Lieutenant Ambrosius "Sandwich" Keller
Keller1.jpg Keller, Ambrosius Reynard
LT Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor ECO
Age Sex
32 M
Hair Eyes
Black Brown



Keller is fairly gregarious, with a witty sense of humor and a burning desire to use it whenever appropriate (and occasionally when not) - it's more of a reflexive mechanism than anything else, and even his mean jokes really don't have any kind of malice behind them. Malice is rare and reserved for special occasions when his patience is exhausted. Good thing he has a /lot/ of that.


  • In the back of his mind, Ambrosius Keller still wishes to be something of a creative force or a writer. He has amazingly good ideas but they often get lost in elaborate execution. Exhibit A - several screenplays that he keeps in his possession and occasionally works on; they've only seen a couple submission attempts and were met with polite rejection. Something about overuse of symbolism, strange takes on history, surreal dreams and overcomplicated plots and characters. One day he might let you read them.
  • Well-read - yeah he is. And references these sources a lot. Sometimes he might come across as pretentious.
  • Obsessive - Once he latches onto a concept/idea/thing and adopts it as "his" he won't let go. One of the reasons he went for Orion was the presence of Predators and a chance to get near them again. Not that he has any dislike of Raptors. Instructors noted he had an intuitive grasp of air/spaceborne weapon systems as far back as the academy.
  • Political ideology - One might describe him as sort of apolitical, but he is very much a centrist in most modern debates and usually shifts his stance to be more inclusive when possible while still very much subscribing to the "unity of humanity" and "equal rights for all, etc etc etc."
  • Religious theory - Keller sure isn't devout. But he's not an atheist either. In fact, he goes out of his way to study religious aspects that permeate society and come up with some sort of "unifying truth" about colonial religious traditions. It doesn't help that he was brought up in a tradition that excessively ties together various comparative aspects of gods in mythology and stories and lumps them under the standard names of Colonial Gods.In modern Earth terms, sort of a unitarian-meets-extremely-liberal Catholic.
  • Crazy-ass family - Yeah. He has one. He wouldn't trade them for the world, though, for all he feigns annoyance at them.
  • Cooking - this man is obsessed with food and likes to think of himself as an amateur chef. He's extremely out of practice these days, but rumor has it that his callsign "Sandwich" refers to make his ability to make a sandwich out of damn near anything.
  • There's also another rumor that he made a "sandwich" out of something he wasn't supposed to and fed it to someone he wasn't supposed to while at CFAB Parizad and that's how he got the callsign.
  • There's also YET another rumor that he got the callsign because someone else tricked him into eating said sandwich while off-duty and very intoxicated.

“An ounce of sauce covers a multitude of sins.”

-A. Bourdain

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