Lieutenant Kelsey "Aegis" Wescott
kels25.jpg Wescott,
Kelsey Jean
LT Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
22 Female
Hair Eyes
Red Blue


Kelsey had it all; A promising life and highschool was going awesome. It was the storybook tale. Cheerleading, lifeguarding, babysitting and doing homework. Her GPA was great and her boyfriend was even better. She was looking at a real nice college on Libran and getting into computer security. But its amazing how fast all of that can turn around. The fall from her social position and standing was gut wrenching and Kelsey hit the concrete face-first. Its not easy to watch your "good friends" walk off and away like you were nothing more than a lingering odor. Great friends turned out to be social succubi that fought like cats over the places Kelsey vacated. But luckily Kels had her family and a few good friends. Those who refused to give up on her also refused to let her give up on herself. It was due to them and her new gift that she found her smile and pride again.


But standing up and being an adult at 17 is hard enough. Its even harder when you have a new daughter and a GED from your junior year. However Kelsey was determined to prove them all wrong. She was determined to show the haters that her life was not over. No. She'd show them that she could be a great mom and have a career and a life. She could still go to college one day. Her daughter, Melissa, would go to school and be able to hold her own head high. Its this positive attitude and the idea from her grandmother that sent Kels to the Naval Recruiting Station. Scoring well on her programming aptitude thanks to some CompSci classes at the community college, Kelsey landed a slot in Avionics and working on the planes. For her this was a big step in the right direction. Furthering her education and getting paid to do it? Plus healthcare for the baby?

Kelsey pushed through, got a little rank, and even volunteered for some insane deep space mining operation. Some days its harder to smile than others, especially when you're 18 months away from your three year old girl. Its two birthdays and a lot of magic to be missed. But this is a college fund for her little girl. She's doing this right and making something of herself in the process and that keeps her going. There are people depending on her.

Then It Happened…

Warday. The worlds ended. All the hopes and dreams died. Kelsey was going to use her GI Bill, go to college, get a Masters, and be someone important. This cruise was supposed to pay for her daughter's college education. But suddenly everything was gone and she went from a 3.8GPA and scholarships to a GED, a job fixing planes, and parked on the ass end of the galaxy while her family was turned to ash. Helpless to change the situation, she had a small breakdown on the deck a few days after the bombs and was eventually pulled out of it. For a long time, she didn't smile as much. She was just existing. But her people back home were fighting and she couldn't let them down in her own mind.

She had been friends with some of the Air Wing folks before the bombs. She'd even had an incentive flight in a Predator. But Major Sheperd gave her thirty days to decide what she wanted. Work on the Deck or try to reach for more. Kelsey thought about it and on February 10th, Kelsey Wescott started flight training. It was a blinding transition and she was thrown into an accelerated program, putting her in the co-pilot seat for on the job training. Nine days later, her first time at the controls of a Raptor, a SAM blew her Raptor in half as the opening shot to a mutiny by the commander of all Resistance forces. She spent four days on the ground on Picon with Lieutenant Colonel Petra. Its an incident she doesn't talk about much — something to be buried in her past and forgotten about.

Kelsey became Ensign Wescott at the end of March, 2005, after completing her rushed flight training and OCS. She became a combat pilot with her rating on Raptors and went to work. On April 6th, Kelsey flew her first combat mission with the wing, driving a Predator. Dodged a SAM, hit by a Raider, her ECO even scored a few kills. This was flown in support of a prison break on Picon to free several hundred prisoners. It turns out that this mission was, as a shock to all, to result in the rescue of families of the Orion crew. Kelsey had just started to give up hope on her family being alive when she got her daughter, Melissa, back as well as her grandmother, Lieutenant Colonel Renee Wescott (Ret.), in the raid. Spirits buoyed, Kelsey has resolved to take on the torch of her family name and fight on so that her daughter might have a future — even if she dies trying to fight for it.

And all this before she can even legally drink.

Recent Events

  • Enlistment: Lewins, Picon Recruiting Station #11789. Age 17.
  • 6th Fleet Anchorage, 3 years.
  • Volunteer, TF NOMAD. 18 months on Second Leg.
  • Volunteer, Air Wing, CVW-11. 10 February 2005. Transferred to Gentleman Ghosts.
  • Commissioned, Ensign, BS-114. 27 March 2005. Rated pilot, Raptors and Predators.

Service Record & Medals

Kelsey has done pretty much nothing remarkable in her professional career except never miss a scheduled day of work… until she got into a bar brawl at Charlies just before Warday. No medals, no awesome letters, nothing special. She does, however, tend to volunteer a lot. Whatever gets her noticed for her effort. Its hard to distinguish yourself in a sea of faces but she's trying. The only thing to really stand out was that fight at Charlies which got her brigged and JAG hit her with a ban from Charlie's until her 21st birthday plus alcohol abuse counseling. She'd managed to start some very low level flight education before Warday, but once the day came and went, the need for pilots went out. Then she started flying and things changed.

She received a reprimand for ignoring an order to report to Medical before she got commissioned after a fight in the Viper Berths when Deck crewmen attacked two Viper pilots. Kelsey stepped in and fought alongside the Wing despite having just transferred from the Deck and fighting against former crewmates. Not long afterward she was involved in the shootdown on Picon with Petra. He had intended to see her decorated for her actions but she refused any recognition and still doesn't talk about that experience much. The AAR is dry and doesn't have details but something happened down there and it fundamentally changed her.

Kelsey has since won a Medal of Valor for planning and executing an operation to fly into a known SAM envelope in order to get the resistance-wide intelligence needed to defeat them. It nearly killed her and her ECO for the mission, Ygraine. On AWD #245 she then won a Silver Cluster (with V device) for her involvement with a raid to downtown Caprica City. Despite it, she's had confidence and leadership problems on the ground. Picon messed her up but she won't talk about it. But in the days since finishing out Picon she's slowly began to mature and realize it's not about her. Wescott is starting to come into her own and prove that just maybe she's Lieutenant material.

Recent Logs


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