NV googles to have a good look and zooms in on the binocs.

Rifles are one thing, but bulky medkits are entirely another. Clara's opted for something of a gypsy look; a corseted top and billowy sleeved blouse and skirts that conceal a rifle, sidearm, and assortment of first aid equipment in various belted pouches and satchels. The red scarf cinched around her arm probably doesn't have any functional value, though that might be a combat knife slipped into it. Once the raptor is down and the crew is set to unload, she hops on out, keeping eyes on their six.

Randy used some cotton batting to round out the edges of her gear under her peasant disguise. She looks like a round little woman with a skinny face. Her hips are-well she /has/ hips now thanks to this whole get up. Her skirt is long enough to cover her boots, but she also brought some cloth ties along which she's using to hold up her sleeves in the right places…for now. No helmet. No camera. She opted to sling her rifle low under her cloak over her back so she can swing it underneath her arm if necessary, but also two sidearms stashed in the folds of her clothing. She squints from her spot at the house and the outbuildings, using her enhanced sight (both night time and in general) to see if she can pick up any clues. Smoke coming from buildings? Shoes left out before going inside? And she listens of course. She tries to angle herself to the other 'peasant' women who are awkwardly acting so conspicuous. "We're in disguise remember? I doubt peasant women hide behind stumps or drop into ditches. We really need to get this Raptor out of here?," she says when she looks back at it and the Lt inside.

Picon… Home… There are quite a few thoughts going through Fischer's mind as he sits in the Raptor. As they get there, he heads out with the others, carefully looking around as he makes sure his part of this is still clear. Readying himself for what's about to come, he nods a bit as he hears Lleufer's words, starting to move with the others when it's time for that. Keeping quiet as he does.

Rising from the crouch she'd taken once she'd emerged from the Raptor, Palermo brushes the mud off of the front of her skirt, and flips the NV down over her eyes to study the lay of the land, as Ynyr phrased it. Not actually being familiar with how a farm is supposed to actually be organized, this marine frowns at what she sees - in general - and eyes the house then the barn and then slowly around and up before eyeing the house again.

Miri is a city girl. She rises to her feet and tries to act casual. She pats the sidearm on her thigh and the knife in her boot out of habit and makes sure her scarves are straight. Dark brown contacts may hide her Arpay irises, but at least she doesn't need NVGs.

Clara is stopped briefly by Adeliza, who murmurs something to her before replacing the red scarf around her arm with a pale blue one. The Three looks a little confused, but doesn't protest. Maintaining her position near the rear of the formation, she does a brief patdown of her gear before getting ready to hustle for the house.

Frowning a bit as he looks out there, Fischer studies the entire area a little thoughtfully. "Well, we've got a few ditches there. Not sure if they'll lead us all the way to the house or not, though." He raises one hand to point out those ditches, before he looks around once more. Gaze lingering towards the west for a few extra moments, then turning back to the others.

Lleufer studies the landscape and waits for any feedback from the others like Randy, Pal or even Fischer about ideas on how to approach. Finally, he says low, "It looks like there's a hint of a drainage ditch along the road up towards the house. There's a little more cover up the backside there, leading to the barn. It peters out but we can stay low, we can go up and check out the barn before we approach the house." Ynyr looks to Adeliza and keeps his baritone very low, "I could stay at the barn and head up into the loft to give you over watch while a few of you gals go to the house and see if they'll talk? Pal and Randy are good shots and Clara's fast and strong. You four can then let the rest of us know if it's safe to come up, or if you need backup over the radio." What does she think?

"Negative on the women to the house," Liza says right away. "Stake out the barn and set up a perimeter, but we might not want to make that kind of "we're colonial" announcement at first contact." She looks at the red scarf in her hand. "I may have an idea. let's see if we get any idea of occupants."

"Okay well it looks like there might be someone home. Hearth fire. Let's not spook the shite out of them by coming out of the bushes when we do?" But Randy looks to Lleufer and Adeliza for orders as if wondering what they might determine. When Adeliza speaks up, she nods. "Just tell me where you want me." She looks back to Miri, Renee, Clara, taking stock of the people in their party. Then she leans and taps Renee's NVGs lightly with a smile. "I wonder what they'll do if they see these? Piss their pants?, skirts?"

Clara isn't exactly most peoples' idea of a diplomatic envoy. She arches a brow slightly at Lleufer's suggestion, but seems ready to comply - at least until Adeliza nixes it. With a shrug, the Three rests a hand on her sidearm and resumes waiting for orders.

"I can go. I'll leave my rifle and med kit with Clara. Say I was heading home from market and got lost in the dark. If they let me make skin contact, I can get a good idea of what they're about." Miri looks confident in her ability to pull this off.

Adeliza gets a strange look from Lleufer, "No to the gals?" He looks around noticing most of their team are women, but instead he asks low, "You want me to go up instead? Let's proceed to check out the barn and then we try your idea, Sir." Miri gets a nod from him, "That's a good suggestion." The Gunny motions for Randy to take point so she can check things out for EOD with Pal and then he and Clara can go, and Fischer gets drag for the moment.

They don't have any trouble getting to the barn. And within they only find a plow, an ox that's sleeping, a few goats, lots of hay and some bins of grain. Tools. Fairly typical and quiet.

"They could always scream the house down, light a signal flare and the surrounding country side could be swarming with Skath agents just waiting to swoop in at a dead run," Palermo replies in a low voice even as she gives another look at the house and then the barn, in tandem, but she looks to Liza and Lleu for confirmation. She shares a glance sidelong with Randy and moves along in Randy's wake, checking out the area leading up to the barn and carefully avoiding any messy animal stuff left in the yard, absolutely not tracking animal poo back into the Raptor or all the way back to the Orion.

"All clear, mind the shite," Randy calls out to those behind her once they reach the barn and she's done her inspection. "I can affirm that no one would even know of Miri's intrusion if she used her powers. We tested it. It's undetectable." She mentions casually in the direction of Ynyr and Adeliza.

As they make their HQ, much as it can be called that in the barn, Liza keeps her voice low, no need to wake the ox. "We have two basic scenarios here. Either it's a trap to try and find any colonials that may be left, or it's colonials that want to make contact if there's anyone left. If we send the women in first, even if they have their gear hidden, they'll walk into the trap. I've tried making an excuse like Miri's in Skath controlled territory. It doesn't work. A woman can't even go to market without her Pater. If they're skath loyal, they'll suspect immediately and she won't get anywhere near them."

Adeliza lets out a breath and looks to the scarf she holds. "I can pose as a cleric, with two bodyguards. They need to be men, or look like men, at first glance. People in Skath controlled territory don't have electricity, so if these people do they are either pro-colonials and taking a great risk to use it, or they are skath loyal. Also, anyone not skath loyal has long ago been dispossessed of firearms. If those inside are pro-colonial, on the slim chance they /have/ managed to squirrel away some firearms, I highly doubt they would shoot first ask later, but if they do, we are all armored, and unlikely to take damage, and the cleric would travel behind her bodyguards in this kind of situation." She looks to Lleufer. "I believe we can tell a lot from their first reaction to night time visit from skath/cleric. Whether they are friendly or it's a trap will be evident in their first reaction."

Having made his way over towards the others, Fischer nods a little at the mention of bodyguards. "Interesting," he offers, a bit quietly, before he lets out a breath. "Well, if bodyguards are needed…" he offers. Was that him volunteering?

"If you're looking for someone to pull off posing as a cleric, sir, I think it'd be more convincing if I went," Clara notes blandly, dark eyes cast toward Adeliza.

"You /aren't/ a Cleric. The only person who can pose as a Cleric here is Clara and I'm not sure she even remembers what Clerics do or how they act." Randy frowns and then shoots Clara a sympathetic look. "Just send Lleu in with Miri? I mean you said so yourself. She needs her Pater. So give her one." She shrugs. "Why get their guard up and make them think we're the enemy if this /isn't/ a trap? And who would they be trapping? Their crops were arranged this way. That's not for people on the ground and the only Colonials left are on the ground. You aren't going to earn their trust with a Cleric. If they are Colonial friendly, they'll hide it and clam up and never talk to us." She looks confused and a little bit alarmed at Adeliza's plan, the effects taking hold in the tone of her voice.

Lleufer frowns and clearly does not like this idea at all, "You are too obviously not a cleric. They'd never buy it. But /she/ could pose as one." He motions with his thumb in Clara's direction, though he really hasn't had a chance to speak with her since her return, yet. He eyes his former boss who's not the S2 anymore, then lets out a slow breath, "And it would be wiser if you want our 'cleric' to be escorted by men, that Fischer and I go. But, you're the officer and we'll try what you think best. I'm just worried that anybody tries to go in there pretending to be a cleric and they are trying to make Colonial contact and it's not a trap? It could so blow it. That's my two cents, Sir. We'll try it however you want to do it." He passes a glance to the others.

Palermo is positioned so that she can keep an eye on the house from within the barn and, to be clear, away from the animals which look cute in picture but a bit less than cute up close and within proximity of smelling range. She keeps an eye on the barnyard, that's got to be what it's called, the yard in front of or around the barn. It makes sense.

It starts to slowly spit with rain, in the kind of way that suggests there's more coming. Soon.
Lleufer pages: I will still try to get Miri in to do her thing. She always seems to get stuck in the backseat.

"No," Adeliza replies, her tone agreeing with the observation. "I can't pass as a cleric. Not once they see my face, which they won't at first, they will just see red. And anyone on a skath controlled world will know that no one would dare try if they were afraid of the Skath. Which is why I wouldn't send someone that they would really think is a cleric once they get a better look at her, because you're right. They wouldn't trust someone who actually does look like a cleric." She nods to Randy. "True. But, now, what is their reason for being out, after curfew, so far away from /everything/?" Her tone is not sarcastic, but if they are going to follow Randy's plan, then it needs more thought, and she's very frankly asking for it. "I would rather not risk you, Gunny. As I said, it only needs to hold up to first look. A tallish woman without the skirts will do."

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Palermo rolls Alertness-2: Good Success.
<FS3> Clara rolls Alertness-2: Good Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.

"I think you're overthinking this, sir," Clara tells Adeliza, gaze roving toward the open end of the barn, and the sound of rain smattered on hay. "We either go in in force, , we go in with the intent to talk, or we send a spy. Elaborate plans are just asking for shit to go wrong."

Lleufer grimaces and palms a hand over his face. "All right. Then just go and try it. Rain's coming in and we do not have all night. Pick whowever you are taking and let's do it. Anyone else can be backup out here, ready in case you run into trouble." Still not liking this, he looks to Clara and nods, "I agree with Piers. Take Zahav with you. She's too valuable not to have in there." The Gunny adds, "Sir."

"Make a decision fast, sirs. We have incoming. Two horses, at least one person on foot. They're heading toward the house." Miri reaches out to pet a sheep. It doesn't care.

The sheep bleets very gently, and attempts to eat Miri's sleeve.

"Yep. I hear a horse coming from the road. I think it's going to the house, so things are getting more complicated." Randy nods to Miri but instead catches the don't-give-two-fraks-look of the sheep and the whole sleeve for dinner affair.

Fischer frowns as he listens. "People heading towards the house? We'd better think fast, I'd say…" He looks to the sheep for a few moments, shaking his head with the hint of a smile.

"Right. Ok, I'm tall enough to maybe pass, so I'll volunteer," Palermo remarks as she continues to eye the house, "So.. off with the peasant garb and escort the LT to the house?" Palermo says quietly, just to clarify. "And if we move fast enough we might get there before the horse and rider."

Liza turns a slightly puzzled look to Clara. "That's what I am doing. Sending in a spy… just not in the way you're used to, I suppose." She takes a breath, steels her shoulders and lifts her chin, nodding towards Miri "I hate to destroy your costume, but…" and as she pauses to put the scarf on, it gives them an opening to let them know about the horses. Her head snaps, up and then her eyes gleam. "That's it. Zahav, Fischer, you're up without me. You were trying to meet illicitly and heard the horses, and fear you've been discovered. Ask them to hide you." She turns to Lleufer. "The rest can overwatch, and we can see who's coming. Does that work for you, Gunnery Sergeant?"

Miri takes off her rifle and med kit and hands them to Clara. "Don't spend it all in one place," she murmurs, pulling her hood up and heading to the barn door. "Let's get this show on the road, loverboy," she says, giving Fischer a playful kiss on the cheek.

While the others are still talking, Lleufer also hears what Miri hears. Instead of saying anything, because Zahav warned the others already, the Gunny lets Adeliza sort out who's going to the house. A nod to her at her plan, but he adds low, "Let's see /who/ is coming before you step out." Lleu eases up to the barn door to try and get a look out into the drizzling night, his rifle in hand. Ynyr is careful to stay out of sight and slips his NV goggles up to have a careful look, using his free hand to motion the others to be real quiet for a minute.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Everyone can now, faintly, hear the approach of maybe one, maybe two horses, and multiple footsteps. The rain also starts to worsen

When Lleufer moves to the barn door, Randy abandons losing her soul by continuously staring into those dull vacant sheep eyes and follows suit. With the drizzle and the light, she decides to stick to her 'natural' night vision to deal with the glare much easier and takes a peek too like a kid peeking from their mother's skirts…except Lleu isn't her mother, he's not wearing a damned skirt, and she is. Grump. Listen listen looooook.

Clara smirks slightly at Miri, but dutifully collects her gear. A rustle of her skirts to all but conceal the rifle, medkit slung across her shoulder for now. Until she's ordered to move, the medic holds her position against the barn's entrance gate; her nostrils flare at the scent of ozone that the rain brings.

Lleufer ducks back after taking a look and keeps his voice very low, "Two horseman, man and woman I think. Two men I think out front on foot, armed with swords maybe. I think there may be others behind them but I can't tell in the rain." He glances at Randy and waits to see if Adeliza will step on out with her group or wait to see what these people are up to.

Randy doesn't take her eyes off of what she sees. She just squints harder. "Militia. Swords. Two up front, four behind. Two riders sandwiched. No Cleric garb in sight. No that's it." Randy reaches for her sidearm but does nothing else besides that and continues watching.

"Could be that they're not here selling cookies," Palermo mutters in a low voice. "The folk in the house might need some help, if the fancy pattern in the crop rotation design has been noticed by the locals."

Fischer nods a little as he hears what's being said. "Let's…" He pauses as he hears Randy's words, nodding a little as he hears that. "Militia…" It's said under his breath, shaking his head a little as he does. Glancing between the others, then out there.

"If they are armed with swords, they could be either sympathetic or not." Adeliza takes a breath, and listens to Randy's report. "Gunnery Sergeant, I can't see what you see. If Zahav and Fischer can make it to the door, send them. If not, we will have to see what unfolds and rescue those inside."

As the group of travellers approach the house the pair on horseback dismount and pass the reins to two of the militiamen. Once on the ground it's apparent that the male of the pair also has a sword at his hip, and he gestures for the two holding the horses, and two others, to make for the barn. Those with enhance hearing can hear the order of "see to the horses, then get your heads down, standard watch pattern." The four nod their understanding and start towards the barn. Of the other two militia, one sticks to the path, just in case anything comes up it, the other moves to the door and hammers his fist on it, calling loudly as he does so, "Open up! By order of King Kendrick of Benning we require shelter for the night. Open up!"

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.

One of the militiamen helps the woman down from her horse, the saddlebags looking quite full. She's fairly dwarfed by the males surrounding her and she moves to the door behind the guy banging on it. Hands inside her cloak and hood up, it’s impossible to tell anything about her except that she has very nice posture and judging by the cloak purple/gold banding, she's likely the royalty Mister BangBang is referring to.

"Swords mean they serve the Skath." Lleufer says very low and with certainty. He gestures for the others to wait and not go out into the open just yet - he wants to see what they are up to first. Then he grimaces and motions for them to get back from the barn door, "Four of them are coming with horses. We'll have to take'm out. Time to find out if the people in the house are friendly the hard way." It seems the Gunny is taking over the mission at this point, assuming Adeliza doesn't object. Lleu gets back along the wall near the door and crouches down to wait in the darkness, motioning Randy and Pal and his fellow Marines to get ready for trouble, fast.

As the men speak, Randy listens intently, trying to get past the beating rain on the roof of the barn, the sound of the soft heartbeats around her. Her gaze hardens and her jaw clenches. "They're frakking APF imports," she growls only loud enough for Lleu, right next to her and only with Arpay ears, could hear her. "Four heading here now." She backs up from the door to the side and pulls both sidearms out. Then she looks down and notices a big pile of hay. IN SHE GOES. She gives her guns just enough clearance that they won't be terribly interfered with by the hay.

Palermo moves to the other side of the big doors to the barn, her rifle held ready even as she goes into a crouch, taking care to move as quietly as possible. She sweeps a look around the inside of the barn, exhaling a slow breath then waiting in silence.

Miri approaches the side of the house quietly, sticking to the shadows. She moves on the balls of her feet, holding her skirts so they make as little noise as possible.

<FS3> Militamen roll Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Clara slithers into the shadows when she spots the approach of four people on foot, angled toward the barn door. Rifle in hand and Miri's medkit within easy reach, she's as much judging line of fire as she is calculating how long it'll take her to sprint toward her squadmates.

Nodding as he hears what's said, Fischer looks around for a brief moment before finding a place where he won't be seen at once, readying himself to move forward when the time is right. All ready for the incoming trouble now.

"This late at night," Adeliza shakes her head, but she's not going to get called up for arguing with Ynyr later. "Something is not right about that, need a live one if we can" she mutters to herself, but she knows it's loud enough for Arpay ears to hear. She backs up, looking for a hiding place and chooses the oxen stall. Farm girls have never minded a little stink, and he has a window to look outside if she needs to bail.

There's a pause long enough, for the militia man at the door of the hose to be replaced by the man who appears to be his boss, who hammers on it again and gets as far as "OPEN.." before there's the creak of hinges and they're admitted. The four heading towards the barn dawdle as soldiers now off-duty are want to do. once even taking the chance to look over his shoulder to ensure they're out of sight before pulling a wineskin from under his cloak. "Frakking glad when this one's over," he mutters, and there seems to be general agreement among his colleges, "hope her new husband will be happy, can't imagine the King being happy if we have to bring her back, let alone the Queen…"

The woman startles as the boss brushes past and bangs on the door. She was clearly not expecting that sort of sound. When the door opens she still says nothing, she just stares at the occupant expectantly. If she heard the militiamen talking about it, however unlikely in this rain, she doesn't seem to react.

<FS3> Randy rolls Firearms: Success.
Palermo spends 1 luck points on Bring a knife to a knife fight..
<FS3> Palermo rolls Melee: Good Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Melee: Good Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Alertness: Good Success.
Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Because my dice hate me when I need them..
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Melee: Great Success.

Lleufer crouches very still and listens intently, watching what he may through a crack between barn boards. He does nothing to intercept those who are coming into the barn - let them come in and walk well into it before he's going to let loose. Ynyr waits to choose one on his side with a clear line of sight that won't send any friendly fire at his fellow Marines, then he steps out and says very low but firmly as an order, "Stop right there. Drop to the ground, /NOW/. On your faces and keep silent or you are dead mother frakkers." Can the MP Gunnery Sergeant pull this off without /having/ to kill them? Let's see!

Unseen by the guards, Miri makes her way to a window, peering in carefully, trying to remain unseen by the inhabitants of the farmhouse.

Rising from the crouch as soon as her target clears the entrance to the barn, Palermo reverses her grip on the blade she's holding her right hand, lets the rifle sling on its tactical strap that's worn cross body, and whacks her target on the back of the head as soon as he's cleared the door. She catches his weight and drags him to the side, expertly handling the weight of the body so that the guy is face down on the hay strewn and who-knows-what-else-strewn floor. Knife returned to its concealed carry location, she then crosses his arms behind his back, with a bit of effort, and zip-ties his wrists and elbows to prevent him from getting free the easy way then rolls the man to his side and frisks him for gear and weaponry, tossing anything she finds into a pile out of reach and only then does she gag the militia guy, just to further stymie the shout-for-help instinct when he comes to.

When one of the men closest to the hay hears the low order from some stranger in a barn, that's it. Who does this frakker think he is? He's going to mess with them? Bet he won't see /this/ coming. He reaches for his sword and pulls it out. If he was the actual guy being held up, maybe he'd realizes there are guns at play. The sword starts to make that shiiiink sound as he starts to draw it and then suddenly there are two decisive bangs from the hay. Flash! Flash! The brief muzzle fire before mister big and bold gets one in the side of his knee and one in his side. Oops.

<FS3> Miri rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Fischer frowns, waiting until the enemies are closer. He waits a few moments, before moving out and moving towards one of the other enemies. Grabbing hold of the man from behind, his arms go out to try choking him, at least until he's unconscious. Everyone has heard about the great Picon Coastal Bear, right? Pulling the man he brought down a bit into the shadows, he looks around again.

Ah shit. Soon as he has stepped out and says his MP thing, the others are already taking three of the four down. Lleufer Ynyr can be /proud/ as hell in his team as most of them act fast and silent, taking out their men quick and quiet. Except Randy, who just had to set off her firearms! But hey, it works. The Gunny decides there is no time so he jabs the rifle out hard and fast to the fella's face soon as he sees the stranger turn instead of hit the floor as ordered. So Lleu helps him meet the floor, get to know it. "Everyone outside, fast!" He too grabs a ziptie and rolls his guy over to bind his hands, then gags him even as Ynyr looks to see that Adeliza is safe. "Where's Miri and Clara?"

Clara lets those with a penchant for violence, handle subduing the militiamen. She, meanwhile, ducks out of the barn door while they're thusly distracted and skirts a little closer to the house. Her intention is to keep Miri and Fischer in sight at all times, and to be in a position to provide backup if necessary.

<FS3> Atticus rolls Alertness: Success.

As Lleufer makes the command for them to move out, Adeliza stands enough to propel herself out of the window behind her, then move around the barn towards the rest of the marines. She opts to go the way that will go towards the house, guessing that's where they will head next.

Holy shit, that boss guy in the house looks just like… no way. There's no way he would ever have a haircut that bad, and besides, he's dead. Miri snaps back to reality when she hears the gunshot, letting out a shriek to try and confuse and distract the bad-haircut-familiar-looking guy inside.

That little round woman armed with pistols pops out of the pile of hay with it naturally sticking to every conceivable surface. Randy spit/blows some air out of her mouth to get some hay clear. Her mark drops immediately, the sword clanging out of his hand. She holds him at gunpoint so someone more capable of dealing with him can get him situated and secured. Once that's done, she zips her way towards the door as ordered by Lleu, on her way outside

The two loud bangs are distinct and the woman at the door may not make the immediate connection to a source. Or maybe she does. Hearing it, her head snaps in the direction of the source and she takes a step back and the dark shadow of the cloak still obscures her face. She doesn't jump, she doesn't scream. She doesn't even run or hide. If she knows what a gun will do, she doesn't seem concerned about being hit by one. Even as the shadows in the doorway begin to hustle and move, she stands outside the house in the rain, looking at this danger head on.

Clara, already halfway to the house by now, has her rifle ready as Miri's shriek goes up. Her dark eyes flick from her fellow medic to the cloaked girl standing in the rain some short distance away. The muzzle of her rifle comes up a fraction, but there's no indication she has any intention of firing.

Palermo spends a precious few seconds to zip tie her targets ankles together, then hurries over to tie up Fish's target as well and then is out the door into the rain. The distinct sound of a shriek makes her move even faster once she's through the door, though she veers deliberately to the side so that she's not taking the path of least resistance or most predictably.

It seems most of the people in the house or doorway know what that sound was, and all heads, local and new arrivals snap in the direction of the barn. The two militia who entered to check the house come back to the door, and their boss orders the lady inside, with one of them. "Stay here. Keep your head down, and don't.." whatever his instruction was is lost as Miri screams. He's confused, clearly, but also determined. Discarding his cloak he reveals that yes, he is armed with a sword, but also, perhaps more interestingly for Orion's marines, a pistol. It's the later he draws, though the militia man coming with him draws a sword as they start to edge their way along the wall so they can peer round the corner towards the barn, while still having some form of cover.
The locals, all three of them, rather sensible shut the door, with the lady and her guard inside with them.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Clara rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Adeliza rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Palermo rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Moving out into the rain as well, Fischer frowns a bit at the scene in front of him. "Interesting," he remarks to himself, readying his rifle and aiming for the guy with the pistol, but not firing quite yet.

Moving around the side of the house, Miri shrieks again, really hamming it up. "HELP!" she cries, hoping to distract the leader's attention away from the barn. "Please! Help!"

<FS3> Adeliza rolls Mind: Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Melodrama: Failure.

When some feisty peasant lifts a rifle at the royal, she makes no intent to move. It’s like she is indifferent to everything unfolding loudly around her. Even hearing the shriek only had her turn her head an inch. With the militia bossman barking the order to get her inside, she turns and moves through the doorway with long strides. Once inside into the light of the hearth, the woman slides back her hood and looks to the family inside. The couple about 40-50. The younger man about 30. They look at her with defiance, knowing well the sound of a gunshot and the sudden flurry of movement. Someone saw their batsignal. Anyone looking inside can see the disgust on their face for the woman in the royal cloak. Her eyes stare back at them as if she was seeing beyond them, her eyes dead. Seconds later she hears the cry for help and tilts her attention that way, before it flicks back to the door and the militiaman putting himself between her and it protectively.

Lleufer gives his people cover as they make for the house in the dark. He is /not/ dressed as a peasant like the others. He's in his combat kit, but it is dark and raining. Soon as he doesn't see anyone at the house coming after his people with swords or shooting, and the gal who'd been outside in the street no longer is, Ynyr is going to make for the side of the house in a quick, low dash. Distraction or not, that sounded like one of his people may need help! He caught sight of the fella with a pistol, maybe, but it's dark and rainy and anyone in the Corps dares to take risks.

Clara continues moving toward the house, steps smooth and swift. She keeps mostly to the shadows, but isn't trying to be overly sneaky.

It would seem that Miri's distraction worked. With nothing else to go on in the dark the pair emerging from the house start moving towards the scream. The barn isn't looked at, beyond a quick glance, and a bellow of "on me!" presumably towards the militiamen still expected to be in there. And you know what, there's shapes in the dark coming out of the barn, must be his troops, right? The guy at the front isn't running though, he's advancing along the farmhouse wall, pistol out and ready, like he's had training. He's not to the standard of the marines, not close, but it's quite likely he isn't about to shoot himself in the foot. The guy behind him, with the sword? Less so. He's bringing a sword to a gun fight, and seems content to let his boss take the lead.

Randy didn't have time to do her battle outfit transforming thing. She brought those ties around her arms for a reason, but she never gets to use them. Time flies too quickly in the heat of the battle. She sticks to her pistols. Her offhand is intended to be backup. Being an EOD, she is required to train with a sidearm with both in case of needing to use both hands in different ways in the field with bombs and hostiles, but that doesn't make her /good/ at it. She follows along quietly with Lleufer, mentally cursing her skirt as it starts soaking up water, the fact that she smells like watery hay shite, and isn't it all in her hair, her clothes, everywhere still?

Miri cradles her arm as if it was injured. She makes herself hyperventilate a little, so she looks suitably distressed when she comes face-to-face with bad haircut boss man. "Oh thank goodness," she says, keeping her eyes suitably low. "I was coming back from market with my Pater, but we didn't get home before dark, and we got separated, and I heard something in the woods and I fell…" She sniffles. She looks utterly pathetic in the rain.

Watching from her spot to the side of the barn, Liza watches the one go inside with the lady, and then the only two remaining men are running around the side of the house. She lets the Marines give chase, as Marines do, and strips off the grimy peasant wear that smells of Ox. With everyone else going around the corner, she heads straight for the door, then pauses against it with her sidearm drawn. She lightly tests the knob to see if it's locked, looking towards the corner of the house.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Stealth: Failure.

There's a reason that Palermo's uniform trousers are cuffed to her knees beneath the skirt and layers. Chiefly because it's less drafty that way, which matters to Renee for no other reason that it annoys her. But she's able to move when Lleu does, watching the confusion and chaos unfold like a sort of comedy of errors. She's switching up her grip on the rifle as she runs with the full intent to use the butt of the rifle as a club to whack her second target of the night upside the side of his head. Instead of outright death she offers headache and WTF.

<COMBAT> Clara will attack Atticus this turn. Options: called=right_leg
<COMBAT> Clara attacks Atticus with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Atticus passes.
<COMBAT> Atticus has been KO'd!

Clara swivels toward the fellow with the pistol charging past the barn, takes a second to aim her rifle at his quickly-moving knee, and pops off a single shot that - from the sound of it - slices through whatever armour he's wearing and pretty much shatters the joint. As he goes down like a sack of flour, she attempts to dart in with a swish of skirts and thwack him upside the head with the butt of her rifle - barely breaking her stride. It's Miri, and the now cloistered 'royal' she's most interested in. Atticus is just getting in the way.

The militiaman inside is staring at the door and seeing someone test the knob has him suddenly draw his sword. The tsssshiiing sound of metal on metal. He takes a few steps back from the door and hunches a bit, waiting to kill anything that comes through the door. Anyone who peeks inside can still see the young woman standing near the hearth, paying no attention to the family staring at her with the unflinching disdain. The woman is maybe 18 or so and has a very humourless expression, looking more bothered by the family than what else is happening. Still, she does not move though and appears to just wait for this to be over with.

Fischer remains where he is for the moment, keeping a careful eye on what he can see, and his rifle ready just in case.

The knight, as those trusted enough by the Skath to carry a gun are called, is just reaching Miri when Clara fires. He points his gun at her for a moment, he seems to dismiss her once he realises she's a woman, then is about to push past her and on when suddenly his right leg explodes in a world of pain and he goes down. Hard. He's just recovering his wits enough to try and scrabble for the pistol he dropped when Clara appears above him. There's recognition on his far for a moment as his eyes lock with hers, then his skull gets rattled off the yard's ground by her riflebutt and he's out.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms: Good Success.

The door opens a fraction, and Liza makes eye contact with the men inside. She stands enough for them to see the Colonial Marines armour she's wearing before she shoves the door open quickly, takes a couple quick, low, steps to the side out of range of anyone behind the door, and swings her arms up, pointing her sidearm at his face. "Drop it and drop to the floor or I'll drop you!" she commands, her jaw clenched as her finger tenses on the trigger.

Clara is up ahead of him and Lleufer is coming up behind her, fast and quiet. She takes Mr.BadHairCut down with her shot to his knee and then whacks him. Ynyr grimaces, gets in close for a glance at that fella's face way up closer, then as the other fella turns around he'll shoot the guy with the sword. The rifle goes off with a single burst tight in the chest before the steel can come to bear on himself or Clara. So much for quiet. "Miri?"

Miri lifts her skirts in a most unladylike fashion and pulls her sidearm from her thigh holster. She gives Clara a nod in acknowledgement. "I'm fine. I just was distracting the Amos-looking motherfrakker."

While Clara is gracefully kicking butt and Lleu is rolling in like the professional is, Randy is /so/ ready to…catch her skirt on a nail, stumble into a rake as her foot goes in a bucket of water. She thinks. She flings her leg to kick it off and it flies off and nails some part of poor down and out Atticus who just took a shot to the joint. "Frak me," she whispers. "Is everyone okay?" she asks in the aftermath? "Where is the Lieutenant?"

Seeing that there's no target left to bash in the head, at least out here in the rain, Palermo lowers the rifle slightly but only so that she can switch up her hold on it and moves for the door to the house.

Clara shoots Miri a thoughtful look, and unslings the borrowed medkit from her shoulder, tossing it toward the other woman. "I thought he looked familiar. Someone should probably detain him for questioning." To Lleu, when she notices him coming up behind her, 'I'll help you with him.”

"I'll make sure he doesn't bleed out," Miri replies, taking her medkit and kneeling down, going to work on the unconscious man.

The militiaman inside the house is confronted by a /woman/ in her bodyarmour and holding a gun on him? There's shock and anger, and more than a bit of indignancy on his face. The guy doesn't immediately drop the sword but does back up, his other hand out to try and cow the royal behind him, to move her further away. Fear is starting to creep onto his face as he moves, but the woman in the dark cloak with her purple and gold House Colours and crest on her breast? She just stares at Adeliza and the gun and slowly backs away with the militiaman's backward guidance. The only thing that seems to cause a startle and worry is not hearing more gunshots, but hearing the yell of pain from Atticus. Those expressive eyes suddenly look scared and lock on the direction of where she heard that from. "Sir Atticus!!" is called, hope and fear in that voice. Her attention doesn't go back to the armoured woman at the door until her rump hits the wall and she flattens herself there. Then? Then she's looking back at Adeliza and the militiaman in between them. he looks at Liza, "Drop that gun, woman. You know who this is. You really, really don't want to do this. You best turn around and leave."

Nobody else nearby now, Fischer starts making his way towards the door as well, looking around carefully as he does. His steps are rather fast as he does, moving to help the others that has gone for the door.

"Go. We've got him." Lleufer does a second look at that son of a bitch's face, then secures the pistol as Miri starts to work on the blown out knee. He used to be an adventurer until he took an arrow in the knee! Ynyr keeps a sharp eye out but crouches down to ziptie the fella's hands behind his back. "He sure as shit looks like kin to Amos. Damn. Make /sure/ he doesn't bleed out. Soon as you bind him, I'll carry him." Lleu keeps his baritone real low, then stands guard with his rifle while Miri finishes up.

<FS3> Adeliza rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls First Aid: Success.

Randy shakes off her bucket disaster quickly and follows after Palermo and Fischer quickly to help converge on the people inside. She's squeeze her way in any way she can while keeping her eye out for alternate approaches.

"No, I don't, and yes," Adeliza shifts the gun just slightly to shoot the man in the upper arm/shoulder area of the hand holding the sword. "I do. Get down. NOW." She trains the gun back to his face, warning shot delivered. She can see the woman behind him, but she hasn't made any threatening moves, so she doesn't shift any focus to her, merely gives the man her best steel gaze and waits to see his decision.

Much as the sign of a colonial officer in the door seems to knock the Lady and her guard off kilter, it seems to only embolden the trio of locals. They seem to know enough to slowly shift themselves away from the line of fire, and one even starts to grab a pan from the range as if she's going to brain the guard with it. Liza's shot beats her to it though. The man drops his sword and his arm becomes useless, but then backs up, putting himself bodily between the colonials and his Charge. He draws his beltknife with his off hand and his expression turns to grim determination. Meanwhile, sensing blood, the woman of the house draws a kitchen knife and looks to be looking for an opening to gut the wounded guard.

Miri gives the wounded officer's leg a quick, serviceable field dressing, then lays one bare hand on his cheek. It looks almost like a tender gesture. She closes her eyes in concentration, trying to see what she can pull out of his brain.

Not getting a reply from Atticus brings a very dark sadness to the girl's eyes. The straw that broke the camel's back, as it were. Clearly she at least cared about this person. Watching the militiaman in front of her, she once again seems to look through him. The other people in the doorway and coming in don't even seem to concern her. She reaches a hand out to place lightly on his shoulder. "Mister Merrick, it is time to stop. Your job is to protect me, not die uselessly."

Lleufer is antsy to see WTF is going on in that house with his people. People he's responsible for on his team. "Hurry it up, Zahav. Plenty of time to pick his brains later." Assuming they get him out of here. His rifle he slings by the strap and once the 'Sir' Atticus fellow's knee is bound, the Master-at-Arms is itching to pick the fella up and heft him over his shoulder in Fireman's carry. Soon as Miri gives him the nod, Lleu'll heave up Mr. SackOPotatos and head for the inside to take stock.

Watching the locals for a moment, eyes narrowed subtly, Palermo tracks their movements before she shifts her attention toward the guard and the well dressed woman that he's guarding. The business end of the rifle tracks the movements of the head jackass, not so much waiting for permission to blow his brains out as waiting for an excuse to do so, or just yeah permission. At the softly spoken words she blinks, revaluating the dynamic in the room on the fly.

Clara stays long enough to make sure Atticus is well in hand, then leaves Miri to it. The hand to his cheek garners a curious look, but she doesn't ask questions. She's on her feet and moving toward the house shortly, to cover the ingress of the rest of the marines.

Once inside with Palermo and the rest, Randy fans out alongside, both pistols up, because two are scarier than one. Especially to a guy with a knife in a gun fight. She glances towards the young woman when she speaks, careful to see if she's packing anything too. Never know, right?

Loosening the supporting hand from her pistol, Adeliza lifts her hand to the woman of the house with her knife, but she doesn't lower her weapon until Mister Merrick does. "And I don't like to kill needlessly. We are not going to harm your lady. Or you, any more, if you lower your weapon." With Palermo now backing her up, she is able to turn her attention to the well dressed woman, and she gives a little nod of her head. After that, she turns to the others in the room. "Lt. Wynn. I have one question. How much help do you have around this farm, planting and taking care of your fields?"

Miri withdraws her hand and nods to Lleufer. "We're clear. He's not expecting reinforcements." She stands up, cleaning her hands with a wipe from her kit. "Need a hand with him?"

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Body+body: Failure.

Fischer steps in as well, letting out a bit of a breath as he sees the scene inside there. "Easy…" he offers to the locals, lifting his hand slightly in their direction, before he nods a bit at the words spoken by Adeliza. "Weapon down," he offers to the militiaman, words kept rather calm.

Merrick looks decidedly uncertain about just about everything right now, but the order from the royal behind him seems to take precedent and he slowly lowers his knife hand until it's at about his hip, then drops the blade to the floor. He doesn't move out of the way mind, but he does keep his hands where the colonials can see them.
As for the farmers? Well, the woman looks almost disappointed she won't get to deal with the guard, but with the array of pistols pointing around she puts the knife back where she picked it up from, and takes the lead in answering. "No one, just us three. I'm Leda, this is my husband Kuirk, and my son Titus. I take it you saw the field?"

UP goes Mr. BadHairCut and Lleufer's hand slips on the bloody knee and about drops Atticus! Maybe Miri needs to lend him a hand for a second to get the fella balanced up on his shoulder before Mr. Ynyr falls on his ass in the mud. "Damn rain. Come on." There's that momentary delay while Miri helps him keep his feet and then Lleufer heads around front. The Gunnery Sergeant is careful when they get to the door and uses his rifle to push it open before he goes in. Soon as Ynyr sees the tableau within the house he dumps Sir Atticus onto the couch, "Siterep. Who's she?" That to the Royal gal. "Somebody bind that fella and he needs a medic."

Clara is already moving toward the second injured militiaman, slipping a roll of gauze and syrette out of a pouch at her side. Hopefully he knows better than to try attacking her when she goes in to help him. If not, he'll quickly find that she's stronger than she looks.

Merrick, the injured militiaman, looks warily at Clara as she approaches, even if he did hear Lleu mention a medic. Once it becomes apparent the Three wants to touch him though he panics, if Emily wasn't behind him he'd be backing into the corner and using his shoulder blades to dig his way through the wall. There's a royal in the way though, so instead he just drops to his knees and begs her not to touch him. That he'll do better next time.

"She's a princess. Apparently on her way to her own wedding," Miri informs Lleu. She's not gonna tell anyone that he fell on his ass. Bros for life. "Ma'am, is getting married something that was your idea? Because if you don't want to, you don't frakking have to, okay?" She must look a sight, now pretty well drenched and spattered with a mix of blood and mud.

After the militiaman drops his knife, the woman behind him stands off the wall and her hands go back inside her cloak. "Thank you, Mister Merrick." At this point she steps out from behind the militiamen. She can see the group is largely female and maybe there is something emboldening about this fact. "I'm not sure who you are or where you have come from, but whatever you want, just name your price." Her gaze drifts across the group, the young woman doing her best to keep her cool. She's doing a magnificent job of it, too. And something slowly seems to be occurring to her, as well. The question about the fields has her reconsider a few things, too. "You're not here for me, are you? …Where are you from?" is asked to nobody in particular, but there is a particularly assumptive tone. Yes, you will tell me what I wish to know. And then Clara steps inside and the colour utterly drains from her face. Anyone looking at the royal can tell she's either close to shitting herself in fear or currently in process. Does she run or beg, though? No.. after the moment has passed, the fear melts away and she sighs. Head tilting forward, there's resignation there.

"I'm too old for this shite," Randy mutters when Miri reveals this girl is a princess.

Clara looks briefly perplexed at the reaction from both Merrick and the supposed princess. It takes her a moment, but she does eventually clue in. And stall her approach. Contrition flashes across her eyes; a glance is shot across to Miri. Maybe you should go?

"She is not going to change you," Liza tells them curtly. "We don't do things that way. She is only going to patch you and leave you," she indicates to Merrick, "and she is going to do absolutely nothing to you. No, we aren't here for you. We're from Nowhere." She turns to the others, "and Leda, Kuirk, Titus, if you want to go on a road to nowhere, we can - " and then she sees Atticus, and her face drains of colour. She clenches her jaw, takes a long breath, and then lifts her chin, squaring her shoulders. "we can transport you. We are taking him, aren't we?" she asks Ynyr. "Leda, Kuirk and Titus are responsible for the field. I have no name for this woman, yet, but this is Mr. Merrick her guide, and they are terrified that you are a Cleric, Piers."

"Yes ma'am, that we did," Palermo confirms with a nod toward the now-introduced Leda, the marine chimes in from where she's standing and keeping an eye on the room at large.

The scene is hand enough to holster one of her sidearms and safety the other one as Randy pulls out a cigar, the tip already clipped, and lights up with one of her survival matches. Never could get away with a joint in the field. It messes up the senses too much, especially with the sensitive eyesight and hearing. Puff puff. "She's a medic. She makes people not bleed everywhere. She doesn't jump in your mind or scramble anything."

The trio of locals also flinch once they get a good look at Clara, but the older two seem to pull it together quickly enough, they're old enough to remember clearly before. At Adeliza's offer they confer briefly, then the gents head upstairs to grab a few things while Leda nods to Palermo, looking mightily relieved. "We didn't think anyone would, but once we'd done it we couldn't stop. you know. It became our anchor, so we wouldn't forget."

Did Flynn really pull out and light up a fat cigar? Lleufer stares at her, distracted, for a second before he wrenches his attention back to the rest of them. Adeliza is talking so he listens as his gaze roams over the others. "Yeah, we'll take this Atticus fellow. If he's not kin to my former CO, I'll eat my rifle." The family is eyed. Lleu's gaze rivets on the man, "Kuirk? As in … Stone?" Now the Gunnery Sergeant is looking over that fella real carefully. Sorry Princess, the Marine with the rifle is ignoring you.

Miri catches Clara's glance and nods, crossing the room to Merrick. Apparently crazy blood-soaked lady is still preferable to maybe-a-cleric. "I'm going to patch you up, okay?"

Miri's words to the young royal are heard and her eyes open and look to the side, despite her bowed head. Not much of what the medic says makes sense and she lifts her head and looks mightily confused about that statement. "My, you're bold. And in front of a Cleric?" Cleric. Her eyes then look back to Clara and there's more confusion. The Cleric doesn't understand why people are afraid of her? So much of this is not adding up. And that she demanded an answer and didn't get when except 'Nowhere' brings a frown. "He's not my guide. He's a guard. Sir Atticus, the knight you killed," she doesn't know any better, "he was my guide. I am Lady Emily of House Benning. And few souls of this land don't know that I'm not a Princess." She's being ignored and that is even distressing her more. "Please help me," the girl says quietly, almost as if it was a final hope. A little string to reach for as if it were a lifeline.

<FS3> Randy rolls Blow A Smoke Ring In Miss Princess Pants' Face: Success.

Merrick actually sags in relief as Clara moves away from him. The adrenaline that he been keeping him going is starting to drain though, and he just leans back against the wall that Emily had recently been up against and does not resists as Miri gets to work.
With the menfolk grabbing things, Leda turns to answer Lleu's question, a small from of thought crossing her features at his question. "Stone," she replies, with a slow nod, "yes, he is Kuirk Stone, you know him?" She’s faintly confused at that, because her husband didn't seem to recognise the Master at Arms after all.

"Oh don't get your knickers in a twist," The woman with a really strange accent Emily's never heard before says before she puffs on the cigar and cavalierly blows a passable smoke ring her way. Randy’s aim is better than her form and the ring's trajectory is for Emily's face. "We have space right Lieutenant?"

Lleufer watches and listens, then shakes his head, "She's not a Cleric. We are Colonial Marines. We came by because of the field. Picked up on recon from orbit." Ynyr then looks at Leda and Kuirk, "You are Samtara Nadir-Stone's son. Never met you before, but I've seen photos of you. By God, she's been worried sick about her kids. Colt, too." The Gunnery Sergeant glances at the Princess now, "This Atticus fellow isn't dead. We knocked him out." Finally Lleufer looks to Adeliza, "We should get these people out. The Stones, if they'll come. Question the Princess. We need local intel, and daylight's coming, Sir."

Clara hangs back from the others, not particularly inclined to manhandle people who have her mistaken for someone else. It's clearly bothering her, judging by the look on her face. "I'm not a frakking cleric, princess," she retorts flatly to Emily, dark eyes meeting the woman's. Emphasis on the moniker, her expression irritated.

Palermo's expression holds the edge of confused curiosity at the back and forth then the startled look as the Gunny explains who these locals are. She eyes the trio of civilians again for a moment, frank curiosity now, then speaks in a quiet aside, "Permission to help them carry what they need to the bird, Gunny?" offering a spare hand to carry what ever.

Miri looks up from where she's tending to Merrick. "We're going to help you, Emily. Yeah, we aren't great with royal protocol, but we help people." Her head snaps around when she heard Lleufer. "Holy shit, this is the doc's kid? We've got to bring them with us. She's going to lose it when she finds out she's a grandma."

Adeliza looks to Ynyr. "Dr. Stone?" she asks. "Was he on the registry?" Then Emily is speaking again, and she closes her eyes once, then turns back to Emily, finally realizing that though she lowered her arm, she didn't holster her weapon. She tucks it away and gives her a half grin. "In front of a Line," she corrects. "Atticus is not dead. We would not be taking a dead person back with us, nor carrying him around." At the request, her eyes narrow. "How do you expect us to help you? Acknowledged, Gunnery Sergeant," she adds over her shoulder. "Let's start moving the wounded and the Stones."

Emily looks to Randy as she speaks, not understanding the word. A woman smoking a cigar? When its blown into her face she coughs and looks away. But what Lleufer says has her attention snap-to and her gaze then moves over the people again, re-evaluating what this is and what's going on. Even though Clara is speaking to her, she stares at the Three in whole new light. Then Miri again. She looks breathless, lips parting as if mouthing one word, nary a sound from her.

Palermo looks toward the family again then casually slings the rifle out of the way, "Let me carry something," she offers, moving to the youngest and, after introducing herself again, offers to carry what ever it is that the kid is willing to hand over to lighten the load. A rucksack of sorts is handed over, earning a startled grunt of surprise from the marine at the weight of it then a grin at the kid. "Packed and ready to go. Good on you," and nods toward the door, ready to move.

Some of the others start helping the Stones get their things together that they want to take. Lleufer gives Adeliza a nod, "Yeah, listed in the Registry. So's my oldest son. He was on Picon too." But not with these folk. The Master-At-Arms produces another ziptie, then steps over towards the Princess, "Put your hands behind your back, your Highness. I'm going to have to bind your hands, then we are heading out."

Emily is still ignored and she does have some amount of distress with all of this. That nobody is replying to her and ignoring her is making this even harder for her. Seeing someone approach her with zipties, though, confuses her. She's never seen such things and puts her hands behind her back inside the cloak. When it’s opened to allow Lleufer access, everyone can see the teal-blue dress she's wearing with a very fine, purple corset. Her eyes move over the others and seems surprised at the cuffing. And then there's a bag and she's not going to see her luggage ever again. She doesn't say another word, she just does what she is told.

Miri says, "Girl, you have /got/ to introduce me to your tailor.""

With the extra gear of the Stone's, the hooded Princess, and the need to carry their wounded prisoner, the walk back to the Raptors takes a bit longer than the trip up. And let’s not forget the delay to erase the memories of the surviving militiamen. It's at least an uneventful trip, if an emotional one for the Stones. They're leaving, which is good, but also bittersweet. Still, as they clamber into the waiting craft there's only a single look back towards their home. Take-off, atmo, and the jumps are all uneventful as well, although it's fair to say that there's a fair amount of chatter from the pilots and ECOs as they try and get their head round having a Princess onboard.

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