AWD #377: Lake City: Aftermath
Lake City Aftermath
Summary: The wing lands back on deck.
Date: 03/07/2016
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #377

Endymion has smooth sailing— a strange thing to say in this circumstance, but with just about every other deployed boat clearing a path to bring the rescued company home, there's relatively little for Endy to even do, which is a freakish, surreal feeling, if ever there was one. He's even the first on deck, it's expedited but unhurried, and for a second after they're on deck, he just sits there with both hands on the console, breathing and listening to his own breath. The ECO is the first unbuckled and getting the hatch open while Endy puts a call in to medical to see to their passengers.

With his own passenger still being pacified by the ration bar, Amos uses his spare hand to unbuckle, then carefully pushes himself to his feet. That same hand then goes to the side of the hatch once the ECO has opened it, and then he's stepping down onto the wing. There's a reasonable but not worrying amount of blood down the side of his face that's clearly come from under his own helmet, and the way he's holding himself suggests his ribs hurt, but perhaps the most surprising thing is the toddler in his arms. It, for he hasn't check yet as to the gender, looks like it's been splattered with blood, and smoke, and maybe bodyparts too, but besides clear evidence of tears, does not seem hurt physically.

As the last of the vipers are coming in behind the Raptors, one especially torn up viper manages to land. It doesn't even hit the walls or any other craft but it sure skids across the deck a little ways after it slaps down, throwing sparks and making a loud noise in the bay. It finally comes to a stop without crashing into anything, or anyone. The pilot gets a breath or two, then taxies it out of the frak'n away and to the designated bay station that Deck directions him to. Only once he's there does Alejandro pop the busted up canopy that has little glass left in it, and breaks the seal on his flight suit helmet. A very sweaty, exhausted Captain drags himself up and starts down from his demolished viper. Hobo's dark eyes are sharp to take in the details of who's where and looking to see all his people are returned.

Kelsey's Raptor is easy to spot. It usually is. The joke-that-was is getting to be more of a serious point. A lot of the canopy glass is blown inwards and there are black scorch marks all over it. There's also holes everywhere. People can look right in through one on the right side. Randy is probably off first. The nthe wounded ECO. Then Kelsey. her helmet is left sitting in the doorway and she ends up sitting on the winglet with her empty bomb racks and spent feed magazines for the 20mm. Most of her survival gear has holes in it, the sealant foam probably also helping a little with the bleeding. She moves off the winglet slowly and looks to the Marines they rescued, waiting to see how many are getting off. Maybe her count was wrong.

Medical, as it turns out, is already on standby. Specialist Mercier would normally be planetside with the other marines, but today she's manning the makeshift triage station that's been shucked together in the hangar bay. The moment raptors begin touching down on the flight deck, she hustles into action; a couple of orderlies are directed to accompany her to the lead raptor, med kits slung over their shoulders as they jog across the deck with shouts of 'MEDICAL COMING THROUGH!'

Kapali unfastens the safety harness with slow hands, giving the Captain time to emerge with the toddler and only stepping down out of the raptor once the Captain is safely on the deck. In contrast to the bloody smears on the captain and the careful way that he's moving, obvious that he's been wounded, the corporal herself is liberally splattered with blood and bits and flecks of debris that anyone who's ever been close to a sudden traumatic bodily injury would recognize: the marine is wearing a fine layer of blood, bone shards and other human remains. She moves with care, both stepping out of the way as much as trailing the captain through the noise and crush on the deck.

[Intercom] Gloria says, "All stations, all stations. Brace for jump. This is fleet inbound for Pireaus space."
<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

Viper 645 is rolled in from the landing bay with only light damage — the paint on one side of the fuselage has been blackened by an explosion in laces and there are a few KEW holes in the other side. The canopy raises as soon as deck parks the bird, and the young, pale-looking pilot pulls off his helmet, ready to get down. But he has to wait a moment for the ladder, and he spends that minute looking over the carnage that's coming on display in the hangar bay. He sees Amos, Kapali, and passenger getting out of the pick-up Raptor and blinks at the sight of the child. "What the frak?" he wonders. Then the aldder is in place and Niko can finally climb carefully down. He heads for the first of the two shot-up Vipers that landed with him, and looks up at Alejandro. "Holy frak. I mean, nice flying bringing that home, sir."

An orange coveralled Deckie likewise brings Alejandro a ladder, but as he's unhurt as far as he knows, the Captain slides and hops on down without it, waving it off. He keeps a hold of his flight suit helmet instead of handing it off and turns as Niko comes up. Hobo claps a hand on Janik's shoulder, "Thanks. I wasn't keen to accept the invitation of a free vacation on Caprica, but they were pretty insistant and I almost had no choice but to accept. Great flying out there, Niko. You have no idea how relieved I am to see you not blown up." There are burn marks on his flight suit where his cockpit consul blew up almost in his face, but Captain Salazar doesn't have any blood on him. "Seen Crater yet? Squire? Let's check'm and see if any of ours needs medical." He goes to look for Squire himself.

Amos seems faintly reluctant to give the child over to the medical, and indeed, it seems a bit clingy too, but he does manage to carefully disengage after a few moments. She, for she it turns out to be, is handed to Clara before he takes his helmet off and wipes at the blood down the side of his face. Noting Alejandro he eyes the viper pilot and waits until his feet are back on the deck before he calls over, "we need to talk," then, eyeing the medics, "later though I suspect." He figures his chances of not being stuck in sickbay for at least the next few hours are slim to none.

Luc comes in with a viper in terrible shape, as well as bleeding inside of the cockpit. Trying to climb out, if possible. "Medic?" He calls out. Glancing about. Trying to get out. Not sure where he's bleeding though. It doesn't seem too bad, as the viper probably took the worst of the damage.

[Intercom] Gloria says, "Jumps complete. Damage control teams to the port hanger bay, and forward dorsal gunnery stations. All decks report status."

Kelsey is moving stiffly. Her hair was a mess from the shower before she jumped into the cockpit. She needs another shower at this point. The woman has a blank, 1000 yard stare as she stands at the end of the bay and looks at the child being handed off. After a few moments, her gaze goes to Amos, then Kapali. There's no Evans. "Evans wasn't on the Raptor." So much has happened in the last few hours that it's hard to process all of it. She doesn't notice that she's holding the sealed flight gear and the wounds beneath.

Niko grins at the Captain, but it's not really the sort of happy-go-lucky look he normally has. He's a bit too rattled for that quite yet. "Yes sir," he says for Alejandro's praise. "I did try not to die." He shakes his head at the question of the others, looking around the bay to try and pick out the Raptor or Viper in question among all the craft being brought in. The Marine officer's 'aside' the Alejandro causes Niko to give Amos a funny look, but the young Ensign steers well clear of that conversation.

Endymion is fine, and the Raptor is… well, he had a few systems he has to isolate in post-flight and flag for repairs, and even though no doubt the whole thing will be getting an inspection after this encounter, Endy is going to dot his is and cross his ts. It keeps him from mulling over it until after the jumps are complete. Then his hands run over the fastenings holding him in place, fumbling numbly at them until he's loose and de-helmed, standing and looking over the inside of the boat, the last to disembark, coming to the wing and looking faintly dazed but otherwise well.

Clara is quite adept at becoming invisible to marines when convenient. The little girl is pried loose from Amos, and confirmed to be fine save for a few superficial injuries; one of which warrants a puppy bandaid, and gentle fingers through her hair when the tears won't abate. Amos is next; after a quick scan, she surmises, "You look like a walking punching bag. I'm going to give you a shot of morpha.." The wrapper's torn off with her teeth, and there's a quick stab to the bicep of his right arm. "..and wrap this up for you, then you're off to sickbay." She whistles for a couple of the orderlies, finishes up with her bandaging job, and moves on.

Hearing the clear voice calling out MEDIC has Kapali jarring a little from her own version of carefully numb and she blinks several times as she pulls it together, literally, starting to wipe one hand over her face only to remember why it is precisely that her face is so grimy. Her hand halts half an inch off of her own skin before dropping to her side and, as she'd followed Amos through the room to Alejandro, she is in proximity to hear Kelsey. "No Sir, he wasn't." She pauses while Clara tends to the captain then turns a look toward Captain Salazar and sinks one hand into a pocket and withdraws the tags, the patches and the broken chain the tags are still looped through before she squares her shoulders, visibly straightens to her full height and extends one hand forward. "I'm sorry, sir," words failing her at that point.

Amos looks like he's about to protest as he gets stabbed with opiates, but stops, apparently even grizzled captains don't argue with corpsmen. With the child being seen to he eyes Kapali and points her towards the hatch as well. "You too Corpral, I want you checked over too," and to see a psych, but he's not advertising that over the deck. Taking a few steps towards the hatch he catches Kelsey's comment, considers for a few moments, then turns to approach after Kapali. "Sorry Lieutenant," he offers, wondering if he's better to break it as he's not covered in the ECO's grey matter, "he did his duty as we were over run. He was trapped, and we couldn't free him."

Luc grins as he hears Niko's words, "Always a plus. Not dying that is." He offers while holding onto where it seems to be bleeding from. Allowing any medical staff to come help out. "Tell engineers that I'm sorry about the mess." He says about the viper. Chewing some on his tongue to calm himself and busy his mouth. Furrowing his brows as he listens on about Evans. To hear what happened. Lowering his head though. Nodding a few times as Amos explains the situation.

Amos gets Alejandro's attention. A curt nod is give, "You'll have it. Once we have seen to our people, Captain." Hobo heads on over to Kelsey and puts out his still gloved hands to steady her, "Medic!" He drops his tenor, "Let's get you seated so they can have a look at you, J-G." If he can, Ale will make Kelsey come with him over towards the medics. Only he doesn't get more than a step before Kapali is there, holding out a set of hex tags. The acting CAG removes the glove from his right hand and takes them and looks, "Evans." His dark eyes flick up to meet hers, "Understood, Marine."

Before the night is over, other Airwing tags will almost assuredly be brought to Alejandro.

Randy stumbles out of Kelsey's bird, stripping the haphazardly secured pressure suit down to her waist. It's difficult to tell where she might be bleeding, though her face is is bleeding here and there from glass and such. There's a cut across her brow that she wipes with her sleeve, but she's searching the deck and moving gingerly though quickly as she navigates the chaos. "Kapali!" She calls out, clearly not giving a damn about decorum.

Kelsey looks at the Marine, Kapali, while she confirms the negative about Evans. It's hard to process for the moment. A lot of people have died. But Evans wasn't supposed to die. Even with Amos explaining things a little more, it's clear this isn't quite getting through. So much to process, though. The guns on the bird easily tell she was the one plowing the group of civilians. "Uh, thank you," she says quietly and moves to step past. "Sorry sir,s I need to go to sickbay. Im really hurting." Still the stiff movements and she turns as Alejandro tells her to sit. She does as she's told without a word. No tears, not even silent ones, she just unzips her survival vest and lets it fall off behind her.

Clara doesn't ask whose body parts Amos is covered in. It's pretty clear that something Very Bad went down on this mission, and it's not her place to bring it up. Kapali is indeed next, and the basics of her vitals can be gleaned with a quick sweep of the girl's dark eyes. "You're fine." She pauses, like there's something more she wants to say. "Get up to sickbay when you have a moment." And she's off at a jog, medkit's contents rattling as she beelines for Kelsey.

Niko turns when he hears Luc's voice, and his grin looks a little less shell-shocked when he sees the other pilot alive. "Hey Crater! I saw you get one! And … frak. I mean, you're bleeding. Maybe you should get that looked at, you know?" He steps back and looks around for the medics, but sees there is going to be a queue with all the wounded coming in. And then he catches some of that exchange about Evans, and the young pilot goes quiet. His expression falls and the kid looks around uncertainly. After a moment he walks over to where Kelsey has been sat down, and he sits down next to her without saying a thing.

"I'm ok, sir, not even a scratch," and while her voice is flatly level there's a fine twist of bitterness there all the same, as she looks up at Captain Salazar then carefully releases the tags and patches so that they rest in his hand instead of hers. She angles a look toward Kelsey, watching as the LT sits as she's told to do so by the captain and is jostled from that edge of gray quiet that she's folding around her again when she hears Randy call out through the mess in the hangar. "Tiny!" she calls in return and angles away from the officers and meets Randy in the mess. "You were dangling off the side of the bloody raptor!" both accusing and impressed at the same time.

Endymion forgets what his legs are for, standing there with his arms planted on the sides of the hatch, one foot out on the wing, taking in the delivery of the tags from above, feeling somehow disembodied from the scene, removed, floating. The delivery, the healing, the reunions. Then, snapping back into his body, his lips part in a sudden breath of air and he climbs down.

Amos is about to order Kapali off to the land of the medics, when he spots Randy incomming and gives the two of them time to reunite and rejoyce in still being alive. Alejandro gets a nod of silent agreement and then he's detaching himself from the crowd. "Flynn," he notes to Randy, get yourself and Kapali up to medical when you're done here. Don't let her worm out of it by saying she's fine. We all get checked."

For now, Evan's dog tags are carefully tucked down inside of his flight suit and inside of his own tanks. The chain was broken else he might have put then on over his own head until they were safely delivered to Command staff. Hobo licks his lips as he sees Kelsey sit down, looking exhausted and in shock as the Corpsman goes to tend to her. His gaze slides on past to rest briefly on Luc. "Come on, people! Let's help get the wounded up to sick bay and not leave it all on Medical to carry their weight! Tend to our own first, before ourselves." He starts directing anyone he can to lend a hand to help people relocate.

Kelsey looks up at Niko, her gaze following him as he sits. They're the two 'kids' in the Air Wing, even if she's got a lot more experience. Some things can't be changed with combat missions. She leans a shoulder against him, then her head against his. No flirting or arm holding. Just a lean. Her eyes travel out towards Endymion and watch him as he moves, climbing down.

Clara unzips her medkit and withdraws a bottle of iodine, and a pile of gauze. The hunk of shrapnel embedded in Kelsey's flight suit is noted, as is the lack of bleeding from the site. She moves on, pouring disinfectant on the gauze and removing what smaller pieces of glass and metal she can. Her touch is gentle, but her bedside manner is limited to that kidness alone; she's apparently not one to smile or offer pleasantries. When she's done, she packs the larger wound with gauze around where the glass sits, and loosely wraps the whole thing - abdomen to back - with cotton bandaging to hold it in place. "Wait here. I'll find someone to get you down to sickbay." A light touch to the girl's knee, and she whistles for the orderlies with their stretcher.

Endymion feels somewhat more grounded once he's at ground level, making another sweep of the bay with his eyes until someone comes to take some information about the worst-off of the systems aboard. As he speaks, his eyes wander further over the deckie's shoulder, finding Kelsey and Niko in turn. His hand is holding his opposite elbow, and he nods slowly to them both. Indicating what? Who knows.

"So I've been told." Luc replies to Niko. Nodding a bit though. "And of course I got one. Though for now, I should probably try and pull myself over to medical." Looking to the others as well, but not quite able to focus on all that is said, instead trying to find his way along to get patched up.

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