Petty Officer Second Class Jena Cruz
Jenashades.jpg Cruz, Jena
PO2 Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Pararescue
Age Sex
27 F
Hair Eyes
Blonde Blue


Jena was born in Caprica City, Caprica and raised by her grandmother. With no clue who her father was and barely knowing her mother, she was a difficult charge for her grandmother. Getting into a fight club in her more formative years, she found herself with a decision to make after the illegal fighting ring she was in was busted and she was given a choice. Jail or enlist. After enlisting, she found she had an affinity for the structure and decided she wanted to help people. She signed on to be pararescue and hasn't looked back since. She loves what she does.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Period Event Location Notes
August 1995 Boot Camp Delphi 9 weeks
November 1995 The PARARESCUE/Combat Control Indoctrination Course Delphi 10 weeks -Pararescue
January 1996 Airborne School Caprica City 3 weeks
April 1996 Underwater Egress Training Caprica City 1 day
April 1996 Basic Survival School Delphi 2 1/2 weeks
May 1996 Freefall Parachutist School Caprica City 5 weeks
June 1996 Paramedic Course Delphi 22 weeks
December 1996 PARARESCUE Recovery Specialist Course Delphi 24 weeks
June 1997 Graduated Pipeline Qualified for any Placement PO3
Nov. 2000 - Jan. 2001 Refresher Course Picon Emergency Medical
March 2001 Promotion Caprica City PO2
April 2002 Refresher Course Aquaria Deep Sea Diver
July 2003 Refresher Course Leonis Survival
June 2004 Transfer Caprica Assigned under Janko (Major Jankovic)
January 2005 Transfer Picon War began
September 2005 Transfer Orion Picon Invasion


Name Relationship Status
Ruth Gebhardt Grandmother Caprica

Extra Info

Recent Logs


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