AWD #205: Kick the Puppy
Kick the Puppy
Summary: Naomi and Lleufer play a game. It doesn't end well for either of them.
Date: 30/07/2013 (OOC Date)
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Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #205

It's been a long day of … paperwork! Oh joy of jubilous joyness! To be free! Lleufer has stopped by the mess haul soon as he got off shift because dang it, he was hungry. Only a light meal though, then he's wandered down this way because the observation deck was too crowded at this hour. Still in uniform, Lleu scrapes a hand through his hair, the top breast buttons unfastened to his uniform jacket. He /should/ go to barracks and hit the shower and change into something more comfortable but hell he's not got a lot of time before he needs to simply sack for the night. So instead he finds himself a drink and takes a seat, powering up his personal tablet to pull up where he had left off leisure reading some piece about an Aerlion wilderness adventure hero or something. A beer will make it better, right?

Naomi is at one of the couches, of which there are a multitude. It's no man's land around her, others who've come to the rec area to socialize giving her a wide berth. She's like an island and while no one gives her trouble, no one seems willing to come near her. She's actually not wearing the little red dress for a change; someone got her a set of off-duties minus the pentagonal dogtags, her hair secure in a ponytail. She's bent over a notebook, scribbling furious with the tip of her tongue poking out one corner of her mouth.

Lleufer is usually a pretty observant fella, but he is tired. He's set his tablet down to open his beer and glances over at the gal who's seated near by but not next to himself. The Aerilon does a double take and then only sits there, watching her. Doesn't say a thing, then finally tastes his beer. Can he see anything of what she's working on without, you know, looming and leaning closer?

About A sizable quarter of the page is taken up by a pencil drawing; a perhaps surprisingly good sketch of a bird. The rest is her sloopy scrawl, mostly notes, though a corner seems to have the look of poetry to it. Oh, great. Cylons writing poetry.

The Jarhead is pretty quiet, not wanting to intrude nor startle her. So Lleu watches for a bit, sipping his beer before he picks up his tablet to see where he had left off with his reading. His baritone finally speaks up though the volume is low, "You mentioned you were interested in studying animals. Biologist, you said. Are you really going down to study those direwolf things, Doctor?"

Naomi lifts her head to peek up at him, her smile clearly delighted. "Well of course," she says, "Didn't men sail the seas of the colonial worlds despite knowing they were dangerous? And learn much about them as a result?"

Lleufer flicks his pale eyes back to her, lowering his reading tablet in his lap. "Of course. Sail seas, climb mountains, voyage out into the great black to dare to seek new worlds. And sometimes we bump into nasty things." Nope, he's not saying Cylons out loud. He studies her but only lightly before he takes another taste of his beer. "Curious about your people too. But I'm sure lots of folk pester you with endless questions already. I suppose I'm pretty curious about Piraeus myself. Go down there every chance I get."

Naomi considers him a moment, and then closes her book, setting it to the side. She scoots to the side, patting the couch invitingly. "Would you like to play a game?" What?

There could easily be an instant hint of distrust in his eyes. It's an unexpected sort of invitation. Lleufer almost thins his mouth, "What kind of game, Doctor?" He doesn't get up, but he's watching her and didn't refuse outright, either.

"You want to ask me questions." she says, dimpling. "I love questions. And not just because I'm a scientist. It's literally part of my nature to be curious. Programmed, if you will. Especially when I'm the one who gets to ask them. So the game is, I'll let you ask me questions since you're so curious and I do admire curiousity - but only if for every question you ask me, I get to ask you one." Her smile widens. "I do so admire the principle of reciprocity."

He just set his foot out over a trap, didn't he? Women are like that and this one, well, so much /more/ unknown. "I may answer some, not others. You won't be the slightest bit surprised if I'm not exactly trusting of you, Doctor. I'm sure you don't trust me, or us, much either." Lleu shuts off his tablet and picking up his beer, he steps over to join her. But leaves a slight distance between them on the couch. He /is/ curious despite his wariness.

Naomi cocks her head. "Oh, no. That's not fair. But I'll propose a stipulation; the level of intimacy of my questions will be equal level to the intimacy of yours. I'll trust your word as a marine that you won't refuse to answer a question after I've answered one of equal personal nature. That would be fair. Wouldn't it?"

Lleufer says, "I'm not the one who's supposedly defected from those who are trying to destroy or conquor my race, Doctor. I'm not sure I'm authorized to be answering any of your questions aside from where's the head? Wouldn't you be wanting to try and earn our trust? I'm not going to agree to answering anything blind. Too many subtlties in the details, Doc." Lleufer thins his mouth. Nope, not playful about that kind of game."

"I'm not the one who's supposedly defected from those who are trying to destroy or conquor my race, Doctor. I'm not sure I'm authorized to be answering any of your questions aside from where's the head? Wouldn't you be wanting to try and earn our trust? I'm not going to agree to answering anything blind. Too many subtlties in the details, Doc." Lleufer thins his mouth. Nope, not playful about that kind of game. (repose)

Naomi looks at him incredulously at a moment, and then just shakes her head laughing. "Sergeant. I want to ask you things like whether you had a dog, and what it's like to have parents, and what do you enjoy reading. Experiences I don't have the context for, but would dearly love to learn about. Don't you think if I wanted to know military secrets, I'd go to someone a bit further up the ladder than an MP? Frankly, if the fact that your own military jury has declared me innocent of any crimes against humanity doesn't qualify as an earning of trust, I should think that one of your own Intel officers freely permitting me the use of a handgun in the presence of your fellow MPs to execute one of my own kind as a traitor to the Colonies. Or even the fact that I've been working with your medical department on a Cylon detector for nearly the past six months. Or the fact that I surrendered of my own free will to begin." Her smile tightens a little. "Tell me something, do you consider all Sagittarons to be fundamentalist nutjobs who refuse proper medicine, or do you judge them as individuals? Oh no wait, that's racist. But I'm just a machine, I can't have a soul, much less feelings to be hurt or a desire for connection even on the level of a simple friendly acquaintanceship." The smile is gone now. "I thought you were different." She reaches out for her notebook, opening it up again and picking up her pen. "I see that I was incorrect."

She's got him quiet a long moment. Maybe a little anger there though it's kept quiet. Lots of distrust. "I don't know details of what you have or havne't done, Doc. I certainly don't /really/ know what you are. Machine? Person? Thing? Or your real intent. Things like what life was like back home, that gets passed back to your people, that could hurt my folk. Aye, curious about you. But I don't want to be stupid, either." A tightening of his jaw, a shift of his gaze away from her. Lleu shakes his head and gets up to go back to toss his empty beer into the recycler.

"All men named Adam are blind; erego all blind men are named Adam." she mutters in reply before lifting her head and addressing him directly. "If you want your curiousity satisfied on any level, Sergeant, then I get to ask questions, I get to have a conversation, not an interrogation. I've been though enough of those. Your fear that you know something so important that you may say something that will make me eager to run into the oh-so-loving arms of the Cylon collective that will box me in five minutes after I set foot on a basestar is your problem, not mine."

His hands freed of the empty container, the MP turns to look at her from the more comfortable distance halfway across the rec room. "I don't know anything important. Problem is I don't know what might be important to you." Her phrase makes Lleufer blink, "Box you? We are having a conversation. I'm just say'n whether or not I will answer a question depends on the question. Rather than making some broad agreement before hand and being honor bound to keep my word to it. While I don't know if /your/ word is worth jack, I'd be bound to mine, Doc."

"You're more interested in my origin than in my actions, and that's your entire basis distrust. I believe amongst Colonials that is in fact referred to as prejudice. The truth is, all the evidence that I could place in front of you that would prove my trust means nothing because in the end it doesn't matter what I do, you'll distrust me because you define me by my origin. Much the same way I suspect you've been subject to derision for being an Aerilon hick." She lifts her chin. "If nothing I do matters, then all that matters is what I do. You want to know what being boxed is? Exercise your free privilege to read the tribunal transcripts. Cooper Knox is a skinjob, and he's a marine, and they gave him citizenship and his full rank back. So maybe it's not that I'm skinjob, but that I'm a civilian skinjob." She shrugs and looks down at her notepad again. She absently, angrily puffs at her hair in her face and writes something down with heavy strokes.

He's observing her even this moment, that hint of anger on her part. Is it real or feined? "You know lots about humans, you've lived among us. I know next to nothing about your kind and certainly haven't lived among you. So you have me at a disadvantage from the start, Doc. If you want to talk about fair, you could catch me up some before you go poking back at me with questions in turn. And yeah, I need to read it." Lleu might be annoyed with himself that he hasn't already read it. Instead of leaving as he was about to do, he retakes his original seat where he left his tablet. "Knox … I'm not sure what I think of him either. Haven't worked closely with him but, folk I know and trust do watch out for him. He's earned that. Whatever the hell he is, he seems to be a Marine and yeah, we look out for each other. /If/ I knew more about /you/ then maybe I wouldn't be so distrustful of ye." After pausing a beat, he frowns, "And I am an Aerilon Hick. Don't care at all if you call me that, Doc."

"I don't know lots about humans." she counters. "Even living amongst you, you're very much a mystery. I've lived most of my life surrounded by eleven other essential core personalities; how do you think I can begin to claim I understand or know about humans?" she sighs. "Fine. Three questions for you to every one of mine." She lifts a brow. "Final offer."

Damn, he really needs to study those transcripts. Read some, didn't get to others. Lleufer scratches his brow, "All right. I'll try, Doc. This isn't one of my real questions but before we start, you want anything to drink? You can go ahead and ask your question 'n I'll think about mine."

"I'm not partial to beer, and all the wine is down on the planet. But if there's any fruit juice, I'll have that." She adds, "Thank you." Whether she's still sore or not, she's holding herself well. "What do you like to eat?" Wow. Such a simple question. It's terribly elementary.

It's eh … well, it's a strange question. From a Cylon. But, a perfectly normal sort of question if she was a just a gal who wanted to get to know him better. Lleufer raises a brow and gets himself up to go back to where the chiller unit keeps things cold to dispense, "I dunno, but I'll look. I think there was some." He finds something, a fruit cocktail sort of drink. "It'll be sweet. Want it cut with water, or ice?" He gets himself a bottle of water instead of a beer. "I like spicy food sometimes. Strong flavours. But I also like simple foods. Rice, fresh caught trout, game meats I've hunted up myself. Not fancy stuff."

"I like sweet, but I'll take ice. And spicy. And salty. I just like food, really." Naomi confesses cheerily. "You have two more questions."

That wasn't one of his questions but he didn't stipulate that so whatever. Lleufer puts ice into her drink and brings it back to her. "Seems like an odd question since you eat food yourself and must have your preferences." Once Naomi has her drink, Lleu retakes his seat and gets comfortable, "I guess I'm curious about what you said about sharing with eleven other … personalities?" He's probably not got that right. "I suppose whatever part of you is a machine, you do things better. Those parts you know how to do. So do you loath us, facinated, despise us or what? I mean, besides us being a mystery to you and your being curious."

"There are twelve models of what you call skinjobs." Naomi explains. "Each has their own purpose in the collective. Each of us has a sort of…guiding principle. As to your other question," she sips her drink then, "Are you asking me as an individual, or are you looking for the perspecting of the collective? Because the two are very different."

"I'd like to hear your answer to both, your own thoughts as well as what you perceive to be the view Cylons. Assuming you speak the truth of course." Lleu opens his water but doesn't take a sip of it as yet.

"Before I answer," she says, "If you were having a similar conversation with another person you were trying to get to know? Assuming you speak the truth? I'm just wondering if it's just a Lleufer thing, or a colony thing, to be so rude."

Lleufer says, "I think it's a human thing towards a Clylon thing. It occurs to me that there wasn't any mention of actually answering the questions truthfully. I'd think you'd be a stipler for such details." He looks amused, "If I /was/ having a friendly conversation with someone I wanted to know better then yes, it would be a rude question. This is more professional interest, both yours, and mine. Isn't it?""

"And techincally, you have slipped in another question without answering my own, again."

At that, her face just falls. Lleufer just kicked a puppy. YOU KICKED A PUPPY, LLEUFER. A PUPPY WITH DIMPLES. "No." she says. "It wasn't for me. I told you before, I wanted a conversation with another person, not another interrogation with someone who thinks I'm not even entitled to simple courtesy. The models each have a different perspective on the nature of humanity and what they feel it deserves. And to be quite frank, I don't care if you feel it proves your point, but after the way you just treated me, you're not entitled to mine." She sets her juice down - only a single sip taken, and rises to her feet, collecting her ntoebook. If she's faking, she's a very, very, very good actress.

Lleufer thins his mouth against a bit of anger and manages to keep his voice calm, "Look, surely you are aware that if someone tries to kill you and I'm there, I'm obligated to keep you alive, Doc. Shoot my own people, or take a bullet for you. Just as I'm obligated to keep you from doing anything that might hurt others, if that seemed to be your intention. This should be a no brainer. So I /do/ want to know you better. I don't mean for it to be an interrogation but I need information. I'm an individual too and forgive me if I think you'll need some patience if I'm bullheaded. I am a Marine, Doc. Not a social … whatever."

"Keeping me alive is your job. Shooting people in my defense is your job. They're your orders." she snaps back. Oh sweet Lords of Kobol, is she tearing up? "You don't want to get to know me, you want to figure out how the machine works. You're a marine, and if anything that should make it even more important that you be a decent person to others." Her jaw sticks out a little, working slightly to keep from whatever emotional outburst is under the surface.

"I'd also like to point out that you proposed your 'game' rules and then haven't stuck to'm. Be a lot easier to have a 'conversation' with questions if you hadn't set the structure in the first place." Oh now, she's read that MP Oath and all that, has she? Lleufer eyes Naomi. "Maybe I'm trying to decide if you are a person, Doc. But, I won't press. You know what my orders are and I'm not to harass you either. It's not my intention anyway." He'll let her go if she wants to, questions unanswered. He might add something else but no, a muscle in his jaw keeps his mouth shut.

"And I'd like to point out that if you think you're entitled to be cruel to me or that I should just endure your abuse because of that sense of entitlement, you're not only delusional, you're a bully." she barks back.

Lleufer just eyes her, "I'm not being cruel or bullying, Doc. You asked me over to play this game of yours. A question game you outlined yourself. If I /wanted/ to be cruel or bullying, trust me, I could be and it'd be nothing like this. If I decide you seem to be an honest, decent 'person' no matter your origin, well that's different. But so far you've only been evasive, tonight. Why shouldn't I call you on it?"

"I wasn't evasive until you were rude. Until you treated me like a thing. And when you stepped out of the bounds of the spirit of the game, you forfeited the right to answers." she counters, hands balling into fists. "You think I'm something less than you, and that makes it perfectly acceptable to treat me as you did. Don't worry," her eyes have gone liquid, but no water trails downward on her cheeks. "I'll request you be removed from my detail, so you don't have to spend your time protecting a worthless thing." And now she does flee, head bowed, and notebook clutched tightly to her chest, walking, but with determination, toward the rec area door.

Nope, not raising his voice. Didn't move to stand, keeping his seat and being nonthreatening. She might be giving him a headache though. Lleu rubs his brow and finally takes a drink of his water. "So far she's got being a woman down pat." /That/ is said mostly under his breath, not really meant for her to hear. He doesn't raise his voice to call after her but lets her go. He's not on duty to go chasing after her. But he is annoyed.

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