Lieutenant Jessa "Nags" Karlsson
Jess1.jpg Karlsson, Jessa H
LT Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
29 F
Hair Eyes
Black Hazel


Jess "Nags" Karlsson is a pilot with VF-777 "Lucky Strikes" aboard the BS Orion. One of very few Aquarians in the fleet (or in the universe, for that matter), she attended CFA: Caprica, graduating in the class of 1997 with several varsity letters and a degree in Astrophysics and Astronomy, with honors. She followed it up with Flight School, also on Caprica, where she was tapped into the Viper pipeline and graduated second in her class.

Since then, she's risen steadily through the ranks, serving at several different stations, including the 5th Fleet Anchorage, CFAB Lachesis on Aerilon and BS-93 Deimos. She is new to BS-114 and its mission, just joining up now (as the game begins) at the halfway point. Her jacket is exemplary but not quite extraordinary, evidencing plenty of potential but limited chances so far to realize it.

Recent Events

Service Record

Year Rank Station Notes
1993 MIDN CFA: Caprica Enrolled
1997 MIDN CFA: Caprica Graduated, BSc Astrophysics & Astronomy (Hons)
1997 Nugget CFAB Nike, Caprica Flight School
1998 ENS 5th Fleet Anchorage Posted to VF-43 "Swamp Foxes"
1999 ENS CFAB Lachesis, Aerilon Posted to VF-126 "Fighting Furies"
2002 LT BS-93 Deimos Posted to VF-492 "Lancers"
2004 LT BS-114 Orion Posted to VF-777 "Lucky Strikes"

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Recent Logs


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