Ensign Silvia Kostas
kostas.jpg Kostas, Silvia
Ensign Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Officer/EOD
Age Sex
25 F
Hair Eyes
Black Brown


Kostas is a product of generational inhabitants of Canceron's slums, a fact that shows up in her accent and not-perfect Standard usage for those who can place the accent. Even as a child she was quite used to witnessing (and in some cases perpetrating) violence and destruction. She was well on her way to becoming yet another Hades slumrat when fate intervened in the form of a CMC peacekeeping unit whose vehicle she vandalized, and whose senior NCO and some of the other grunts took a liking to her. By the time they shipped out when she was 11, the NCO had found her a place at a residential school, and kept in touch constantly as a mentor and substitute parent. It was a difficult cultural adjustment, but having a full belly and a safe place was good motivation to not get kicked out. Unsurprisingly, Kostas opted to enlist in the Marines as soon as she was of age, having busted butt to catch up to the academic entry requirements. Her tenacity, steady hand, calmness under pressure, and the ability to be 'creative' to accomplish the objective if need be was noted. Though she had to probably study twice as much or more as anyone else in her AIT group, she entered demolition training right after boot camp. The Marine life suited her. See new places, vandalize them in a sanctioned manner, steady pay, food and shelter…fun times.

Kostas was on Picon on War Day, having taken leave to attend her mentor's retirement ceremony and to spend some time with her before returning to duty. Instead, the EOD and the recent retiree found themselves helping to evacuate and move civilians and meet up with the rest of the forces on planet to form the resistance. Kostas' skills of gut instinct innovation and ends-justify-the-means attitude fit right in, whether or not she was in a EOD role. When Spree first floated the idea of mobilizing young teens as fighting units, Kostas was one of the first (and one of the few enthusiastic to do so) to volunteer. She received her battlefield commission from the commander herself. She seemed to be a natural at knowing how to form youngsters into an effective fighting unit, having essentially experienced the same herself at a much younger age, without looking down on them or hand-wringing over the morality of it. Perhaps because of this, her small platoon had a kill/success rate that would be the envy of many an adult one.

Like any other unit on Picon, though, it was inevitable that they'd eventually take a heavy loss—and when they did it was devastating. Pinned down in heavy, outnumbered fighting, Kostas' unit held their position until backup arrived, at a catastrophic loss to themselves but allowing the objective to be achieved. By the time they'd been pulled out, there were only 5 survivors including Kostas, and only 2 including herself that weren't permanently disabled by their injuries. Kostas thought she should keep fighting; Spree thought differently, not wanting to burn out a good potential officer, noting Kostas' attachment to 'her' kids, and Orion needed more EODs. Over her vocal objections, Kostas was transferred to Orion.

RP Hooks

  • Canceron: You can take the kid out of the slums, but if it's after a certain age, hard to miss that accent. Don't like the riff-raff? Favorably disposed?
  • Remedial: Hey, she made it through basic and AIT with her wits and a lot of hard work. Is she the most skilled reader, or super well educated otherwise…no. Bit prickly about that, but do you like helping people sharpening their minds? Want a challenge?
  • Religious: Maybe breaking the stereotype, but Kostas is quite so. She wears the medallions of Ares, Artemis, and Hestia, and has gone to the chapel every day barring unforseen circumstances. Are you similarly religous? Or very not?
  • Bootstrapper: Some people like those who bootstrap from the enlisted corps up to officer, others admire it. Same thing with those who get their commission on the field vs. recommendation and further study and/or being cream of the crop. Have an opinion either way?
  • Let's Get Physical: Like to blow off steam with sparring/running/doing anything that's up and active? Kostas does too!

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