Lieutenant Kale "Echo" Degan
Kale3.jpg Degan, Kale
Lieutenant Airwing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor ECO
Age Sex
26 Male
Hair Eyes
Dark Blonde Blue


A recent arrival from Picon, Kale was delivered to the Medical center before he saw any other part of the ship, spending over a week there getting treated for being severely malnourished and pneumonia. Once he was up to snuff, he marched out immediately to get himself put back into active duty as a Raptor ECO once more (though truth be told, he'd probably rather be a Rock Star…)

Recent Events

  • Recently rescued by the Picon resistance and transferred to the Orion for emergency medical treatment.

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1996-2000 Fleet Academy CFA Picon Communications and Signal Theory
2000-2001 ENS CFAB Hyperion, Picon ECO Training
2001-2002 ENS BS-62 Pegasus VAQ-214 "Silent Knights"
2002-2004 LTJG BS-62 Pegasus VAQ-214 "Silent Knights"
2004-2005 LT Battlestar Pegasus VAQ-214 "Silent Knights"
2005-Present LT Battlestar Orion Currently Unassigned


Name Relationship Status
Markus Degan Father Scientist / Picon
Karla Degan Mother Rear Admiral / CFA Picon / Deceased
Janice Degan Sister Scientist / Picon

Recent Logs


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