AWD #349: Joint Training
Joint Training
Summary: Amos approaches Epiphany with an offer.
Date: 05/06/2016
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Epiphany Amos 
CAG's Office - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
AWD #349

It's relatively near the beginning of Epiphany's day, still. The office is filled with the scent of fresh-brewed coffee that permeates through the narrow opening of the hatch. 'Open office' could be gleaned from that, but with the hint that she's only to be bothered if necessary. Within, the woman is in her duty uniform, hair still a touch damp, and going over a few reports. She's picking at a muffin set to the side of the desk; pulling pieces off blindly to eat.

Amos should probably be in his blues, but with the amount of MOUT work lined up it's just easier for him to live in his greens. That doesn't mean he isn't onduty mind, and he pauses only to knock twice before stepping through the hatch. "Major," he greets warmly, "congratulations on that by the way. Do you have a moment?"

There's a glance up to the door and Epiphany is about to speak enter, but the man steps through instead. "Captain," she greets in return. The woman abandons the reports for now, but doesn't move them aside. Instead, she takes up her coffee and leans back. There's a tilt of head in nod for the congratulations offered, but followed by an arch of brow. "Of course. What can I help you with?" Coffee is lifted, sipped at while she listens.

Amos is momentarilly distracted by the smell of the coffee, it seemingly being of higher standards than that which is servered in the security hub, but then he's back on track. "Possibly more what I can help you with," he starts, "or at least, that we can help each other with. I have the 3/8th rotating through to Picon this week to work on their gunnery skills. Some of that will involve doorgunning exercises, and while I can use Spree's ships, if there are any of your crews that could do with the refresher then they can be rostered into the schedule."

The joys of a private office. Easier to stash away the higher quality coffee. Maybe Epiphany picks up on it. Maybe she was just waiting to see how long this might take. The woman gestures towards the pot and a few mugs resting near. "Help yourself." She tilts her head in a nod at the offer, tapping a fingertip to the side of the mug. "Considering those Rhinos will be able to support a few gunners once we start clearing pilots for use in the field… My ECOs could probably use the practice."

Amos flicks his eyes to the pot, then back to Epiphany as the offer is made. He hadn't been planning on staying over-long, but frak it, half a cup won't hurt. Pouring one for himself he gestures towards the CAG's mug to see if she wants a top up as the talk turns to rhinos. "I had considered delaying this training until they were operational, but because of how a few knock on sections are planned that wasn't feasible." So it's raptors only for now. "If you can get me a list of those you want included I can get things moving. If you're happy for them to crew the raptors taking my men over then it'll reduce the logistics needed."

At the mimed offer, Epiphany extends her mug towards the man. Oh no, the CAG will never, ever turn down coffee. Ever. It's a wonder she manages to sleep. Then again, most military sorts unlock the power of sleeping whenever, wherever. She settles back and tilts her head in a nod. "No one is qualified to pilot the Rhinos yet. Not technically. I'm having a few folks pull their computer systems to design a simulation program we can load into one of the Raptor frames. Once folks are experienced on them, we'll start doing some training on Picon. I'll end up pulling some of your marines at that time for turret practice." There's a purse of lips, thoughtful. "I have at least one FNG who could use the practice. Westbrook. But I'd be fine assigning out some crews to take your men over and train with them."

Amos refiles Epiphany's mug then sets the pot back in it's place on the side. Savoring the taste of the beans he listens, nodding at the salient points. "As and when you're ready to get the rhinos flying I'll free up the personnel for training. From the schematics the set up will be different from the raptors so it'll be useful to have as many as possible proficient in both."

Drawing her mug back in, Epiphany nods and takes a sip to lower the level a bit. She ultimately sets it aside and reaches for the muffin instead. A larger piece is taken off and quickly eaten. "Mm. As soon as I have a couple pilots I consider proficient enough, we'll start doing some training runs on Picon proper. They're bulky and difficult to fly. Powerful against ground targets, but it's going to take time for the pilots. They make a Raptor look agile."

Amos sips his own coffee, torn slightly between having the time to savour it, and not wanting to take up too much of the CAG's time. "They'll be a useful addition to our arsenal," he agrees, "and I have every confidence in you and your pilots. Just let me know when you need my men major, and they're yours." Interdepartmental cooperation, isn't it wonderful. Another mouthful of coffee. "I was hoping to send the first squad to Picon tomorrow, if that's not too short notice for you?"

"I shall. I think the work on that cargo hauler likely led to a delay in getting the Rhino programming in." Not that Epiphany's too concerned. It's not as if any of their men lack things to do. The woman looks thoughtful a moment, likely bringing up mental recollection of current schedules. "Since we've had to move all live training to Picon, I believe there's already some teams tasked with it. I'll pass word to them that they'll have some passengers and to make sure the Raptors are equipped for doorgunners and the like."

"I do hear tell that your men get a bit of a break in the wake of all that work. Not a bad plan." But the pilots' work was much more limited in such capacities. No break for them. Epiphany picks her own coffee back up, taking a long drink. She nods in the wake of it. "Of course, Captain. I'll pass word to the crews going out to Picon over the next few days and have someone run a schedule over to you in a bit."

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