Lieutenant Jaine "Mouse" Winters
jainewinters3.jpg Winters, Jaine
Lieutenant Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor ECO
Age Sex
27 Female
Hair Eyes
Black Hazel


Born on Aquaria Feburary 6th, 26 years ago. Jaine was raised by her mother, a fluke child brought about by a military officer getting a quick fix between assignments and then disappearing before anyone knew a child was on the way. Named Jaine Winters after her father, the little black haired girl worked on gutting and beheading the fish her mother brought home. When Jaine was 10 they were able to afford their own fishing boat and Jaine was taught limited on how to sail it. Things were quiet and peaceful for 4 years, her and her mother fishing and then selling the catches the next day. She picked up Triad during this time and ever since has loved playing a game when ever the chance arises.

Jaine is a shy computer programmer and Raptor ECO. She likes playing a game of Triad if one is handy, though she refrains from buying her own deck because she knows she'll get too wrapped up in perfecting her style and can forget her duties (She's already got one reprimand for it)

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Jaine Winters has been stationed with the Battle Star Orion since she graduated Officer Flight Academy. She's just recently got transferred into the Gentlemen Ghosts squadron

Recent Logs


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