AWD #376: Lake City - Ground
Lake City - Ground
Summary: What beings as a final sweep before returning to base becomes a desperate fire fight on the ground.
Date: Sat Jul 02 15:43:55 2016
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Lake City - Caprica
Much like any decent sized city, Lake City is about five miles on each side, there are a couple larger office buildings downtown. A sprawling metropolis of buildings, homes, etc. with a civilian population that has been turned to support the Cylon war effort.
Tue Jan 17 2006

The Sixes seem well-organized but have clearly started to branch from the original line and develop their own personalities. There are about 200 on the ground around the 55th MCCS. With Knox gone, there is a 'Captain Raul Leven' (with no legal authority) model Six commanding the group and keeping them tightly in line. They are all fairly more evocative and warrior-like than Knox. But they all maintain the same sort of straight obligation to military bearing and orders that Knox has. To talk to them, they sound legit. All of you would be expected to talk to them, as well. They've integrated some of the Sixes into their MCCS with their troops watching them. Given most of the 55th is no longer military (mostly former SF contractors), they have some opinions. Most of them respect the Sixes but aren't sure they trust them just yet. In battle they've performed and follow their chain of command. So far, the 'honor' designation to the line has stuck well. Jankovic thinks the world of them but there are quibbles with the troops. The Sixes are doing their best but still have a ways to go. They fight like a wolf pack but have trouble working with the human units when they are separate. It's an issue to work through but probably not surprising.

After the evaluation has finished, a quick 24 hour visit, everyone is setting up and ready to launch from the Raptors. Jankovic seems pleased with it all and takes a salute as they begin to close their hatches. The rest of the group seems to have been pleased with it as well, but the contractors seems especially pleased that JTF Command sent someone direct to talk to them. With the gunship in the lead, the two begin take-off and lift from the ground. Despite being on Caprica, things have been fairly quiet. Even as they lift, though, there are distant SAM radars that ping on their systems but far too distant to do any damage. Most of it is backscatter off the atmosphere from 500-600 miles away. They're in the middle of nowhere with only a few towns nearby. Only one was any threat - a town settled by the 'loyalists' - the people who have been brainwashed and returned to Caprica. They aren't jumping yet, though, which is strange. Flying about 100 miles at low altitude, the pilot from the transport radios ahead to find out why.

[Into the Wireless] Kraft says, "I want a low level recon shot of Lake City. It's that loyalist town, Two. Standby. This will be fast. Chatterbox, standby to shoot photos."

Weird as it may seem, Amos has actually enjoyed being back on Caprica with the 55th, even if only briefly. There'd been sad moments when he realised familiar faces were missing, but such is war, and at least there's the consolation of knowing that he didn't lose his JTAC in vain. As the hatch seals he finally rolls his sleeves back down, straps in, and settles for the jump back to the fleet. It might be a dangerous time, but it's out of his hands now, and he trusts the raptor crew to deal with things. The change of plan gets a faintly raised eyebrow to the transport's ECO though, as if to check their feelings on the matter.

Evans whistles to himself as he punches a few buttons on his control set, queuing the Raptor's cameras to spool up and prep the system to start taking recon photos on queue, while saving the rest of his commentary for OFF of the wireless, "Come to Caprica, see the devastation, where the rich and famous are in such denial they actually hug the Cylons…bet they are just crushed they don't have olives for their martinis…"

[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "Lead, Chatterbox, Roger that. Ready to take shots like a tourist. Don't think they'll line up and smile for us, do ya? Over."

With her gear squared away and the safety straps as cinched down as they're going to get without cutting off circulation, Kapali is angled so that she can look through the nearest view port, a somber if almost grimly determined expression on the marine corporal's face. The chatter over the com followed by the LT JG's remark has her shifting a brief sidelong glance in his direction before she's focusing again on what she can see from where she's seated. It's no secret that the corporal is Caprican, but without the safety of rank pins to remark from, she only angles her head to continue to keep the image of the planet in sight for as long as possible.

The ECO in the transport Raptor doesn't look happy. He leans over to look at the two Marines, "This isn't okay. It was not briefed for us. There are air defenses hidden all over this damned planet. We need to get the frak out of here and Krafty is looking to win medals. This is what happens with new Lieutenants." He shakes his head, unhappy.

Meanwhile in Evans' Raptor, the pilot just grins. "Damned right, Evans. Let's get these shots. Command will love to see one of these towns and what they are up to." He dives a little lower, meanwhile their door gunner in the back looks nervous. The .50 is folded up inside and she has nothing to do but stare. A Specialist from the Deck, Rachel Young was chosen for her cool.

Meanwhile the two Raptors dive low, running over the terrain at barely 300 feet above the trees. It's far lower than they need to be but Kraft is hot-dogging it. Ahead, they can see the town as it approaches. About five miles on each side, there are a couple larger office buildings downtown. But then? Kraft begins to slow down. The pilot retards the throttles and starts to coast as they bleed speed down. 500. 400. 300 knots. 250. For a Raptor it feels like they're in a car cruising down an empty highway at speed. They can all see people lifting their heads on the streets and point. Many people start running.

[Into the Wireless] Kraft says, "There we go. Chats, make sure they are smiling for the photos. Get everything. IR, visual, and EM. Map the whole town while we pass."
[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "Lead, Chatterbox. Film is rolling. Smile, motherfrakkers."

Amos gives the ECO in the back of the transport a faint nod and then eyes the restricted view through the hatch. Since the backseater doesn't look happy, he doesn't look happy either, and while he isn't Airwing so his advantage o rank doesn't give him command, he can at least make suggestions, and so he does so on comms. Not much else he can do really, but he has to try.

Evans dooobedoobedooos as he relays commands to the recon system, instructing the cameras to rapid fire and start dumping image files to the system's flight recorder, taking manual control of one to make sure shots are taken of the building's' upper floors in more than one spectrum, just in case Intel finds some details out there that they don't see now, "Hey, uh, you know we don't need to go anywhere that slow, Righty, Gummy? If one of these frakkers pulls out a man portable SAM…I'm good, but Im not point blank jamming on split second notice good." He DOESN'T say this over the wireless. Evans is reckless, but not 'question your superior officer and flight commander over the wireless' reckless. Instead he simply acknowledges.

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Lead, Ommanney. Stick to the plan Lieutenant. No need to show our bellies to their air defenses, or give away that we have interest in the area. We're done, lets go home."

Kapali is careful only ease as far forward as she can on the seat to get as good a look as possible without unclasping the safety harness and pressing her face to the window and eyeballing the people down below. From the subtle grip that she has on the harness it's clear that remaining seated was the second or third string idea, but she remains seated anyway.

Shoulder-fired SAM's? They don't give a warning. There isn't an active radar to warn the sets on the Raptor. There's no telling how many there are on the planet. Or how many have been distributed to the Loyalists. But in the transport Raptor, in the rear, they know there is one on the ground right away as they start to pass over the town. A few of the tree's shake unnaturally on the ground and then there's a white finger of smoke arcing up ahead of them. The single-shot missile rockets up towards the gunship in the lead, mere seconds from hitting.

Meanwhile the gunship's pilot slows down through 200 knots and puts his middle finger against the glass. Ha ha, frakkers. He just grins, looking over the side. "I wish we could drop a bomb on their asses. Command would probably have kittens, though. Something about civilians." But then he hears the radio message.

Kraft is halfway through his reply when the man-portable SAM explodes. The missile's nose cone puffs as the 50-pound shaped-charge explodes ten feet from the Raptor. Fifty three-inch Tungsten rods explode forward with the copper penetrator, aimed at the starboard engine. The rods blow off the minigun and detonate the rocket pod, exploding all of them at once. The force of the explosion from the pod, in one quarter of a second, diverts the jet of molten copper away from the ECO station and it impacts just aft. Meanwhile the tungsten rods rip the right engine completely off the unaerodynamic Raptor. The damage severs the primary power to the geav system and suddenly the Raptor is a floating brick, and on fire as JP8 spills and aerosols into the atmosphere. For a moment the Raptor is hidden behind a cloud of angry black and orange smoke until the self-sealing tanks cut off the fuel. …To both engines. The Raptor begins a slow, ineloquent spin towards the town, just on the other side of the city center.

[Into the Wireless] Kraft says, "Captain, I'm in charge of this mission. We're getting some recon and then we'll be out of he- …." There is a loud explosion over the radio, followed by cursing. "Super Six-One! WE ARE GOING IN! GOING IN!"

Amos mutters something under his breath that might sound very much like 'Athena protect me from glory boys and full on frakking frak-whits' before he's taking a deep breath and turning to his ECO. "Get me coms with Lead, I need to know their situation once they hit. If they make it we need to pick them up," or they need to suicide, but he's leaving that bit unsaid. "While you're at it, make sure we don't get the same treatment. Oh, and the winning numbers for the Libran lottery would be nice while you're at it." Yes, he' knows he wants everything at once, hence the more light hearted point at the end. Then, unstrapping he moves to try and squeeze into the co-pilot seat. "Can we follow them down and land to grab survivors?" Then, finally, over his shoulder to Kapali, "Corporal, prepare to open the hatch in a hurry."

Evans is in the middle of shaking his head and using the little joystick to maneuver the camera around for a good panorama of another building when the first white streak laces past the bus and his panel goes all Saturnalia tree with threat warnings. He really only barely has time to turn and face his panel directly and key the ECM suite to full active when the second rocket plows into the Raptor's underside and things go pear shaped so fast he barely has a chance to blink. Explosions shudder the airframe, sounds of little parts ricochet around the cabin, one of the panel's screens shorts out and his view is suddenly obscured with a lot of *red* that might be his, and all he can do is swear a few creative things his mother would have washed his mouth out with soap for, and grab his harness while he keys out the mayday. He's still alive, right? Right.

Kapali is unfastening the seat webbing as soon as the captain moves forward, repositioning herself adjacent to the hatch with one hand braced against the surface of the door itself while the other is ready to work the command to open the hatch as soon as the order is given. While there she takes a few moments to secure a safety line to the harness that she's wearing that totes the gear that she'd worn to this little non-dangerous non-falling-out-of-the-sky-while-screaming pre-combat confab. "Ready," verbally confirming this for the Captain as she braces herself in position.

The Raptor continues its right-hand spin. The left engine was still delivering thrust until the fuel cut-off and it puts the Raptor into an uncontrollable flat spin. The whole thing seems to hover at altitude for a few seconds before beginning its death dive. Still travelling at more than 100 knots. It clips the top of the house and Kraft pulls his ejection rocker. With the dust from the impact, the canopy pops off and his seat fires as the Raptor tumbles. The seat fires at a thirty degree angle and launches him at 14G's into the side of one of the office buildings near downtown. They can all watch as his helmet hits the brick and mortar structure and bounces off. With the rocket still firing, it sends him spiraling off into the ground and he ends up skilling along a street, a trail of blood behind him.

Meanwhile the crashing Raptor continues it's descent and crashes through the next building in line, a toy store. The whole right, aft side of the craft is gone and the body of Specialist Young tumbles out, gone from above the waist. Her legs are thrown into the air as the Raptor settles against the storefront, upright. The hatch automatically pops open, facing the street.

Below them, people are scattering for the moment. The few further away seem to be celebrating. Some of them are armed.

It's like watching a car crash in slow motion, very like it infact, if cars flew and crashed into missiles. Still, Amos just can't look away as Kraft karks it, then Young. There's a moment of regret that he can't Court Martial that little scrote all the way back to the stone age, but then he's focusing on more urgent issues. "As soon as you feel us land get the hatch open," he calls to Kapali, "we need to check on Chatterbox. If he emerges under his own steam then haul him in, if not we need to go get him." Or confirm the kill. Then to the flight crew, "put us down, and give us as long as you can. If you need to fire the gun then do, but aim above any crowd while you can." Then, as he's hauling himself out of the co-pilot seat again he comms across to the stricken Raptor.

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Chatterbox, Ommanney. Get out and get out quick. Destroy your console if it isn't already then get on board. We're leaving, but we can't leave without you."

The Raptor hits with a crunch and somehow, Evans is able to wipe his face off with the arm of his flightsuit to catch most of the action right before the bus exceeds its own impact tolerances. Enough to see Gumball make paste of herself and what's left of the gunner jump ship. A second passes, another, as the Jig gets his bearings and assesses the situation, blinking blearily to clear his vision as he assesses the crowd, then eyes the second Raptor. Well, for once he can use that quick wit on something else instead. Enough that he can immediately respond to the Captain.

[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "*cough* Captain, Chatter. Respectfully, get your ass out of here before they paste your Raptor. I'm gonna be right pissed off if Gumball's frak up fails this mission. My legs are pinned and you might be good but you sure as frak aren't moving a half ton of cratered ECO panel off of my broken legs to get me out of this. You got a mission to finish and I'm not part of it. *muttered with the mic open* You arrogant frakker I hope you felt every inch of that road pizza. *then louder* I can get at my sidearm, just get the frak out of here.""

"Aye Captain," comes Kapali's low voiced reply to Ommanney, her voice pitched just loud enough for the com to pick up within Raptor without broadcasting all across hell and back yonder. She is poised, one hand brace beside the controls, the other ready to work the clasp holding her secured to the tether. Kapali doesn't turn or move away from the door even after hearing the words Evans relays via the Wireless, that all-business serious as a nail through the eye expression remains set.

The pilot up front in the transport looks back, wide-eyed. "What GUN? We're unarmed!" But she does begin a crash dive. Meanwhile the ECO in the back is throwing out flares. He isn't screwing around, either. At this altitude, they are sure to start fires. But they do some good as the Raptor turns in. As the latest flare pops out, they are descending below rooftop level. A missile streaks back past and hits the flare. The missile explodes and rocks the Raptor, shredding a gas station nearby and causing a large explosion, but the ECO pipes up. "We're good! All systems nominal! But we've got a breach on life support!" Meaning nobody without a flight suit is leaving. Gear extends and comes down just in time to hit the pavement. Ahead of them, they can see empty streets for the moment. Even as they pop out from the hatch, everything looks quite. Ratchet, the pilot, meanwhile barks at them, "I'm in command now! Get his ass!" Great, an Ensign giving orders. "We need to get out of here twenty minutes ago!" The gas station becomes a roaring flame, but the flames seem to block most of one access with the closest intersection.

With the door open, the two Marines in the back can smell the burning gas. When they pile out they are looking at a Raptor with it's canopy glass gone and the pilot's seat ejected. It's sitting on storefront rubble with its nose pointing southbound, away from the gas fire. With the hatch open, the door gun has come free and is resting on the mount. The left engine is still spooling down with its long whine, but everything seems quiet for the moment.

Amos claps his ECO on the shoulder as he goes past. "You heard how it is over there, we're about to go do what marines do best and add some brute force into the mix. You see if you can come up with something clever. I doubt we have the lifting capacity to just snag a line and haul it back up with us but you know this craft and its capacities better than I do. Think on it and let me know when you have a clever plan to save all our arses." Then, after a quick check of his gear he nods to Kapali as he ducks out and onto the wing. "Lovely day for a stroll Corporal, don't you think." Hefting his gun he darts towards the fallen raptor aiming for the easiest ingress into the back section and the trapped ECO.

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Negative Chatterbox. En route to your position. Ratchet, looks like the door gun might be operational, I need you to be my eyes and let us know if we need to man it."

The moment the Raptor touches down Kapali hits the commands to open the hatch and works the clip on the tether to release herself from the safety line. She's drawing her gun as well, now that she has a hand free to do so, and snagging the kit she'd brought along with. Scanning up, then forward and around as she follows the Captain out into the street, "Just peachy, sir, thought we'd do some shopping and catch a show while we're here. I hear the loyalists do some great comedy work." Every step of the way she's looking at debris or anything that'll work in lieu of a winch, eyeing the blazing inferno that was a gas station and the debris it'd scattered when it went up in flames.

Evans turns his head to look at the movement closer, yanking his sidearm free before he identifies that it IS Orion folks that close, even if he still clicks the safety off and mutters under his breath, "What is it with superior offers and not frakking listening to me today?" Then keys the mic.

[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "Captain, I'd love to tell you it works, but I can't reach it and it's covered with a fine mist of the last person manning it. That stunt you just pulled seems to have scared the locals off for the moment, but I doubt it. They're probably calling Uncle Raider right now, /sir/. Registering my observation that this is a really bad idea."

The JG flying the transport watches them exit and head towards the stricken crash site. The young woman watches them run and hears the radio call before lifting off. The gear is retracted easily and she begins a slow circle about ten feet above the rooftops.

Meanwhile the two approach the crash site and find the door gun has tumbled out into its mount. The rocket pod and minigun on the left side of the aircraft are still pointed up the street, but there are several boxes of .50 ammo stacked on the walls inside. But when they see the situation in there, it isn't pretty. The ECO panel has collapsed in the crash and left Evans pinned under it at the waist. The armor plating has come with it and wedged him in there good, but it leaves Evans a view out of the cockpit and down the street head. But so far it's still quiet.

[Into the Wireless] Ratchet says, "Captain, there is a small group of people to the north pointing this way. We have no way to get you home, sir. We need a new Raptor. I am notifying the fifty-fifth and we are heading home for a strike. Stand by!"

The Raptor slowly lifts above the homes and then there's a bright flash. The sound hits them like a nuclear bomb, the sound shattering all windows within half a mile.

<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"Check the weapon," Amos orders Kapali, "if it's still usable get it ready, then check the cockpit controls on the minigun and see if we have that too." Leaving her the wing access he clambers in via the cockpit. "Sorry Lieutenant," he greets Evans cheerfully, can't leave you to the locals, so you're stuck with us I'm afraid. He's then about to comm in to Ratchet where her call comes in. He starts to reply but then seeing the raptor lift, drops down into a protective crouch, shielding his eyes from the flash before he lets loose a string of really rather ungentlemanly words and moves to start trying to access any areas of the ECO console that might react better to the application of leverage than others.

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Negative Ratchet. We need your eyes. Inform Jankovich and stay on stati.. *string of curses*"

<FS3> Kapali rolls Ecm: Success.

Kapali detours to check the weapon as instructed, spotting a long rod of rebar, most of it still coated in concrete. "Sir, we need a lever," she notes even as she flags the length of rebar in her newly minted mental map of the surrounding area to where the LTJG has decided to build his summer home away from home and have a lovely BBQ. "We need a lever to get that panel off of the LT or we're going to have to do something unfortunate to his legs, sir," said as she's checking over the weaponry and making note of the boxes of ammo stacked on the inside walls. She eyes the ammo, then the minigun and the rocket pod, "If all else fails, sir, we can light off the ammo in bulk and create a hell of a noise but.." and she's eyeing everything in a swift but surprised manner, "Sir, the weapon is still functional and has power," she moves forward and checks over everything one component at a time; hell of a time to have a weapon jam or malfunction if she needs to pull the trigger. "Should work," there's that cautious optimism.

Evans watches the Orion folks clamber into the wreck and lowers his sidearm, grumbling good naturedly at the Marine, "Sir, you're really pissing me off with this whole 'not following the orders of an inferior officer' crap." He at least holster's the sidearm and since the panel has at least some power, gives the batteries the command to scram the FTL drive. At least face to face, they can see he's in a lot of pain and playing it off pretty well - hips aren't supposed to be pinned quite that tight. Probably a few broken bones at least.

"Thank you Corporal," Amos replies. Emptying a .50 cal into a bunch of civilians, even hostile ones, isn't exactly how he wants to proceed, but a weapon is a weapon if it comes to it. Evans is flashed a smile and he replies, "not to worry Lieutenant, I brought one of my best engineers along just for this sort of thing, she'll have you out in no time." Back to Kapali, "find us a lever and tell me where and when to push or pull." The, really quiet so it shouldn't carry to Evans, "I'll give him a quick once over and make sure he isn't going to bleed out once we lift that thing." Finally he's then turning back to Evans and getting close enough to examine those crushed legs, and do any first aiding he might be able to.

<FS3> Amos rolls First Aid: Good Success.

"Right, roger that," Kapali says in a low voice before she back tracks to the length of rebar and, with another of those wary glances around that sweeps the immediate area with all manner of suspicion, hunkers down to examine how deeply integrated the rebar is into the concrete before flexing both hands and bracing one boot against the concrete and getting a good grip on the rebar, adjusting her angle so that she's not trying to yank the rebar out of the concrete with it aimed right at her face as a stopping point, and gives an experimental tug. "If this doesn't come free, I'll need a 2x4 or a length of debris that'll do the same duty," said in a mutter.

Evans places his hands on the console, glancing up at Kapali as she comes at the panel with a length of rebar, "Considering I think we took out about six trees on the way down, I bet you there's a hefty spike of wood you might could use in the shrapnel outside the bus. I mean, since you two decided to camp out with me instead, you know? Those sympathizers are gonna wise up and figure out they have us outnumbered by about 50 to 1 and they at least got manpack rockets. I give us 5 minutes until they figure out they have the tactical advantage…FRAK that hurts."

"Chin up Lieutenant," Amos notes with a smile, "I survived Santo Ridge, do you think I'm going to let a few sympathisers end me when thousands of centurians couldn't? And look, you're not bleeding any more, so that's practically healed. Now, rest a moment, double check you fried your system correctly, then get ready to help up lift when the corporal gives the word."

<FS3> Kapali rolls Body-3: Embarrassing Failure.

Carrying the length of concrete dusted rebar with her, Kapali eyes the fire and the surround again before she returns to where the captain is inside the wreckage along with Evans. A swift assessment of the placement of the rubble has her working the length of rebar into one of the supporting edges of the console, trying to angle it so that there's a supporting edge to shift the weight with and only succeeds in bending the length of rebar. She grits her teeth against the urge to swear and waste breath doing so. "This isn't' going to work, we need a stronger lever or something to tow this panel off, sir."

Evans mutters, "I know people said I get caught up in my work, but this isn't frakking funny." He sighs and stares at the panel, then looks up at Kapali, then Amos, then offers, "Look, we smashed the bus up pretty badly. There's probably armor panelling from the external skin everywhere. Start wedging pieces of it in and use it for leverage if you can. Otherwise, I appreciate the effort and all and coming to the rescue, but…"

Amos watches as the rebar fails and is pondering an uplifting comment when Evans pipes up about the armour plating. "You heard him Lieutenant," he calls, "chunks of armour, lets see what we can find." As he starts to move away from Evans he notes, "good thinking Lieutenant. While we go scavenge, see if that fabled ECO brian training of yours can give you any other smart ideas. We probably need all we can get right now." And then he off out of the hatch and down onto the street to look for suitable wedges.

While they all work, there's a small crowd assembling up the street to the north, where the weapons are pointing. Five or six people. They all seem to meet in a single intersection about 200 meters up the road. After some animated discussion, one of them breaks away. He's an older male in his late 40's, and he doesn't look armed. But he's walking right at the Raptor.

Tossing aside the length of now-bent rebar, Kapali climbs down and around the rubble as well, "Well shit," is her eloquent way of noting the body of civilians that are assembling up the street to the north. "Sir, company approaching," and she doesn't have to be ordered to haul ass back to where the weaponry is still waiting to be employed. She checks over everything again, making sure the weapon is loaded and dragging over a box of ammo to rest alongside her position, no such thing as too much ammo.

"Be prepared to fire over their heads at my signal," Amos mutters to Kapali as he hugs his rifle to his chest and steps a small way towards the approaching figure. He stops a few paces shy of shouting range, lets the other approach to just within, then calls over, "halt and identify yourself." Not perhaps the most classy line out there, but it's an icebreaker, and so far the mob haven't attacked.

They can all see the guy approaching. He's dressed in Dad Camo. Shorts, socks, sandals, a polo. He keeps his hands out at his side. "This is the only shout I'm giving," he calls out as he approaches. The guy looks currently unarmed but there could be anything there. Lake City is a Loyalist town. 75 meters. 50. 25. He keeps walking. "I'm unarmed," he says over towards the Raptor.

Evans quietly reaches back in the holster to flip the safety back off on his sidearm, eyeing Kapali for a moment before straining his head to get a better look at the incoming guests, "Corporal, if they rush us, the bus' tanks are still full of Tylium. A couple of frag grenades going off against the back panel ought to be enough to rip through the inner armor and send the whole thing up and take every last one of those sonsabitches with us. You know, just saying, in case."

"Aye sir," Kapali's reply is again in that all business no shit tone of voice as she eyes the approaching figure, quieting her own breathing so that she can hear everything being said. The words from Evans has her glancing back for a brief moment before she nods, "I always carry some in my load out kit, sir," and indeed there are both types of hand grenades secured to her vest. "If it comes to that, we wait until they're as close to the raptor as possible to ensure maximum potential and eradicate the math of minimum safe distance from epicenter, sir." This said she hunkers down just a bit more, eyes on the target once again.

Amos sighs inwardly, why is it never easy. Flipping the safety off his rifle he brings it up into his shoulder and aims at the guy's feet. Well, just to the side of his feet, and fires a short, controlled burst of three bullets into the road beside him. "I said," he starts, slowly, still projecting, "halt and identify yourself. You say you're unarmed, prove it to me, take your polo off. We can talk from this distance well enough. What do you want?"

They can all see the guy approaching. He's dressed in Dad Camo. Shorts, socks, sandals, a polo. He keeps his hands out at his side. "This is the only shout I'm giving," he calls out as he approaches. The guy looks currently unarmed but there could be anything there. Lake City is a Loyalist town. 75 meters. 50. 25. He keeps walking. "I'm unarmed," he says over towards the Raptor.

"Aye sir," Kapali's reply is again in that all business no shit tone of voice as she eyes the approaching figure, quieting her own breathing so that she can hear everything being said. The words from Evans has her glancing back for a brief moment before she nods, "I always carry some in my load out kit, sir," and indeed there are both types of hand grenades secured to her vest. "If it comes to that, we wait until they're as close to the raptor as possible to ensure maximum potential and eradicate the math of minimum safe distance from epicenter, sir." This said she hunkers down just a bit more, eyes on the target once again.

Amos sighs inwardly, why is it never easy. Flipping the safety off his rifle he brings it up into his shoulder and aims at the guy's feet. Well, just to the side of his feet, and fires a short, controlled burst of three bullets into the road beside him. "I said," he starts, slowly, still projecting, "halt and identify yourself. You say you're unarmed, prove it to me, take your polo off. We can talk from this distance well enough. What do you want?"

Evans smiles a little at the response from Kapali and lowers his voice, "Corporal, you keep talking sexy like that and I'm gonna forget about frat rules and make a pass at you right here in fronta the Captain." But his sidearm is up, ready to start firing should the Captain find himself under duress, even if he has to sorta twist his upper body a bit to get a good bead out of the Raptor and still, not really a clear shot. While his attention is now focused on their guest, really, the ECO just can't stop his talking, at least keeping his tone down to a hushed, "You aren't married, are you? Or, if you are, is he a bad lay? ECOs are sorta known for being good with their hands…"

The approaching guy nearly turns to run at the burst, but stops short after a few steps. He circles back around with a limp to his leg. There's a few trickles of blood there where bits of road have lodged under the skin. He holds out his arms as he looks down and shakes his head. "That frakkin hurt!" Yep, he's pretty miffed. There's a slow shake of his head and he tugs the polo up and off, showing no weapons. "I'm Bob Arnette. I'm a cop here in Lake City." Apparently out of uniform. "Looks like you had a bit of a mishap and your friends left you. Do you have wounded? I'm guessing at least one of the crew in there is alive or you wouldn't be on the ground."

"Pleasure to meet you Bob," Amos replies, although he doesn't exactly lower his rifle or relax his guard. "I'm Captain.. well, just call me John." Tilting his head to look at the trickles of blood he adds, "you stay there and continue to be non-threatening and I can get the Corporal to toss you a plaster if you like." As for the crash he just shrugs slightly, "I reckon we've got it covered. Don't plan to impose on your fine hospitality much longer. We'll be on our way and out of your hair soon enough."

Flicking a glance back toward Evans and allow a look of brief incredulity to form on her face followed by a fine gleam that is almost a smirk, "I'm a marine, sir, and EOD. Trust me, I am fantastic with my hands," and leaves it at that as she's turned back to study the approaching group. Her natural cynicism has her eyeing the group then the buildings around, back again and in constant loop of assessment. At the captain's words she does reach for the first aid kit in her gear but hesitates to toss it out until the Captain actually orders her to do so. "We could use a few extra hands hauling the panel up, sir," are her quietly voiced words on com. "Many hands make light work, and all that."

Bob stands there, watching the Raptor and Amos, then looking down to his leg. The blood trickles onto his sock. Sigh. Beyond him, though, they can see movement. At each corner of the street are faces peering around. Looking further up the street, though, are the beginnings or what looks like a mob. The street has at least 20 or 30 people approaching about four blocks up. They aren't all adults, either. Some of them are little people. Or kids. "Yeah, no likely. We saw them leave. We know they were damaged. They won't be back for awhile, Captain John. You and your friend can come on out of there and we'd be happy to get you all taken care of. We'll get you comfortable and you can talk to some of us and see the error of your ways. Believe me, when it's all over, you won't believe you could have been so blind as you are now. With your eyes opened, it's a new life. For a military Captain? You could have a whole new home here on Caprica and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Have a family. It isn't too late." He lifts his chin to look to Kapali. "You could provide many children and have a large family, to help spread The Word." Those letters can be heard capitalized in his voice. "You could want for nothing, Miss. They take care of us all."

"Tempting offer," Amos replies in a tone that is polite, but doesn't in any way indicate that he's going to take them up on it, "but I'm actually quite fond of my current home. The view is stunning, and the food, oh Bob, the food is to die for. I'll keep you in mind if I ever change my mind though, I give you my word." Without taking his eyes off the man and the growing crowd beyond he comes to Kapali, "Corporal, why don't you go back to squaring things away inside and I'll entertain our guest a while longer." Given it looks like he'll have a few seconds notice at least before any impending violence he takes the opportunity to shift his weight a little on his feet, stop any muscles from complaining at being strained for too long. "Anyway, Bob," he starts again to the man in front of him, "you lived here long? Looks like a nice city."

Kapali has to consciously lift her hands away from the gunnery controls, and it's a near thing, requiring more effort than is really pretty to resist the impulse to fire off a few .50 cal rounds right into the middle of Bob the bastard's face. More effort than is pretty. She exhales a breath as she eases back a measure, then follows the movement with another until she is several paces back and resumes the careful scanning of the debris from the crash and begins wedging one segment of the armor of the raptor after another into the various crevasses and angles of the damaged chassis itself, working to ease the weight of the console off of Evans, one wedged piece of armor at a time.

"Your current home? With that much food, I'm going to guess you're from the Orion or one of those ships with her." Bob's smile doesn't look so friendly anymore. "You flirt with abomination, Captain John. The war you are fighting is a losing one. Your population has zero growth, Captain. Your warlike stance proves you are a dying civilization. The only way forward for humanity is the truth, as given to us. You need not fight these ridiculous wars or suffer through this pain. There is an easier way. The Cylon can help us, as they've always intended to. They can help us find peace through ensuring our safety from each other. The Orion only causes pain and suffering for anyone who comes into contact with it." In the distance there are engines moving and the squeaking of tank treads. They don't seem to be moving much closer, so much as maneuvering in general. And that mob isn't getting any thinner. More people are joining as they move closer. "You can willingly come with us. Or not. But you will come with us. Particularly that young woman." He gestures a finger towards Kapali.

<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Amos rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Amos allows disappointment to show clearly on his face. "Bob, come now, I thought you were a man of reason, that we could have a civilised debate like intelligent adults, but you can't just go around treating my corporals as if they were pieces of meat. I'd hoped your new enlightenment would make you better than that. So, why don't you just turn round and go back to your people, I'll go back to mine. As I said before, we'll be out of your hair in no time." With that said he starts to take careful steps backwards, rifle still poised at the ready and eyes scanning the surrounding streets. Once he's enough paces back from Bob that he's sure of not being overheard he mutters down the comm, "snipers on the rooftops by the corner. Kids I think, but armed well enough."

Speaking into the same com, voice pitched again low enough to only be just enough of a decibel to carry through the com, "There's kids in the crowd, too, mixed in with the others. Some of them are armed, some aren't," she pauses as she wedges in another piece of armor, continuing her efforts at a steady if rapid pace. No time for making it pretty. "Probably human shields. Probably best if we just roast the lot of them now to discourage them from coming closer, sir. I have some frag grenades and some flash bangs, which might push them back a few paces."

"Enlightenment has shown us all what our future holds without belief. What your future will hold. We refuse to accept that. All of us believe that you are corrupting our people and attempting to lead us to the infernos of Tauron. Our women know what must be done and understand that there's is not a place of meat or second-class, they are revered. Were men able to produce children similarly, then we would have much the same place. But your cowardice is your own. You sew death in your wake every time you return to our colonies." The mob is still about 200 yards away but has begun to take up most of the street. There's more than 300 people. And that's just the one street they can see.

"And the people of Tauron?" Amos asks, having to raise his voice as he continues to step slowly backwards towards the raptor, "why were they denied this bright new future of yours? It wasn't us who reduced the planet to a nuclear inferno, but your new saviours. Why Sagittaron? Why Scorpia? Why Gemenon? Why Virgon? Why Canceron? Or is it only Caprica which gets this new vision?" Yes, he's thrown Scorpia in there to see if Bob notices or not, lets see. Then, muttered into comms again, "noted. Keep working on Evans, I'll take the .50 cal. Depending on crowd size we might be looking at a volley over their heads."

Kapali makes a sound that is noncommittal again even as she reaches for the next piece of warped armor and wedges it into place, working as swiftly as the possible while the captain is exchanging words with the party leader of the village idiots. "Clearly they're too stupid not to realize that marine women aren't considered 'rewards'," she mutters into the tac channel as she hammers the next piece of armor into position and eyes Evans. "Buck up, LT, I'm sure that they have some sort of reward in mind for you as well."

"I cannot speak for the Cylons, that is not my place. But you continue to agitate the situation and bring death to innocent people. I'm sure your refusal to cooperate will kill even more innocent people today. Your Gods don't care one bit about that, either. Meanwhile ours do! To give our lives in service actually means something. You will eventually understand, though, and understand the enormity of your sins." Sin? wtf is that? He takes a step back and begins hobbling back down the street in the direction he came from. He throws a hand around in the air in some kind of signal and begins pulling his shirt back on.

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Sir, keep them talking. I need more time to get enough room to clear the LT."
[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "I'll try."
[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "*laughs* Tell 'em I'm already married and ask 'em what provisions they have to deal with the married status of the women they bring into the .. fold."

Amos mutters a quick reply to Kapali into the com, then has to think quickly. Latching onto one thing Bob said he calls back, tone friendly, curious, "Tell me about your God. If you want me to understand, inform me. I appreciate we're not in an ideal situation here, but you're a bright man, convince me of what you say. What is this.. sin.. of which you speak? How can I order my corporal to stand down if I do not understand what that actually means. Talk to me Bob."

<FS3> Kapali rolls Body-2: Success.

Snagging the next piece of body armor from the wreckage, Kapali angles down to get a good look at the position of the console where it's pinning Evans into place. She speaks into the tac channel for a moment before surveying the angle again then selecting the next place to wedge the piece into position and hammers it with as much force as required to get the new piece in before reaching for the next one, expanding her search outward in a rough semicircle around the LT's position.

Evans isn't a WHOLE lot of help, but he at least holsters his sidearm when Amos says he has the matter in hand, so he can try to help Kapali wedge armor plating into place. He's wincing through the process whenever he tries to put leverage on it with her, and there are a few choice swears with a smattering of Tauron he picked up from Hallick last year, along with a muttered, "If that mother frakker doesn't stop preaching, I'm gonna end up shooting myself in the head…"

Bob doesn't seem too intent on talking anymore. Seems he has said all he is going to. He continues on towards the corner and a few people come out to meet him, most of them with grim faces. There's quite a few guns out there, but they are mostly pistols, shotguns, and hunting rifles. That mob reaches the end of the block, through, and seems to spill out towards the side streets where they can no longer be so easily seen. There are still about a dozen people milling about the intersection, though. And in the distance, the sound of those tank treads has stopped.

With Bob still walking Amos turns and covers the remaining distance back to the Raptor in double time. "Talking's done," he notes to the pair inside, then slings his rifle over his shoulder and starts grabbing whatever chunks of armour he can and dumping them just inside the hatch. With each trip he glances back down the streets, and up to the rooftops where he'd spotted the snipers. "Looks like they're making to surround us, and there's something big out there although I haven't been able to get eyes on. I'd hoped to be able to get to a more defensible position but I'm afraid that this is likely going to have to do." Another quick survey of their surroundings and he orders, "Corporal, while we can keep working on getting that console lifted. Lieutenant, help her as you can, but if we end up in a situation involving extreme violence then don't forget to save your last bullet. So no one goes into this with any false expectations, I've seen people I've known and cared for taken, and returned altered, as such, I've no intention of letting them take me", 'alive' remains unsaid. "We dig in here, and we hold for reinforcements."

"I am absolutely not joining their frakked up cult and popping out some frakked up kids to join their frakked up culture," Kapali notes in a voice laden with quiet emphasis as she keeps working, snagging the pieces of armor that Amos drops inside the hatch and wedging them in place as quickly as she can. With Evans lending a hand she focuses on making sure that the lift is even and that the wedged pieces already in place don't destabilize the whole effort. "LT, at some point you're going to get sensation back, and it's going to probably hurt like hell when the pressure is enough upward to regain blood flow. I think you're going to want to make us aware when that happens," said while she hammers another piece into position before swiping the back of one hand against her forehead and reaching for another piece. "I have grenades, Sir," she voices this reminder, "it isn't enough to stop this whole mess but if we hit the tylium stores then we're all going to go up like so much smoke. And, sir, I hit what I aim at."

Evans grunts softly at Amos' words, "To be honest, Captain, they're probably gonna set us up as bait and see if someone comes to rescue us. Then when they are sure we're abandoned, THEN they'll come rush us. No advantage at all to them to try and take us right now, cause we sure as frak aren't flying THIS crate back out of here." He growls softly against the pain and with the effort as he tries to continue to help Kapali's efforts in getting the console moved, then glances back over at Amos and for once, breaks his concentration to grumble a lot more seriously at the Marine, "Captain, both of you, you listen to me, if it comes to that, you make damned sure I get more than one in the head - I don't know what kinda mind-scanning shit those toasters have, but they absofrakinlutely cannot get the Piraeus coords out of my head. You got me, Captain? We are NOT going down because-a me." With that said, his normal dry humor is back with a smirk at Kapali, "Gorgeous, it sure as frak aint a picnic now, but noted."

"Of course you do Corporal," Amos replies as he dumps a couple more pieces of armour into the hatch, "you're a marine, we all hit what we aim for. Save your smoke though for when the cavalry arrive, we can use it to obscure our exit." The look he gives her suggests that keeping a frag to deal with the tylium should it come to it isn't a bad idea, then he turns to Evans. "Oh don't worry, I was stuck down here for long enough last time that I was working on a similar protocol for a while. I know the drill Lieutenant, but we'll do what we can to keep you. You buggers take so damn long to train we can't really justify shooting you willy-nilly."

Exhaling a sound of amusement, almost but not quite a snicker, "LT, you're air wing; you're trained to do stupid shit in a Raptor or Viper or whatever it is that can get off of the deck and fly long enough to be considered a vehicle. Just because you're crazy doesn't mean that we're willing to put a few rounds into your skull as a curative measure," said as another piece of armor is wedged into place with a grunt of effort. Sharing a nod with Amos, Kapali already has earmarked the grenades she's carrying to the tasks that they're best suited for. "Of course we couldn't' get shot down where I'd know the street layout and the terrain, course not. Permission to complain about where we've been shot down, sir?" humor implied in the remark as she keeps working.

Evans just nods at Amos and Kapali's answers, "Well, something like that you don't wanna go 'round assuming. Trust me, I'm all for getting my ass back on the boat - pretty sure this'll mean I get a nice desk job for the rest of the war. Too bad I couldn't rub it in Hallick's face that she wasn't gonna be able to get me killed in a crash after all." Teeth clench as the panel budges a little but not even remotely enough to do anything with. Maybe it's just teasing, "Frak. Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark. You know, some guys'd say I owe you a drink. We get out of here, I'll just buy you Charlies and you two can go to town. Marines drink like fish, right? I wanna see that."

"Granted Corporal," Amos replies as he pauses in his scavenging to check on the progress inside, "but not until we get back to Orion. Then you can have a full four hour watch to moan about it to your heart's content." Not entirely happy by how little thing shave moved, but also being stuck for other ideas he flashes Evans a grin and nods, "exactly like fish Lieutenant. Put us in a little bowl on the sideboard, feed us little flakes of food, and we're happy as larry."

<FS3> Kapali rolls Body-2: Success.

"So, to clarify, you don't just want us to shoot you because you've gone quiet or something and possibly passed out, LT?" Kapali wonders, a quick flash of a grin as she keeps working, letting the LT do the swearing for the moment, it being his turn and all. "Granted, we get you back to the ship, you're stuck in sickbay for who knows how long," she actually shudders at this, bothered more by the notion of being stuck in sickbay than by being shot in the head, apparently. "Fuk," she says as the weight of the console beings to shift, shifting a look immediately toward Amos, "It's moving," she advises then back around to the LT, "I'm going to owe you a hell of a lot of booze before this is over, LT, just ah .." and she wipes the back of one hand against her face again, "I'm sorry, in advance," and keeps working, going a shade paler under the grime and sweat.

Evans grits his teeth and tries to help push, hissing at the Corporal at the warning, "Just do it and when I call your mother a whore later, that's just the pain ta…" He cuts off when the panel starts moving, and maybe to his credit, he holds on a little longer, before that growl devolves into a loud, strangled roar that lasts for a second or two, cut off by an impressive stream of invectives that wind down with, "..gonnarapeeverylastoneofyoutoasterblowingbastardsandshovethisbusupyourassFRAK!" Well, at least with his arms tense and that death grip he has on the console, it doesn't take a medic to tell he hasn't passed out yet…

"That's the spirit, LT," Kapali actually encourages the LT's enthusiasm as much as anything else, considering that he opted against screaming in a high pitched rabbit-like sound and instead went with roar and swear. Good LT! With Amos lending a hand she keeps wedging one piece after another beneath the console, building a pile of broken bits of raptor armor, shoring up the pieces already in place and moving back and forth around the ruins of the cockpit around the LT like the demented little combat engineer that she is. "Steady, sir's, we're not jostling the frakkin' thing at this point and starting over from scratch. No sudden moves, either. Steady," advising -again- to get the point across.

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo, TAC1 coms check. Let me hear you pilots, over."

Seconds after Evans yelling does it likely become apparent what is happening in the Raptor to those outside. Nope, well they can't allow that. All of a sudden the Raptor is being hit with small arms fire. Those two young snipers up on the corner of the building are aimed right through the cockpit and into the back, sighting down Evans and Kapali. But outside the pistols and rifles are barking. Sparks fly everywhere and the smell of hydraulic fluid fills their nostrils as it begins dumping into the cabin and pooling at the rear. Luckily - non-flammable. Right? Pretty sure.

[TAC1] Niko says, "Hobo, Janik. I'm here."
[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Squire up, pre-flights running green so far. Raptor-G spinning, Hobo."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Janik, Squire, Hobo copies. Launch as soon as you are green. Vipers head for the frigate for our jump ride. We'll form up with the Raptors at Caprica."
[TAC1] "Superstar" Jason says, "Superstar ready to launch."
[TAC1] "Blanket" Endymion says, "Hobo, this is Blanket, we're in pre-flight, we'll be right behind."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Janik, Squire, Blanket, Hobo Copies. Hold for Orion's clearance for launch. I think she's jumping us. (reposed)"
[TAC1] Niko says, "Janik copies. Never been jumped by a battlestar before…"
[TAC1] Petra says, "(confirming mostly for RP purposes, DK will be setposing you shortly if not as we speak) Flight Lead, this is Orion Tactical. Battle Group is jumping in 10 seconds. Prep your launch wave. Good hunting, gentlemen, and get your asses back to the boat intact. Over."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Orion Tactical, Flight Lead. We copy and are ready to launch on your order, Over."
[TAC1] Niko says, "Frak there's a lot of them."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo. Form up fast! No gawking. Heads on a swivel and let's use some throttle, Over."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Weapons hot!"

With the sound of gunfire outside Amos dives across the interior of the raptor and grabs the door gun. "Get him out of their Corporal," he calls, knowing it's likely a redundant order, but giving it anyway, "I'll get you what cover I can." Finding himself faced immediately with two hostiles he sprays them with hot brass first, hoping to either put them down or at least get them ducking for cover so he can swivel the gun and take out the snipers without getting shot in an exposed flank.

[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Squire is downbound, weapons red and free!"

"Working on it, sir," Kapali doesn't so much 'say' these words as growl them into the com as she shores up pieces of armor even more, working at a pace that would look frantic if it weren't so damned careful and calculated. Last thing she's going to allow is the pieces to slip and the console to slam back down onto the LT. "Keep those frakkers off of us while we work and I'll get the LT out of it's the last thing I do."

Evans makes a strangled noise of frustration as his concentration on the grip on the panel is broken by bits knocked free by a shot cutting his hand - nothing dangerous, just a cut that will leave a nice scar, "Godsdamnit, assholes." His face is looking a little pale, either from blood loss or shock, and his demeanor attempts to cover over how he's starting to look a little haggard. When the panel moves a little more, he shifts one arm to reach out and latch on to Kapali's shoulder, trying to help her efforts with what little leverage he has.

[TAC1] "Blanket" Endymion says, "Squire, Blanket; forming up position lambda on your tail and downbound in sequence."

<COMBAT> Amos fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook3 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook3 with Hmg - Moderate wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook3 with Hmg - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook3 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook3 with Hmg - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook4 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook4 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook4 with Hmg - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook4 with Hmg - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Evans passes.
<COMBAT> Mook4 attacks Amos with Pistol and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook1 attacks Evans with Hunting Rifle - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Kapali passes.
<COMBAT> Mook3 attacks Amos with Shotgun and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook2 attacks Kapali with Hunting Rifle - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Mook3 has been KO'd!

<FS3> Kapali rolls Body-2: Failure.

"One down" Amos calls, "switching to the snipers." Muttering a quick appeal to Athena under his breath for her forgiveness in having to target children he sights then starts brassing up the rooftops. Frak. Fortunately, he then starts hearing the airwing on coms and reports in before noting to Kapali and Evans, "Cavalry's incoming!"

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Flight, Ommanney. *HMG fire* We're under fire but holding. Enemy have AA and something big is in the vicinity. No eyes on, can not ID. *more HMG fire*"

Evans grits his teeth and tries to pull, when a shot rings out through the firefight and nails him in the arm that he's using to hang on to Kapali. Of course, that flightsuit doesn't do a damned thing to stop the impact and the knee-jerk reaction causes him to let go - which does NOT help Kapali at all, as he sags into the console jerking his arm back to his chest, "Frak these sonsabitches. I take back what I said, you're mom's not a whore, I didn't mean it!"

Kapali rocks back slightly as the incoming round impacts against the body armor that she's wearing, the impact making her grip slip on the console and her effort to wedge it higher slips a bit as the sound of Amos opening fire is mixed with the sound coming from the tac channel. "Sir," she calls and unhooks one of the flash grenades from her kit, "I can light us up, disperse the crowd a bit too, smoke in the air," she offers and turns to aim a sudden, if somewhat fierce, grin at Evans. "Nice of you to realize that, LT," she says and unhooks her first aid kit and passes it to the LT. "We'll get you out, just stop the bleeding," advising as she waits for Amos to decide.

Suddenly, with the communication between the rescue flight, and the Marines, something else happens. The whole town seems to roar as if a set of giant zippers were coming undone. Almost like a thunderous sound of burlap ripping at extreme volume. Several other heavier ordnance sounds can be heard, too. Tracers, red and yellow firehoses, fire up into the sky. All around them, too. The Cylons brought out their hidden toys. It's a trap, yep. They intend to use the downed crew as bait. But the air defenses are already firing and not a single Raptor is in sight.

<COMBAT> Amos fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Evans passes.
<COMBAT> Mook4 attacks Amos with Pistol - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Mook1 attacks Evans with Hunting Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook2 attacks Kapali with Hunting Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali uses a Handgrenade Frag!
<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Right Next To Mook4 - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Critical wound to Left Leg.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Critical wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Moderate wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Critical wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Serious wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Serious wound to Left Foot.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Critical wound to Left Leg.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook4 - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Mook4 has been KO'd!

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo! Watch your DRADIS and sing out when you locate the AA batteries on the co-ordinates! Vipers, watch for Raiders!"

With the greater range to the snipers Amos' fire has less effect and he growls in frustration, switching his prayer from one of forgiveness to one asking for a truer aim. Then, as the explosion off to his right dies down and the remains of Mook4 splatter back onto the tarmac he spots more movement out of the corner of his eye. "We've more incoming from the side streets. Lieutenant, I think I need you to start shooting too."

Evans glances at Kapali, then blinks when Amos asks him to start shooting. He takes a couple of breaths, looks down at himself, the blood on his arm, the way that panel just ain't moving, then shakes his head. Quelling the shake in his arm, he pulls the pistol back out of it's holster and turns his upper body a bit in the chair, choking back a sob he's not going to admit to later, "You can shove your enlightenment up your godsdamned Cylon loving asses…" and tries to get an albeit impractical bead.

[TAC1] Niko says, "Two Raiders, eleven o'clock, twenty miles and closing fast!"

Twisting in place where she's crouched beside the console and ever growing stack of the remains of the raptor's body armor that she's building to lift the weight off of Evans, Kapali swaps out the grenades that she's holding and takes aim at the remaining sniper on the roof. Launching the grenade up at the roof with a well practiced throw, Kapali ducks down almost as soon as the grenade is airborne and snags a piece of the plating and holds it up as improvised shield to deflect the debris that is about to start pinging down on them any second. She hears as much as feels the explosion, the rain of debris that rings downward to bounce off of the bit of plating, waits half a beat to make sure more isn't about to join the fall then twists again and promptly shoves that piece of deck plating into the growing stack and reaches for another grenade from kit she's wearing and takes aim at the next round of incoming fanatics. "How many of 'em do we have to blast to composite bits before they go back to whatever the frak they were doing before we decided to take this sunny vacation day?"

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Janik, Hobo! Crater's tied up! Keep that Raider off of Superstar!"
[TAC1] Niko says, "Hobo, Janik. Roger!"

Above them, they can hear the sound of incoming engines. Afterburning turbofans make a very distinct sound against the booming of the outbound artillery. But none of them sound like they are moving slowly. Slow means they might try to stop to pick up. That doesn't sound like things are calm enough to even attempt it right yet.

<COMBAT> Mook7 attacks Amos with Shotgun but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook5 attacks Kapali with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook2 attacks Kapali with Hunting Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali uses a Handgrenade Frag!
<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Right Next To Mook5 - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook5 - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook5 - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook5 - Critical wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook5 - Serious wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook5 - Serious wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook5 - Critical wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mook5 - Critical wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Evans attacks Mook6 with Pistol Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook6 attacks Evans with Pistol AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook1 attacks Evans with Hunting Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Mook5 has been KO'd!

With Evans still trapped Amos lets the airwing know, incase it necessitates a change in their plans, then mutters a curse as he singularly fails to do much more than rattle a few roof tiles. "I'll keep on these two," he calls, "while I have the range." AKA before the hmg ammo runs out. "COncentrate on those in the street, but if you get a moment's lull keep trying to get the Lieutenant free." Then, to Evans, "is there anything you can do to help jam the AA fire, or are the systems totalled?"

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Flight, Ommanney. Chatterbox is trapped in wreckage, efforts to free him hampered by incoming fire. Still holding, but we have more contacts incoming from side streets."

Evans squeezes a round off and watches it hit a tree trunk behind his target, hissing, "Godsdamnit…" He glances back to the console before shaking his head, "Negative Captain. Can't run the jammers off of battery power, and that's assuming those systems didn't get totalled in the crash. We're a hunka metal that's not even very good to hide behind. Oh, and that might blow up if they get the right kinda ricochet. Just sayin!" BLAM BLAM, "Bite my lily white ass, traitor!"

"So positive, so cheerful, so optimistic," Kapali's remarks are spaced with the placement of another piece of plating to lever the console that next fraction of an inch upward. "Damn, LT, we need to call you Sunshine from now on," said with a quick gleam of a grin even before she's setting the last piece in place that she has in immediate reach and slings the rifle she's carrying around to take aim at the incoming mass of civilians using kids, frakkin' kids, as body shields.

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Ommaney, Flight Leader. I see mobs of people down there with you! Must be hundreds and more coming! Burning gasoline from the station seems to be keeping them at bay off of your flank. They are trying to get at you through the alleys! We'll provide cover fire as we are able, over!"
[TAC1] "Blanket" Endymion says, "Squire, Blanket, I've lost your seven, but we're OK. Coming after you."
[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Copy, Blanket. Rolling in on that SAM that doesn't want to die. ….Gods, watch for small arms fire!"

<COMBAT> Amos fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook1 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook7 attacks Amos with Shotgun - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Mook6 attacks Evans with Pistol AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook1 attacks Evans with Hunting Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Evans attacks Mook6 with Pistol Ap - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Mook2 attacks Kapali with Hunting Rifle - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Mook1 has been KO'd!

Amos mutters a prayer of thanks as the sniper goes down, then swings the door gun round to try and get a bead on the combatant who just shot at him. Spotting a shotgun wielder he takes aim at them before losing another short burst of .50cal rounds in what he hopes is a controlled manner before replying to the airwing.

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Flight lead, Ommanney. Copy that. We have a sniper on a rooftop 100m down the road as well as the mobs. Still holding. *more HMG fire*"

Evans smirks wryly at Kapali's commentary, grunting a little as he fires off another round at the Mook he can see, looking a little satisfied when he manages to plunk one in the chest…even if they don't go down. He hears the wireless and sighs, but still responds to the commentary, "Corporal, I AM a ray of gods damned sunshine and if you get my ass out of here, I will personally be by to cheer your ass up any damned time you need it."

The sound of aircraft overhead gets louder and starts to mix with the sound of exploding ordnance. The dropping bombs begin to shake the ground and the brick beneath the Raptor. The ship moves a little, but otherwise doesn't seem to get far. It's the sound of the screaming from up the street, though, that draws attention. It's the shouts of anger. People seem to have had enough of what's going on. The SAMs might be starting to get taken out. But when they look out onto the street, it looks flooded with more than 100 people heading right for them. About a third of them are armed with clubs or sticks of some sort. Maybe 10 or fifteen appear to have firearms, including the uniformed cops. On either side of them, they can hear the other mobs trying to make their way in.

Coughing briefly as more dust and debris rockets through the air, Kapali's body armor takes another impact from the incoming rounds and she glances down to make sure none of it got through before sweeping a look first toward the captain, watching as he loses another burst of rounds at the crowd. She mutters something about the wish for a flamethrower as she safeties the weapon and lets it slide around to her side again. "Time to get this damned thing off of you, LT, and ready to evac when the cavalry gets around to moseying on over," Kapali aims a brief, wry, grin at the LT, "That's the blood loss, concussion, adrenaline and pain talking, Sir. I'm sure you're a grim surly what-ever on your good days," turning back to scavenging for more pieces of plating to add to the growing stack, scanning the surrounding streets and alleys and the plume of fire as she gathers up as much of it as she can carry at once and hauls it all back.

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Crater, Hobo! Fire at the mob (mob1) trying to get to our downed Raptor! We /have/ to give them fire support or we're done here!"
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, anyone who can, fire on that mob!"
[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Copy, Hobo. Squire inbound. Guns guns."
[TAC1] "Crater" Luc says, "Hobo, Crater. Affirmative, heading in now."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo! I have an AA battery lighting me up with SAM lock! Make that /two/. I thought you guys took them out?!"
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Stay on that mob!"

<COMBAT> Amos fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Hmg - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Hmg - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook7 attacks Amos with Shotgun but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali passes.
<COMBAT> Mook6 attacks Amos with Pistol AP - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mook2 attacks Evans with Hunting Rifle - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Evans attacks Mook6 with Pistol Ap - Serious wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Mook6 has been KO'd!

They can see the kids mixed into the group. Pregnant women. One man is even holding an infant as they charge forward. The looks on their faces is pure rage and anger. It isn't natural. That sort of resentment shouldn't provoke this sort of insanity. But they're looking up into the faces of demons at this point. Some of them turn to fire at the Viper, and behind it, the Raptor diving in. The Viper isn't able to hit much and pulls out quickly. The Raptor digs deep and the 20 mm's on each wingtip buzz menacingly. On the winglet they can see a recognizable face: Randy. The Marine Sergeant works the fifty over the group as they pass at high speed. …When the dust settles, it's mostly wounded people and a few left standing that look like they are in extreme shock. Nobody is left unwounded. But on either side they can hear the two mobs beginning to break down the doors behind them. Ten seconds? Maybe fifteen? They have a way out - right up the center.

[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Hobo, Squire, how'd the rounds land? Pulling off and going after the SAMs."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Squire, Hobo. Looks good! You gave them some relief. ECO's do we have any more batteries on DRADIS? My scope is clear except for Raiders and mobs."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro grimaces as he swoops back, "Damn. Some of those are just kids in the alley!

"In your own time Corporal," Amos calls, which anyone who's served with him for any length of time will know actually translates as hurry the frak up. He can feel blood trickling down the side of his head, but it's not yet obscuring his vision. "We need you free Lieutenant," his tone is grim but he's trying to not give out just how bad he thinks the situation is about to become, "now'd be a really good time to be able to squeeze out."

Evans gets another shot off and sees his target go down - and has about enough time to get out, "Yes! Suck it pr*" before his head gets cracked back by a shot from one of the snipers. It's a hard enough hit to knock him back in his seat, a muffled sound escaping him. If he had been standing up, he'd DEFINITELY be on the ground after that. Instead he slumps against the console, probably not helping Kapali's efforts any. The hand not holding the pistol reaches up to rub the blood out of his eyes. He sits up unsteadily, looking at the blood on his hand, and mutters matter-of-factly, "Oh. That's not good." He looks down at the console again, then over to Kapali with this blank expression on his face, then over at the Captain holding point with the door gun. He turns back to Kapali and lowers his voice, "We give it one more try. If this doesn't work, you gotta go. I'm not getting two more people killed trying to save my perforated, broken ass. Agreed?"

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Flight, Ommanney. We're seconds away from being over run. Evans is still trapped. Some of them are young yes, but they're armed and they're trying to kill us. Touching as it is, now is not the time for sentiment. We need those mobs dealt with."

"Which I would be more than happy to facilitate, sir!" comes Kapali's reply, her own tone conveying the impression that she would throw the damned console off of Evans herself if she had the sheer body mass and strength to have accomplished it by now. "Next time I'm packing a jack and a crowbar in my kit, we'd have popped this sucker up in NO TIME," before she turns to aim a look at Evans. "That isn't a decision you get to make sir," replied in a quiet voice. "I take orders from the Captain. He stays, I stay, and we don't leave people behind. Not even crazy air wing officers. It sets a bad precedent. So buck up, shut up, and let me work," which she continues to do, apace, while speaking.

[TAC1] "Crater" Luc says, "Ommaney, Crater. Hold out. I am gunning for them, stay out of the line of fire as much as you can."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Ommanney, Flight Leader. We copy. Concentrating fire on mobs. More Raiders and mobile AA Batteries are also incoming but not yet in range. Over."

<COMBAT> Amos fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Hmg and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook2 attacks Amos with Hunting Rifle - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kapali passes.
<COMBAT> Evans attacks Mook7 with Pistol Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook7 attacks Amos with Shotgun - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Amos has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Amos spends a luck point to keep fighting!

<Kapali spends 1 luck points on Because I don't want to stay here anymore this place isn't nice!.>
<FS3> Kapali rolls Body-2: Embarrassing Failure.

[TAC1] Niko says, "This is Janik, Raiders incoming!"

With the next piece of armor wedged into place and again the lot of it shored up to keep it from slipping back down, Kapali angles down to check clearance and centers her balance. "Hold still," she breathes at Evans as she sets both hands on the console itself, and with a grunt of effort that ends in a snarling gasp of half formed words she only succeeds in getting the console to rock and a few of the pieces of deck plating to slip on the stacked piles of it. Her hands slip and the console actually settles lower than when she'd started a few seconds ago, her arms actually twitching from the effort to try to maintain it's position until having no choice but to ease her grip until the weight of it settles once more. "Frak," she swears again, dragging the back of one hand across her forehead before she has to turn and meet the LT's eyes. "I need more pieces of the armor to shore this up, I need more time, LT, I can get this off of you. I know I can. It's just math, math never lies, I can do this."

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Ommanney, Flight Leader! We are losing visual on your mobs on the ground! They are swarming into the buildings for cover! Watch your flanks! Over."

Evans has enough clarity of thought to get another shot off, but the blood is still trickling down his temple, threatening to get back into his eyes. Kapali gives it one more heroic push and this time, the console doesn't even budge. She offers some words of encouragement as he winces in pain, then shakes his head, "Time for you two to go."

[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "Flight, this is Chatter. I'm not getting out of this. Get the Captain and Corporal out of this clusterfrak, and make these toasters pay for it, you hear me Wescott? Out."

With that much said over the headset, he grunts at Kapali, "Beg to differ with you, Corporal, this IS my choice." Considering he already has the weapon out, she probably has little more time than to manage a yell at him to stop, before he brings the pistol up under his chin, and fires.

That is really, really, not the news Amos wanted to hear and he glances back rapidly to check just what is happening. "We don't have any more time," he replies looking Evans dead in the eye, "we can not hold this position any longer." Dropping one hand from the door gun to his belt he unclips a frag grenade and is about to toss it to the Lt but stops as brainmatter explodes over the inside of the raptor. Shit. "Corporal!" he barks, not wanting her to get stuck looking at that, "with me! Now!" THen he's jumping down onto the tarmac and running, dropping a smoke grenade for cover as he does so.

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Flight Ommanney, all too aware. Position no longer tenable. Abandoning. If you can guide us to a pick-up point we'd greatly appreciate it."

[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Chats, Squire. Repeat your last, you are getting out of that!-" She stops short with Amos' reply. But she's already on her bomb run."

The smoke grenade hits the pavement and starts kicking out red, powdery smoke. The whole Raptor is engulfed in a matter of seconds, leading Evans' body obscured for the moment. They can already hear the glass crunching in the background, though. There are more angry shouts and some of them even sound like they are close enough to see them in direct line of sight. It's time to move. They mobs will be converging right on their position in a matter of seconds. Ahead of them, most of the people still left alive on the street have either sat down, died from sustained wounds, or are trying to treat their loved ones. The most agonizing part is hearing a toddler wailing for her mother.

Kapali gets the word "No!" out right as the LT brings the pistol up under his chin and fires, the sudden spray of brain matter, chunks of skull, bits and pieces of what used to be the LT exploding around in a sudden, wet, mist. She jerks back, her own gear splattered with what used to be the LT, stunned but moving as the Captain barks a command at her. She moves before she thinks, reaching out to the dead LT and snagging one hand on the chain that holds his tags around his neck and gives a sharp yank, ripping the tags free and any patches that might identify for certain which ship he served on. One blood splattered hand rests on the chest of the dead LT before she's on her feet and moving away from the LT, the clock ticking in her head. She obeys, out of muscle memory alone, moving to shadow the Captain as he runs through the smoke, stuffing what she has in her hands into one of her many pockets only to hear the sudden wailing of a kid through the sound of the mob and the screaming and whatever else is roaring in her ears. She trips, literally, over the form of that wailing toddler and frak it all, slides the rifle to her side, grabs the kid, and keeps running.

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Squire, Hobo! Ommanney has Popped Smoke. See if you can get in for an LZ - it'll be hot! Get'm out of there. Over."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo. Sing me your status! Over."
[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Scratch One. Hobo, Squire, I can't make a pick-up. I'm not configured for it! It's gonna have to be Blanket. I can overwatch, though!"
[TAC1] "Blanket" Endymion says, "Hobo, Blanket— we're on borrowed green here but are good for pick-up. Hunting for LZ."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Squire, Blanket, Hobo Copies. Make it so!"

Amos hears Kap's boots hit the road after him so he keeps running. He fires a few, short bursts, ahead and up, with the aim of convincing anyone they're running towards who might get ideas, that those ideas would be dumb and that they should keep their heads down. There's a deep seated anger in his chest, and his head is spinning, but so far the blood is only trickling into one eye, so his vision isn't too terrible as he makes as rapid a tactical withdrawal as he can down the street.

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Squire, Blanket, Hobo Copies. Make it so!"
[TAC1] "Crater" Luc says, "Hobo, Crater. Still breathing, but the cockpit is damaged and getting covered in red. I'm able to hold on though."
[TAC1] Niko says, "Flight, Janik. More raiders coming in!"
[TAC1] "Superstar" Jason says, "Hobo, Superstar. Got the paint scratched, but aside from that, all good here. I see there's another battery in place, though. Want me to try take care of it while we wait for them to get our people out?"
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Superstar, Hobo. Go hot for it. I'll try to get this Raider off your six. Over."

Clutching the form of the wailing toddler to her side, Kapali shifts her hold on the rifle and fires controlled bursts into the smoke, not particularly caring what she hits so long as the rounds hit flesh and bone. She moves at the same speed as Amos, making sure not to lag behind or get turned around as they run.

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, anyone who can, give Blanket support."

<COMBAT> Evans passes.
<COMBAT> Amos fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook2 tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Mook7 tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

There's a lot of explosions and gunfire going off around them, and in all directions. Raiders are falling from the sky almost as fast as they appear, but the Vipers above them in the sky are almost all smoking or seem to be flying erratically. But two Raptors seem to come in a lot slower than the rest. One of them is the same as the one that made the gun run across the street. Randy can be seen on the wing with the .50cal, thumping round after round down into a nearby street. The 20mm guns on each side can be heard spinning but there is no firing just yet. Meanwhile another Raptor begins a slow circle, much tighter, and starts looking for a place to land.

Somewhere in the back of his mind Amos notes that the noise of the wailing child isn't getting any further away, but it doesn't manage to register as something he needs to be concerned about right this very instant. Firing off a quick message to the wing to let them know he can see their lift out of there he then offers a quick, "keep it up Corporal, that's our ride home up ahead." Yes Kapali knows that, but it doesn't hurt to reiterate sometimes. Then a head pops up too close for comfort on his blind side and he first a short burst, barely even breaking step to do so.

[Into the Wireless] Amos says, "Blanket, Ommanney. We see you, inbound."

"And I so wanted to stay and set demo charges to burn this shit hole to the ground, Sir," Kapali's voice is rough from the smoke as she runs at the captain's side. Not, exactly, the correct tone of voice to use when speaking to her CO. She knows it, and as she sprays another burst of shots at the next body to appear in her line of fire and hunts for another one, trusting the captain to lead the way, her head tipping back in time to see the Raptor's coming in at a slower, lower, speed than the rest, and -incredulously- recognizes Randy on the wing with a big frakking gun in her hands. "Hah, go Tiny," she exhales these words and fires again at another shape; anybody that isn't them is worth shooting, and she doesn't - not even once - consider setting the wailing toddler down. A life for a life.

[TAC1] "Blanket" Endymion says, "Ommanney, Blanket, I've got LZ fixed in sight, coming in."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo. I'm hit pretty bad. Not injured personally. Keep it up and give Blanket lots of cover! Gotta get our people out and get out of here, Over!"

"Maybe next time Corporal," Amos replies. He's grimacing now, and his breath starting to come short as the chest wound makes itself known. He's still moving though, and tracking the progress of the evac raptor to make sure they don't end up going a long route to reach it. Glancing across to Kapali he finally clocks the kid, then grimaces again as a rib complains. "Good call Corporal."

<COMBAT> Kapali fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Evans passes.
<COMBAT> Mook7 attacks Amos with Shotgun and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook2 attacks Kapali with Hunting Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Rifle Ap - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook7 with Rifle Ap - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Mook7 has been KO'd!

"Next time we come with ordinance required to do an orbital bombing run and I get to push the buttons," Kapali mutters loud enough to carry to the captain as they keep pace. She sees the look that he aims once he notes that the wailing toddler is their +1 for this particular party. "All life matters, Sir," and that's ALL she's going to say at this point. She shifts the toddler so that it's in a better position at her hip, not even pausing to check if it's a boy or a girl, because that -also- doesn't matter.

The Raptor piloted by Endymion takes fire as it descends, a mook on another street firing an automatic rifle at the Raptor. But it all stops when the Raptor drops between the buildings. The whole place looks like the warzone it is. Beyond the running Marines is a wasteland of dead bodies and carnage. The only things left intact above a few feet high are people sitting there in shock. And a few kids. Meanwhile the two Marines can see that the Raptor has been hit by quite a bit of small arms fire but otherwise looks intact as it drops closer to the middle of the street.

Amos idly wonders if Medical are going to want to poke the child to see if there is anything funky about cylon conditioning, but pushes that thought aside for now. A life for a life. He'll take that. Kapali gets a nod then he sprays a short burst into another local who tries to flank them, only partially noting that she goes down in a spray of blood. "You first," he calls to Kapali as they approach the rapidly descending raptor, "get the pair of you onboard and I'll give you cover. As soon as he reaches the wing he turns and drops to one knee to do precisely that. "Yell the moment you're inside." He does not it seems, intend to wait longer than necessary.

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo! Hang in there! Blanket is down, getting our Marines and ECO. Gotta give them a bit more time!"
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Crater, I'm backing up your six. Raider on you!"

It may be bucking all the safety protocols ever, but now, with all hope of safety being set squarely in the lap of the goddess Speed, that dinged-up Raptor's hatch is veering open on the Raptor's way down. It throws the balance, for sure, and the landing is a little wobbly, but clean, and, more importantly, the door is open and just waiting for passengers. The ECM console is smoking, inside, and the ECO has come to the side of the door, sidearm drawn, ready to provide some cover, herself.

Kapali runs, flat out, for the Raptor as soon as it is close enough that she won't be kicked over by the backwash or toasted by the debris, angling for the hatch as soon as it's open and springs a leap at the last moment to launch herself inside. she turns, mid-air, slamming to the inside of the raptor and sliding half across the floor, "In!" she yells into the com as she shields the body of the toddler with her own.

[TAC1] "Crater" Luc says, "Roger that Hobo! Will try and keep him guessing!"
[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Hobo, Squire, Blanket is taking on passengers. We've got Raiders diving in, over!"

<COMBAT> Amos fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Mook2 attacks Kapali with Hunting Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Evans passes.
<COMBAT> Kapali fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Mook2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Dropkick has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Amos does not wait to be told twice, as soon as Kap calls 'in' he's spinning and hauling himself up onto the wing, then propelling himself in through the hatch. It's not graceful, it's not elegant, but it gets him inside and then he's yelling, "LIFT, LIFT, LIFT." Just incase Endy needs any encouragement.

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo. Don't let those Raiders at Blanket! I copy, Squire."

Kapali angles out of the way as the Captain hurls himself into the Raptor as well, actually reaching out and grabbing hold of the Captain's body armor and hauling him even further into the body of the bird, just in case that extra few ounces of assistance might do any damn bit of good. The wailing has turned into sobbing hiccups by now, big eyes in the little face with tear streaks cutting through grime accompanied by the hiccuping entreaties for it's mother.

Endymion does need the encouragement; he's trying to keep the boat from redding out on him there on the ground, keeping those systems green and he's still not sure exactly how many passengers he's supposed to be taking on. So it's a call of LIFT LIFT LIFT that tells him all are aboard who are coming aboard, and he's shouting back, "HOLD TIGHT!" because this lift-off is going to be ugly, with the hatch taking its own sweet time in closing, and Endy not about to wait for it to do so. Lift happens, and then the whole boat pitches to one side, then the other as stabilizes the vessel with the hatch away.

[Into the Wireless] Endymion says, "Flight, this is Blanket, we're off-dirt and rising."

With blood now starting to obscure one half of his vision, Amos scrambles back to his feet to help drag the hatch closed quicker. Once he's done all he can he slumps himself into the closest chair, dragging the straps around him more on instinct than conscious thought, and wincing slightly as he pulls one too close over his ribs. "Buckle up Corporal," he notes as a lurch has him gripping the seat hard, then extending his arms out for the toddler so she has her hands free to do just that, "sadly, don't think we have any booster seats for this one, so we're just going to have to hold on."

[TAC1] "Crater" Luc says, "Hobo, Crater. Thanks for the help. Janik, you got one on your tail, I'm on him."
[TAC1] Niko says, "Crater, Janik. Roger that! This guys really likes me!"

Passing the toddler to the Captain, Kapali works hard to force a look of professional blankness into place as she rises to her feet, drops immediately into the next nearest seat and buckles in. The fact that her hands and the entire front of her gear are splattered with the remains of the LT has not escaped her, hence the fight for the expression that would best suit a professional mein. Once she's secured she scrubs both hands over her face then eyes the Captain, "If you'll hold on to it, sir, I'll round up a first aid kit and see about stopping the bleeding."

[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, Hobo! Check fuel and ammo. We need to hang in here just a bit longer to get Blanket free and clear!"

"Let it bleed until we've jumped," Amos replies with a slight shake of his head, "I'd rather keep my helmet on until we're clear of fire." He doesn't seem to overly object to holding the kid though, infact, he seems to have a reasonable idea of how to settle them, which in this case turns out to be bribing it with a ration bar from one of his pouches.

Is that a kid in the backseat? Endy thought he saw one, and it jarred his neck for a second, but then the hatch is secured and at least a few of those red lights stop blaring at him, making for a more rapid ascent as he pushes the engines full to the rise. His ECO takes her place back at her console, but it's hardly worth doing so, the console is badly damaged.

"Aye, sir," is all Kapali says as she hunkers down subtly in the seat, tightening the safety harness a few more inches so that she's as secured to the point of cutting of circulation as possible. She pats over her gear, moving by muscle memory and drilled instinct as anything else, popping the clip on the rifle to count ammo before snapping it back into place. checking the fit of her harness around the empty places the frag grenades has been clipped. The empty spot where the first aid kit was is also passed over as she reaches for the canteen at her side and takes a shallow mouth full of tepid water before clipping it in place once more and cramming both hands into the pockets of her cargos. Somewhere along the way her hand lands on the tags and the patches she'd pulled off of Evans and, with a jolt, she jerks her hand back out of her pocket and angles away from the captain to look through the viewport of the raptor at the space around them.

[TAC1] "Crater" Luc says, "Crater here. Copy that Hobo. Janik, you got a new one after you. Let's make them chase and take both of these guys out."
[TAC1] Petra says, "All Combat Craft, this is Orion Tactical. Objective achieved. Carriers retrieve your fighters and execute withdrawal jumps to fallback points. Hobo, time for the kids to come home for dinner. Over."
[TAC1] Niko says, "tac1 Thanks Crater! Frak … another one! Roger that!"
[TAC1] "Squire" Kelsey says, "Hobo, Squire. Hit bad, personnel wounded. On our way home, out."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Orion Tactical, Flight Lead. Roger. We are in bad shape, coming in hot, Orion. Over."
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Flight, RTB! Cover Blanket, Squire's, Crater's and my butt's. GTFO ASAP!"
[TAC1] "Hobo" Alejandro says, "Squire, Hobo. Roger that."

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