Gunnery Sergeant Cooper "Mike Six-Four" Knox
Knox1.png Knox,
Cooper J.
GSGT Marines
Station 4th ANGLICO, 2nd SALT
Position WIRELO (JTAC)
Age Sex
27 Male
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue


The Cover

When your mom was a dirt-eating, backwoods Saggie that made you walk around barefoot in the snow to stave off a cold or flu, life was not easy when you were growing up. It doesn't help that when you protest this treatment as 'inhumane' at eight years old, your mother decides you're old enough to be whupped. Badly. Apparently 'talking back' earns one a rolling pin to the ribs. With dad having long-left a clearly insane mother, Coop just dealt with it. He did everything he could to stay away from the woman. If he wasn't in his room studying, he was outside in the woods while she smoked local herbs on the couch and went to her religious meetings. Coop graduated high school and on his 18th birthday he enlisted in the Corps without telling his mother. He said goodbye to his friends then just disappeared from his mother's life one day.


CPL Derek Oglesby, CPL Cooper Knox. 4th ANGLICO, 1st SALT. 10 JUN 2001, two years prior to Second War. CFAS Hoffut, Leonis. 110th CSAR Wing evaluation.

Artillery school was on Aerilon and that was good-enough for him. He finished basic and went. Coop started out life working gun crews but the NCO's and officers noted something: The PFC was really good at fast calculations. One of the squad leaders talked him into trying out for a Forward Observer slot and he ended up doing very well and lateraling out. From there he applied for ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company) and pushed himself through one of the most mentally challenging schools available to any enlisted member of the armed forces. After that, Coop put the pedal to the floor for his focus and drive and he's been a new man and Marine, even getting airborne qualified. He's made a reputation for himself that started in the school and he's known as a soft-spoken guy off the line, but a balls-out Devil Dog in the field. He's spent the last four and a half years proving that. He has a stack of medals to back it up, though it is not likely he'd bring them out to show or discuss them. The man is about as likely to brag as he is to sprout wings and fly away.

The Facts, According to Cooper

Coop came into being and showed at the ANGLICO Academy as a fresh-faced skinjob with all of his falsified paperwork. He had his mission and he was one of the very first selected for infiltration. He made no friends, completed the school, and joined the J-Teams. But once on the teams, in order to complete his cover, he had to immerse himself in the tightly-knit groups of 4-6 people. No one had prepared him for this. Nobody had told him. He hadn't even seen another one of his people for almost eight months. This Model Six felt something for the first time: Abandoned. Meanwhile his team never faltered. They stood by him and the Corps was always there when he needed it. Mentally, Number Six defected from his people days after the Valos Massacre and adopted his cover as his real self and Coop decided to make a go at becoming his own person.

He knew he'd be boxed for it eventually. But Coop had a chance at a life. He could invest himself in a cause that didn't just appeal to him as who he had become, but also to what he was. For four more years, Knox lived the life of a Marine. He became the person he wanted to be and defined himself. He only met with his own people three times through the years and never once blinked. He toe'd the line and fed them back the lines they wanted to hear. Coop knew it was coming but he had no way to warn them. 'I'm not human. The Cylons are coming.' would probably have had him institutionalized at worst, at best he would be removed from the job he loved. He did not want, nor did he apply for the position on the Orion when it came up. His team leader called him into his office one day and simply informed him that his application to the ship had been approved and he'd be leaving shortly.

Then the Roland Reese Incident took place. Coop knew it was coming and it was going to be soon. He'd been given his orders for the Orion and the name of his Sleeper partner. But Coop refused. Before the bombs had even fallen, Knox was writing letters, warning anyone who would listen from an anonymous post. Coop's actions saved a lot of lives.

Not that he'll admit to saving any lives, though.


Just before the assignment to the Orion, Sergeant Knox was working out of CFAS Ulman on Caprica. He was finishing up an 8 month rotation around CFAS bases reteaching techniques and cooperation to the old guys and showing the newer pilots some tricks and tips. Once he finished he transferred back to Camp Bl'vedorune (B-ville) where the 2nd SALT was based out of. It was there that he was asked about his interest in the mission and earning some extra money along side it.

Recent Events

Cooper managed to survive the war and won his medals. He doesn't count them, but he will wear them with pride when it comes down to official occasions. After the end of the war he was the JTAC tasked with setting up the Joint Tactical Air Control school on Aerilon and spent three years turning it back into a professional school, earning a promotion to Gunnery Sergeant along the way. After that he retired to Piraeus with his wife Tabitha. They fostered half a dozen war orphans and had two kids of their own. He returns to Orion as the Platoon Sergeant of Dog. Looking a fair few years older, the man is also wiser and more mellowed by the years of kids — especially his own. He is one of the individuals that still wears the legacy patch of his former unit, though.


Service Record & Medals

"The only things that really matter to guys and gals like me are the opinions of the people you work with. That's lifeblood. And they know what you've done. They saw the look in your eyes. There's no excuses there. People outside it wouldn't believe it and your friends don't need it. Wouldn't trade it for anything, sir."
— SGT Knox to MAJ Wisdom

Recent Logs


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