AWD #630: Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits
Summary: Pratt and Toby meet, find they've got similar feelings on certain.. issues.
Date: 13/03/17
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Pratt Toby 
Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.
AWD #630

Pratt hasnt even been out of sickbay for a few hours yet, but when he went down to the deck to look at his mangled Raptor, is when he got caught up on scuttlebutt and…oh no they frakkin didn't! So that's why the pilot, still in his sweats, is showing up at the brig and checking himself in as a visitor to see his fellow Tauran. His hand is still showing fresh scars and he's moving…carefully, but he still follows lead down to Toby's cell and thanks the MP.

This is not Toby's first stay in the brig, although if you listen to rumours then you might get a greatly inflated number compared to reality. Generally he's fairly chilled about the whole process, but this time he seems a touch more angry about it, or maybe he's just pissed off at having been tasered? Who can say. He's dressed in clean off-duties and a meal tray that appears to have been no more than nibbled at is on the floor by hte bars awaiting collection. The sound of footsteps draws his attention sharply to the new arrival although there's a flash of something akin to dispointment as he spies Pratt. He looks like he's about to say something then his eyes catch the tattoos on the pilots neck and he tilts his head questioningly for a moment. «No offence mate,» he starts, almost cautiously in their native tongue, «but who the frak are you?»

Pratt tugs a chair over with his foot, metal scraping on bulkhead floor to where he can plunk his huge frame down on it with a grunt, «I'm one of the idiots that keeps you busy fixing holes in Raptors my family could drill through. Just got outta sickbay and went down to see and I heard about a smartmouth Marine getting a mouth fulla knuckles for saying something really frakking stupid. You know how rumors are. I don't see a Marine in here. Figured I'd come see what actually happened. I'm Pratt. M'mom and dad and my family were still on Tauron when the war broke out. I was busy schlepping the ore they dug up to a refinery.»

Toby watches Pratt in silence as he sits, quite obviously trying to get an idea on how straight the pilot is being with him. His openner is a cautious, «You don't seriously expect them to lock up one of their own do you?» Followed by a faint narrowing of his eyes, «no, havne't seen her since I thumped her one for what she said. Besides, the way they see it, I threw the first one, so I started it. She's likely on duty, or in her rack.» As the introduction is given his expression turns more towards neutral again, there's nothing odd about that after all. «Shackleton. I'd just hit orbit when they jumped in. Got to see a whole frak load of explosions before we jumped out.»

Pratt sets his jaw a bit while he listens, «So much for thinking somma these folks are putting this behind em. Who was it? Just so I know when I got an asshole on my bus.» No, Pratt's not gonna go for revenge. Well, maybe not. «And…yeah. I jumped in while the attack was going on, hauling cargo boxes from the belt. Only thing that saved my slow ass. Watched them pound home, didn't even register I had raiders closing on me. Guess I got lucky, used the huge cargo boxes as a shield until I could get the FTL back up and I frakking jumped back to the belt. Blackjack picked me up a few days later when I stumbled across one of their Raptors. I was making little jumps to the other colonies trying to find someone, anyone. Captain was gonna have me helping as a mechanic. I, well, made a case for wanting to keep flying so I could ram some of this ordinance down their metal throats. If a Marine's saying that crap to you, I'll break their damned jaw if you didnt.»

«One of their Sergeants,» Toby replies off-handedly, «Kapli, or something like that. Sapper I think, rather than straight grunt.» He holds a hand up to a rough approximation of Kapali's height and adds, «red head.» Listening to the story he nods slowly, adding only, «we jumped to Picon, got taken in my Spree's lot, then transfered here when things got..» he searches for a suitable word «.. tricky.» He's not expanding on that though, but moves on instead. «Not sure what damage I did, but I might have broken it, last blow I recall was pretty damn hard. If she's not at least concussed then she can't be fraking human.» He appears to be finished, but then something seems to click in the back of his mind and he tilts his head again slightly, «she wasn't talking about the Cylons though, just to be straight. She was talking about when it was Marines on our streets doing the killing.»

Pratt watches his hands when he's describing and finally nods his head, acknowledging he's got the idea about who to look for. But its when Toby indicates he's NOT talking about War Day and is talking about something entirely more nefarious and personal that he stops and lifts a brow. There's a long pause and he says in a more even tone. You know the kind. The 'Im about ta go get 6 brothers and wreck your pansy ass' tone, «Really. She gonna pull THAT shit out here?»

Toby looks almost surprised at Pratt's surprise. «They don't get taught it like it really happened,» he notes, flicking his eyes towards the MP for a moment to ensure they're back at their desk, «their history books are all about it being a heroic action against terrorist rebels. Don't let them surprise with their reactions when it comes up though. That trouble I mentioned on Picon? That was a bunch of the frakkers finding out I'd been there and wasn't just going to accept their shit talk.» He's deadly serious now as he continues, «letting it come up in conversation was a mistake, always is, should have walked away long before it get as heated as it did. She said it though, and at that point I had no choice. There's only a certain amount you can frakking let lie.»

Pratt shakes his head slowly, «When the corp sent me to fligh school, I got into more than one fight from the Virgon and Caprican assholes that didn't think a Tauron could fly. Threatened to kick my ass out of school, so I toned it down. Saw that job as a ticket to get my kids the option to do whatever the frak they wanted to do, not just choose from the options they had to settle for. Helps a little knowing all of those pricks are so much cinder now, but…» he trails off and nods, «I havent heard a peep of that from anyone in Blackjack, and really, since I got transfered here, I keep volunteering for the suicide runs, so…havent really been around much. Maybe I woulda run into you earlier.»

«Doesn't come up often,» Toby notes, more for completeness sake than in defence of the marines, «never ends well when it does though. Well, not for us anyway, not yet seen any of them punished for it mind.» Not that he's bitter mind, not about that at least, he just expects it as a matter of course. «Capricans can go frak themselves sideways,» he notes, «along with their superiority complexes. Met a couple of decent Virgonese, but they're in the minority.» A thougth occurs to him and he frowns for a moment, «reckon that marine was Caprican actually, judging by her accent,» he shrugs once, «explains a lot.»

Pratt grunts softly and sets his jaw again, «Well, I catch em on my bus, well, no one said they had to have a SMOOTH flight back..» He offers a wan smile at that for just a moment, then glances at the MPs, then back to Toby, «I owe you a drink when you get out, but you need anything until then that the MPs arent going to throw me in here for trying to bring you?»

Toby returns the smile, briefly, then follows the glance to the MP and back. «A book or something? Doens't matter too much what, just something to pass the time.» Something to look at that isn't 3 walls and a set of bars that is. «One favour you could do me though, if you're willing? I could do with a word with Wescott, if she's got the time.»

Pratt tilts his head as he listens, committing things to memory. Slowly he nods his head, «Gonna be random what I can get for reading material, but I'll see what I can get my hands on. As for Wescott, yeah, no sweat. She came by to hang out while I was still in recovery. I'll hunt her down on my way out and send her over.» With that said, he lumbers back to his feet and straightens up, using his good hand to thump on the bars, «Bug my ass when you get out. I promise a drink, I hate taking forever to pay up on it.»

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