MD #156: Just Sparring
Just Sparring
Summary: Deckies and marines together at the sparring mats. What could possibly go wrong?
Date: 12/09/2017
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Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.

Randy is currently warming up on one of the rowing machines near the back of the 'machine area,' and pauses to grab her water. She rises and shifts her weight from one foot to another as she considers what she might do next. The fitness centre itself is rather empty at this point, which seems to be the point. Randy hasn't been the most well-liked person on the ship as of late, depending on the person, so it's been nice to enjoy the solitude and lack of looks or other subtle things, imagined or not at this point. She walks out from the machines and starts heading to one of the lockers to grab some tape, having decided on something boxing related obviously.

As he slipped into the fitness centre Toby had given the pool a long side-eye, but then he's heading for his usual haunt, the punch bags. Dressed in fleet issue hoodie and jogging bottoms he isn't really paying much attention to anyone else and so doesn't spot Randy until he's almost past her. "Lieutenant," he greets casually as he starts a few warmup stretches, not apparently bothered to start any great philosophical debate regarding her recent actions other than to ask conversationally, "they let you back to work yet?"

Randy starts taping up her left hand first, someone engrossed in the activity and the loud sound of the tape that she doesn't catch the other sounds of the hatch opening or the footsteps. It isn't till Toby's passing her, when she hears that extra faint beat of his heart that she turns, just as he addresses her. "Oh…It's Private now actually." She holds the tape up to start a tear with her teeth. "Aye. Back in Dog platoon." She switches hands and looks over to Toby with a polite but fleeting grin.

Toby looks faintly surprised by that news, then gives her a faint shrug. "Congratulations, you're now officially the lowest ranking Vet onboard. Not a title I was expecting to lose I must admit. Maybe I'll need to find a way to make sure I go all the way back to the bottom when the transfer goes though, just in case they get any crazy ideas about mapping me across." Cos you know, Crewman maps to the dizzying heights of PFC. Noting her difficulty with the tape he holds a hand in in silent offer to help her before flicking his eyes to the bags, "you going to vent for a bit? Try the middle one, the padding isn't as squishy as the others, still nice and firm, more cathartic."

Randy offers a little bow of her head. She's not proud of losing her rank, but it appears she isn't going to let it completely hold her back or keep hitting herself while she's down. "I wish I had written a speech. I honestly had doubts on whether I'd be noticed and left on that ship. Instead I got caught." No mention of the morality of it or her motivations. "Now I'm utterly unprepared." No doubt they've got her doing Private-ish stuff, being at the bottom of the pecking order now. "I now have to call my daughter Sir, but worse things could have happened, and I doubt they'll just map you across, but who knows. Times being what they are." Either way she has no insight into it now. She glances up towards Toby as she takes his help with the tape. "Aye. Thanks for the tip…unless you want to spar?"

"Shit happens," is about the sum of advice Toby can give as he tidies up the tape and steps back, Though he does add,, in mock conspiratorial tones, "if the whole 'sir' thing is awkward, use my trick, just call 'em by rank. Course, I use it cos rank is a tangible thing, whereas 'sir' implies actual respect, but whatever works for you." At the offer of a spar he flicks his eyes to the punch bags, then back to the marine. "Frak it, why not, just let me know if I'm punching too hard." Trashtalk, starting as he means to go on. "Still, I guess as a Private you've got an excuse for losing to all comers." Kicking his boots and socks off he then rummages in the lockers. He prefers wraps to tape and it takes a few moments for him to find a clean pair and start. Once one hand is done he pauses long enough to take his hoodie off, revealing that he's not wearing his tanks underneath, nor anything else either, meaning Randy can get as good a view as she wants of the tattoos and scars that cover his torso and arms.

"Aye. It does." Toby's advice seems to suit Randy just fine. "I'll keep that in mind. I don't think I could ever let my daughter think she's won." More of that tilted sense of humour. She nods as Toby agrees to a spar and then sits down to tug off her boots and socks. She looks up as she gives her last boot a yank, sharp eyes wandering over the markings across Toby's skin, intended or not. She also has some scars, mostly bullet wounds, but a tattoo she got across her knuckles is just healed up now. Deep blue chevrons staggered across in a kind of flying V like formation. Simple. "Oh yeah, I'll whine and cry and beg uncle," Randy says in deadpan before she hops up onto her feet. She already shed her hoodie a while ago and has on a sleeveless red athletic tank that's a little looser about the midsection than the standard tanks. She takes her place on the mat and then motions for Toby to come at her. "Come on old-timer," she bobs a little in her footwork to rub her agility in.

Once he's done with his hands Toby swings his shoulders a little to get them moving, then heads towards the centre of the sparring mats. "How do you want to do this?" he asks, tone serious but not heavy. "Always used to do first to submission or unconsciousness, but I can go gentle on you if you'd prefer." While waiting her response he sets himself up in a ready stance and bounces on his feet a little, just to get his ankles and knees moving.

"That's what I've always done." Though Randy doesn't mention it's usually the other person doesn't want to keep hitting her. She shrugs and doesn't back off from Toby. She won't make him chase her. "Well you could also say that fast /is/ gentle if the other way takes seven pretty hard hits," she posits after a little stretch of her arms across her chest, one at a time. Her eyes betray how much she's actually paying attention, and it's a lot. She clearly wants to be ready.

She was in her own little world when she was on the treadmill, but she's off now, and she sees… oh, frak. Polly Becker sees Toby about to fight her boyfriend's mom. Why do these things always happen? She's seen how Randy 'spars'. She heads over to the pair carefully. "Hey, sir," she nods to Randy, blonde ponytail bobbing. "Hey, Toby."

<FS3> Toby rolls Mind: Good Success.

"Good," Toby replies with a short nod, not taking his eyes off Randy," keeps it nice and simply then. Just yell when you've had enough, or if you can't then just tap twice on the mat." Yeah, she knows that already, and he knows she knows that already, but it's all about the prepwork. Then comes the distraction known as Becker, or PO3 Becker if we're being formal. "Hey," he calls back, managing to keep his eyes forward rather than flick them towards his fellow deckie, "how's it going?" Hoping Randy won't be so lucky, or will feel the need to explain her new situation he uses said distraction as his chance to start, lunging forward with a couple of testing jabs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=Melee Vs Randy=Melee-1
< Toby: Great Success Randy: Failure
< Net Result: Toby wins - Crushing Victory

"No sir. A Private now," Randy provides quickly trying not to be distracted, but it's instinct and maybe a little bit of a bad habit she's let cement that causes her to glance momentarily towards the younger woman, flashing her a friendly smile. She immediately gets socked in the stomach and staggers back as she holds one arm up to absorb any subsequent blows, kind of. "Oops," she says softly with the little air she has left before stepping back, straightening up, and then rubbing her stomach. "One sec…Okay." She hops in suddenly and tries to land a fist at Toby's jaw after a feint.

The slight shuffle of sneaker clad feet precedes the arrival of one Terrence Yates. The Deck crewman is outfitted in the standard issued attire for use when exercising, and he pauses inside of the entry port to pull an arm across his chest and tug at the elbow with his other arm, stretching himself out. A shift of arms and he is stretching the other side while his eyes continue to scan. Spotting Toby and

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=Melee Vs Randy=Melee
< Toby: Great Success Randy: Failure
< Net Result: Toby wins - Crushing Victory

What is this? Deckie night? Another Jarhead shows up, stepping through the hatch. This time it's the Master-at-Arms. Lleu stands out as usual as one of those few humans like Randy who has the Arpay modified eyes and ears. Only the Gunnery Sergeant's head, neck, and bared arms are covered with scars as well as a few tats. A CMC tat on his upper left arm, one with a sun rising over mountains of Piraeus on the other. Ynyr carries a sports bag he sets down on a bench and opening it up, he grabs some tape to start wrapping his own hands. Just in time to hear the unmistakable smack of bony fist against somebody's meat. That turns Lleu's head to see Toby beating the crap out of Randy. That's going to leave a mark and may well set Flynn on her ass.

Toby looks perhaps even a touch surprised that that worked, but he figures it probably won't again, so keeps his focus on Randy, even if that does mean he somewhat ignores his fellow deckies, and misses Lleu's arrival entirely. Bouncing back he gives Randy a moment to breath, wouldn't do to make this quick after all. Then, as she retaliates, he steps slightly to the side to avoid the punch and aims another unthrusting blow at her ribs, or just below her ribs if luck is with him. Winded opponents can be picked off without too much risk of injury.

Becker's mouth makes an embarrassed 'o' when she hears about Randy's demotion. She knew about the escapade in broad strokes, but she hadn't hear this most recent news. The young avionics technician has finished her run and is sitting on a bench near the sparring mats in a sports bra and sweats, drinking from her water bottle and watching Toby destroy Randy. She waves Terrence over. "Terry, Toby is beating up my boyfriend's mooooom," she calls out, deciding this is the time to be obnoxious.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Randy=Melee Vs Toby=Melee
< Randy: Good Success Toby: Success
< Net Result: Randy wins - Solid Victory

Body blows are deceptively rough to spectators who haven't ever taken one before. Randy's rewarded again with one that doesn't hit her solar plexus but her ribs and she lets out a little grunt. This is not going well, not that she expected it to go any other way. She's seen him fight. Randy doesn't back off this time though. Now that she's inside getting pummelled, she aims two right jabs at Toby as she drops her left elbow just a touch, but only her hand an inch or two. She doesn't hit as hard as Toby, but she's giving it all she's got from that position.

Watching Shackleton demolish the freshly demoted Flynn is about the most interesting thing going tonight, at least for the moment. Lleu patiently wraps the knuckles of his hands in prep for a workout himself, then sits down to remove his combat boots down to his bare feet. Once he's done that, Ynyr gets up and heads over towards where the heavy bag is hung. The bottom chain is unclipped to allow the bag to swing freely, then the Gunny starts to warm up.

Terrence glances aside from the fight only so long to mark Becker's wave with a tip of his head in greeting. He looks back to the fight with a slight grin. "Looks like it," he says, not bothering to lower his voice enough that the winded Randy won't hear. "Looks like maybe we might have more luck if we replaced a few Marines with a few of us techies, yeah?" Rather than moving to join Becker on the bench, he moves toward the side of the sparring mat and crouches. He winces as Randy gets a hit in and calls out, "Come on, don't let her get in at you!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=melee Vs Randy=melee
< Toby: Great Success Randy: Great Success
< Net Result: Randy wins - Marginal Victory

Toby doesn't seem to mind the contest getting up close and personal. His style is much more that of a brawler than any kind of codified technique, so wading in is what he's good at. Her first hit gets through his defences a lands with a solid impact, but he's wise to the second and shoots his left hand over to make a grab for her wrist, so he can pull her across and off balance, ready to launch his right fist at her jaw.

Becker downs the rest of her water and trots over to crouch easily next to Terrence. "No frakking way. They have to, like, sleep in trees and shit." She sets her water bottle on the floor. "He's getting cocky," she comments dramatically. "It's Tiny and the Tauran, the Bomb and the Bull…"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Randy=Melee Vs Toby=Melee
< Randy: Success Toby: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Randy's style is more in the realm of brawling too, only she's clear, even with some slight success, that she's not even in the same league as Toby. The slight towards Marines is not unheard by the small elven looking thing. When Toby makes a grab, Randy lithely hops back enough that when she immediately twists her hand, Toby can't quite secure a grip. Instead of sticking around for one of those jabs of his, she drops down to try and sweep her leg at his footing while keeping her guard up.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Randy=Melee Vs Toby=Melee
< Randy: Success Toby: Great Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Solid Victory

"Might not be so bad, having to sleep in a tree…" Terrence says thoughtfully as he lifts a hand to scratch at the hair behind his ear. "The wet socks would probably be the worst part. I can't stand wet socks," he finishes as he watches the brawl. "Come on, stick and move. Bob and weave!" he calls out encouragingly to Toby.

The sparring going on is interesting. It makes it difficult for Lleu to focus on his own warming up with the heavy bag. He keeps glancing over to see how it's going and overhears Terrence, "Maybe you want to spar, buddy? Back your mouth with your fist?" Ynyr smirks a little and sees Randy hold her own pretty well for a moment.

Toby does not seem overly taken aback by Randy's switch in tactics, but it does mean he has to abort the punch he's been about to hurl at her. Instead he counters her sweep by lifting the leg she'd been aiming for, and using it to kick at her face and/or neck, whatever he can get in at. Pretty it is not, but hopefully effective. Without the advantage or Arpay senses though, he's pretty much entirely filtered out anything other than the fight, bombs could be going off around them and it's 50/50 if he'd notice.

Terrence is about to yell out something else when Lleufer catches him by surprise calling him on his shit like that. He blinks before looking toward the MP and giving the man a grin and an appraising look over. "You think you're man enough to take me on?" he says, though there is a good deal of mirthful self deprecation in there alongside the challenge. "Sure," he finally says. Pressing himself up to his feet and rolling his head on his shoulders.

Randy could get really dirty right about now, but she doesn't. She pops back up almost immediately with all the intention of starting up another kick. But then Toby's foot is right there. Fast reactions to block aren't fast enough and merely deflect the force to her own windpipe when the Deckhand was aiming at her sternum. She falls immediately to the mat and slaps it twice as she tries to get some breath, her eyes watering up immediately. No air gets in or out.

"Naw, man, I've slept in trees. It's all the little sticks." Polly grins when Lleufer comes over and offers to spar with Terrence. "Thiiiiis is gonna be good." She sits back on the floor, thoroughly amused.

Lleufer almost laughs, "Hell yeah. A live body is always preferable to a bag. Assuming /you/ know more than the bag." Ynyr puts out his hands to stop the heavy bag swinging, then squats down to rehook the chain beneath it. When the Gunny stands back up, he checks the tape on his hands, "You want gloves or tape good enough? I don't mind too much if I bust up my hands a little, but you need yours to do fine work sometimes." As if the Deckie might be delicate. Wink. Ynyr stops at his sports bag long enough to pick his mouth guard out and pop it in. Nobody wants to go through Samtara's spiel about busted out teeth and having to go through the pain of having them put back in. He also picks up a minimal head guard to protect his Arpay ears and takes a minute to secure it. Lleu's words are muffled by his mouth guard, "Ready when you are

<FS3> Toby rolls First Aid: Good Success.

Terrence shrugs his shoulders in a "brush it off" sort of way as Lleufer makes his half-jab in regard to his delicate nature. "Hey man, I don't need tape or gloves to kick your ass," he says with an amused glint in his eyes as he moves over to retrieve a mouth guard from somewhere and then to actually grab some tape to half ass tape his hands up. He kicks off his shoes before stepping onto the mat and then lifts his shirt up and off to reveal a thin and rather wimpy looking chest, further cementing the fact that this dude is no Marine. He walks out onto the mat, circling a little before he hops from one foot to the other and rolls his head on his shoulders. "You can call me Yates," he says to Lleufer before he settles down into the most basic of fighting stances shown the man in basic training, knees bent, face firmly covered.

There's always a certain amount of satisfaction when a blow lands well, doubly so when it takes your opponent off their feet and causes them to yield almost instantly. Toby just about gets time to begin to look smug as he leans over Randy to offer her a hand up when he notices that she's having trouble. Frak. Fraking frak. Glancing towards where he last saw Becker he calls out "get a medic," before turning back to Randy and dropping down onto his knees beside her. "Don't worry Lieutenant," he starts brain working on automatic, "helps’ coming," as he tries to work out just what has happened here and if there’s anything he can actually do to help.

"Name's Ynyr." Lleufer puts out his taped fist to bump knuckles with Terrence after exchanging their greeting. He's in tanks and tags himself and doesn't bother to pull of his shirts. But the Gunny does get distracted for a second when Randy hits the matt and taps out, and Toby calls for a Medic. "You can use the intercom to Medical. Flynn all right?" Seems it'll be a second before his own sparring match starts. Nevermind. The other Deckie seems to have left to go fetch help. Randy doesn't look like she's dying so Lleu looks back to Terrence, "Ready? Let's do it. Don't need to stick to boxing. Anything but crotch is legal."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Terrence=melee Vs Lleufer=melee
< Terrence: Great Success Lleufer: Failure
< Net Result: Terrence wins - Crushing Victory

Randy is curling up on her side when Toby gets down to her. It's not been longer than she ought to be able to hold her breath with her training as an EOD, but the pain and generally being stunned causes her to act more like a fish out of water, like one just breathing in air after it has flopped around a bit. Her eyes widen and she points to her throat before she looks around for anything sharp. She needs an air hole, but she's not near dead yet. She has to be unconscious first. Maybe she's just got a kink in her throat? Maybe it's much worse.

At the far end of the room, head set hooked over her ears and her datapad docked on the console of the treadmill, Dr. Stone has her attention focused on the notes she is listening to as she gets in a bit of PT time to herself. The senior most surgeon of the fleet is, like many veterans from the previous war, in excellent shape - not just for a woman of her age - and getting in some PT time that's uninterrupted is typically a highlight of the day. The call for medical assistance in the Fitness Centre starts blinking on the surface of her tablet and she slows as safely/swiftly as possible before snagging her tablet, unhooking her headset, and moves through the expansive room at a quick pace. She hears the words 'Medic' circulating through the room and uses that to navigate, spotting Toby and Randy almost within moments and heading in that direction.

Despite Lleufer's comment toward the Deck crewman not needing to stick to boxing, Terrence does not drop his hands. He darts forward a step to tap hands before he leaps back and once again begins to hop from one foot to the other. Whatever his earlier verbal jabs may have been, Lleufer will be able to note that the Deckie is quite intensely focused. Left to right, one foot to the other, and then Terrence jumps forward, knees bending in a crouch before he swings his right arm in a cross, aimed at the MP's ribs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lleufer=Melee Vs Terrence=Melee
< Lleufer: Great Success Terrence: Success
< Net Result: Lleufer wins - Solid Victory

How the tech moves has Lleufer's attention for a few seconds, watching Terrence. But his fellow Marine over there isn't getting up and a quick glance back in Randy's direction seems to indicate that Flynn may not infect be entirely all right. Ynyr's distraction gets him to not be as sharp on his guard as he should be and Terrence nails him a solid blow in his ribs. It forces air from his lungs and Lleu starts focusing more, moving. Yet not all of his attention is on his sparring as he shifts around and makes a jab for Yate's jaw! The Gunny circles to the left to try and get a better glance at what's going on with Shackleton and Flynn.

Toby looks almost disbelievingly at Lleufer as he starts his spar, then calls back harshly in anger, "she can't fraking breath." He would go into a tirade about priorities, and helping those in need of medical attention, but then he spots the Samtara inbound at speed and revectors his attention. "Doc!" he calls, "over here." Then as the medic gets closes her turns back to Randy, "it's okay, Doc's here, it'll be fine." Then, back to Sam, "took a blow to the neck just now, can't seem to breath, still concious though." Moving a little to give the professional room he tries to follow Randy's glances see what it is she's looking at, or for, but he comes up with nothing so figures waiting to do as Sam requires is likely best.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Great Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Terrence=melee Vs Lleufer=melee
< Terrence: Failure Lleufer: Good Success
< Net Result: Lleufer wins - Solid Victory

Terrence doesn't have the time or skill to spare any attention for anyone else in the room other than the one he is currently sparring with. He sees the fist coming toward his jaw, and tries to get away from it by turning his head. That shot connects, however, and Terrence can only turn his body with the force of the hit to his jaw. He shuffles back, trying to get his hands up and over his face again for cover. He leans forward, striking out with a weak left handed jab that just has no hope of really doing anything.

It becomes clear quite quickly to Sam that the injury is not in the least superficial. Randy isn't merely stunned. She's struggling for air. Her eyes dart over Sam when she comes into view and land on the pen clipped to the front of the doc's shirt. Quick, frantic little hands snap out to try and grab it, and if /that/ fails? She'll go for the one in Sam's pony tail.

Something is going on and Ynyr can't focus on his sparring. Not like Toby was before, unaware of anyone else coming or going. Lleu puts up a hand to deflect Terrence's next blow and steps back, "Hold on." He's looking to Toby, "She can't breath?!" The Gunny stops at once and heads on over and out of no where, Samtara also shows up. "What happened? Did you hit her in the throat or gut? Larnex, or diaphram?" No panic - Flynn is obviously still conscious, groping at the CMO.
Lleufer pages: Toby may be angry with Lleu but Ynyr didn't realize Randy was actually hurt.

Taking a knee beside Randy and Toby, Sam is assessing the damage as she listens to Toby and watches the alarming shade that Randy's face is taking on. The grab that the marine makes to the pen that's clipped to the front of her shirt is a big clue, but she already knows what to do. "Everyone take a deep breath and ease a step back," she says in a voice that is absolutely calm as she takes the first-aid kit from the side. The CMO always, always, always (say that a billion times or more) always carries a scaled down first aid kit. She flips it open as she speaks, pulls on a fresh pair of gloves and lifts a flexible bit of piping (intubation tube) from the kit and rests one hand on Randy's forehead. "Trust me, and try not to panic," she advises in the same calm voice. "I'm going to open your airway. This will probably be uncomfortable," as she positions the tube carefully, tipping Randy's head back to a precise angle and working both swiftly and expertly.

Rowan doesn't particularly like going to the gym. It's not that she's lazy, but that basically everything there is boring as ever living frak to her. Give her a wall to climb or something and she'd be a happy camper. But frak treadmills. Of course she's thinking about this, again when she opens the hatch and walks into the fitness centre. And she walks into 'nobody panic' and her mother being intubated. She freezes, free hand flying to her mouth.

"What?" Terrence says, lifting his head up from his guard and watching a Lleufer runs away from him. He drops his hands to his side before he looks and spots what is going on and jogs over as well.

"Foot to throat," Toby replies to Lleu without even looking up and away from the marine he felled. As Sam pulls that tube from her kit he quickly works out the plan and slides himself round so he's lying on his stomach on the mat above Randy's head. Doing his best to give Sam room to work he rests his head against her's to stop it moving in one direction, the folds his arms across her shoulders and collarbone to try and stop and wriggling or flailing that might be about to occur. Spotting Terrance he glances up just long enough to call, "get her hips, don't let her roll or buck." It's not particularly dignified, but Randy can have all the words with him she wants about it later, once she's breathing again.

Terrence looks toward Toby and it is clear that whatever lip he might have been giving Lleufer and Randy, the deck crewman can take orders. He slides down to his knees and moves over to straddle Randy's legs, resting his weight on her thighs before leaning forward and pressing a hand downward on either hip, pressing downward with his body weight to limit whatever bucking she may be about to make.

Rowan /definitely/ never imagined she would ever see that.

The plan was to jam a pen in her throat which doesn't seem much more pleasant than /this/, but at least more expedient. By now, Randy is starting to turn even lovelier shades and the actual rebellious struggle is brief, followed by something more reactive to the process…irrational instinct. Weird sounds escape the newly demoted Private, but she's no match for Toby's strength and between him and the doc, Sam has a much easier time of it. It doesn't mean she's not a squirmy thing. Knuckles white in little fists. Something about the process makes her think she wish she had jammed that pen in her throat already. Once Terrence secures her lower body, there is no fighting it and her strength begins to sap away as she starts to lose consciousness right when Sam secures an airway. Such rapid response prevented any swelling from being too much of a complication.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Great Success.

Lleufer gives Samtara a nod and as Toby makes to pin Randy down, Ynyr lets Yates get in there even though Flynn has been like a sister to him. The Gunny stands back up and starts to clear people back, "Everybody get back, give the Doc room." Everybody but Toby and Terrence. Lleu's right there if they also need his help to hold Randy still for Samtara, but they look like they have it covered. "Give'm room." MP mode has kicked in, moving people back so not to crowd the CMO and the others.

Rowan regains her senses and walks briskly over to Lleufer, face pale and worried sick. "What happened?" she asks, her voice straining as she tries to keep her volume down. The auburn-haired, Arpay-eyed nugget has her towel in her fists in a deathgrip. She starts to push forward. "Let me help. What's going on? Get off of her and let me…"

For Sam, all the background noise fades away as she's working. If there aren't bullets whining by, explosions, bodies piling up or the sound of alarms going off that mean the raptor is about to crash and make a crater; or any other danger-close situation, then everything else can fade. With Toby helping direct more help to keep Randy in position, Sam has the tube inserted and opens up the Marine's airway in a matter of moments. "Slow," she cautions, though it never really helps, "don't fight the tube," one hand holding Randy's wrist now while her other hand rests on Randy's forehead, helping to immobilize her head and keep her as still as possible.

Toby does not look happy when Randy starts to weaken in her struggles, he knows that's not a good sign and he mutters, > <> <don't you fraking dare» to her. His eyes glance to Sam to check her progress, or see if she needs him to be doing anything else. With things apparently going well he glances to Terrance, "you okay down there? Keep it steady until the corpsmen arrive and take over. You're doing fine."

There's a lot of noise, a lot of stimuli, a lot of focus on ugh. No more sounds somewhere between gagging and coughing, no more abs work out. Those are going to hurt tomorrow too for a few reasons. Randy's eyes blink at the words that penetrate the sudden darkness encroaching at the edges of her vision. Then there's air. Her chest begins to go up and down again. Almost immediately the right kind of colour begins to return to her cheeks and her eyes flutter open, those large eyes look like they belong to a scared pinned angry little creature…and in a way, they do, especially when she hears her daughter's voice, but still, she just lays there. She looks to Toby, then to Sam, and she looks down but can't see Terrence there.

"I'm good," Terrence says as he hovers there holding the weakening Randy down. He does glance up as Rowan steps forward, though he does not seem as if he is about to move.

Lleufer looks less concerned about Randy than some and when Rowan then steps forward, he firmly but gently puts an arm around her to restrain her. "Doc Stone's on it. She'll be fine, Rowan. See? Get her tubed, she can breath. Even if she'd gone unconscious, she'd have a few minutes before there was any damage. Randy will be all right." There is none-the-less a sympathetic look for Flynn, who's had a pretty shitty week already. Lleu brings his other hand up to rub Rowan's back between her shoulder blades. "They were just sparring. Shackleton must have nailed her but he didn't mean her any harm. Trust me, I know he hits like a brick shithouse." Ynyr's baritone is low.

"Such a nice thing to say," Sam remarks as she watches Randy's colour face slowly, keeping her fingertips on Randy's pulse. "Toby, your quick thinking saved her from any lasting damage. No more kicking people in the throat though," she adds and glances down to share a nod with Terrance. "You can let go now, we're going to get her onto a back board and move her to medical from here," because any moment now medics will be rolling in through the hatch to the fitness centre. "Thank you both for your help," another glance is levelled on Randy to keep an eye on her before she looks up, sharing a nod with Lleu. "And just how does a brick shithouse hit, in the first place?" she wonders with a half curve of a smile, never lifting her hand from Randy's forehead or the careful monitoring of her pulse.

Rowan starts to struggle against Lleufer, but the familiar, avuncular figure settles her down a little. Her heart is still pounding, her cheeks flushing blotchily. She takes a few ragged breaths. "Which one's Shackleton?" she asks, voice low.

Terrence stands from where he had been holding Randy, straightening and moving over to the side of the sparring mat to retrieve his shirt. In route to the exit, he tosses a nod toward the others before hitting the hatch and heading out.

"Nicely done," Toby notes to Terrance once the Doc gives the all clear for the other deckie to let go. "We good Doc?" he asks, effectively asking if he's okay to move too, or if she wants him to stay where he is for now. He does smile a little in thanks to the compliment, then states, "I've done over thirty years in mine and tunnel rescue Doc, this isn't my first, and sadly I doubt it'll be my last. Thanks for being so prompt though, I've seen DIY tracheotomies before but never had to do one, didn't feel like popping that cheery today." Or ever. As the medical team arrive at pace he waits to be relieved then hauls himself away from Randy and climbs back to his feet again, giving a quick stretch to loosen the muscles he's been using.

An upnod to indicate Toby to Rowan. Lleu lets her go so he can move to go to the hatch and open it up and hold it open for the other medical personnel to come in with the back board. Ynyr will quietly do whatever he can to assist, noting when he comes back, "Thanks, Doc. Good thing you were close by." He tries to give Randy an encouraging smile, even if he's been pretty pissed off with her this week.

There's something soothing and familiar about Dr. Stone's hand at Randy's forehead through the slight shifts back to consciousness. The continuity as suddenly people pinning her begin to back off keeps her calm. What she was fighting a moment ago suddenly makes her feel vulnerable once it is gone. The medics arrive fast. It's on the same deck after all and the CMO is there. It's pretty easy of a signal for Toby to move when they assert their presence. Meanwhile Randy's getting little glimpses of people in the activity. The whole dance is a bit disorienting. After stabilizing her neck, they move her swiftly after getting a taut blanket under on a three count, strap her into the stretcher, and are on their way.

As soon as Lleufer lets her go, Rowan explodes across the room, dropping her towel on the floor, body all sinew and rage. "Hey! Assface! That's my frakking mom!" The red-faced nugget pulls back her arm and throws a punch at Toby's (admittedly punchable) face.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rowan=melee Vs Toby=alertness
< Rowan: Failure Toby: Good Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rowan=melee Vs Toby=melee
< Rowan: Success Toby: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Crushing Victory

Packing up her first aid kit, Sam rises to her feet once the medics arrive, giving a brief run down of what happened and what treatment has been administered, though it's pretty obvious, though she gives the run down anyway. "I've seen DIY ones as well, and I'd rather avoid that when there's a major mission in the planning. We need every marine we can get, and she's one of the best," she adds as she clips the first-aid kit to her side. She shares a nod with Lleu next, "Glad to help, and thanks to Toby and the guy you were sparring with…" is as far as she gets when the auburn haired young woman with Arpay-ears takes a slug at Toby

Toby might have stepped back to give the medics room, but that doesn't mean he isn't still watching Randy like a hawk. He's paying so much attention to her in fact that he almost misses the approach of her daughter, but thankfully the nugget loudly announces her presence and clearly telegraphs the blow, so he's able to step back out of her reach and even grab her fist inside of one of his own. "Hey!" he replies, keeping a tight grip and locking his elbow to keep her at range, "steady. She'll be fine. We were just sparring." Then, flicking his eyes to the stretcher party as it leaves, "you should go with them."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rowan=melee Vs Toby=melee
< Rowan: Success Toby: Great Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Solid Victory

The young woman is undeterred, struggling against Toby. "That wasn't frakking sparring," she growls through grit teeth, even though she didn't even see the fight. She tries to drive a knee into his groin, but he has her too far away. She kicks at his shins and tries to stomp on his feet instead.

Lleufer grimaces at the 'one of the best' being directed to Randy as a Marine. Mixed feelings on that one, maybe. Once they have Randy on the board and strapped, Ynyr once more goes to open the hatch and hold it for them to clear through. He is therefore nowhere close by to try and stop Rowan! "ROWAN!" Drill Sergeant style thunderclap, "Stand you down!"

Stepping well out of the way, Sam watches the exchange with a look on her face that is mildly perplexed but not alarmed, she trusts Lleu to handle this situation with alacrity.

With his left hand still full of Rowan's fist, Toby has his right free to attempt to deflect any further incoming blows. Which is useful, as it's his dominant hand. "That was frakking sparring," he replies, keeping his voice low and his eye fixed on her, "and you should go with your mother." As the kicks start to come in though he changes tack and uses her trapped arm to haul her into what can only really be described as a bearhug, keeping her too close for her to build up any kind of momentum with her blows. Then a glance to Lleu, "a little help here?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rowan=pigheadedness Vs Lleufer=scariness
< Rowan: Good Success Lleufer: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Maybe that would have worked better at someone who actually went to boot camp and didn't know him as Mr. Ynyr who plays guitar. However, Rowan Heron is the exact opposite of that person. It does catch her attention for a moment, though, and that moment is enough for Toby to snag her. At first she tries to bite him, then she relents, face beet-red.

This is so NOT amusing. Lleu snags somebody else to hold the hatch open for the stretcher, if the Medics are still taking Randy out. Freed up, he starts to head back. "You can give her to me." Eye contact with Shackleton as Ynyr puts hands out to take hold of Rowan's nearest arm. "Ensign, are you going to stand down or am I going to have to take you to the brig to cool yourself? You are embarrassing yourself and your mother instead of acting like an /pilot/. I'm quite certain you do NOT wish for me to have to go and speak with the CAG about you?"

Once she's certain that no one is going to be causing more blood shed (or inflicting bite marks), Sam moves forward again and shares another of those nods with Toby. "If you'll come with me, you can see your mother settled into sickbay. We're going to need to administer some cooling packs around her throat to reduce the swelling as well as administer anti-inflammation medication that may make her pretty sleepy for a while. You're welcome to sit with her if you'd like," she offers.

With Lleufer back at the scene of the action and Rowan having calmed down, Toby slowly releases his grip on her and takes a step backwards. WIth Sam approaching he leaves the nugget to the MaA and turns his attention to her instead. "Let me know when she's okay for visitors would you Doc?" he asks. He should probably drop by, it was a spar, but it was still his kick that fraked her up, "and thanks for the quick reaction."

Rowan is pulled away from Toby, and ignoring Dr. Stone entirely, she uses the moment to get drive that knee home. Did Toby have any kids after the war? If not, the Shackleton line is in immediate distress. She turns to Lleufer, holds her hands out as if expecting to be handcuffed and says, "Take me away, then," face screwed up in a distinctly Flynn-like fashion.

Lleufer's grip on Rowan's arm is no doubt painful as he jerks her suddenly away from Toby! "Son of a bitch, can't you control yourself?" Yes, 'Uncle Lleu' is right pissed with these Flynn-Herons this week. "Fine. Some day you are going to grow a brain and realize there is a /war/ on and you are acting like a child, not like an Airwing officer, Rowan." It comes out as a growl. The Master-at-Arms is -not- very gentle at all with man handling Rowan towards the door but if she'll go out ahead of him, he can let go one of her arms and just keep a hold on her right as they head for the Security Hub and the brig. Damn it. /More/ paperwork in triplicate.

Well. That’s an experience Toby is unlikely to forget in a hurry. One moment he's talking to Samtara, the next he's slowly collapsing down into a crouch, then onto his knees, and finally a huddle on the matting. He doesn't really say anything, just a surprised sort of "Unf" as the blow lands, but after that he's mostly just gasping for breath and trying to breathe through the pain. He misses Randy being carted out, he misses Rowan being carted out, and by the time he's managed to recover himself to his haunches the area is quiet, and he can limp painfully back to the barracks without too many spectators.

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