Vice Admiral Becks Jimenez (NPC)
Jimenez.jpg Jimenez, Becks
Vice Admiral (Ret.) Arpay Combat Medical Command
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Doctor
Age Sex
103 (Colonial) Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Doctor Becks Jimenez was a Rear Admiral and a senior member of the Arpay Diplomatic Corps when she met the first Colonials at The Rally Point, which later became known as the planet 'Arpay.' The oversaw their intake, briefing, and well-being. When the Colonials returned to the Orion from their long-shot mission, Dr Jimenez joined them and oversaw immediate diplomatic ties during the Second War. She personally oversaw the training of Doctor Samtara Stone (formerly Nadir). While Samtara was away training, Dr Jimenez spent six weeks serving as the Orion's Chief Medical Officer during combat operations towards the end of that war. She is credited with identifying the Colonials as descendants of the Erfriki, one of the only societies of humanity that the Skath feared.

In the intervening twenty years of the OOC Leap Doctor Jimenez was promoted to Vice Admiral and sixth-in-command for the Arpay Combat Medical Command. After being briefed on certain secret operations she resigned in protest, though publicly she resigned to focus on The Diplomatic Corps. From there, she was promoted up to Co-Chair (of three) on the Board of Directors for the Diplomatic Corps. With a her Co-Chair title placing her in charge of Operations, she would spend a lot of time between her family on Arpay, the Colonies, and visiting planets up for potential evacuation ahead of the Skath tide.

She was at Calumet with Arpay Carrier Strike Group Thirteen when the Orion was there. She had intended to travel back on the Orion to take a vacation and visit friends on the Colonies when 'Charlie Foxtrot' occurred. With no home to return to, she is technically a civilian serving aboard the Orion in Medical. Arpay Military Law grants her the right to wear her uniform and sidearm while on duty and thus far Orion command has respected that. How she finds her place as one-of the, if not the only, Arpay left, is going to be a hard road ahead for her. So far grace and composure have done her well.

But now she's pissed and has nothing else to lose except for the family of the Orion. Danger Close.


Doctor Becks Jimenez, to most Colonials, looks to be in her late thirties. She has dark brown hair that has small waves of a darker blonde under the right light with bangs down over her forehead. She's what some would consider to be 'classically pretty' without drawing all the eyes in the room, smooth features and subtly tan pigment to her skin giving her a softer complexion. The immediate draw of attention are to her eyes, though. The iris is a large black inkwell and the retina is a brilliant hunter green color that is entirely alien to most of humanity and very thin. Her ears are elongated at the top, extending further towards the rear crown of her head, just about an additional inch and a quarter. They stretch smoothly with thin structure, the tips coming to a blunt. At 5'5", she is at trim weight and looks like she regularly gets a good amount of exercise.

She is wearing grey fatigues similar to the kind worn by the Colonial Fleet, but the pockets over the breast are diagonal to allow easier access. On her left arm is a patch of what looks like a planet with swords radiating in all directions from the edge. The surface is part of Arpay and the words around the edge, green against the black background, read 'Arpay Galactic Fleet - Combat Medical Command'. A pair of riser tabs over the top read 'Diplomatic Corps' and below it 'Airborne'. There's a velcro square over her solar plexus where a patch likely goes but there's nothing there. The pants match well, bloused neatly into shined boots. On her right thigh is a black nylon holster with a very beaten and well-used sidearm tucked into it, hammer rocked back and loaded. Two additional magazines are attached vertically to the front of the strap system.

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