Ensign Lana K. Westbrook
LanaBio.jpg Westbrook, Lana
Ensign Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor ECO
Age Sex
19 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


-Born and raised just outside of Caprica City, Caprica to a family of Dog Breeders. Migrated to Picon at the age of 15 when family purchased land to open their own, private Dog Breeding and Training compound.

- Took to Picon's many beaches and pools like a happy teen. Had first job as a lifeguard at the beach at 16. Attended Briarton Technical Preparatory School, where she gained an interest in computer programming, but mostly how to snoop using computers.

- Shortly after her 18th birthday, WarDay broke out. Lana was at home and used what network connection she could to try to direct network messages to refugees to known safe places, but shortly thereafter, network access was revoked.

- Hunkering down with her family, Lana was eventually separated from her parents during a random patrol that claimed the life of her only brother, Ethan. She dove into the river, her parents were supposed to follow, and she hasn't seen them since.

- After two months of hiding and moving at night, Lana was picked up and inducted into a resistance cell, who were ever grateful for her computer expertise. She traveled with the tiny resistance cell until Picon was declared liberated, and despite being a part of a cell, was kept further back due to her first aid experience from being a lifeguard and her technical capabilities.

- When trainers for the breakneck Raptor schools asked for people with computer experience, all hands pointed towards Lana. After 4 harrowing weeks of training, she was one of the lucky few deemed proficient enough to be sent to the fleet. Now, with only messages left behind on posts for her parents to follow should they turn up alive, she arrives at the fleet.

RP Hooks

  • Eff Enn Gee: What better than to entrust humanity's last fate and the electronic warfare suite of a spacecraft worth millions of cubits to a girl who was in high school last year? The Colonies needed fresh officers, and there were slim pickings on Picon. Now…you get driven to war by a girl barely out of high school age with the ability to arm and fire nuclear weapons. Enjoy.
  • Picon by Caprica: Born and raised on Caprica, migrated to Picon. Lana is the annoying person who calls Picon home but still manages to love her C'Bucks.
  • Creature of the Water: Sooner or later a water shortage is going to force the pool to be drained. Until that happens, Lana exclusively takes her PT in the pool, doing lap after lap after lap after…

Recent Events

Date Event Relevant Log
AWD #319 Transfer to BS-114 Orion N/A

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
2005 Recruit Crandall AFB, Picon Fast-Track Pilot/ECO Training
2005 Ensign BS-114 Orion Fast-tracked from Picon


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