Rear Admiral Louis Jameson
gravari.jpg Jameson,
Louis G.
RADM Command
Station BSG-114 Orion
Position Commanding Officer
Age Sex
63 Male
Hair Eyes
Brown Green


Lou Jameson was a veteran of the original Cylon War where he was an ECO, though he served almost the entirety of his time in the war in the backseats of Predators, a job his squadmates were happy to let him volunteer for. The man was very enthusiastic about it and his backwater Scorpian, cowboy attitude earned him the callsign 'Hairball'. Flying Wild Weasel with one pilot for two years and having more than half a dozen aircraft shot out from under him in all five years was an accomplishment matched only by his drawl. Finishing out the war at 23, he was a Lieutenant who finally had to transition back to Raptors. Doing-so was painful, but there were no other options. Lou was a man with combat in his blood so he spent most of his time gambling with his squadmates that he could out-bomb any other ECO in the group. His squadron commander didn't miss this for what it was and named him to be the Tactics Officer. And so began Lou's climb in peacetime.

He never did get out of the military, though it had crossed his mind once or twice. After the war he spent most of his life bouncing to different fleet air stations, even becoming a check pilot on the Predators for ECO's for several years. He bought a house not far from where he grew up back on Scorpia, got horses, some cattlem and hired help. Every single leave, that's where he would go. Far from a phone, a DRADIS, a ship, or even his uniform, Lou would just spend his weeks and months between cruises riding and ranching. Into his late 30's Lou became a CAG for the Atlantia and kept climbing, his no-nonsense attitude leading the way. He eventually met his match for attitude and swagger when he met Collette Thaddeus in his late-forties and they married in a small ceremony back in his hometown, Foxden, on Scorpia. She had already moved in with him at his ranchhouse and now takes care of the family business of cattle driving for hire. He had been serving as the TACCO on the BS Erasmus at the time of their marriage and would be there several more years before being promoted to Commander and given the keys to his own Battlestar: Orion. All the while she stuck by him.


Jameson has been the only Commander of the Orion since it was inducted into the fleet seven years prior. He had served with distinction but he did never had the patience for much of the higher-level politics involved with the Admiralty and it was a hard fact for a lot of his supporters, but not one for him. He was at peace with it despite several politicians thinking he was exactly what the Fleet needed at the helm. He just could not be convinced to be interest in the politics. Everything changed, though, when the Fleet realized that they needed someone to send out for three years and lead a task force at the end of the galaxy. Only two names came up.


"You won't tell me what it is you want me to do for three years to finish out my career, but involves limited communication with the people I love and being sent way outside Colonial Space and taking a task force, including my ship and crew, Gods-only-know where. In return, you're going to promote me and pay us all combat, doubled. And this here is your pitch?" he laughed. "Aw heck, sir. Keep the pins. This has to be good and fun. Hell yes, I'll do it."

They had to order him to take the pins.

Jameson's wife isn't happy he's gone for three years, but she's dealing. So is he. They don't need to whisper sweet nothings at each other to know its real and lasting. In his free time Jameson loves to carve as it helps pass the time away from Collette. He was infamous from Supply for bringing huge blocks of wood and spending hours using knives and files to carve out everything from crude Vipers in an hour to a detailed Battlestar over the length of a cruise. Its rumored he's sold some of this stuff and gives them as gifts. What else would you expect from a rancher, though? Simple pleasures, simple tastes.

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