Captain Beni Kreskas
Kreskas.jpg Kreskas, Beni
Captain Colonial Marine Corps
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Deputy S3, Battalion Staff
Age Sex
39 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue


Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

1979 Enlisted CMC
1979 Basic Training
1979 Basic Course (Communications)
1980 Promotion - E-3 Private First Class
1980 Graduation - ANGLICO Basic Course
1981 Graduation - Basic Airdrop School
1981 Graduation - SERE School
1981 Graduation - Jungle Warfare School
1981 Assigned FCT-B, Bravo Platoon, C Company, 3rd Btn (ANGELICO) (Junior Radio Operator)
1981 Graduation - Basic Diving Course
1982 Graduation - Combat Diving School
1982 Graduation - Basic HALO School
1982 Graduation - Basic HAHO School
1984 Promoted to E-4, Corporal
1984 Graduation - Basic NCO Leadership School
1984 Assigned FCT-A, Charlie Platoon, D Company, 3rd Btn (ANGELICO) (Radio Chief)
1985 Assigned FCT-A, Charlie Platoon, D Company, 3rd Btn (ANGELICO) (Team Chief)
1987 Promoted to E-5, Sergeant
1987 Assigned SALT, D Company, 2nd Btn (ANGELICO) (Team Sergeant)
1988 Assigned Green to Gold Program, Caprica
1988 Enrolled Caprica National University
1988 Enrolled Caprica National University ROTC Program
1998 Assigned CMC Reserve Status (Cadet)
1988 Assigned Charlie Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Btn, 3rd Brigade MP CMC-Reserve (Caprica) (XO- Cadet)
1992 Graduation (Caprica National University)
1992 Promotion, Enslgn
1992 Assigned 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 3nd BTN (Commanding)
1994 Promotion, Lieutenant Junior Grade
1194 Assigned Charlie Company, 3rd BTN (XO)
1998 Promotion, Lieutenant
1998 Assigned Alpha Company - CSAR, 2nd BTN (Commanding)
2002 Promotion, Captain
2002 Assigned 1st BTN, 3rd Brigade (S-3, Operations)
2003 Assigned 1st BTN, 3rd Brigade (XO)
2004 Graduation, Basic Airdrop Certification
2004 Graduation, Basic Dive Certification
2004 Assigned Charlie Company, 3rd Btn, 8th Marines (Assistant S3)

Recent Logs


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