AWD #080: Jailhouse Skinny
Jailhouse Skinny
Summary: Knox and Wake visit Ceres in the lockup.
Date: 27/3/2013
Related Logs: Stuff with Holtz gettin punched, the shooting, the outtings, everything evar.
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Bars, a bed, a head. And a skinjob or two.

Disorderly conduct. Striking another officer. The charges are as they stand and Ceres is sitting in one of the cells for a few hours to let her cool - as they say. One more to go and she is busy counting the imperfections in the floor. Her forearms rest against her thighs and she hums softly to herself, whispering in such a way that the guards are giving her looks and one is even starting to get nervous. "Is she going to stop that?" Comes the question from the one nearest her. She lets the sound trail off into silence and he eases, only then does she start to hum again.(re)

Well, the guards can get a little more nervous because Knox walks in, signing the visitor forms. Yep, he's by the books. But he lifts his eyes to camera and smirks before looking over to the woman in the cell and crossing his arms. That same flat expression is back.


That would be an order given by the man in the blue uniform who is suddenly at the door. There is no smile on his dark features. Just a simple and curt glance given to both MP's before a slight glance is given to Knox, but he doesn't say anything to the other man right now. Instead he stares at Ceres for a moment, as he waits, lingering by the door until the MP's step outside, if anything they might go and complain to someone about Intel or Navy pushing their noses into this whole thing. After a moment, Wake does move from the door and comes to stand by the cell, but not close. "Captain, eyes here, please." Wake's voice is soft-and that is not so much a command as it is a request.

The humming is gone as soon as Ceres sees Knox and she's sitting up a bit straighter. She remains sitting and when he signs in, she is back to look at the floor until he's standing before her cell. Her eyes lift to the JTAC and she starts to say something but is caught when that order to leave is given. Her head turns and the uniform is enough for her, slowly she rises to her feet, giving a brief glance at Knox before nodding to them both. "Sir?" Those eyes meet Wake's then. She trails her tongue over the back of her teeth and stays still, at the back of her cell.

Wake is asking for the MP's to leave but Knox is apparently alright to stay. He quirks his brow and looks to the intel officer, slowly turning his whole body to face the man, arms crossing. He stands there in silence, that flat expression looking less pleased. It would be pretty clear to Ceres that the Marine knows this guy… and it probably was not under the friendliest of circumstances.

The guards go and the door shuts. There's a glance up to the camera before Wake is pulling out a small playback device- that is set on the bars behind him and turned out. The music, some song by a group, which seemingly says: "Gods only knows What'd I'd be without you.." it's not enough to keep words in here from being heard, but it will make it a headache if those guys in the Hub are trying to listen. There's a flat look given back towards Knox. "You need to hear this too, I imagine." and there he glances right back to Ceres for a second.

"I don't believe we've met, Captain." and there he takes a step forward and places his hand to the bars. "Lieutenant Thomas Wake. Naval intelligence. Your friend and fellow collaborator for us, knows me quite well." and there he looks back towards Knox, briefly. "I was hoping I could ask you some questions. Mind you, I know a lot, but just some normal procedure things, and." there a smile. "Some other shit we gotta chew on s well." And there he clears his throat as eyes flick back to the Marine. "If you have questions for me, now would be the time to ask them."

Knox' obvious disapproval pre-empts the introduction so Redux is a little less than welcoming. "Ahhh Intel, that explains it." But as an act of good faith, she draws closer, listening to the music before focusing back on Wake. "Sir? If you have spoken with my brother than you already know all that you need to. I am certain I can not enlighten you anymore than he did, but ask away." She makes a motion with her hand, looking to KNox before she adds. "It is better I am in here than Storm. I hope my words meant something to him." That said, she leans up against the bars.

Knox seems content to just stand there, waiting. Whatever he is expecting or thinking is left quiet. Sometimes it pays to just shut, listen, and be ready to disassemble limbs. Or play with kittens.

"I just want a clarification of a few things, your brother withstanding." Apparently the language used is not upsetting to him. Instead, he shifts just barely. "Your brother likes to think I'm an asshole." added. "Granted, I had to use different tactics with him, but I'd like you to know I'm not unreasonable. And right now- I am probably one of a few people you can clearly state is on your side." And there he reaches and places his hand in his pocket. "I smoke, would either of you want one?" and he's pulling out the pack, to wiggle in Knox's direction so he can see what he has.

"We'll just do the Clarification part, first. As for intel into your other…kin…I am not going to pry you on that. I know you know as much as they likely told you-pertaining to your mission. So you're not going to have me peeling there. I am just curious-are either one of you the cell leader? beyond your own discussion to separate. But of the original cell, were you the leader?" And there dark eyes watch Ceres for a moment, before he is lighting up.

"We'll talk about Lieutenant Holtz in a minute."

"No, I do not smoke," Ceres waves it off and lowers her hand, pressing her shoulder into the bars. "Why would I be a cell leader?" She looks to Knox and shakes her head, "I don't have a cell. I have a home and its here on Orion and once you all stop thinking like that, the sooner I can get back to my job, Lieutenant. I feel almost as if you are wasting my time here in the brig, I was having a great time counting the stains on the floor."

She pushes away from the bars and straightens, arms folding before her. "I don't have a cell, I have my brother. I have the Orion and the crew. That is all I have." She meets his dark gaze levelly with her.

Knox listens, but shakes his head to the cigarettes. He doesn't say anything else until Ceres is finished and his eyes slide to Ceres. "That's why you're in here. Isn't it? Did you get pushy?" he asks. "Settle, Ceres. Please." Not an order, just a request. Looking back to Wake, "When there was a cell, I gave orders. As I said. The other member of my team is someone I vouch for and her behavior is one I take responsibility for." Uh oh.

There's a flat look given back towards Ceres before he is looking down "I'll take the defensiveness as a yes. Because, in all honesty you both were a cell." A glance to Knox for a moment. "You'll have to pardon, but I'm not one for bullshit, nor am I one for sentimentality. Until you both flipped you were a cell separate from this-that's just how facts are. I have to fill in the holes and quick as it's going to help me catch the one who is gunning after you both." And there he keeps his stare level. And then Knox speaks to which Wake watches him for a moment before he is nodding. "Noted, Thank you, Cooper."

And now he clears his throat and looks back "Please let me be clear, I am not calling your loyalty to this crew or the colonies in question. And the reason you're in the brig, is because you managed to get pulled into a fight by a fighter jock that is hurting." A look back up as he takes a drag from his cigarette. "Or am I mistaken about that one?" See-they were going to talk about that later.

"I know already how this played out, as I have been working with your brother, and he with me, the Colonel and others in this-so trust me, I know your loyalty. You're a fine pilot and a good officer. Though, I will say you getting into a fight with the Captain was a frakked ass choice given the current mood and rumors." A swallow there and he looks back towards Knox. "Would you say I'm a pit bull? Or at least determined in what I do?" Looking to Knox to vouch. There's a limb to go on.

"I am perfectly calm, but I am not sure what he is asking me. It's only ever been you and I for as long as I could remember and you had my orders. You scrapped them. Since that moment, there hasn't been a cell. That is what I am trying to say. We have no mission other than our own choices…so the question does not stand here." Ceres trails her teeth to her lip and she sighs, letting out a breath. "It's been tense lately…really Lieutenant, the question was something I should not have gruffed about but there is no cell anymore."

Releasing another breath, her hand wipes at her face. "Captain Holtz was just expressing his anger over everything that happened at me. I am a convenient and close target." She admits and then lifts her chin. "I was trying to try to express how people can be lumped into a single view, a stereotype and I may have dug a little too harshly. He responded and well, in the end I was the only one that connected a blow. I don't think the MP's minded all that much. Either way, I am where I deserve to be for having a disagreement with a squad mate. Rumors won't help it, neither will the current situation. I hope you trust me to know how to handle my fellow squadmates. There are some you can talk to and then there are some that only understand when you present them with a blow."

"I'd say you're an asshole, sir. But you already said that much. Sometimes you dig farther than is healthy." Knox says it flatly. But his eyes turn back to Ceres without the rest of him moving a muscle. "There are also those who would use an incident like punching a squadmate to prove command wrong and incite a mutiny, Ceres. This is no longer about me. This is no longer about you. This is about us, them, and the future. We are under a magnifying glass and losing your cool is going to hurt us. I've managed to talk to several individuals who I could have picked fights with, but they're just lashing out. You want to hit back? Verbally do it with blunt truths or the same question right back at them."

"It's my job. You don't have to like it, but it keeps your ass alive." Wake adds before he is looking back towards Ceres and there he nods once more. He's good on this stuff. "I know. I need to close the report and so that's done." All nice and neat. Still the music plays as one song trails into another. And Wake takes another drag from his cigarette. "I think, until folks calm down-that either turning your other cheek, or as your brother says, verbally hitting back is all I am going to advise."

"…Don't worry baby, everything''ll turn out alright..Don't worry Baaayby..Ooooh"

"Your brother is right, Folks right now are hurting and you both represent the very shit we're supposed to be killing, and what with the Picon sailors and officers being mixed in-there's going to be horror stories, and you two outed is going to give them targets. Do not do anything to fuel that."

And there's a pause "Also, do not trust your guards yet. I will make sure you have good marines-or if Cooper can recommend someone to be with you, then that's fine." there somewhat safety talk is given. "My other question-is if you can think back to the mess hall incident. The shooter. Had either of you seen him before?" He's not asking about Boyd. Not yet anyway.

"Cooper, trust me, I tried using blunt truths. More than a few. I would not have struck him if he could not take it and besides that, he was all worked up and not ready to back off. I wish I had not hit him, that was the last thing and you know I do not wish to risk any of us. I was was he that was not. The MP on escort was not about to stop him either, in fact he wanted Storm to hit me." That is said lowly for the moment and then she lets out a long breath, shaking her head. "I don't trust them, I don't have my sidearm now, but I had one when I was out. I would never pull it unless I absolutely needed to." There is a look to Cooper with the mention of the shooter. "We know him as we would a familiar face, it is why I recognized him." She draws a breath. "Before we became who we are? Yes….since then, no. This is the first time I have seen him…in years. I knew why he was here the moment he stepped into the Mess Hall…"

"Keep it on you. And if you get the feeling someone is going to come after you or you get that frakked feeling." he assumes Ceres knows which one. "You either get to Coop with your gun drawn, or you come find me. I'm going to be keeping my eyes on you both. It'll look by standard practice that I am tailing you to make sure you don't blow us up. And sometimes, I will not be kind. Sometimes I will be rude and down right worse to you, than them that are aiming to do you harm. But it's an act." That is said plainly. "I promise you both right now, it is an act." And he lets that settle. "Because right now, if someone has a gun on either of you, I will shoot them and I will kill them. If someone threatens you-and you feel you cannot take it up the chain, I am your agent. Does that make sense?" Basically he's gone from handler to safe house operator with this new revelation to the crew.

Wake is quiet for a moment. "Can you go on about that? I am going to be hunting him down. I will try to take him alive-but I cannot make promises. There's the safety of you and the rest of your crewmembers I have to take in account."

"I understand that idea, I would prefer not to harm any of the crew for any reason," Ceres does however look a little tense. But the mention of tailing them and she frowns some, "The object is to win the trust, I worry that if you show too much distaste that it helps nothing. I understand its the need to keep people from questioning or hassling you." A shake of her head and nostrils flare.

"Don't keep him alive for long. Best to get rid of him as soon as possible and this far away as well. He is one that will not…sympathize with what we are doing. He will aim to kill us all and it is strange he has not…I am waiting for the other boot to drop."

"I don't plan on keeping him alive for long. Just enough to see if I can't get something from him." Wake replies. Yes he just talked about ending..somethings life rather casually. As for the rest he just gives a bit of a nod. "You might have to. That is what I am preparing you for. And if your MP detail is unwilling to draw for you-then ditch em. I can cover the request or some shit." Wake does have his ways. "I'll only have to do it, when it's needed. Please don't think I am going to be behind you and shearing the whole frakkin' time. And even then it will be to extradite you from a hostile situation. Like a godsdamned mob." somewhere. "Do you feel safe sleeping in the Wing bunks? I can put an ensign in there if need be."

Though he trusts Ceres to handle her wing mates. He does not necessarily trust angry and grieving people.

Ceres doesn't bat an eye at the mention of ending One's life. Not in the slightest, rather, she seems even more at ease. "Good." A brow lifts and she nods, "I understand, I do not enjoy the idea of having to ditch those who are charged with my safety but it must be done. They may not like me, may not welcome me, but I have to trust first if they are to trust me." Redux admits this and she shakes her head, "I will be safe enough…I have to return to the wing if I am going to fly with them. I can bear the barbs and comments, I can keep my fists in check, Lieutenant."

The Captain gives a nod of her head and looks to the music player, listening to it blare out the song. "Is that all you have for me, Lieutenant? I have less than an hour left in here, last they told me."

"Anything else you can give me on our shooter- at least if you think you've seen flashes of him onboard before?" A raise of his brow there. "If not, it'll mean we got him from Picon." Which can limit where he is hiding potentially. Though, slow results on producing said wounded man. He will find him, dammit. "You can leave once I am done. I'll sign you out.." said plainly before he is reaching over to click the music off. And he looks back towards Ceres. "Do you have anything for me?" Fair is fair, since Wake's been asking the questions.

"No, never before. Not until just the other day," Ceres confirms before that music is shut off. She draws a deep breath and unfolds her arms from before at the mention of getting out. She glances over to the guards and then back to Wake when he offers her the opportunity to ask questions, "No, sir. I have nothing. I do however need to eat and get some rest before I go to the sims and my check up again with Doctor Nadir." She glances then to Cooper, watching him for a moment. "If you are through, I would enjoy taking my leave."

Wake nods once. "I'll sign the papers for the JAG. You get your gun, now." And Wake offers a look to Cooper, before he bows his head, and slips on out, but not without flicking his cigarette to a corner by the door.

Knox watches Wake go, eyes trailing after him. He hasn't changed his stance the whole time. But once the hatch is shut, he looks back on Ceres. "Do you understand why you can't be goaded into fights? Why, though we may be individuals now, we are lumped together and we are responsible for each other?" he asks carefully.

As the cell is opened, Ceres watches Wake and then she steps out to meet the words of Cooper. She lets out a breath, "I goaded him." It's said simply enough. "To feel the hate and pain from being lumped with killers…" Her voice trails off and she closes her eyes. "I didn't want to hit him…that was never the intention. I don't even remember how many times he threw punches, I kept ahead. But he lost it, completely…I dropped him and I was escorted out." SHe meets Cooper's gaze. "I understand what it means…I do. I had only words for him, he had only violence for me. My words brought on his violence."

Knox keeps his eyes focused on her. "Our jobs here are not to make these people feel our pain of being hurt by their words. Our people came damned close to an outright genocide. They lost their families, their homes, and everything important to them except each other. We gave up our own people to join them and they will never understand what we've given up, just like we will never know what they've lost. Do not try to get into pissing matches with them. They owe us nothing, I don't care what our actions have been or how many people Petra or anyone else says we've saved. What we owe them is no-bullshit reliability." His crossed arms drop. "The next time someone calls you a skinjob and you feel like saying something back to them, ask them what it would be like for them to wake up one day and realize they were one of us. Ask them if it would be quite so easy. You have effectively killed your cover. Imagine what it would be like for her if I put you back to sleep. What kind of hell that would be for that poor woman." He tilts his head forward and lifts his brow. "Remember what I said, Ceres. Compassion will be the single hardest thing you ever learn. It will take time, it will break your heart, but it will set you free."

There is a tension across her face at his words and Ceres stares hard at him. "I gave compassion and wanted compassion in turn…that is what I was striving for - equal footing. That is all I want. A chance." Her thick accent makes it hard to understand some syllables and she watches Knox, shaking her head. "I am her, Cooper, that is what I chose when you let me remain as I am. When you woke me up." She lets out a breath, "And I have lost…I have lost much of what has made me who I am. The people. They are not alone in their pain you know that. You know that better than even myself." WEtting her lips, she lets out a heavy breath. "Let's go. I have a berth to try to live through, Cooper. I won't forget your words."

"Compassion is not equal footing, Ceres," Coop states plainly. "Its when your heart breaks for someone else and the last thing you are worried about is yourself. One day I'll share my memory of Valos and I'll show you what compassion means to me. Its dirty, its ugly, and its fightening. Its the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." He reaches out to put his arm around her shoulder. "Its not about them anymore. Its about humanity. We've made our bed. Whether or not this house takes us, well, that's up to us." He hugs her close, jostling her. "I love you, Ceres. Just stop being so …Nine. They're outdated models. We're the future. Don't forget that."

"They aren't ever going to accept us…we are fooling ourselves. There always be others to take the place of those who hate. Was it right for us? Would it have been better for her, for me if I had remained asleep. Then she could deflect their questions, their hate with true passion. I fear I am not compassionate enough for what they want…" But neither as her cover. "I am trying, brother…it is not all that easy as I had hoped. First emotions, now this…I am so tired. I am not used to having to deal with such things." She smirks faintly but gives a nod, hesitating before she quickly embraces him. "I want to be there, when they honor the fallen. But now? Now I just want to leave the brig." With that said, she releases him and moves to gather her firearm, quickly taking on that stoic attitude once more.

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