AWD #029: Just Desserts
Just Desserts
Summary: After ejecting from their falling Raptor, Zachary and Ygraine spend some bonding time at their survival bivouac.
Date: 04/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Zachary Ygraine 
Bivouac Site - Wilds of Piraeus
A hastily set up shelter in the woods of Piraeus.
03 - 04 February 2005

It's only a minor miracle of Aurora that the Raptor made it back to Piraeus. There was no way it was going to land on the Orion.. or anywhere else. "Ygraine.. ready to bail?" he asks, calling her forward as he tries to keep the flight upright, smoke and wreckage trailing through the sky as he waits for her to buckle down in the co-pilot's chair. He offers a weak smile. "At least.. you don't have to worry about landing this time."

Ygraine grins. "Oh, I still gotta worry about landing. Just less bulk to freak out about it. Call it, boss." She's buckled and ready.

He rips his foot out from under the console and winces in pain as he extracts his foot. "On three." he says, as Zachary grabs for the escape pulls, glancing towards her. "Three.. two.. one. Pull!"

Here's the good news; there are no Cylons to worry about on Piraeus. So with that concern lessened, Yggy permits herself a loud, "WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!" once they're in open air, and releases her chute at the appropriate moment.

The explosives blow open the canopies and both seats are rocketed away from the Raptor as it trails further down, slamming into a mountainous area and tumbling end over end before exploding. Zachary is far more quiet than his sister-in-law, his chute deploys, but he's limp in it for the moment, just falling towards the ground.

Ygraine lands like she was trained, and the first thing she does after doing so is call out. "Pie?!" she yells, cupping her hands around her mouth. "Pie, sound off!"

His chute cuts through the trees and slams into the ground, the pain of his busted ankle slamming the ground jarring him out of his state of unconscuioness and he yells loudly in pain, laying back on the ground. "Ygraine!"

Ygraine landed pretty smoothly, so it only takes a few minutes for her to get free. Recalling where she's left her chair and chute, she calls out, "Keep yelling, Zach! I'll find you!" She'll follow the sound of his voice to get to him.

"That's easy enough." Zachary's already patting down his gear, even if he can't get to his feet as he calls out. "Over here, Shake!"

So it takes a little time, but eventually Ygraine finds him. "Okay." she says, once she does. "Let's have a look at you. Once we figure out what's wrong, we're gonna have to find shelter and water. No rush though, it's not like we got Cylons breathing down our necks."

Zachary glances towards Ygraine. "Glad to see you, Milkshake." he offers, glancing at his foot. The shrapnel tore through his tendons of his ankle, but when he takes off his helmet, that's where it's bad - his head has a nasty cut right above the visor line where he hit his head against the console and draws in a breath. "…you grab our survival packs, we can put the blankets it in together for a lean to."

"Good idea. Look, you're in shock, so I'm gonna cut your chute and wrap you so you keep warm, a'ight?" Ygraine says. "Then I'll get us tented and scout for wood and water. Gonna get us a fire going for heat and signalling, and if I find water, there'll be fish, too."

"Check your sidearm." Zachary reminds, not completely out of it. As he draws in a breath, he agrees to her plan of action. "Stay within shouting distance. If I don't answer, get back here, understand?"

"Yeah." she says. It'll take some time, and at one point she comes back and lets him know she has to push a bit further out to check for water, but when she finally manages to acquire water, she brings it back and the first thing she does is get him something to drink and clear out his wound.

As much as he wants to drink the water, he pauses, studying it. "Did you boil it or neutralize it first?" Piraeus may be untapped, but that doesn't mean their can't be nasties in the water. As it starts to get close to dusk, the howl of wolves comes in the dusky night.

Ygraine opens a flap in her pants pocket, and tugs out a test kit. Wordlessly, she shows him the tab she used to check the water safety.

"Sorry.. not all here." Zachary says, tapping the side of his head. He lets out a breath and drinks. She's handled the lean to, the signal fire is set, the perimeter has been cleared out and she used one of the chutes on him, the other to set out as a large flag that was set out to signal rescuers if it is too dark for the fire. The chemstick lights provide some illumination. He chuckles. "I knew there was a reason you were the survival officer." he smiles. There's no sarcasm there. He reaches for an energy bar and sighs. "So, you have a rare opprotunity. Anything you want to talk about? Considering the situation, I'm willing to keep it all off the books."

Ygraine looks a little surprised at that proposal, noting, "I doubt you'd remember any of it anyway. But we gotta try and keep you awake as much as possible with that concussion. I know eventually we'll both fall asleep, but let's try for as long as we can to keep you awake, hey?"

"All the better, right?" Zachary says with a chuckle. He lifts the chute to give her room to come over. Body heat sharing, there's nothing sexual about it. "…so, ask me anything." he murmurs. "Or I'll find some silly question to ask you."

"Okay. How did you and Eden meet? I'll ask you something, and then you can ask me. If you fall asleep on me, I'm going to pinch you. Just ask Phinny how hard I can pinch." she tells him, settling next to him, adding, "If we're not rescued early in the AM, I'll go fishing and get us some protein."

"I won't ask him, I'll ask you." Zachary laughs a little, then considers the question. "I was dead-heading a new Raptor back to Leonis when I got a call that a kobol-forming attempt on Pallus had gone bad." he comments as he settles into her, his head nice and bandage, a splint on his leg. "She was the lead on the project and she wouldn't leave until we packed up her stuff. There's was a storm and we had to take shelter - and it turned into a picnic, and the next thing I knew, she had coaxed me into dating her."

Zachary considers, and asks, "How'd a farmer's daughter decide to be an ECO?" he asks her, apparently he read her file.

Ygraine grins. "I had a teacher who had connections to the Academy. She thought I was wasted on the farm and talked up a military career instead. I'm real smart, y'know." She sounds like she's kidding. "I passed the exams for Academy on Leonis. Dolly and I were friends there, did you know that? He used to come to the farm for holiday breaks."

"You two are close. It's good to have friends like that." Zachary says as he tears off a little of the bar to chew and swallow. He goes slow, so he doesn't get sick. "..did that count as a question?" he asks.

Ygraine snickers. "It can, if ya want. So now you get to ask me one again." Her eyes have taken on a habit of scanning their perimeter, at least the three fourths of it she can see.

Zachary considers, and watches his side of the perimeter. "…when I was a CSAR and I got a new ECO, I used to play would you rather with them to get to know them better.. so.." he considers, and draws in a breath, before pulling a small deck of cards from his pocket and shuffles them before drawing one. "Would you rather.. be attractive and get punched in your face every morning when you wake up or be unattractive to all but one person?"

Ygraine just kinda cocks her head and looks at him like, are you kidding me?. "That's dumb." she tells him with a laugh. "C'mon, can't you ask me real questions? What made you start baking and cooking and stuff?"

"I can't think hard enough for real questions." Zachary laughs a little, and sticks his tongue out at her. " father owned a restaurant near CFA Leonis, Another Broken Egg." he says, "I used to be there every day after school, so I wanted to follow in his footsteps until I decided to fly Raptors instead." he comments, and then he considers her.

"…are the rumors of your activities as bad as I hear they are? I don't mind what you do as long as it doesn't become frat, but I am curious as to why. Girl like you probably could easily have a steady."

"Well, lemme ask you a question," Ygraine says forthrightly. "Why is it 'bad'?" she asks. "I mean, a guy who enjoys lots of partners is most times consider pretty impressive by his fellows, but a girl who follows her pleasure principle is 'bad'. Why is that? I don't feel obligated to follow that rule."

"I do not recall calling it bad, Ygraine." Zachary points out to her. "And I would have a different talk if it was a guy, to make sure that all protocols are followed. I trust that you are taking care of what you need to take care of, I was just curious as to why." he shrugs. "I guess it's confusing to me, I never really sowed my oates, until Eden came into my life, I usually put work ahead of girls." he points out. "Why do you think I would consider it bad if you fufilled a need?"

Ygraine quotes him, from the thing he just said, five seconds ago: "Are the rumors of your activities as bad as I hear they are?" she even adds air-quotes. "I like orgasms. I like guys. Different guys do different things in different ways and it's fun. Redux says it's because I haven't met the right one. I don't give it much thought. But if you must know the particulars about my nethers, I have an IUD I updated while we were in anchorage and enough boxes condoms to build a replica of the temple at Delphi to scale." She smirks at him.

"Discussing activities being bad is not saying you are bad. Should I have said 'healthy' instead?" Zachary asks her, a sigh escaping his lips. "Okay, different subject." he lets out a breath and he considers her, but for a moment, he has no question that comes immediately to mind.

"Why is the activity itself bad?" she asks, because no, he opened the door, now he can deal with the cat he let in.

"I said healthy." Zachary chuckles, and shakes his head. "Eden and I have been squeezing in as much as we can as of late.. she told me before the Aerilon mission that she's a couple of weeks late."

She just snorts, because he said bad. But he's also concussed! And so she cannot blame him. And the new information makes her perk. "Really? Gosh, that's great! I like babies. Especially other people's babies. I can hold them until they crap or burp or whatever and can hand them back over."

"Yeah, you may be Aunt Milkshake." he murmurs, starting to say something else, when there's a crash of leaves and sticks and low growl in the brush. Zachary freezes in place, as he starts to feel for his pistol. "No Cylons, but.."

"You are in no condition to be handling your sidearm. Put your hand back." Ygraine tells him, and reaches for hers instead. "I'm gonna build up the fire a little; I think it's keeping 'em away."

Zachary frowns, but he listens to her, as his fingers start to leave the pistol. As they talk, there's a low growl and on the opposite side of the fire from where they are sheltered under the parachute, a pair of eyes glow red in the firelight as a direwolf starts to approach them. They never travel alone though, do they?

"Fire ain't discouraging 'em, huh." That is weird. "Awright. Pull your sidearm, but I think it might be better for you to give it to me." Ygraine says. "Can't make you, 'course." Her gun is set in a plate and saucer grip, calmly.

It might be the scent of blood, after all, Zachary was pretty knicked up. The fire does keep them at bay, but they are still circling. He gives her a look. "I can pull a trigger. Sure, I may not hit, but maybe I can scare them off with you." he murmurs.

Zachary has to waste a couple of bullets, firing them into the air. Three shots into the air to scare the wolves off, and to also send a distress signal. There's a small release of air, and he actually leans a little more against the ECO. Nothing romantic, she's just warm and he's feeling quite cold. "…we said anything we wanted to ask, right?" he asks her, then looks up at the sky. "…reminds me of the fields back on Leonis." he comments. "Eden used to take us on hikes up into the hills to watch the stars at night, far away from the lights of the city." he says, gesturing towards a few flickering specks. "That is the Orion. I think."

"Sure." Ygraine says, cheerful but also weary. "Whaddaya wanna ask?" She'd set the signal fire, and there's a flare she's keeping in reserve in the event of them hearing a raptor pass over.

"Not sure. It all sounds too personal." Zachary chuckles, "I guess I am trying to keep some form of propriety between us as commander and subordinate and trying not to think too much on our possible siblings. I worry about them. Do you?" he asks her finally.

Ygraine actually lets out a belly laugh at that. "Pie, we've escaped near death together, you've bled all over me, and asked me about my nethers. We're wrapped in a pair of parachutes fighting off wild wolf-bear things and now you're worried about gettin' personal?" She seems to think that's hysterical, but there's also an edge to it, no doubt due to their situation. Once she calms down she answers the question. "'Course I'm worried. They could all be dead. They could all be in that prison camp. I'm hoping they're all alive and fightin'. I don't got time to let myself do anythin' but hope."

He actually laughs a little. "Maybe because I'm the one asking all the personal questions, Shake." he points out to her as he closes his eyes and slumps slightly. "I am too. My family is either at the restaurant or nurses. Guess I'm the compromise of them all." he murmurs, voice sluring as he starts to drift. "Couple of hours of downtime won't kill us, right?"

"Well, I don't want to know about your sex life with Eden. It's pretty obvious you're givin' it to her good and proper." Ygraine says, and then her voice becomes sharper. "You have a concussion. Try to stay awake. If I have to, I'll pinch ya." This is followed by "D'ya want a boy or a girl? And don't say 'as long as it's healthy'."

"Boy." he admits as he lets out a slow breath, listening and focusing in on the sharpness of her voice and actually grabs her hands to press her nails into his flesh to keep him semi-alert. Zachary grins. "I want a whole litter of boys - serve my sisters right for trying to get me to try to play dress up when we were younger." he chuckles. "You remind me of my first, Milkshake. She was redheaded farm gal, named Malin. Met her at one of those dances that are always going on when a new farmhouse goes up."

"Boys pee in your face." she warns him as a matter of course, and then giggles. "Really? I've never dyed my hair. Worn cool colored extensions, mostly when I was out partying on Caprica. Think I'd look good as a redhead?"

"Not sure, you should try it sometime." Zachary says as he laughs. "She was a lot like you - I met her, we danced a while and she was ready to go up into the loft and properly bless the place. I was only sixteen, don't even know if she was older or younger.. but.. wow." he laughs. "Okay, too much info there. And if boys are peeing in your face, you're doing it wrong."

Ygraine shakes her head. "Nuh. I'm the youngest but I sometimes babysat for other families. And baby boys, well, they don't know any better, see? They just let it go whenever, and let's just say…unexpected fountains are unexpected when you're changing a baby boy's diaper for the first time." She makes a face.

"I'll make sure to tell Eden to train him before Aunt Milkshake comes to visit." Zachary comments, and huhs. "If Milkshake wasn't an option, what would you have wanted your callsign to be?"

That draws a big blank look from her. "Gosh, I dunno. I think I lucked out with Milkshake. It's kinda cute, though a lot of people's first guess for it is that I was a stripper or a go go dancer for some reason." She shrugs. "There was this one raptor pilot I did a mission with, her callsign was Dance Pole and I just refused to call her that to her face. I used DP instead."

"What about you? Anything you'd rather be than Pie?" she asks.

"Dance Pole, really?" Zachary asks, looking at her seriously. "That is the most frakked up callsign I ever heard." he murmurs, and shakes his head. "Worse than the guy that got called 'Rosy' cause his sheet fell off his bunk and he got caught with his hand on his stick, pants around his ankles and pulling away at a picture of his girlfriend." he makes a face. "Huh.. I've always been Pie. I'm not sure what I would have called myself. Lifeline or something like that, since I was rescue."

"Waaay too complimentary. Like I said, I lucked out with Milkshake. They mighta called me Cowgirl or Dairymaid or Milktugger or something like that." Ygraine makes a face.

"Let's not follow that train of thought." Zachary comments as he lets out a breath. "How do you have so much energy? Even the energy snack has done jack to me." he slumps a little further down and closes his eyes and quiets.

Ygraine points out, "I'm younger and I' m not injured. Trust me, when we get back to Orion I'm gonna sleep for three days, and probably sack through most of my inevitable time in medical for dehydration and exhaustion." She looks thoughtful. "I wonder who'll make time to visit."

Ygraine reaches out pinches her commanding officer. Kinda hard, actually. "Stay awake!"

This time, there is no response, Zachary slumped down as he drifts off and then there's a pained grunt, and a slurred, "Huh?" he asks, eyes barely opened. He tries to push himself up against her, but he's got nothing left in the tank. "Just a little rest, Ygraine. If I stop breathing, then wake me up."

"Eden's gonna kill me if you go to sleep, have an aneurysm, and wake up in a permanent state of drooling." she tells him.

"Meh." Zachary murmurs. "Do you want to have a family eventually?" he finally asks her. "It feels strange trying to start one right now, especially when it seems that we're the only ones."

"Don't know." Ygraine admits. "I mean, I don't see myself settling on one person. Right one ain't come along, so far as I can see, so the jump t'making babies seems kinda far off. But on the other hand, there's so few of us now, so sometime along the line, I guess I oughtta."

"Well, the pool of choices seems a lot smaller now." Zachary laughs a little and shakes his head, wincing as it causes pain. "…I doubt the old man is gonna pass an order that all women of birthin' age need to start pumping out the next generation. Should do it if you find the right guy to want to do it with.." he says. "Stupid romantic notion, I know.. one of the things Eden loves about me. I was going to retire here after the eighteen. Come down to the surface, help her raise a farm, make a family.. and now we're doing it with no sight of when I may be able to be there for her all time time, you know? I have to accept that, just as she has."

"And see, that's another thing. Love's kind of a big mess of stuff to deal with, it's another thing I don't got time for." She smirks wearily. "Maybe I'm too callous for a single fella."

"I can't argue your points, Ygraine, and I'm not going to try, but you're young yet. I was in my thirties when I met Eden." Zachary says with a sight chuckle. "And she's ten years younger than I."

"Holtz is fourteen years older than me." she remarks thoughtfully. "He's had a wife and a kid. But I don't see myself married to him." Her brow furrows. "That'd be frakkin' weird. And everyone things Phin and I are together, but we're not." She looks over. "Who would it have been if it hadn't been Eden? Or would it have been nobody at all?"

"I was married to my job, honestly. Eden was the only one patient enough to make me realize I needed more than to fly rescue my whole life." Zachary admits. "I mean, there were other women before her - but yeah - never for long and they always didn't last."

"So why'd you accept DCAG and CAG?" Ygraine asks, stifling a yawn, now. "Thrust upon you? The higher paygrade?"

Leaning a little more against her, Zachary considers the question. "I was the squadron leader over on the Kildare." he comments, "Jameson asked me to take over since there wasn't many options left so I stepped up." he says, and considers her. "Ygraine.. you like Holtz?" he asks, and considers. "I'm bumping him to Squadron Leader. Cole and Ceres had talked to me before Aerilon - they're going to help train him up, but they don't want the job. If you want, you can be there to pin him." he shrugs his shoulders.

Ygraine lets out a little laugh. "Sure, I like him. But this isn't high school. I don't go googly eyed over him or anything. I dunno how appropriate it would be for me to pin him. I'm just an ensign, and not a viper pilot. I'll be proud of him eithe way. But y'know," she says thoughtfully, "When we get back, you should tell him this mission going south ain't his fault."

"He better not blame himself. I stuck our nose in the hornet nest and got us stung." Zachary points out. "I thought for a few days that I was to blame for Aerilon." he admits. "We dropped right into the pits of hell, but I should have expected it considering that it's always going to be like that."

"Just make sure, okay?" She sounds a little protective, which is funny considering the size and demeanor of the pilot from Tauron. But she doesn't seem to be swooning. "Actually, the person who's gonna be a real worry wart over this is Phinny. I hope he doesn't give himself an ulcer."

"Ceres and him seem close, hopefully she'll keep his head straight until we're back." Zachary responds, and then he lets out a slow breath, passing her the water container. "If my ankle was better, I'd say let's orient ourselves and hike ourselves to Sheridan, I'd make us a hell of a meal when we got to my place."

"For all we know, we could be halfway across the continent, Pie." she points out, and dutifully rehydrates.

"Have you seen this place, Milkshake?" Zachary asks. "I mean, really seen it? Between our skills, we could live off the land for months." he points out, gesturing to a small patch. "Those are blackberries, if you're interested." he comments. "It will be nice to be home though."

"I know." she says. "We have 'em in the woods at him. Look, I know you're trying to help, but so ya know? When it comes to livin' off the land, that part of survivalist training is solid for me. It's the escape and evade techniques that Knox was mainly focusing on teaching me and what I'll be reviewing your books for." She then playfully challenges, "Bet I can build a better small game snare than you can, old man.""I know." she says. "We have 'em in the woods at him. Look, I know you're trying to help, but so ya know? When it comes to livin' off the land, that part of survivalist training is solid for me. It's the escape and evade techniques that Knox was mainly focusing on teaching me and what I'll be reviewing your books for." She then playfully challenges, "Bet I can build a better small game snare than you can, old man."

"I'm making conversation." Zachary responds. "You want me to stay awake, remmeber my tangents are going to be weird." he sighs and then grins. "Of that I have no doubt. You know, I was rejected from CSAR school the first time, because I failed the SERE portion of the exam.. did I ever tell you that?"

"Nope. Why'd you fail?" she asks, curious, then grins. "Did you wipe your ass with the wrong kinda leaves?"

"I wish." Zachary chuckles. "So.. did you ever hear about how the exam works? They drop you with a seat and a chute in a place you never have been before." he says to her, relaying the story as he considers her. "For me, they took me to Aquaria. Kicked out the seat and I dropped right after." he says. "You have a pistol with one extra clip and the survival food and you have to get to the nearest civilized area, and a radio - if you push the button, you'll be picked up, but you fail automatically."

"Anyway, I landed on the surface and started. But I made one of the biggest rookie mistakes. I did not pay attention to the terrain and conditions. I thought if I went higher into the hills, I'd be able to get a better view of the land. I didn't expect a storm to close in and drop visibility to zero. I wandered for three days in the cold before I clicked out." he murmurs. "Ironic part? Eden's from Aquaria. When she first heard me tell this story, she laughed her ass off at me, because she knew where I was exactly and I was less than two miles from a mining settlement."

Ygraine points out matter-of-factly, "We all get SERE training." to him asking if she's heard how the exam works. "Aquaria's frakkin' frigid, obviously. But yah, that's pretty funny." She's smiling, but almost too weary to laugh.

"I'm not talking about that basic training course where you get to have someone leading you along if you get stuck. You get stuck, you click out or die." Zachary says, a serious look to his expression.

Ygraine remarks, "Nags is going to lead our arctic survival training, when we get it organized. I'm not looking forward to freezing my nips off."

"Make sure you wear furry underwear then." Zachary says and starts laughing, finding this really funny. Perhaps the concussion is finally getting to him. And just after laughing, without any forewarning, he slumps against Ygraine and goes unconscious. He remains stable, he's just.. our for a while.

** Time Passes **

The lazy buzzing of the fly gets his attention first. It's not so much the buzzing, but that it keeps landing on the bandage of his head and he has to swat at it. Why is there a fly in the house, anyway? "Eden…?" he murmurs groggily, and starts to stir. "Make sure the screens are down on the windows." And then it starts to settle. Wait, they aren't at home. At all.

His eyes become more aware and alert as he sits straight up, and winces in pain as his head reminds him how much it hurts. Daylight. The sun is already high in the air. How long was he out. More importantly. "Milkshake?" he asks with a dried throat, looking around for the ECO, before wetting his lips.

His ECO is sitting a few feet away, crouched by the fire. There's a few fish spitted over the fire and roasting nicely. "Best I could do, under the circumstances." she says. "I'm sorry for leaving you alone, but we need more food. I refilled our water bottles, too."

"It's fine.." Zachary offers, a little relief finding his features. "How long was I down for? Did you get any rest?" he asks her, worry in his voice as he looks her over.

"I took a little nap." she says reassuringly. "It's not like we have to be on the move, so I'm not worried too much about energy expenditure. And I've got great stamina." She flashes a tired smile at him.

Zachary nods slowly, and lets out a breath. "Fish smells good, Ygraine." he says, pushing the parachute off of him a little. He's still cold, he just wants to stretch out. "Any sign of search teams?" he asks her as he moves to sit up.

"Naw, but it wouldn't have been last night and they'd have to coordinate this morning." Ygraine points out. "I expect it'll be a few hours, as it's not like we're in enemy territory."

"How long was I down for?" Zachary asks. "Felt like I only dozed off for a few moments." he admits with a roll of his shoulders as he tries to move his legs, gingerly shifting his weight on his wounded one.

"Just a few hours." Ygraine says reassuringly. "You needed the sleep." She prods at the fish a bit, decides that they're ready, and removes them from over the fire so they'll cool a bit.

Taking a moment to settle his surroundings in the light of day, Zachary looks around, "Do you see a large branch or something I can use for a crutch?" he asks as he gingerly pushes himself up against the tree. "Need to get the blood flowing."

"Let me scout around." Ygraine says, looking at him a touch worriedly over the injury. It does take her about fifteen minutes, but she eventually returns with a length of branch that seems stout enough.

Taking the length of wood, Zachary offers a grateful smile and pushes himself to his feet. His bandages from the night before are soaked through, and his boot will need to be cut off, but for now, he manages to limp along with the assistance of the crutch towards the fire.

"Hey," Ygraine says suddenly, "You think you could make the hike to the river? It's not too far, and that way we can at least wash your wound and replace your bandages."

"It hurts like hell, Ygraine." Zachary admits, the lack of pain medication causing a grimace with each step. "But if it's not too far, I can make it, if you don't mind me going slow."

"I don't, and I'll help. We've got no hurry, so we can take it easy. I think the cold water will help keep you awake, too." she says, moving closer and offering her shoulders for his other arm. "Hell, if you want me to try, I'll piggy-back ya a ways."

Zachary casts a smirk at her. "If it's that bad, I'll try to make it back here." he says with a chuckle, but he does accept the woman's shoulder to lean on as the two of them starting to make their way towards the fiver under her guidance.

They take it slow. They take it real slow, and eventually they come to the river, where Ygraine makes him sit so that his foot when moved will dangle in the water, and she can tug off her flight suit so she can stand in the water and cut off his boot and clean his injury.

He's patient as she is, working his way along the path to settle in the water. As his foot settles into the water and she starts cutting away at the leather of the boot, he draws in a sharp breath, face contorting in pain. A piece of armor has penetrated through the boot, though his flesh and bone and sticks out the side. "Careful, Ygraine.." he grumbles.

"With all due respect sir, shaddup, I'm trying to focus and not cut your foot off." she grits, crouched over and knifing off bits and pieces of his boot carefully.

Zachary grits his teeth, holding his place as she works on the boot and sock and sets a stern, is pained expression. She may notice his toes have the tell-tale signs of having been frost-bitten in the past, with the two smallest ones completely missing from his foot.

"I feel like some handmaiden from the Sacred Scrolls," she tries to make a joke to keep things from getting too serious. "Bathing a guy's feet."

"I won't tell if you don't." Zachary laughs, a shake of his head. "Even if you are pretty damn good at this."

"It's just a matter of being careful." Ygraine says. "I ain't good enough to remove the shrapnel, and but I can at least keep it clean."

Zachary actually takes a look at his foot, and to his credit, he doesn't panic, even if every little motion aggrevates it and makes it bleed. "Damn. Got me good." he says with a frown.

"Don't go moving it around too much." Yggy suggests. "You don't want the shrapnel moving around too much." She pauses. "Hang on a moment." She goes a few feet up the river, peering at the bank, but after a few moments she sighs. "Frak." she says softly, and then mutters, "Nevermind." Treading back up, she considers his foot and declares, "Close your eyes."

Zachary eyeballs Ygraine and her declaration. "Why?" he asks her, an arch of his brow. "What are you planning on doing?"

"You need bandages. Or don't. I really don't care all that much." She unzips her her flightsuit, and pulls off the tank top that goes over the undershirt. Since she's not stripping down further, she clinically uses her utility knife to create tears so she can rip it into strips.

Zachary shrugs. It's not like the first time he's seen a girl in an undershirt before, his foot gaining his attention though so he doesn't stare at her, at least. "You could have just asked me to take off my shirt." he points out with a smirk.

"You need to make unnecessary movement like I need an extra hole in my head. I was hoping there might be something astringent growing on th bank of the river, but if there is, I can't find it." Ygraine's actually a little terse. She must be finally starting to feel the wear. She bends to begin to carefully wrap his foot as best she can, trying to provide both stability and absorption.

"Ygraine." Zachary says. No longer off the record. He can pick the stress in her voice and it worries him. "Once you're done, and we're back in camp, you're to rest." he points out to her. "You've done far more than I could ask for from you, and you need to take a break and wait for us to be picked up. Thank you, I am very grateful for what you have done, but as your CO, your brother in law, and as your friend, I'm asking you to take a moment to yourself."

Ygraine makes a sound that is something like, "Hmmmmphkay." After a moment, she considers, and then tugs one of her elastics out of her fraying braids, using it to secure the knot of his makeshift bandage. The other is tugged off then, and she lets herself drop into a seated position. "Gimme a minute."

Reaching over, Zachary gives her shoulder a gentle pat. "You've done well, Shake." he promises her, and chuckles. "I think I like your hair better down, Ygraine."

"Holtzy says the same thing." she remarks. "But I need to keep it under control under my helmet." She starts braiding it into a single plait, starting at one side of her head and then going down her opposite shoulder.

Holtzy? Zachary gets an amused smile at the pet name, but he's probably been around enough to know she sticks a y on everyone's name. "Fair enough." he says with a smirk. "I'd hate to have the shaggy ECO." he points out with a nod of his head.

"I am not shaggy." she huffs mock-haughtily. "Seriously, you ever have long hair in your life? It can really frak you up under a flightsuit helmet if you're not careful. Get in your eyes, your mouth; there's a story about this one girl who got caught in zero grav and choked on her own hair."

"No, I've always kept my hair pretty short, it just makes life easier." Zachary says with a chuckle as he leans back against the rocks, and turns his attention to loosening the bandage around his head. "And really? That has to be total urban legend." he says with a laugh.

"Maybe. But it only took me once in a simulator to learn the lesson." Yggy says firmly as she ties off the braid. "Okay." she gets to her feet. "Ready to make it back?"

"Help me up?" Zachary asks, offering his hand to Ygraine. He doesn't have a tree to push himself up against down here, so will need her assistance and to lean on her to the trip back to the rescue site.

"C'mon." Ygraine grunts with the effort of helping Zach onto his feet as they slowly make their way back to the makeshift tent. Then, per his instruction, she crawls into the makeshift tent and falls asleep, albeit fitfully.

Zachary takes a seat back against the tree and pokes at the fire, watching the sky as he allows Ygraine to sleep. Despite the pain, he'll stay put and awake and make sure the ECO gets her beauty sleep.

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