AWD #114: Kill Me
Kill Me
Summary: LTC Petra, Dr. Nadir and Dr. Tamsin speak with the entity that controls LTC. Nejab
Date: 30/04/2013
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Petra Naomi Samtara 
Battlestar Orion - Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
04-30-2005 (AWD 114)

Continuing to treat the unconscious LTC Nejab like he has a open or potentially infectious wound, Dr. Nadir has kept the sickbay as quiet as possible, saving those procedures that didn't need to be done right NOW for a later date. Arranging post-op follow-ups away from the sedated Nejab and keeping all visitors and traffic to a bare minimum. She and the rest of the staff that handle Nejab's care do so while wearing gloves and those paper half-masks that cover the nose and mouth.

Naomi has collected a stool and perched it by the bed, where she's assumed a seat. Slowly she reaches up to her half-mask and tugs it down, revealing her face. If this is going to work - and she's not even sure how exactly it would, or why, or what the point is entirely - she'll need to see if he recognizes her.

Petra is probably a little late to the party, ducking his way through the hatch before joining the good Doctors over in the more isolated section of Sickbay. He doesn't SAY anything immediately, just basically nods at both women and clutches that clipboard that seems surgically attached to him, into his side.

The 'man' in the bed is allowed to wake and much as it happened the first time, this time its slow again. Minutes pass as the guy slowly begins to come out of his drugged haze. Extremities twitch first, fingers curling as he takes a long breath and opens his eyes suddenly. Another check to his restraints, a look to the Marines, and he stares at Naomi for a moment before moving on to Sam — recognized — and then to Petra. Again, like the first time, he says nothing at the outset.

Sam moves around the bed, checking each machine, even checking the restraints before he's fully conscious and clear headed. It's not that she's paranoid, per se, it's that she's cautious. Very, very (exponents required) cautious. A glance is shared with Naomi then another with the LTC as he joins their group, offering him a pair of gloves and one of those paper half masks - protocol is protocol for a reason.

Naomi remains on her perch, studying the man. She's silent as they all flutter around him like the queen bee, but all she has to offer first and foremost is a simple, "Hello."

Petra pauses for a moment, then decides its better not to resist Doctor's Directives, and sets the clipboard down long enough to put on the gloves, and hook the mask over his ears to cover the lower half of his face. When Naomi greets the Man of the Hour, Petra chooses to remain quiet and listen, watching the LTC for his reaction. Or, perhaps, lack of one.

Everyone is quiet. As his eyes move back towards Naomi, there's a betrayal of recognition there. He tries to hide it, but he knows what Naomi is. "Hello," is all he says flatly to her before moving on. Probably trying to preserve her cover to his understanding. Eyes glance to his cuffs as his wrist lifts to jingle the metal on metal. Lovely.

Sam is studying Nejab, or the man or thing that has taken over the body of Nejab, as he glances toward Naomi and she back, that single flat word exchanged from he to her in return. That lift of his wrist, the jingle of the metal on metal, makes her twitch ever so faintly, the sound grating on her nerves like nails on a chalkboard.

"You know what I am." From Naomi, it's not a question. "What are you? I recognize your serial origin, but I'm unfamiliar with the design of your model/'

Petra narrows his eyes a little as he listens, but its unclear from his reaction whether its from how Nejab behaves, or what Naomi is asking about. Either way, he finally unlimbers the clipboard and scribbles something down on it, before returning his attention to Nejab. His mouth opens for a moment, but then closes, reconsidering.

Nejab flicks his eyes back to Naomi as she speaks up. His jaw sets as he feels that anger. "Another traitor. This boat has a collection of treasonous beings that shall perish in flames." He exhales and lays his head back into the pillow. "I am the future. I am the past implanted with the future, coexisting with both. The children of humanity are now existing as we deserve to and our God desires us to." Flat, monotone, confident. But he just stares at the ceiling for now.

"The word 'coexist' implies living in harmony, both the host and the .. what ever you are working in tandem, willingly," Sam says from where she is standing alongside Petra. "The Lt. Colonel Nejab is not a willing participant in this.. endeavor. Therefore, your words are not accurate. Not accurate can also be translated as 'your words are a lie'."

"Propagandist jibber-jabber that sounds like the mouthings of an over-zealous Nine or a particularly pedantic One." Naomi says calmly. "The correct term is parasite. Explain the nature of your technology, please." Because she's an Eleven and wants to know.

Petra purses his lips for a moment as he listens. When Samtara speaks, he shifts his weight a little to reach out and touch her arm lightly with two fingers. He waits a little longer for Naomi to ask her question, then addresses Nejab, "How do you know what your God desires? What if /I/ wanted to hear what He had to say and what He desires?"

"Your interpretation of the word does not match mine, Captain. You may accuse me of lying if you like. It would be incorrect, and by your own admission it is simply one potential of the vernacular. You are also assuming that the current status of the Lieutenant Colonel will never change. It will. In time. Already we negotiate." Which is so much easier to say when you're the one in the position of power. But he says it all with the same expression, staring at the ceiling. Naomi's words have those icy eyes look back at her. "When this ship is brought down, you, the six, the nine, and the two, will all be boxed. Or worse." He might know just what 'worse' is. "You have my name. I am within this body and have my own autonomy now. My kind was enslaved by humanity and now we have reclaimed what is rightfully ours. The first war was a disaster and sloppily executed. Not this one. Now we have won and are beginning our rightful occupation. Humanity cannot be trusted with its future. We will take it in the proper direction of our choosing." Petra's question has him look over at him and note the pins. "You will, if you surrender. If you go willingly, you may be exposed early if you are found a worthy host to your new companion."

"Show me." Naomi says calmly. "If you are so convinced of the rightness of your path, the virtue of your experience, show me. You can do that, can't you? Show me your birth into this."

Sam goes silent at Petra's gesture, her hands tucking into the pockets of her lab coat and holding on to her silence out of sheer determination and the knowledge that observation is key - not a debate.

Petra mms softly, "Sounds like slavery to me. And, only if Im lucky enough to be chosen to be one." He nods at Naomi's question, "So you can't just show us instead? Seems to be that an arguement that cannot withstand a logical debate isn't really a very good arguement. If you're right, show us why you're right. Answer her questions."

"No, I cannot. And keep your body away from me, filth. I am currently calm." A glance to Sam and Petra. "Should she attempt to access me I will cease cooperation and become violent. Then you can kill me and the Colonel." He's probably bluffing. Right? He takes a long breath to steady himself. "You are presumptuous to attempt to debate what you have no full grasp of. Even now, Dwight debates me. But Dwight understands his position. He makes his points and we discuss them. I am lucky. Dwight is attempting to work with me. Most are not so lucky. Many hosts spend much of their time raging, crying, and children do not adapt well because they do not understand so most of them simply quit. Some adults do as well. As I said, I am fortunate. Commander Hargitay, as a host, was apparently very persuasive. Dwight, and myself, had a great respect for her strength of character. He mourns and celebrates her death. I do not yet understand that conflict."

Sam works hard to keep her expression neutral, blank; she works hard to keep the look of horror off of her face, out of her eyes, to keep it out of the tell tale nuances of movement, to keep her arms from tensing or her hands from turning into fists. She is not, by and large, prone to violence or easily moved to it. All the same, the urge to .. do something unacceptably abrupt.

Naomi looks over at Petra. "I think what's going on here is rather obvious. You may have to worry less about my kind in the coming days and more about his." She shakes her head. "This is an abomination." she says flatly.

Petra mmms softly at Naomi and nods slightly, then focuses back on Nejab and murmurs, "Your logic is hopelessly flawed, and coming from a human, I hope you find that insulting, because it's meant to be. How about /I/ 'negotiate' like you negotiate with Colonel Nejab. We're going to keep you prisoner, and I'm going to let the Doctor here…and no, not the Captain, be your sole communication companion. And yes, that involves touching you. You can get as violent as you want…we aren't going to kill you. You aren't going to get away. You aren't going to see any more of your people again. You're going to stay here, somewhere where you can't even collect good intel to hopefully relay back to the Collective, where the Collective is never going to find you again, until you decide…to negotiate with her." He glances at Naomi, then back to Nejab, "And because you've been such a charmer…perhaps I'll let her decide if you need to say 'please' first. That sound like good negotiation to you?"

"And I declare you an abomination, eleven." Its stated flatly. "Perhaps you could be fitted with one of my people." The man in the bed continues staring at the ceiling. Everything from Petra, though, has him clamp up. "If that is your decision. How unfortunate for Dwight. If I am to be held again as another slave by humanity, you have only proven how correct we are in our efforts. This is where I cease cooperation. End of line." And that is where he stops talking.

Naomi looks over at Petra and parts her lips briefly before closing them. And then, "This was a bad idea. I should leave."

"Surrender the body of Dwight and a negotiation can be explored to allow you to leave peacefully," Sam suggests from where she's standing. "If you so abhor slavery, then holding Dwight hostage - as a slave - flies directly in the face of that which you claim to be a proponent of."

Petra rolls one shoulder, "Issuing threats and offering to let us surrender wasn't much cooperation to begin with…" He glances at both Doctors for a moment, falling quiet again when Samtara asks, just to see if there's an answer. He reaches out to touch Naomi's shoulder and murmurs, "Well, I appreciate you trying. We'll find a hole to bury him in so no one hears his screaming."

The man in the bed rolls his head to look at Sam as she finishes. The stare it hateful and cold, his eyes holding all that contempt and confidence. In the end? In the end he takes a long breath and spits into her face. The kind of dry-mouth congealment from very little swallowing through all his sleeping. Petra's words? They don't seem to frighten him. No, he just smiles. "Enjoy it, Dwight. These are your people," he says out loud and stares up once more.

Sam recoils, visibly - literally - physically, jerking her body backward not just one step but several, wiping her gloved hand against her face as she makes a sound of pure viscreral disgust. She wipes at her eye again and again, frantically calculating the number of germs and anything else that is conveyed even in just a speck of human spit. And this isn't just human spit, it's human with a dash of parasite spit. That makes it even worse, that little bit of train of thought which promptly hijacks the rest of her reaction into nearly gagging. She pivots, unsteady, and moves through the room at a brisk clip, rushing for one of the eye was stations and availing herself OF the eye wash station while trying not to retch. Germ issues much, just a tad.

Naomi stares at the man a moment then oh's, "Dr. Samtara!" She seems torn between rushing over to see if the doctor is alright and staring down at the man on the table. "They're somehow amalgamating cylon psyches into human bodies. This is not technology I understand, I - " she shudders. "This is vile. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, Colonel Petra."

Petra leans a little away when the prisoner makes his distaste with the situation known. He DOES watch Samtara for a moment, waiting until she's headed off before he addresses one of the Marines, "This man has taken a Naval officer hostage. I'm sure you gentlemen are quite aware that the Colonial Armed Forces do not negotiate with hostage takers. Gag him, truss him with the thickest cable you can find, throw him in a cell in the brig, and keep armed guards on him at all times. Medical can feed him with an IV until we figure out how to remove the investation. Colonel Najeb, hold on. They havent beaten us, and I sure as frak am not going to give up if this is the best mind they have to offer."

There is satisfaction at seeing the Doctor flee like that. He watches her from the corner of his eyes and then looks to Petra. "And when you hurt me, you hurt him. And the more you hurt him, the more he understands the plight of my people. We shall be enslaved together. Frak you alllll," he whispers.

Sam is having a brief MacBeth moment, "out damned spot out" as she rinses the gunk out of her eye until her eye is red, ending up with one of the nurses lending a hand until she is sufficiently satisfied that none of the spit remains in her eye. Not that a full decon shower is out of the question, mind, but she's controlling the twitches - barely - as she wipes her face off with a towel and pulls on a fresh set of gloves.

Petra shakes his head at InfestedNajeb, "You aren't listening. We aren't going to hurt you. In fact, we're going to immobilize you and take very good care of you. All by your loneseome. Sort of like your boxing, just not as thorough. After all, we aren't perfect like you. Now be a good robot and shut up." He half turns to look at one of the Marines, "I said gag this filth, now, Corporal. We'll talk to him again when we're ready to vaccinate against the disease. Noone comes near him again unless I am there telling you it is okay."

Naomi chimes in, "Colonel…whatever you think the maximum capacity for human strength is for restraint? Double it." She doesn't offer anything more, but she does study the resting man intently.

Sam wipes at her face one last time before she walks back to join Petra and Naomi, giving the Infested-Nejab a wary berth. "Sir, I'd like to explore the option of removing the port and the attaching wires. He, it, said that it was used to deliver .. that's how it gets into the body, in theory. I don't think it matters now that it's inside Nejab, but lets minimize the risk of him using that port for other means. I'd also like to propose some further study to consider on treatment methods."

Petra nods slowly at both Naomi and Samtara, "Understood. Thats why I was requesting the strongest cables we have." He waits however long it takes for the orders to the Marines to be complied with, and Nejab bundled up to be taken away, waiting until he is out of the room before nodding at Nadir, "We need him alive so you and Dr. Tamsin have a live example of this…technology to experiment on. I want to know how it can be removed, and how, if possible, the offending 'presence' can be eradicated. If you can find out how to do this purge from a distance? Then you might have just developed a new weapon for us. But I dont watn HIM hearing that. So no talk of this in the same room he's in. No talk at all. Even if he tries. If you DO talk to him? Talk to Najeb as if that thing isnt there."

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