PWD #14: Lack Of Observation
Lack Of Observation
Summary: A lack of observation on Cassie's part leads to a situation that's almost embarrassing.
Date: 21/Dec/2012 (OOC Date)
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Cassie Petra 
Observation Deck

Its Saturnalia! The party down on P has been going on for a while, and sometime around an hour ago, Petra realized he had probably already had quite enough and it was time to retire before he was tempted to have more. So where to go? Time to relax on the Observation Deck with a LARGE mug of overly potent coffee. You know, just in case he runs into a superior officer in the corridor. Sprawled back into one of the couches in his off-duty clothes, jacket already taken off and laid over the back of the couch behind him, he's intently busy staring off into the starfield outside the windows, contemplating some mystery of the universe. And from how absent the rest of the deck is? Everyone else must still be at the party.

Not everyone went to the party as Cassie's arrival attests to, dressed in sweats and with her hair wet from a very recent shower. A small notebook and pencil are held in one hand and a mug of something hot to drink in the other, all things that are set down upon a table not too far from where the Major sits, not noticing him until she about sits on him when she goes to take up space on the same couch he has claimed. Wheeling around, she blinks once and then several times in quicker succession, her face bright red. "Oh crap. I'm sorry. I… It was my fault. I should have paid better attention." Color the pilot mortified.

Of course, Petra's reaction time is a little…impaired, so while he might be aware that he has company now on the deck, its background noise that he simply filters out. After all, lots of people come here to be quiet and left alone. But then she steps in between him and his view and hes vaguely aware she intends to sit. At least he manages to lift his coffee out of the way before he suddenly has a lapful of pilot and a soft, "Erk" escapes him, along with a chuckle. When she starts apologizing, the chuckle grows into a laugh and he tries to wave it off, guesturing to the space beside him, "Of all the things to apologize for…that's a relatively minor one. Please sit? Needless to say…think you livened up my evening…"

At least he didn't freak out but all it'd do is probably add to the comedic property of the near-sit situation. It takes a few seconds for Cassie to calm down but once the embarrassment fades and she realizes the Major is not about to yell or something she can laugh. "Thanks. Company's always nice, isn't it? Well, unless it isn't. And when it isn't is when it seems like you can't be rid of it." Astute observation, that but it's left to hang there when Cassie makes herself at home, all nice and comfortable on her end of the sofa by the time she's settled in. "Am glad I could provide entertainment for you," she adds, grinning lopsidedly.

Petra does a really bad job of trying to stifle the laugh, finally getting it under control after another moment, The coffee is shifted to his far hand so he can offer Cassie one, "I'm happy I could…provide some extra cushion?" He almost starts cracking up again, but catches himself and adds, "Marcus Petra. Tactical. I dont think I've run into you before? I thought everyone not on duty would be down at the party, so wasn't expecting anyone else over here."

While it's said as a joke Cassie's eyes roll and an indelicate snort sounds before she too laughs. One of those that comes from deep in the belly and soon causes tears to roll down her face. "It was very nice although you better be careful otherwise I might come back asking for a cushion again." The laughter and jokes come to an abrupt end when he introduces himself and her eyes go wide. Oh boy. Did she just say… "Oh crap. I know who you are," she utters while a hand comes up to her face. "I mean… we've never met but I know your name." The hand held up to hide her aghasted expression is offered to him as she adds swiftly, "I'm Cassie Pitera. Pilot. I had plans to go to the party and then just totally forgot."

For all the alarm that shows on Cassie's face? Petra doesn't seem to be bothered at all. Yeaaah, sounds like the Major's had a couple down at the party already, or he's a HELL of a lot more mellow off duty. When she says she knows his name, he tilts his head and quirks a brow "Pilot, huh? Mighta. I'm usually on Watch duty if the commander or the old man aren't on deck. Mabbe I do know you..whats your, ah, what do they call you? Suppose by now you missed most of the party anyway, so not worth freezing your ass off to find a room fulla folks rapidly getting more drunk, right?"

"The callsign's Redeye. Kind of one of those unforgettable ones, or so I've been told. So if you've come across me while I'm out on CAP…" A lean away from the couch gets Cassie's mug within reach and it's taken in hand so she can get a drink. "I usually don't drink too often," she mentions casually, her gaze darting to Petra's face. Taking him in, she comes to a swift conclusion and cracks a grin again. "Let me guess, sir. You partook a bit too much while there?"

Petra rumbles softly and winces at the assessment, consoling himself with a momentary drink of his own super-coffee, and closes his eyes for a moment, I, ah, dont need to drink a whole lot to get stupid, as I've learned, so a couple of drinks and I tend to escuse myself." He partially opens one eye and shoots a tentative look over at her, murmuring, "That obvious? Phew. Maybe Ill just hide down here a little longer." Another small drink, and a halfhearted attempt to change the subject, "I don't recall hearing a Redeye, but then sometimes you folks aren't very chatty. Guess I'll have to keep my ears open better now, hmm?

Cassie is not some young pup fresh out of basic but rather someone who is more than old enough to pick up on cues like when someone's angling for a new topic to discuss. Thankfully he provides one by continuing on with the subject of her callsign and not knowing her although she does give him a response to his question with a quick bob of her head. Yes, it's noticeable but she tactfully moves on. "I'm sure you'll be hearing my name a lot," she offers, "because I'm planning on totally kicking ass and getting myself known." And that's all said with zero ego. It is merely a statement of fact.

Petra seems to relax a little as the subject of how much he might have had to drink and how obvious it is is discarded. A more genuine smile spreads across his face, "Are you now? Well, I know Air Wing's been encouraged to step up the drills and exercises, so I suspect you'll get more chances to show off your stuff. Engineering is taking a squadron of Predators out of mothball and getting them up to operational status for the Air Group as we speak, and SOMEONE needs to take them out, so…"

Ah. The new craft. The mere mention of their name has Cassie's eyes bright and her shifting in her seat, Marcus leaned into a bit as she squirms. "Gods, I'd love to get into one of those." There are dreams to be able to get into one of those puppies but she has resigned herself to waiting. "Just a matter of whenever it's time, I suppose."

Petra smiles a little more as he catches that light picking up in her eyes. Hell, considering his state, its probably more of a grin, "Well, they said they'd have them done in a week, then maybe needs a couple of days to load them with ordinance, and I asked them to put the birds into rotation as quickly as Air Group has room for them, so if you get a chance soon, you'll have to let me know how it went. fair enough?" The question doesn't conceal how he glances her over from head to toe before taking another long drink from his coffee. At least he's starting to get the edge off.

Cassie happens to catch the time when she glances at her wrist, that causing her to groan. "I hate to run out on you, sir, but I promised someone I'd hit the gym with them." At the same time her regrets are voiced she gets to her feet and grabs up what she brought with her, the notebook dropped and picked up a couple times. Clearing her throat, she gives a hurried wave before rushing out of the room.

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