AWD #058: Event - Joint Asteroid Recon Briefing
Joint Asteroid Recon Briefing
Summary: Holtz briefs the wing on the upcoming asteroid recon missions.
Date: 05/03/2013
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Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
March 5, 2005

It's uncommon in the air wing to hold a briefing without a mission directly after, but it's been known to happen. This is one of those times; Captain Holtz, currently commanding the Lucky Strikes, is scheduled to hold a briefing for the upcoming asteroid recons. He's not here just yet, though, allowing the wing's pilots a chance to filter in and converse among themselves for a minute or two before crashing the party.

It's not the first time Cole's been in his Duty Blues since being released from sickbay, nor probably the first time he's been in the Ready Room, but for some reason he looks nervous sitting up in the back of the room, pencil bouncing steadily against the sole of his shoe as he sits cross-legged with an ankle propped on the opposite knee.

Phin shows up early, in freshly cleaned and pressed blues. He's still attempting to polish his officerhood since acquiring his JG hardware. Even more than usual. He heads toward the front but, spotting Cole, veers toward a seat near him instead. "Hey, Janitor." He flips open the yellow octagonal pad he's brought, and flips to a fresh page.

Guess what. An old familiar smell fills the air as the CAG walks in. Zachary carries a box in front of him, and he stops at the table near the front and sets down the box. Inside? Fresh. Hot. Newly made. Donuts. Plucking out a couple for himself, he moves to take his own seat on the side to observe.

Kelsey is here and its her first briefing so while other people might be in blues or flightsuits, she's in her greens and they're starched and ironed. Those boots even have a decent shine to them. Poor thing probably just has no idea what to expect. But for the first time in awhile she looks attentive, fresh and excited. She has her bookbag with her like a college student showing up for her first day of class and is sitting at the edge on her own for the moment, waiting with a pen and paper.
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It's like a cartoon, the way Janitor leans forward at the smell of donuts. If he were an animated wolf, his nose would be twitching as he sniffs, and his feet would be clapping together while little hearts float above his head. Ari leans over to prod the newly arrived Phin with the eraser of his pencil. "Hey Jig, go grab me one of those donuts, yeah?" It serves as a way of hello.

Maia is already there and leaning against a cabinet of some sort, dressed in her blues, everything pressed to perfection, she was only observing for the few minutes she'd been there. When the others begin filing in, she moves to take a seat, sitting somewhat primly at the moment.
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"Am I your waiter now?" Phin smarts to Cole. Not that he doesn't stand up from the seat he's just taken. And go promptly to get a donut for Janitor. And for himself, of course. He'll return to his chair once those are claimed.

Agrippa is also one who is attending the briefing, being one of the Viper sticks for the 11th. He would be here in his flightsuit but there is no mission immediately after so right now he is in his duty uniform. Grabbing one of the seats further back in the room, Punchdrunk slouches a bit in his seat and just waits quietly for now, enjoying his Ensignhood as others are promoted. The writing pad remains untouched in front of him, as is the pen.

Making his way into the ready room, Jason drops down in the nearest seat available. Taking a few moments to make himself a bit comfortable, he mutters something to himself as he looks to the front for now, readying a pen and notepad a bit absently.

And finally, here's the man of the hour. Holtz strides into the room, the faint odor of cigarette smoke trailing behind him as he approaches the podium, a binder slung under his left arm and a pen being twirled in the fingers of his right. This might be the first time he personally has briefed Orion's pilots, but he doesn't look uncomfortable or out of place; four years of teaching flight school will have that effect. "Evenin, people," he greets the pilots as he settles in at the podium.

Zachary just stays off to the side, eating that hot glazed donut as with gusto as he licks off his fingers and moves to start making notes. "Evening, Captain." he greets Holtz.

Ygraine had slipped in earlier, so she's already a doughnut or two in and her sugar high is only just starting. Wait until it peaks. But she'll settle near Phin, bending her knee and balancing the bottom of her foot against the edge of her seat. It's only shaking a little right now.

When the Squadron Leader finally enters the room, Agrippa finally moves in his slouched position, to pick up the pen where he begins tapping his pad idly. There is a slight nod of his head when Holtz greets everyone, but other than that Punchdrunk is looking forward to what the briefing will entail. For now, he kknows that it will be rocks and more rocks, flying around really fast.

"But you wear the apron so well." Cole stage whispers at Phin, grinning at he and Ygraine both before he stuffs his maw full of glazed donut, somehow managing to get the entire thing in his mouth in one go (even if it requires a little two fingered shove in encouragement). His cheeks pooch out while he chews in a slightly slack-jawed manner when Holtz comes in. "Ev'nn th'rr." Which means 'evening sir' in donut speak to Holtz.

Phin offers Ygraine a smile and, "Hey." When he's not chewing, thankfully. Though he does do some of that directly after greeting her. He tries to balance his notepad so he doesn't get crumbs on it. Or his nice pressed uniform. He's unsuccessful. Cole is just snorted at, for the apron crack. As Holtz takes the podium, he swallows and puts eyes forward.

Yeah, just before everyone else is seated, Maia strolls over and takes a donut, looking back at Grips and Jason in silent question. She takes two more before they can answer and drops them off one each and retakes her seat, glancing over to Zachary, "Thanks." Then her attention is on Holtz, ready for the briefing.

Kelsey watches everyone else file in and notes the atmosphere. Literally. She makes a few notes on her page and looks up towards Holtz, eyes bright.

Surprise donut! No complaints from Agrippa as he flashes a smile of thanks at Maia before picking it up and munching on the treat, eyes turning back to Holtz. The donut does have him idly start drawing a repeated circle on his pad though, making an ink donut now while he eats the tasty one.

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"Hey, sir." Ygraine calls in with the chorus, and absently bumps Phin by way of greeting, followed by a waggle of her pen at Kelsey. Cole's doughnut face makes her laugh, but she keeps it short to focus on the information at hand.

Jason pauses for a few moment as the donut is dropped off to him, looking towards Maia for a few moments. Offering her a bit of a smile, before his attention focuses on Holtz again now, while absently starting to eat the donut. And with the other hand, and a knee, readying the notepad and pen.

Holtz looks out into the crowd of pilots, his flinty grey eyes seemingly serving as a signal for quiet, although he does nod in response to the cavalcade of greetings. "As you know," he begins a few moments later, the old 'instructor's voice' in full effect, "we are continuin' our efforts to recon the Cyrannus system in the wake of the attack on the Colonies. Normally, this is a job for our resident Raptor wranglers." He smiles crookedly. "However, we've been asked to step in and help 'em get the job done." Ah, good old Viper pride.

Good stuff, donuts. Especially prepped by the CAG. Maia'd heard rumors about his cooking and after sampling it herself, she knows his rep is well deserved. Having falling silent herself, she rivets her attention to Holtz now, looking all too serious, listening and prepared to take notes.

Kelsey gives a big smile and a wave to Ygraine, but she looks back to Holtz as he starts in. She rests her chin in her palm, propping it, while she writes with her other hand.

There's a faint snort from Yggy-ward, at the mention of the vipers being asked to step in. But she looks perfectly serene. And high on sugar. Taptaptaptaptap goes the foot. And the pen.

Phin snorts, and blushes, when Ygraine 'sirs' him. Not that he has much opportunity to protest beyond that. He is taking notes, with little bullet points.

Cole leans over, giving the CAG a little wave to get his attention. Janitor points at his over-full mouth and then gives Zachary a thumbs up before going back to paying attention like a good little Janitor should.

A smirk appears on Agrippa's face as he looks towards Ygraine and Maia, the resident Raptorettes. There are no words spoken but of course a challenging look is given to them in a good natured manner.

With that, Holtz picks up a small remote control linked to the room's video projector, and he thumbs a button. An image of a large asteroid appears on the screen, with what looks like a mining complex built on the surface as thousands of smaller asteroids bob and hover around it. Those that went on the earlier Erebos mission will recognize it as the mining complex from which the Marines recovered the refueling tanker.

"First on the docket - Erebos. We've surveyed most of the belt, but there's still a few stretches that need covering. Those of you what've been there already know what to expect; it's forgiving enough as asteroid belts go. DRADIS'll be a bit iffy, but radio is clear and the rocks aren't too dense. Cylons have been sighted in the belt, but they don't seem to be devoting significant attention to anything but the mining stations, and we've already raided the largest of them."

"What the Squadron Leader has left out is that by working in conjucture with the Vipers and Raptors, we will turn a years long project into a weeks long project." Zachary, the RAPTOR CAG, points out to the room. Damn Buzzkill. With that, he starts on his second donut. "So thank you for your assistance."

Ygraine is paying attention. She is. So the fact that she's leaning her head on her hand, and by hand, it's actualy her middle finger in Agrippa's direction is totally coincidence. She is also writing notes. Such a multi-tasker.

Phin might wince a little, at the images resembling Erebos, but not so much that it distracts him from scribbling. He might doodle little zippy Vipers and Raptors and asteroids around his bullet points. They're maybe visual aids. Maybe.

A brief snicker slips out of Agrippa when he sees the rather innocently placed bird from Ygraine though soon enough, his attention is back on Holtz as he starts the briefing on Erebos. He begins writing down some notes. COMMUNICATION CLEAR. ROCKS SPARSE. CYLONS CHICKENS. Neat, efficient block letters, all capitals like he was taught.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Holtz looks slightly miffed at the interruption, but it would hardly be politic to try and call the CAG out on the carpet, so instead he just continues his briefing, clicking on the remote once more. "Next up is where shit starts gettin' interesting," he continues. The next image that pops up on the screen is again of an asteroid belt, but clearly not the Erebos belt. The rocks are colored slightly differently and are more densely packed than seemed to be the case in Erebos.

"The Acheron belt, in Helios Gamma," he says simply. "This one'll be a mite trickier, so you better be on your godsdamn game. These rocks are loaded with iron… and copper. That means your com traffic is gonna be spotty and good luck spotting a damn thing on DRADIS. Your best sensor out there is going to be the old Mark One Eyeball, so stay alert and keep your heads on a swivel." He pauses. "Unfortunately, as of this moment we have no intel as to whether the Cylons are patrolling the belt or not. It'd be a bitch and a half to keep an eye on, but we've seen them do stranger things so far."

Almost forgetting, Agrippa jots down EREBOS at the top of the first three lines he had written, to make things clearer. When the next series of asteroids appear, the young Viper jock can't help but narrow his eyes. It definitely does not look like a fun playground and he begins writing again. ACHERON. COMMUNICATION BAD. ROCKS BAD. CYLONS ???.

Ygraine's eyes narrow as she leans forward and stares at the display, like she can unravel its mysteries if she just glares at it long enough.

One of those raptorettes glances back at Agrippa and smirks in return, taking the ribbing with good nature, thereby missing the bird from Ygraine. Her pen moves on the paper, writing down key words, though it stills when Holts mentions things getting interesting, lifting her gaze to settle on him again, paying attention. Copper and iron.. No com traffic. Sounded like something she'd be interested in.

"It's a much more volatile field than Erebos, too, so you'll want to get in and out quick as you can. At one point there were stretches of the belt that had buoys planted as navigation aids, but I wouldn't count on them remaining active, so don't expect any help from 'em. Stay frosty and watch where you're pointin' your noses." Holtz has a few last words about the Acheron asteroids before he again clicks the remote.

A third distinct bunch of asteroids appears, but this image is focused on the obviously man-made structure in the foreground, a small, vaguely spherical object with several blinking lights covering the surface. "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Ouranos belt," Storm says after a short pause, "in Helios Beta. Savin' the best for last." His tone turns momentarily wry before turning all business once again.

"Everything I said about the Acheron field applies here, as well. Copper concentrations generally aren't gonna be as high, but it's still gonna be more than enough to frak with RF signals, so again, radio and DRADIS are gonna be spotty at best. Furthermore, there's another fun little wrinkle to deal with." He points at the center of the screen. "Any of you that know your history — " his eyes linger on Phin for a moment or two — "will know about the pre-Cylon War conflicts between Virgon and Leonis. Well, one legacy of those little scrums are these unfriendly little frakkers." Given the context, it's pretty clear what the 'unfriendly little frakkers' are – mines.

"There's still a couple minefields in Ouranos that no one ever got around to clearin' after the V-L wars. Between their size and the RF interference from the rocks, they're hard to spot until you're right on top of 'em… and there's no friendly warning buoys for passersby, either. So for the gods' sake, keep your frakkin' eyes open. Last thing I want is to lose any of my people to a motherfrakking century-old mine."

Phin blinks when Holtz looks at him. But he is a history dork, so there's that. Mention of the mines makes him wince. His notes acquire far fewer jaunty doodles as they take that down.

More notes are jotted down for Ouranos, Agrippa writing the same thing he did for Acheron with a few extras tidbits as well. MINES - BOOM - BAD. He underlines the word 'BOOM' a couple of times for emphasis. However in the young pilot's mind, he is also thinking of contingencies in case they run into Raiders, a large pack. Running through various scenarios in his mind as his eyes studies his neatly written notes.

Having arrived a little late, but not enough for a commotion, Luc is now sitting around in the crowd as well. Listening and getting his own notes down. Trying to take in as much information as possible.

Mines. Well.. Maybe not her forte there. Forgetting all about taking notes now, Maia is watching the different images shown a furrowing of her brows. For a brief moment, she takes the time to look at each of the other pilots in the room, their expressions, their reaction. Only as she does that does she notice Luc had made it, she looks at him a few moments before looking back to her paper and finally, she writes a single word down on the paper. Ouranos.

Jason has been taking his notes in quiet for the moment, just listening to what's being said, and noting down things. Turning a page as he nods, listening to the part about the mines in particular. Writing down another few words 'BOOM=Bad'.

Holtz simply looks at the assembled pilots in front of him, quiet and hardfaced as he lets the information he's given sink in, the image of the old mine lingering on the screen until he finally clicks off the projector and deposits the remote next to his notes on the podium. "As the Major said," he finally continues with a jerk of the head in Zachary's direction, "these are gonna be joint missions. Each recon flight'll be made up of at least one Raptor and as many Vipers as we can squeeze into the hangar of one of our cruisers. This'll let us get the job done in weeks instead of years, but it's also gonna take a little extra coordination from everyone involved."

"The formation'll be anchored around the Raptor. Viper elements will take a position at the edge of the Raptor's DRADIS range. This'll just about double our scanning range, and hopefully a bunch of Viper outriders'll keep any potential attackers from going straight for the Raptor." There's a brief but pregnant pause. "There's a downside, though, that's unavoidable. With our Vipers dispersed like that… if any of you come under attack, it's going to be at least a few minutes before any of your buddies can get close enough to be of any help."

Holtz' fingers wrap around the edges of the podium, and he leans forward, his eyes again passing over the crowd. "You get mobbed out there, don't try and play the frakkin' hero. Run a holding action until backup can get to you. Give ground if you have to. Raiders like to overwhelm and isolate, pick you apart one at a time. Don't play their game. You. Will. Lose."

Despite the fact that Cole has a few sugary flakes of glaze at the corners of his mouth that he's currently trying to work at with his tongue, he is paying attention and is taking notes. There aren't even any doodles on his page or jocular shorthand to boot. Once in a while his eyes lift up to the projector screen to take in the visual aid before they drop back down to his paper.

When Holtz announces that Raptors will be in the mix, Agrippa can't help but slowly raise his hand to ask a question. The question may of course piss off his Raptor counterparts.

Phin has also left his donut half-eaten, to give all this his full attention. He has no questions of his own, for the moment, though he does flit a curious look to Agrippa.

Again, Holtz gives a few seconds to allow his words to sink in before he continues. "Think that about covers everything," he remarks, "so I'll go ahead and open the floor to questions, if'n ya got any." Which, it seems, someone already does. "Yeah, 'Grip?" Storm points a finger in Agrippa's direction.

Phin has a half eaten donut? As the floor opens to questions, Cole's hand reeeeeeeeaches over…

With him being called, Agrippa gives their Raptorettes a brief glance before he directs his question to Holtz, "The Raptors… they will be following us into the asteroid field? In Acheron and Ouranos?"

Having just come off a CAP, Tasha slips into the back of the Ready Room and moves to stand off to the side trying to remain unobtrusive while listening in since having missed the majority of the in-brief…

Phin has good instincts about when someone is trying to pick his pocket. Or food. He covers the donut with his palm. Protectively.

Cole smirks and eases back into his chair, with limbs fully attached. Donut theft thwarted, so his attention goes back to Holtz and awaits his answer to Agrippa's question.

Holtz nods in response to Agrippa's question. "Kinda defeats the whole point of tryin' to accelerate the recon process if we don't take 'em along, yeah? Their scanning range is what makes the whole idea work." He grunts. "They'll be relyin' on you and the other sticks to warn 'em of rough patches. So be a good wingman and sing out when you see somethin' a bus might have trouble navigating." Another look to the room. "Anythin' else?"

Jason looks over to Agrippa at the man's question, listening to it without saying anything, expression not changing. Taking a few more notes for himself, including the line 'Someone must look after them', before he looks to Holtz, nodding at his answer.

Agrippa accepts the answer that was given though does feel a little… worried perhaps, about their fellow Raptorettes, especially in the denser asteroid fields, potential minefields, especially when Raiders are thrown into the mix. But he will offer no argument, especially in front of all the pilots if he feels strongly about it. Instead, he just writes the word RAPTOR down on his pad and boxes the word in a few times as if to add emphasis.

Maia takes the words to heart and has every intention of keeping formation. It had been drilled into her head, apart they were weaker. Glancing up from her paper and pen, she looks up in time to hear the question from Grippa. Following? Sitting up a little straighter, she looks between Agrippa and Holtz. When the answer comes, she arches a brow as her eyes settle on Agrippa again. Take that. Uh huh.

Leaning her back into the wall at the rear of the ready room, Tasha folds her arms across her chest causing the fabric of the jacket to creek slightly before she tilts her head… With a few wisps of errant hair spilling across her helmet matted hair, the viper pilot wets her lips before capturing the bottom one to chew upon it as if hoping to gleam something from the other's questions before the breifing is called off…

Phin puts his donut on his lap. Which does not help the crumb situation on his uniform, but he it protects his precious snack.

Luc mostly just listens, watching Holtz and Agrippa as well. Leaning back a bit more calmly. Glancing and offering a nod as he spots Tasha having made it over. Then continuing to look around a bit. Watching Maia as well for a short moment in return before his focus is on Storm once more. Silently chewing some gum.

Ygraine looks over at Agrippa a moment and suggests, "Think maybe some coordinated sims might be in order."

"Right, then." Holtz nods, taking the silence to mean there are no more questions. "First group'll go out in a couple days. In the meantime, we've got a few asteroid programs in the sims. I suggest you use 'em." He straightens. "Happy hunting out there. Dismissed." He'll linger at the front for a moment, though, gathering his things and putting his notes back into his binder.

With the briefing coming to an end, Agrippa looks over his notes for a moment before looking up at Ygraine, nodding in agreement, "Sounds like a good idea. Work on the call outs for asteroids and stuff when we're in the middle of the mess."

Kelsey slowly rises from her chair, tucking her blouse down. She looks down at the pad and picks it up, looking over her notes as she taps the pen to her lips. Hrm. She stands there for a few moments before looking back and taking up her backpack. Her eyes drift towards Ygraine and then Zach. Then over the other Raptor folks.

Phin raises a pair of fingers to his forehead in a pseudo salute, when sims are mentioned. By various folks around him. He does linger, to scarf the remainder of his donut. "I wonder if there's any alt way we could communicate with each other, since our comms are going to be frakked?" he asks Ygraine and Agrippa both. Nearby as they are.

"Let's just hope that alternative way isn't smoke signals." Cole says to Phin before peeling out of his seat. With a sharp tug on the hem of his Blue's jacket, he gives Holtz a crisp nod and then Janitor is excusing himself.

"What about light code?" Ygraine asks. It's not very fast, but it ought to suppliment what we can't get through on coms."

"Signal lights." Zachary reminds everyone. "Retrain on them."

At the mention of signal lights, Agrippa can't help but once, dodging rocks while playing with his lights is something he hopes he doesn't have to do, especially if Cylons are in the mix.

Phin nods to Ygraine with a grin. "Yeah. We might have to be dodgey about the angles of it in places so we can see each other, because of the operating distances and stuff, but that'd do better than static." He nods at the CAG's echo, and makes notes.

Jason listens for the moment, nodding a bit at the lights, and noting down that as well, before he gets to his feet again now. Looking around at the others. "It's going to be interesting, for sure," he offers.

"Ygraine, if you end up on the mission, make sure to pack comm beacons as well. Perhaps we can triangulate the comms. It'll be a little laggy, but." Zachary shrugs at the thought. "In pack with DRADOME to help with the large scan."

Luc nods agreeingly to Jason, having a small confident grin, “We'll just have to make sure that we are well prepared and perhaps spend some time in the sims." He suggests as he runs a hand through his hair. Just taking the light signals into account. Continuing to listen as Zach continues to speak to Yggy.

Holtz finishes putting his binder together, and with a last look at the gathered pilots, heads for the hatch as he reaches for the top button of his blues with a slight, barely noticeable grimace.

"Sounds dangerous, but I want in. I'd like to sim some too, just let me know what time everyone's available and I'll make sure I'm there." Maia inputs, rising and taking up her paper, preparing to go.

Jason smiles, nodding a little as he listens now. "Some time in the sims to prepare for this is probably the best idea, yes," he offers.

Ygraine rises to her feet. "Hey, if anybody has any other ideas…" she trails off, and looks at the departing Holtz. She stays where she is for the moment.

Standing up, Zachary nods towards Maia. "Alright, Centerfold, you have it if you want it. Milkshake, you ECOing?" he asks. He used to take these missions himself.

Phin turns as Holtz goes, bidding his SL a parting nod. He sticks around, for the Raptor divvying, reviewing his notes.

Kelsey takes a few steps over towards Maia and Ygraine and shifts the weight over her backpack, holding a single strap. She looks to Zachary and just states it, "Sir, Petty Officer Wescott requests permission to go as well, Major." There's none of the quiet hope there anymore. There's more understated confidence.

"You're gonna need a Viper stick good enough and crazy enough to fly around those rocks while covering your lovely asses, ladies. So sign me up." Agrippa says as he volunteers himself. He's still riding high from the last mission over Aerilon. "Let me know when you guys are free from CAP or Alert-Five. Definitely should get some sim time in together."

"Holtz, you want the kid? It's your mission." Zachary passes Kelsey Cat to Holtz with that.

"There's more than one mission, ain't there? I reckon I'll be on one at least." Ygraine replies easily. She casts an amused grin Keseyward. "Talkin' in third person, that's new."

Luc gathers his own things. "Indeed, count me in with any of it." He offers as well, looking to the others at the talk of the simulations. "Same here, I'll do what I can to make myself open for the training." Smirking at Ygraine as she addresses Kelsey.

Holtz pauses outside the hatch as he reaches into his pocket for another cigarette, lighting it before he continues his leisurely walk to the hatch. He pauses, though, when Zachary calls his name, looking first to the major, then to Kelsey, and back to Zachary. "If you think she's ready, sir, I think we could find a spot for her on the Erebos run." The easiest of the three by far, but still, it's a real mission.

"I'm there," Phin says simply, about simming. A glance at Kelsey, but he doesn't seem particularly surprised by her volunteering.

Kelsey smirks, the thin expression glancing to Ygraine. "Shhh, sir. I'm pretending to be a professional in front of the adults." There's a subtle nod to accompany it. But her gaze moves to Holtz and then to Zachary. "Don't think I can fly alone just yet, sir, but I'd like to get the time in seat, Major."

"Alright, if you're ready to return to the saddle, you can ride shotgun with the Raptor pilot." Zachary finally agrees to Kelsey.

Seeing that the Kelsey issue has been settled to everyone's apparent satisfaction, Holtz gives a nod and turns back to the hatch. If no one else stops him, it won't be but a moment until he's out the hatch and down the corridor.

Maia grins at Kelsey, "I'd be honored to have you with me anytime you'd like to go." Winking to her, "We can get some time in on the sims and practice the signal lights and all too. It'll be fun. Just find me anytime you're ready." When she looks back around she notices people are leaving, looking between those she knows best, "Sure Grippa, Luc. Be nice."

Nodding to the others now, Jason makes his way out of the room, looking a bit thoughtful now. Starting to hum a little bit to himself at the moment.

"This is where I am probably supposed to give you a cocky line about being born ready or something, sir," Kelsey tells Zach. "But that would definitely be a lie. But I'm good. I'm ready. I want to get in this. Can't sit on the side and beg for scraps anymore, sir." Her face spreads into a larger smile at Maia and she dips her head. "Thank you, sir. Whenever you have time, I'd love to. More time in, the better. Anything you'd like me to do in the meantime, sirs?" she asks, looking between them. Its more life than she's really shown since the shootdown.
Ygraine lifts her brows, looking between Maia, Kelsey and Zach. With a grin, she turns to head toward the hatch.

"Go over signal light protocols, you can run that while Maia handles the flight." Zachary says, and shakes his head. "I think that's it. Have a good evening, and happy hunting." he offers as he turns to leave. On his way out, he taps two fingers against Bad Dog's smiling visage.

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